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Biker Hairstyles: Comfortable Haircuts & Styles for Riding a Motorcycle

These times of pandemic are helping many to change the way they travel from home to work by means such as motorcycles or bicycles, to avoid overexposure to the virus, and the truth is that it is a very good option since contact with other people is almost nil. 

The majority of men have short hair so this article is primarily intended for women. Any short hair is comfortable but men with long hair can also refer to this guide. Many bikers have long hair too but since they are used to it, they already know what to do. But if you are a guy with long hair and just started riding a motorcycle, continue reading.

When you ride a motorcycle, whether in the city or on the road, there are two important points to keep in mind if you have long hair: the air you receive, the helmet, and the jacket. The type of hairstyle you choose will be decisive for the experience to be satisfactory and avoid any uncomfortable moment.

If you decide to wear your hair down, you won’t have much trouble putting on your helmet. You will find problems when, once you have started the march, the wind will tangle the hair that protrudes from the helmet. In addition to the knots that may form, you can also find that you have been entangled with some closure system of the jacket itself, such as velcro. If this happens, you usually have to resort to pulling the part of the hair that has been trapped and it is not usually something comfortable. Therefore, loose hair on a motorcycle is not usually the best option. If you are only dreaming of buying a motorcycle, this article will also be useful to you.

Another possible alternative is the ponytail, which can be of two types: high or low. The high ponytail is the one that is normally done from the crown. This entry option should be discarded since as soon as you put on the helmet, you can feel the pressure of the rubber band against the head and it is quite annoying. Something similar happens if you wear a bow since the pressure of the rubber band would add that of the hair collected inside the helmet. 

The low ponytail is usually made from the part closest to the nape of the neck, so you avoid the pressure of the rubber band against your head when you put it on. It would be a better option than losing hair due to the hold, but the remaining hair that can stick out will also receive the air that forms the tangles and knots. An interesting option if you want to wear a ponytail is to place several rubber bands along the hair to get a complete hold.

The best option is, without a doubt, to wear a braid. In addition to collecting all the hairs, preventing them from knotting more than necessary with the wind, it is also easier for it to be kept inside the jacket and the hair is protected. It is also a comfortable hairstyle for the helmet since it does not bulge much and it is not annoying.

Finally, there are certain accessories that can help you keep your hair as tied up as possible. In particular, we find the interesting, a kind of cloth that completely collects all the hair that would protrude from the helmet. You can place it on your ponytail or your braid and you will prevent the wind from tangling your hair. You can purchase it through its website.

Whichever option you choose, it is important that you remember that safety must always prevail over aesthetics, so the option that is most comfortable for you to drive is the one you should choose when you go on a motorcycle either to run an errand, going out of route or for long trips.

For people with long hair (both men and women), consider these options.


Low false ponytail

hairstyles for riding a motorcycle2

  • Hold your hair with your hands as if you were going to make a mid-length ponytail without using a brush or anything.
  • Instead of a scrunchie, start twisting your hair (whichever way is most comfortable for you) until it’s twisted into a bun.
  • Now yes, tie it with a hair tie loosely (we don’t want any marks to remain either) or tie your hair into a knot (that depends on the skill of each one).
  • Put the helmet on.
  • Put on snouts to see if it looks good on you.


The braid

hairstyles for riding a motorcycle3

It is a way to keep your hair in place, especially if you wear a helmet for a long time.

  • To do it, detangle your hair very well and form a ponytail.
  • Next, separate it into three parts and insert each of the strands until you reach the end of your hair.
  • Finally, finish your hairstyle with a bow or a pretty bow.


Tousled braid

hairstyles for riding a motorcycle4

It is very easy to do and is ideal to use when riding a bike. 

  • Tie a ponytail at the back of your head.
  • Next, make a bun as you normally do and secure it with bobby pins.
  • Finally, pull out a few strands to give it a tousled effect and you’re good to go.


90s ponytail

hairstyles for riding a motorcycle5

Another way to take care of your hair is to use a scarf to prevent it from getting messy or looking misaligned.

  • You just have to wrap it with a large scarf as a turban.
  • If you don’t have one on hand, use a wide headband or bandana, which will give you the same result.



hairstyles for riding a motorcycle6

They are another way to be elegant despite having traveled by bicycle or motorcycle with a helmet on.

  • You just have to comb your hair very well and make a part in the middle with the help of a comb.
  • Once you have your hair divided in two, tie both parts with elastic bands.

If you have short but thick hair and a ponytail or braid are out of options, a hairnet can also do the trick.