6 Ways Your Hairdresser Can Improve Your Instagram Profile

If you’re using Instagram to promote your hairdresser’s shop, you should share images of your shop and yourself as the salon owner. A hairdresser’s Instagram account will let potential customers know the hairdresser and get to know their salon. Many hairdressers have their own Instagram page, so they can communicate interactively with their customers. There are a few steps that hairdressers can take to maximize the number of images shown in their accounts. Keep in mind that not all photos are suitable for use on the site. In addition to keeping appearances appropriate for business purposes, below are six ways your hairdresser can improve your Instagram page.

# 1. Post Pictures of the Latest Cuts.

Hairstylists should keep current customers in mind, so it’s important to post pictures of new styles that will interest them. It also helps to post photos of your hairdresser’s best products. Make sure to tag the users in the posts with your hairdresser’s name and website.

# 2. Encourage Interaction.

The primary purpose of social media sites such as Instagram is to connect with others and build relationships. As a Hairdresser Gold Coast, encourage your Instagram followers to ask questions or share stories about their visits to your salon. Use the #instagram channel when posting comments on posts, too. People who enjoy hairdresser interaction are more likely to return to your page and stay longer.

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# 3. Add Pictures Of Your Salon Location, If Possible.

This will make customers feel more comfortable sending friends to your salon. If you have a mobile app for salon services, this will be easier for hairdressers to show off their business.

# 4. Post Creative Ads Or Pictures To Get More Followers.

Many hairdressers use Facebook and Twitter to reach out to their followers and build relationships with them. You should consider doing the same. With a few posts, you can show off what type of services you offer, what your salon offers, and how your hairdresser can help you look great. If you haven’t already, post daily or weekly updates so that you reach maximum exposure.

# 5. Your Page Should Have Links To Any Photos Or Videos You’ve Posted Online.

You should also add links back to your website, blog, or customer service pages. Keep your posts organized by category to make it easy to keep track of recent activities. You can easily search for specific products, services, events, or classes on the site.

When you write posts, you should also encourage customers to leave feedback. Even if you don’t reply to reviews, they’ll still be there. Customers are more likely to give positive feedback if you acknowledge their input concisely, so keep your hairdresser’s notes and responses organized by content and style.

In addition to reaching out to customers, many hairstylists also use Instagram to interact with their clients. Look for posts that mention your salon name or logo. If you can, ask your hairdresser to start a conversation with one of your followers. Be sure to be subtle; you don’t want to appear as a spammer. Just remember that a hairdresser’s online portfolio is as important as her physical salon, so work to build a strong presence online and gain potential customers through online conversations.

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# 6. Keep Track Of Which Social Media Sites Your Hairdresser Is Involved With.

Some hairdressers make their profiles completely interactive, adding links to their social accounts and posts. Others may choose to keep their profiles quiet until they’re ready to let the world know what they have to offer. However you decide to share your business profile, it’s essential to take some time to get the ball rolling, so customers can feel like they can do something to help you out and learn more about the salon itself.

As your hairdresser engages more in online conversations and posts, she’ll also find herself becoming a part of a growing community. Hair enthusiasts use social media to discuss hair trends, Beauty Salons Gold Coast, and hairdressers in general. If you have a blog or a regular website, now would be the time to incorporate it into your hairdresser’s social media plan. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook already have millions of users, so it’s easy to see how to increase your customer base through word-of-mouth advertising. By regularly posting news and specials on your salon’s page, you can help your hairdresser’s followers share your information with all their friends.

The key to making social media an integral part of your hairdresser’s business plan is proactive. Don’t think that customers will only be interested in what you can do for them if they know you’re there. Instead, focus on creating a forum for salon owners to interact with one another, featuring local hairdressers who make salon treatments regularly. By featuring salon reviews written by hairdressers who are fans of yours and by featuring salon posts written by your hairdresser’s fans, you can improve the level of interaction between your hairdresser and her customers.