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21 Braids for Men to Uplift Your Personality

Some of most trending hairstyle today came from ancient traditions and sometimes popular non-masculine hairstyles and braids are one of the combinations of both types of hairstyles.

In the Ancient time, the classic hairstyle for long hair was to braid the hair, and today, the classic and stylish braid hairstyles have taken up the trends in the modern era. Braids best suit the men with long hair and are quick and versatile options to try out.

Braids have been a popular hairstyle for African American guys to style up their personality for a youthful, refreshing look that is modish and fashionable, giving a unique and stylish look to the overall personality.

Braids are a great option to get a contemporary, traditional yet cool and funky hairstyle with the versatility braids offer and here, we have got some really modern and up to date braids for men with an amazing look that you would love to try.


21 Braids for Men to Uplift Your Personality

Cornrow Braids for Men

Braids for Men

Cornrows braids are the very popular and trendy hairstyle for American and African guys. Cornrows are braided using an ancient traditional African style to braid the hair.

For braiding the hair to make cornrows, the hair is braided very close to the scalp by taking a few of the strands in an upward direction and making a big raised row.

The same step is repeated for the rest of the hair but starting from the center as much as possible to make continuous raised rows for all hair creating a unique look.


Tight Knotted Braids Hairstyle

Braids for Men

Tight knotted braids give you more flexibility and styling options for the hair and allow to show different haircuts like taper cut with a contrasting beard or your favorite tattoos behind the ear which usually hide if you keep long hair-free.

So, to style them in a well-organized and stylish manner, create 3-4 French braids giving a zig-zag line in between the braids.

After getting your hair braided, tie your braids in a tight knot and secure it with a band for a cool and rocking look.


Braid with Small Bun Hairstyle

Braids for Men

What can be sexier and more stunning for your super curly hair than designer braids with a small bun? Braids are the best option for African and American curly and volumized hair to make them easily manageable keeping them stylish with a unique hairstyle.

For the particular look, the top hair is braided giving design in the middle gap between the braids and all the braids together are gathered and tied in small bun keeping the rest of hair free in the bun and the style gives an amazing look with a faded haircut.


Middle Part Double Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Men

Middle part double braid hairstyle is a simple and classy hairstyle preferred by a lot of young guys these days and is a very simple version of the style of the braid available today.

Middle part double braid hairstyle as its name suggests is achieved by middle parting and two high braids on both of the top sides having shaved or faded lower sides.

Both braids carved on the middle parting is secured in a short bun or with pins. Double braid is best suited for guys with oval and round shape face.


Triangle Box Braids Hairstyle

Braids for Men

Triangle Box braids are a very unique and modish hair braiding that is a complex version of box braids as it needs styling the braids in a triangle shape.

Starting the hairstyle by middle parting, your hairstylist takes small triangular shape strands with the use of a fine comb and braid it till the full length of hair and repeat the process for all top long hair leaving the short sides.

Triangle box braid hairstyle suits well with a long beard and is a different and much-liked hair braiding style by guys today.


Edgy Box Braids with Faded Sides

Braids for Men

Though most of the African men prefer to braid their hair very close to the scalp and on the inner side, there is another variation to the box braids to keep it edgy and in outwards direction.

It is more of a non-masculine type of hair braiding but looks very trendy and cool when paired with faded sides.

The top hair is divided into various section and braids are also carved in the same edges- front side for the front hair and so on for a rich and creative look.


High Sectioned Top Braids Hairstyle

Braids for Men

High Sectioned top braid hairstyle is an ideal hairstyle for all face shapes and for all the occasions whether you want to get a classy party look, outing or day to day casual look hairstyle.

High sectioned top braids are styled with creativity giving various sectioned parting to the hair and creating small braids in each of the sections on the top hair, and the sides and back are trimmed adding more style and creativity to the hairstyle.


Asymmetrical Braids with Bun

Braids for Men

Asymmetrical braids styled in a perfect way with a small volume of strands and the high volume of the strand is a masterpiece braided hairstyle for men.

Asymmetrical braids hairstyle is achieved by a mix of thin and wide section hair braiding with front and side hair precisely carved or trimmed, and the mix braids are secured in a man bun at the back.

Asymmetrical braids with bun hairstyle is an ideal choice for the guys with square or round shape face.


Twisted Cornrows Hairstyle

Braids for Men

Cornrows are a widely preferred braiding technique by the guys as various twists and variations can be added to the trendy hairstyle.

One of the flexible options to create cornrows is twisted cornrows hairstyle in which hair is braided in an asymmetrical fashion instead of straight cornrows and is best suitable for the guys having equal length hair on the top and the sides so that full hair can be carved into cornrows braid giving a meshing look.


Dual Zig Zag Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Men

Adding more style to the cornrows give a mind-boggling look with a middle parting and designed braids.

For Dual zig-zag braid hairstyle, firstly middle parting is done and for both the sides, two braids are carved in a fashionable and designed way that it gives a zig-zag look in the middle space of the hair on both the sides.

Perfectly carved cornrows with zig-zag lines in the middle of braids give an amazing overall hairstyle.


Thick Braided Knotted Hairstyle

Braids for Men

A perfect hairstyle for an ultra-long hair to keep them refreshed in an organized and well-styled way for special events or the summer season when it is difficult to carry such long hair.

To achieve thick braided knot hairstyle, all the hair is braided taking few strands at a time, and all the braids are gathered together creating an updo and tied using a hairband, and the down strands are left free from the knot.

Thick braided knot hairstyle best suits with some strands dyed with a unique color like silver or gold.


High Top Spider Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Men

Star-shaped spider braid is a beautiful and charismatic hairstyle that represents a bold and daring personality.

To achieve, high top spider hairstyle, start with a middle parting of the hair and then a total of 8 braids are created starting from the top center of the head and at an equal distance between the braids.

The front 4 braids can be left freely coming towards the face and back braids can be combined in two braids or can be tied in a bun as per your convenience.


Twin Pigtails Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Men

Twin Pigtails hairstyle is a preferred native American braid hairstyle that is inspired by the True Detective creator Cary Fukunaga who carried this look in 2014.

Twin pigtails is a classy hairstyle for the guys having more than shoulder length hair and faded sides undercut.

To achieve the twin pigtails hairstyle, two French braids are created starting from the top till the length of the hair and secured with small rubber bands with easy maintenance and a dashing hairstyle.


Thick Braids for Medium Hair

Braids for Men

A wild and rough personality outshine with the thick warrior beard for medium hair.

Thick Braids carved from the top till the end and each braid secured with a rubber band at almost end of the thick braid is a cool and tough hairstyle to rock the casual occasions.

Thick braids hairstyle best suits for square and oval shape faced guys and having a beard with medium hair gives an amazing appeal to the overall look.

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Individual Dyed Braids Hairstyle

Braids for Men

Funky hairstyles have become an ongoing trend these days with their unique and trendy look the hairstyles attract guys to try it, and individual dyed braids hairstyle is one of the funky hairstyles worn by the young college or high school guys and suits all types of faces representing a cool personality.

Individual braids are achieved by middle parting the top hair and dividing into 4 sections on both sides and each section an individually dyed braid is carved for a unique and modern funky look.


Short Dreadlocks Braids Hairstyle

Braids for Men

Dreadlocks are a popular hairstyle worn by black men that represents a free, independent and bohemian kind of lifestyle and is very versatile with the colors, fades and different length dreadlocks.

Short dreadlocks are however easy to manage and carry and look amazing at the high-top lock braids with a taper fade on the back and the sides that help to keep the dreadlocks short.

Short dreadlocks with faded sides is a stylish and coolest hairstyle to be worn by African guys with round face type.


Long Twisted Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Braids for Men

To represent a modern and unique look than the long dreadlocks, long twisted braids is a perfect choice for your long curly hair to style. A twisted hairstyle is really easy to do and carry for a long day.

To achieve this particular look, take few strands of your hair from the side and leave 1/4th part of your hair as is, then divide the strand into two sections and start twisting it one over the other and repeat till the full length of your hair and for all the strands for a modish and attractive look.


French Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Braids for Men

A ponytail with asymmetrical French braids is an eye-catching and stunning hairstyle for long hair.

For the particular look, French braids are carved of different length and width taking some thin strands and some thick strands, some kept very loose, and some tight and all those braids are together tied in a ponytail and again tied at the end leaving the strands free.

French braids of different shapes tied in a ponytail give unique and astonishing looks for any event you are waiting to rock.


Top Knotted Braids Hairstyle

Braids for Men

Top Knotted braids are a funky and cute hairstyle that young guys prefer these days.

To get this unique and voguish look for the next important event you are planning for, you need to get braids for the top hair leaving the undercut in taper fade cut or shaved as per your convenience and liking.

When you create all the top hair braids, just gather them all up in an upward direction and tie with a rubber band making an upward knot and faded shades contrasting with the beard.


Taper Fade with Dyed Braids Hairstyle

Braids for Men

If you are looking for an extra-ordinary look that exactly matches your cool and sexy personality, taper fade with dyed braids is a perfect choice for you that gives you a unique style with impressive looks.

For the particular look, you can dye your top hair with silver color and get a taper fade haircut for the back and the sides.

After getting the top hair dyed with a taper cut, you can carve your top hair into thin braids till the end of the hair length for an amazing appeal.


Braids with Messy Bun Hairstyle

Braids for Men

For silky smooth long hair what can be a better option than braiding a few strands and gathering in a cute messy bun.

As the name suggests, Braids with messy bun hairstyle is an easy option for silky long hair to be tied in a bun with a few braids in the top front part of the head.

Braids with a bun give a very enthusiastic and youthful look and mostly preferred by young guys to style their daily casual look that gives astonishing appeal to the overall personality.


People usually think that it is really difficult to manage longer hair for men but not anymore with these super cool and trendy braids for men that gives you an easy manageable look for days without styling and are super comfortable on your longer hair just you need care not to make the braids or knots so much tighter than it becomes uncomfortable for you to carry.

Rest we assure you, the braids are low maintenance and easy styling option giving you a desirable look that you have always longed for.

Braids are not only a casual option these days, but you can also try braids on any of the important occasions that are special to you, as braids are trendy and modern and give you a charming look with various combinations like bun, cornrows, individual braids, shapes, fades, dyes or French braids options.

Braids are not only tying your hair up in some twists and turns instead; it offers you the flexibility to try something out of the box for an extra-ordinary look with some stunning and striking braids for men that are eye-catching and attractive and offers you a delightful and exceptional appeal.