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24 Ultra Modern Short Hairstyles with Beard

Hairstyles can reveal someone’s disposition and are one of the simplest ways to show their personality. So, why don’t you present yourself some identity by providing a spunky look or a modern comb-over by applying a real manly look?

Facial hair, like moustaches, look and beards, attract equal attention and makes the completely flawless and manly. When most men hear the word “hairstyle,” they believe of the hair on their head. However, they don’t ever think the hair on their faces.

By not giving attention to how your facial hair associates with your haircut, you’re abstaining yourself from an opportunity to be the ultimate stylish self.

Nowadays every man desired to have a cool beard and hairstyle. Whether it is pairing with long beards or short men’s haircuts with full whiskers or long hairstyles gearing up your haircut along with facial hair is an easy game to be more stylish and look hotter.

Thankfully, men’s grooming is much cared for now in the world of fashion and also there are just so many wonderful men’s hair and beard styles to pick from.

If you are a man who can grow a beard and have not examined with a contemporary cut and style union, you may be missing out on a modern trend.

Below, you’ll find our guide to the best hairstyles for men with beards. Here, we have assembled 24 astounding hair and beard style styles for men to look unquestionably classy and manly.


24 Ultra Modern Short Hairstyles with Beard

Shallow Spike with the Beard

Short Hairstyles with Beard

This haircut is not only essentially fashionable but very standard. This Classic spike with a center parting with a textured top and thick beard is a common choice amongst various men.

The taper fade assists in keeping some amount on the top of your head and the textured top invites for a lot of outside gazes as it can be slicked messy, back or slicked sideways. The heavy stubble is very simple to grow, involving not shaving for three to four days in a row.


Buzz Cut with Natural Beard

Short Hairstyles with Beard

One of the soundest ways to strengthen a natural beard is to blend it with a buzz cut. Having such a haircut will guarantee that you give more time on your beard first than your hair.

All you will have to do is use a little gel on your hair to give them a more radiant look and shave your beard whenever needed. The styles make the beard a more assertive.


Textured Crop with a Beard and Tapered Fade

Short Hairstyles with Beard

It is another look you might want to try if you like beard and short hair. The appearance is more modern than the others suggested here.

The appearance has a very fresh and neat polish and can be donned with a beard which is short or of average length or even a long one.

The short back and sides are always favored in men who work in corporate jobs and who want to be acknowledged at all times.


Textured Top and Thick Stubble with Classic Taper Side

Short Hairstyles with Beard

It’s an old fashioned tapered cut having a textured top along with thick bread. The overall look makes it more popular amongst the men.

Taper fade adds more volume on the top which attracts a lot of attention and makes your standout in the crowd. This style is very chic and make you look very witty. A classic stylish hairstyle it is.


Subtle Spike and Beard

Short Hairstyles with Beard

For men’s short hair, it is one of the regular beard styles of all time. This particular hairstyle requires inexpensive maintenance and you can carry it for the longest time you want. Its sturdy cast makes it favoured by most men.

After scraping the sides, using scissors, start cropping the center of the head.  To produce sharp spikes, you could also use a beard trimmer or a razor.


Low Skin Fade with Short Prick Beard

Short Hairstyles with Beard

A low skin fade is a great option when requiring to join a short hair style with a beard. The low skin fade just gives a stained look to any haircut and can be seen being donned by most of the men.

The short pointed beard is just a little more than the stubble gives the person a very amicable look. This hairstyle along with the bear exuberates a very relaxed persona and creates a casual charming aura.


A Mid-Bald Fade with the Line-Up Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles with Beard

For this hairstyle, all you need to do is just brush up the stylish beard which is a go-to look for anyone who wants to look like a male model and can carry this look off.

The mid-bald fade is excellent for displaying not too little and not too much hair. The line-up gives one a more pointed and complete look.

The brush up highlights the cheekbones and the beard shape can be any that you desire to do and be rest assured that you will look good.


Comb Over Undercut Cut

Short Hairstyles with Beard

When deciding what beard will work best with a quiff, once again, the shorter nature of the cut leaves a lot of space for your own take on what works best.

Anything from short stubble to a full-length beard will fit the bill, with each one suited to certain situations better than others.

Better to go for a Gandalf like long beard or a buzzed stubble to get a tidy look. You can go for any one, they will look stunning with the hairstyle.


Undercut Hairstyle with Messy Top and Short Beard

Short Hairstyles with Beard

An undercut with messy top and short beard has a very boyish charm to it and can help one look younger than their age. The undercut shifts the focus on the hair on top of the head which can be left to do whatever it feels like.

The messiness of the look is the reason the look is associated with a playboy charm and combine the look with a short beard will strengthen the facial features and bring out the more prominent highlights present.


Short Beard with Spikes

Short Hairstyles with Beard

When thinking beard styles for men with short hair, there are actually no limits as to what course you can take it in. Scrape the side of the hair that you have parted using a comb and scissors.

Cut the front and center part of the hair as per your desired length. You could either style the hair by pushing it upwards or sideways to pull off this look.

Don’t forget to wet the hair before you start trimming the sides.  Remember, the middle partition is very essential for this look.  To style it for special occasions Use a gel or just a brush to comb it on regular basis.


Tightly Refined Stubble

Short Hairstyles with Beard

Tightly refined stubble will suit well for some solemn look. On the different end of the spectrum, if you’re going for a fuller look then you can definitely try to take on the side part/comb-over.

In fact, alongside a larger beard, it can still sit well. We will say, however, that an unusually large beard can look a little out of position alongside the absolute finish of the side part that is even more textured.


Moustache/Stubble Natural Waves at the Sides

Short Hairstyles with Beard

Several men with hairstyles that are wavy are afraid of growing a mustache along with them with a beard. By opting for the stubble focus, will not be charged immediately at your mo.

Stubble allows hiding any kind of differentiation between the mustache and clean skin. Going for a fade of the regular length as the stubble provides you an engaging dark frame for the face.

It presents a way for the change from the hairline to the front to be more fluid reducing your mustache.


Buzz Fade with Short Conical Beard

Short Hairstyles with Beard

Buzz fade with a short beard is a very simple yet artistic style.

Combining this hair and beard style, you will not have to adjust much on either and while shaving the beard you can never go wrong as much length is not needed to be cut off and normally one go at it with the trimmer is enough to get the required results. This haircut gives a subtle sensuous look.


Subtle Fade Haircut

Short Hairstyles with Beard

Everything about this style is very subtle and minimal and the best part is it is very easy on maintenance. Do not cut hair in a straight motion, but at a 45-degree angle, to keep some parts of the initial length and give it the different shag cut.

Do the same manner all around the head. Use a razor to give the hair better texture and finish. Finally, dry the hair after using a mild shampoo. The beard gives the face a definite shape.


Quiff Beard Style

Short Hairstyles with Beard

Another short hairstyle to consider pairing with a beard is a bountiful quiff. The quiff is probably the most popular men’s hairstyle around in contemporary years, with men of all ages, to carry anywhere anytime to get a dashing look.

People mostly go for an undercut with this style to get a closer look, the style can really take a bold or attractive direction depending on what you are looking for.


Beard Style in Patches

Short Hairstyles with Beard

Letting it grow to a short length to have a more stylish look or taking a very short shave on the beard is the trick to rocking this beard style with short hair.

You could use a brush comb, or just your hands to create the spike on the center part of your hair. Use hair spray to keep the hair in place.

The sides need to be much shorter than the middle part of the hair to pull off this look.  This haircut give the face a very rounded shape and defines the face as well.


Handle Bar Full Beard with the Moustache

Short Hairstyles with Beard

Beards with handlebar moustaches are modern styles and imparts a very imperial and more casual look that a lot of men prefer.

However, when you pull it off, you will be sure to impress the show. It is an exemplary beard style for men with short hairstyles. It is suitable for old folks, and the modern generation may find it cool to wear.


Screw Faded Beard Look

Short Hairstyles with Beard

This hairstyle is indeed an intense one. In this hairstyle the hair is cut extremely short almost razor trimmed and the beard is kept in alignment.

This look gives and over all serious appearance. This entire style will look great with a formal attire and official events. It has a very no non sense appeal about it and easy on maintenance.


Swept Beard Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles with Beard

If you like gnarly beards and adventurous haircuts this is the hairstyle for you. This one is by far the most charismatic one of all the hairstyles for men with beards featured here.

It is a long, does not have definite cut but however, that’s well balanced by a bigger beard. In this style, all of the hair flows concurrently, and both the hair and the beard are USP points.


Slicked Back Haircut

Short Hairstyles with Beard

If you’ve ever taken a glimpse at a Haircut you’ve apparently seen the undercut style. It’s one of those timeless styles that go with about everything, and indeed, it’s one of the best hairstyles for bearded men.

The length of your beard should not be the same as the length of the undercut. In fact, the quiff at the top should be bigger than the center.


Textured hair with Beard

Short Hairstyles with Beard

This style is also known as the Viking style has remarkably changed the men’s grooming. Men wanting to have Viking style can get it by having their hair tapered back.

Having your hair at the sides of your head razor shaved and leaving the middle a little elongated that emphasizes the dimension and provides solid growth of the beard, providing a clear line from the top head all the way to the end of the beard.

By holding it with a beard gel you can make the shape of the beard angular. So this is an ideal combo for you to rock Viking look.


Man-Bun / Topknot

Short Hairstyles with Beard

This is possibly the most prominent and obvious pairing on the list since the man bun was apparently intended to go with a beard. The beard weighs out the bun and adds a nice contrast.

The beard allows the head to be unified as a whole as the hair on the head is in a small bun at the back, and. The same goes for a top knot.

The man bun and top knot also work well with all classifications of beards. This is also often the type worn for most of the guys who aren’t going for or lumberjack that is the clean-shaven looks.


Sword Thorn Spike Beard

Short Hairstyles with Beard

This look is very intense in the sense it consummates the sharpness of the look specifically the hairstyle. This hairstyle will require gel or mouse that can be spiked up to form stiff spikes.

This apart from adding the height also molds the look to a pretty bold look. This look can be teamed up with an informal or casual pair of types of denim.

The beard is trimmed down to the absolute minimum and the tip of the streaks or the spikes are colored to add that x-factor.


Razor Fade Box Beard

Short Hairstyles with Beard

With a razor fade cut and box bread, you get a lot of balance in your look. Those who love to carry a hipster look, this is a perfect style.

You can easily go for a long bread or medium-length beard with this style, or if you already are sporting one then all you would require is a beard gel for a tad bit stiffness.


There was a time when men had limited concern in fashion. Nevertheless, due to the influence of social media, things have completely turned, and men have grown much fine-tuned in their looks just as females of this period.

Adaptable and versatile beard styles with short hair for men can transform a man’s face and uniquely change how he looks in casual shirts or a suit. Each facial hair trend is unconventional and unprecedented in its way.

A beard can make a man go from ordinary looking to a straight 10 when donned correctly. One way for any man to make all heads turn and look like a Greek God would be to sport a cool hairstyle along with a beard.

Hence, depending on your face shape you have to choose the proper beard style which is the fundamental factor to weigh. It is about time you switch on your good look mode on with the platter of these above mentioned various hairstyles.