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20 Viking Hairstyles for Men and Women of This Millennium

These hairstyles are funky, jazzy and contemporary. You have tried all sorts of styles and cuts, but this is an extraordinarily bold and contemporary hairstyle. This hairstyle depicts not only a bold but a powerful you. Explore millennium’s powerful and modern style that will out show your personality.

Viking hairstyles are something unique and cannot be carried easily by everybody. Girls and boys with strong personalities and confidence wear up this style with ease. Viking hairstyle is a combination of long and short hair style.

You cut them short or keep it long or make it look rugged and tough; the choice is yours. Color them up or leave them loose to give a stronger look. You must have seen actors from the Game of Thrones and Terminator sporting this sporty and Viking style! That was called tightly braided Viking hairstyle.

Here are some styles that will blow your mind away.


20 Viking Hairstyles for Men and Women of This Millennium

Pompadour with Sides Trimmed

Viking Hairstyles

This look speaks volume for those who have a personality of their own. Try out this blonde balayage pompadour cut with sides trimmed and shaven to an inch. Style it up with hair gel to fix the upper portion.

Balayage melt works best for this style. Team it up with a tee and a pair of denim. It looks best on youngsters and middle-aged men. Stubble looks perfect and adds style and quotient to this look.


Side Layers with Temple Shaved

Viking Hairstyles

If getting a Viking haircut, you are very confident, only then carry this hairstyle. You have to keep in mind that you need to carry a sporty look. This haircut features not only a sporty look but also you need to be confident.

This haircut features a shaved temple with long layered side bangs. Smooth and polished hair cut does wonder for your look. A front blonde streak accentuates your look. This style and look give an edgy and a manly look.


Maiden Braided Viking Looks with Teal Blue Streaks

Viking Hairstyles

You really want to get this female Viking style? Then try out this braided Viking style. This look features a maiden style braid (front and side braid) with complete braid at the back.

Try out a teal blue hair dye or any fashion color for your highlights. This will surely accentuate the way you look. For a change, this style for girls is definitely an eye-popping one.


Neatly Combed Side Shaven with a Heavy Beard

Viking Hairstyles

This is a style for men who can carry it with ease and confidence. This style shows neatly combed long hair. Sides and temples are shaven to give that sturdy and manly look.

Carry this style with a heavy and unkempt beard and mustache. It looks excellent on middle-aged men with a strong personality.

Punk it up with a little bit of streak on your beards. Highlight your bangs with blonde melt. Pull back and comb neatly, apply a gel to fix them.


Trio Braided Accessorized Viking Look for Girls

Viking Hairstyles

The front braid merging into another braid, this entire look is about. You need to have pretty long hair to create this look. A very tricky braid to create but will surely be one of its kinds.

Accessorize your look with beads and pins to give a girlish look. Leave rest of your hair loose open. A very light brown global color accentuates the look.

This can be your beach look too. Team it up with your crop top and sarong for a perfect beach look.


Side Bangs with Temple Shaven Viking Look

Viking Hairstyles

This style will undoubtedly make you look like a stud. This style features one side shaven/trimmed look with long hair on the other side. Give your hair a nice flip towards the other side.

Create a deep side parting. Gel it up and comb it tightly. A heavy beard and mustache goes stunningly hot with the look.


Side Braided and a Half Updo Viking Style

Viking Hairstyles

Have you watched the Game of Thrones lately? If not, then this is the right time to go and watch once. This hairstyle is inspired by the looks created in the movie for the male stars.

A side-braided and a half updo Viking style is something that every young man would vouch for. This gives you a sweet and as well as a manly look. Go and try this out for your next holiday trip with your friends.


The Game of Throne Inspired Multi Braided Style

Viking Hairstyles

Yet again another hot look for females from this movie. Multiple braids merging into one single braid look absolutely sporty.

So if you have your party or your prom night with a theme of creating something courageous and sporty, go ahead with this Viking style for girls.

A blonde melt would do justice to the look. For this style, you need to have really long and thick hair; else you would need hair extensions if you are a fan of this style.


Front Braided and Side Trimmed Viking Style for Men

Viking Hairstyles

Begin your braid from the center of your head. This means that you need to keep your hair long at the top and the remaining would get trimmed slightly to one inch.

Create the braid beginning from the top front and pin it up at the back. Trim/cut the sides of your temple. A golden brown color melt goes great with this style. Keep your beards and your mustache too matching with your hair color.


Shield Maiden Viking Looks for Girls

Viking Hairstyles

This is a stunner. Looks absolutely gorgeous and gives a courageous look. If you really want a Viking hairstyle, then you can go for this one. In this style, the front hair is given a shield look by giving it a raised puffed look.

While the rest of the hair is left loose. It is no doubt a gorgeous looking Viking women hairstyle. Create two short braids at one side, tightly braid it.


Long Messy Hair with Ombre Effect

Viking Hairstyles

Viking not only means to braid your hair. It also features long and messy hair for men and women. This look features a middle-parted look for guys. Keep your loose open for a change.

Do not braid them. This is a pretty simple and easy style to carry. Middle length hair would do justice to this look. A blonde and golden brown ombre works wonders for you.


A Trio of Braids with Light and Dark Ombre

Viking Hairstyles

Another variation to the Viking look for girls. Braid your hair right from the top and merging the two side braids into one. Pin it up at the back. Let the remaining half of your hair open.

Comb them. Light and dark blonde works pretty well with this look. A different ombre would also look good.


Bold and Thin Braids with Cinnamon Red Global Highlights

Viking Hairstyles

A variation in Viking hairstyle for girls is always fun to create. This features a bold braid in the center while two thin braids on either side. Secure all of them separately at the end.

A cinnamon red global highlights work just the perfect for this look. This look creates a voluminous braid/hair.


Headband Braid with Global Blonde Highlights

Viking Hairstyles

Create thin braids, numerous braids. This should begin from one side of your hair. Create as many as four to five thin braids. Now hold all the braids together and pull them together towards the other end.

Do this to create a hairband sort of style. Secure them behind remaining hair. Curl your entire hair to give a messy look. Let them open. This variation in the Viking look is excellent.


Side Braided Ponytail

Viking Hairstyles

This is a simple variation of the very famous Viking hairstyle. Not much efforts are required to create this look. All you need to do is to create braids on either side.

Braid on one side would also do justice to this look. Now pull back entire hair and tie them up in a pony. Backcomb a little bit to create a messy look. You’re done with the girly Viking look.


Side Braided Bold Viking Style for Men with Long Hair

Viking Hairstyles

Yes, men with extra-long hair have all the way to jazz up their looks. This was the variation that girls used to create. But this style features the look for men/boys with super long and thick hair.

Side braids to follow with one single braid at the ends. Let your hair lose. A blonde global melt adds wonders.


Slicked Back Viking Look With a Beard

Viking Hairstyles

Get a haircut, a normal haircut. Your hair shouldn’t be too long. But long enough to slick them back. Use hair gel to create this style. Comb your hair in backward motion to hold them tightly and neatly. Just a little beard and mustache works wonders and will give you a dapper look.


Numerous Thin Braids with Open Hair

Viking Hairstyles

This Viking style is now for girls. Very girly sort of a look is created with this style. Quite easy enough for a girl who has just explored her love for Viking and jazzy hairstyles.

Thinly braided hair spread all over is what you need to create. Along with the remaining loose hair, this Viking hairstyle looks great. Try this out, and I am sure, you’ll rock this look.


Multi-Braided Hairstyle for Short Hair

Viking Hairstyles

If you have short hair and looking for something new to get a stunning look, then don’t forget to try this hairstyle. Simply divide your hair into small sections.

Take each section at a time and make small braids from the top till the roots. Keep the center parting bigger than the side parts. The center braid will be thick than the rest.

On the sides, you will have to weave two braids. For the center one, take the hair from the front sides too, combine it with the center braid and you are done. You will get a stunning Viking hairstyle to rock all your parties.


Braids with Medium Length Hair for Men

Viking Hairstyles

This is a variation in Viking hairstyle for men. You must be mistaking this style for girls and not for men. But this is only for the latter ones. Men or boys with medium length of hair will carry this style easily.


These were a few out of many Viking styles for both men and women. You must have seen men trying out this look very often while the girls are the ones to miss out on this. But if you are bold and have an extrovert personality, try out these Viking styles for women – a must try for all.