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21 Braids for Kids to Decorate Your Little Princess’s Hairstyle

Nowadays Braided hairstyles are very popular. Braids can be done in formal hairstyles or even as a usual hairstyle. There are various hairstyles which were started from braids. There are still many stars that wear braid hairstyles and encourage younger peers to do the same. Braided hairstyles can be inspired by combinations of many creative hairstyles.

Braids with ribbons. A braided ponytail, black braid hairstyles, glam hairstyle, etc. are few of the wonderful hairstyles. Girls are girls. Girls are very understanding of their beauty and fashion and this is true even in the case of kids.

Gone are the days when mothers went for a simplistic haircut for their kid. Today kids are smarter just to choose hairstyles according to the latest trend of modern time. So a braid hairstyle is not only good looking but also braided hairstyles are always in fashion.

Also Since the fine hair of kids can easily become frizzy and tangled, it is favored to keep them tightly bound with clips and headbands and you can try for any hairstyle for any particular occasion and for all these purposes too the braid is a classic pick. It holds the hair protected in place and is not messed up.

Kids are always in a mood to have fun. One can never stop them from playing and jumping around and they are just loaded with a bunch of activities. In such scenarios, if the hair is all left long it will get tangles and mess up.

Also, it can attract a lot of dirt. Especially if the hair is a long one. In the case of braids, that hair stays in the right place and looks very neat and tidy. Braid is one such hairstyle that is a definite win-win case.

Braids are efficient in serving the dual purpose of keeping their hair improper place and also making them look adorable. Kids with braids are damn cute and exuberates a very trendy fashionista vibe.

So let’s get started with the various kinds of hairdo’s that can give your kids a great look.


21 Braids for Kids to Decorate Your Little Princess’s Hairstyle

Spiral Cornrow Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

This braiding is done in a crochet style. The braids form a spiral-like pattern on the scalp. Cornrows can be created by braiding the hair extremely close to the scalp, using upward, an underhand motion to make a continuous, row which is slightly raised as well.

Cornrows (or cane rows) are very easy maintenance hairstyle especially for kids who are unable to manage on their own. Very distinct curvilinear or geometric designs can be formed with this type of braiding. The look is indeed a lot of fun to sport.


Beaded Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

Braids are totally cool. They are totally manageable. No matter where your kids are going for a fun activity or singing class or a friends sleepover braids are the best.

You don’t have to worry about constantly taking care of them. In this hairstyle, all you have to do is take four sections of hair and subdivide into two to form a total of 8 strands. Start rolling the two strand and make it one to insert the rolled effect.

Now take color full beads to lock the portion from where you need to braid. Thereafter section the strands to three parts and do the braiding as you do. Secure the end with a rubber band.


Trail Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

Trail braids have become especially popular over the last few years for kids who are going to a dance, or attend some school event. Although it may look daunting to create, actually quite simple and makes an impact.

This hairstyle like a trail that continues down from the crown area to the end of the hair length. This is apt for kids having long hair. This hairstyle is elegant and indeed gorgeous. It adds to the cuteness and charm of One’s personality.

This hairdo can be sported easily for schools sports day or school events. Also, you can decorate the ends with colorful beads. The USP of the entire look is that it has side partition and the braid rows are done to maintain the alignment.


Weaved Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

This is one very interesting style and kids love something new and experimental. This hairstyle sports beaded braid style as well as traits of micro braiding. The back part of the hair is all most braided so much so that it seems very light with all the scalp exposure.

The hair volume is brought to the sides and then braiding is done after which they are secured with transparent beads. This hairstyle is an extremely fun summer looks style that is definitely a try.


Ornate Braid with Ponytail

Braids for Kids

This is the super cute hairstyle for kids. It includes ponytail like two pompoms and ties out style. The braid is the crochet braid and the scalp area looks patterned and this hairstyle this is a very fancy one.

You can pair it with decor items like gold hair accessories to give a cute yet royal touch. Any hair accessories of gold color will also do.


Bantu Knot Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

This hairstyle is a very bold and a funky style to sport. The braids are done completing on the scalp. The first initial braids are left making a side partition. Thereafter the rest of the braids are tied in four individual knots to give it a glam look.

This hairstyle is great for the summer looks and all tied up to give a very pretty and an overall playful look. The lower ends of the braids can be articulated with various kinds of beads.


Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

This is very pretty and charming. As the name suggests, the entire look of the waterfall braid is such that creates a very free frail kind of a hair look. The mid knots look gorgeous and from the side of the hair, there is a trail of knots from where hair strands fall off.

When the complete hairstyle is made you will see that it has created a slanting braid along the side of one partition. The end result is just lovely. This is surely a graceful look. Girls with medium lengthened hair can do this style.


French Braid Pony Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

This hairstyle is all about doing your kids hair in a pretty way. The hair is sectioned and braided in four parts from the scalp leaving it exposed the first part of the style is more like cornrows. After the braids come down tie them up in a pony.

This hairstyle hence has the best of both worlds. Half the hair is braided and the other half is left open. This hairstyle suits best on girls with super curly hair whose ponytails have a voluminous bushy effect.


Rope Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

Kids tend to always search for something exciting and fun. It can be anything but the basic concept of the thrill is something that children are always up for execution. Kids are in love with novelty so why not give them a new hairstyle.

Nothing is more exciting than a new look every day? Also, remember for this hairstyle she will forever be happy with you. In this hairstyle, all you need to do is tie up your hair in a side and micro braid the hair from the scalp and bring them to the sides.

Now the rest of the hair I twisted and secured with a colorful tie up ribbon or a sparky thread used as a hair accessory. The final result is like a rope kind of a look. Your kid is going to love this hairstyle.


Zigzag Cornrows Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

This hairstyle has a very bold look. This look gives a very ready to start an action kind of vibe. In this hairstyle section your hair in an alternate and odd partition. Then make the braid in rows.

This hairstyle is the perfect playtime style that makes a kid looks cute and always ready for the fun to begin. Also, it protects the hair from messing up or tangling. This hairstyle too is great for curly haired kids.


Stringed Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

This hairstyle is all about getting that neat and tidy look. If your kid is in the playschool or is in middle school or just simply going for a friend’s birthday party then this hairstyle is just the one. It is neat on the front portion.

You can Pattern the braid slightly with a side indentation and then gather the loose end at the crown area and tie them in a pony. This hairstyle is done keeping the braids in a crochet style.


Tight Twists with an Extension

Braids for Kids

Make the crochet braids for kids look smaller and allow you to come up with various long hairstyles. The longer the braids are, the prettier the entire look is created.

You can do partial braids by just braiding the lower half of the hair strands and leave the rest or the opposite can also be done.


Bow Fish Bone Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

This hairstyle is just super cute and adorable one. From two corners of the forehead, the region takes hair section and braid them in a French plate till the entire area till the neck area.

The braid should start from left and finish at the right end. Like this do for the other section. When you complete the hairdo it will look like a criss-cross bow kind of pattern.


Colorfully Articulated Braid

Braids for Kids

This hairstyle I s so intricate and pretty. Just section the hair in one, two and three and then two sections of four micro ponies like shown in the image. Secure each set with a colorful rubber band so that when it is done it looks like a little triangle and a set of a color pop network.

The hairstyle is just so awesome. Finally, tie the hair in a pony and then make multiple narrow braids. This hairstyle is indeed a very stylish one to sport.


The Mini Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

Do you have a toddler and she is a super cute and sweet baby? She loves your make up and is in the making of a style diva? This hairstyle is way too adorable for any kids. Do not worry if her hair is short.

Tie up the cute little curls in mini braids and fasten with pink beads. After you complete tying the hair you will feel like clicking her pictures. This is by far the cutest braids ever.


Half Braid Half Pony Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

Your braiding work can be greatly reduced if you use crochet braids just to make a voluminous ponytail. You only require to braid the front part and then tie the rest of the hair in a huge ponytail.

For greater texture, one can also braid the pony sectioning various strands. It is like a pony of a lot of braids.


Elongated Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

A braid done nicely and arranged perfectly always look attractive. This hairstyle can easily be achieved with the help of any wet hair gel, foam gels can also be used if the kid prefers it dry.

The braided hair would last all day after adding some hair spray or hair gel. These trendy elongated fishtail braids are quite thick and have a fashionable pattern.

Even though the braids are simple, they will make you stand out from the crowd because they are so gorgeous.


Pretty Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

Children normally have either short hair or thin hair. This is another reason why braids can be a fabulous way out for kids on a special moment when you want your child to sport long and large hair.

Be it a beauty pageant, a photo shoot or a wedding, crochet braids for kids are a perfect choice. The principal benefit of certain braids compared to the other types of hair extension is attachment simplicity.

The special crochet hook that comes with a bunch of crochet hair enables you to surely weave the locks into the kid’s actual hair. All you require to do is learn how to make cornrow braids.


Top Bun Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

In this hairstyle section your hair into two halves. These twists are exactly what you require for a child. You can buy using any length to make the kid look stunning and extremely cute.

However, such braids take longer to attach. The braids hang lose in the second while the first section is tied up in a bun emphasizing the crown area.


Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

When dealing with fine hair, Get the braids tight. Also remember that to produce a single intertwined part, three groups of hair braiding is required. A Dutch braid can be used on any hair that is broad enough or brawny enough and extended.

This hairstyle has two Dutch. If you wish you can also accessorize this hairstyle with some hairpins to make it all classy and pretty. Braid the hair on each side while keeping center partition.


Front Twist Pony Braid Hairstyle

Braids for Kids

This hairstyle is very easy to do. Just make a center partition and collect the hair and bring it on each side. Thereafter tie them in a ponytail. Wrap the apex of the pony with a shimmery ribbon to add a bit of glamour the entire look.

Now braid each of the ponies. A front twist pony will work as a great hairstyle especially during the moths of summer. It is usual the neck area that sweats a lot and this hairstyle will keep that region free.

Adding some hair spray after you tie it up would let the braided hair last all day. This braided hairstyle is best done after a bath. This is because post bath the hair still remain damp and can be tied properly and doesn’t turn fizzy.

However, it should definitely be dried initially. Light dampness is good. When the hair is still damp. Braids are fun and easy to do. You may integrate some ribbons or crafts that could add a touch of beauty and simplicity to the braid. Girls are naturally born creative. Creativity and imagination make your hair awesome and great.


With the above different styles, you can give your kids a new look that is pretty cute end fashionable. They will love these looks and you will too. Give your kids the best hairstyle that suits her features, personality, and face.

So what is the wait all about? Glam up your kids in style and do not miss to click an adorable picture as buying hair accessories to make the child comfortable.