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360 Waves: A Complete Guide for Beginners

You can simply say that 360 waves create a ripple-like pattern on your hair. This is the hairstyle wherein the curls are very fined and are brushed off and flattened out. This style is done on a short-cropped haircut. It’s essential to use moisturizer as it holds the hair in place and prevents the hair from drying up. This hairstyle is very popular in American African countries. This hairstyle is mostly done by the black men. It is also recommended to wear a du-rag cap as it helps to lock the moisture and help maintain the waves, even while going to bed.

You might even know these 360 waves as waves or spinnas. It started gaining popularity when a rapper Nelly carried this unique and interesting look, and now the style is followed by many celebrities as well as by their fans. It doesn’t matter what your hair texture is, for these 360 waves, the hair looks like it has waves. And for maintaining the hair texture, you can apply hair spray. Many people want to carry this soft and smooth appearance; you can go for this wave styling and achieve this super handsome look. For achieving the style, you can follow the below suggestion:

How to Prepare your Hair for 360 Waves?

360 Waves

  • Before going for this style, make sure that your hair is in good condition. It doesn’t matter what your hair type is, but how easily it gets curled up that matters. If your hair gets easily curled up, then it will be easy to create curls, but if your hair takes longer to get curls, then it will take longer to get waves. Make sure you have healthy hair so that your curls can grow long. Before going through this style, make sure you don’t have dandruff or dry scalp problems, and in case if you suffer from them, go for some good remedy.
  • Visit your nearby salons and get a caesar cut done on your hair. Ask your barber to cut your hair with 1/3 inch guard and give your hair a razor style cut. If you say it simply, then just go for very short tapered sides.
  • Buy some products which will be beneficial to you and your hair before opting for this style. The first thing you need is a hairbrush; make sure it’s without a handle as it will give you perfect control over your hair. The second thing you need is a perfect wave shampoo and a conditioner. It will help your hair to get a perfect texture as well as softness; the wave shampoo and conditioner is a must for your hair/curls. If you don’t have a wave conditioner, then you can use any regular conditioner. Adding luster and moisture to your hair is a must and necessary, so the third thing which you can use is a hair lotion. The fourth thing is the nylon or du-rag cap. It helps in protecting your hair while sleeping. It is pinned to your head, covering all the hair. The fifth thing is the pomade, which helps in fixing your hair.
  • To get these waves, you have to bring your hair into training, which requires time and is a very lengthy process. All you need to do is just length out your natural curls and then leave them; you will see waves forming out there, or your curly hair acting as a spring.

How to Train your Hair?

  • Wash your hair with a wave shampoo- before going through 360 waves styling, first, wash your hair thoroughly with any good wave shampoo. There are many shampoos available in the market. The main aim of this shampoo is to create waves. If you don’t get wave shampoo, don’t worry; use your regular shampoo or soap. Just clean your hair properly.
  • Maintain a brushing routine- after shampooing, apply any good hair lotion and then pomade. They are enough to cover your hair. Now comes brushing; it is very important to know how one should brush the hair. First, start to brush your hair from the crown, then brush it down towards your neck. You have noticed a small circle on your head near the crown; brush in the radial form until you get that surface around.

360 Waves

  • Brush your hair evenly- many people who opt for this style said that we don’t get the waves at the back we only get it in the front; it is because they haven’t brushed the hair properly at the back. You have to brush at the back sections, too. You can even use a mirror to have a check on your back area. It is a known fact that natural curls are the strongest at the back, and therefore enough healthy brushing is required at the back area. So this is the place where you need to pay a lot of attention. Ensure the amount of time and energy you invest while brushing the front and the top area, the same you should invest in your back area.
  • After doing all this going through the brushing, you can wear a du-rag- After brushing, you can wear any nylon cap or du-rag. Make sure that your cap should be tight and never forget to put on your du-rag before going to sleep. You can also go for the wolf technique; you need to grow your hair before cutting them in this technique. Stop combing and stop styling your hair. And keep your hair under the du-rag for few weeks before you style your hair for 360 waves.

How to Maintain the Waves?

  • Keep a regular cut- keep cutting your hair between 2-5 weeks but don’t chop your hair short; keep them long enough so that your curls be maintained and get developing. Go to the salons and discuss your hair and 360 waves and ask him not to cut against the direction you are combing it. Cutting down the hair within weeks will help to get more fresh curls.
  • Moist your hair– For styling these waves, you have to keep your hair hydrated; for that, you need to drink plenty of water and need to keep your hair moisturized for locking up moisture in your hair. The du-rag helps your hair for locking up the moisture; therefore, it is recommended to wear a du-rag for styling.

So by going through these steps, you can get perfect 360 waves. You have to keep a few things in your mind, i.e., you need to do frequent brushing and need to wear a wave cap before sleeping as it protects the hair from rubbing against the pillow during the night. If you sleep without a cap, it can harm your waves, and it can vanish all your effort. You need to brush your hair at least 5 or 6 times on each side; brushing will maintain your waves and will ease out your hair. Rinse your hair with warm water while developing the 360 waves, and if you want to wash your hair, use wave shampoo and conditioner. After doing all this, you can microwave a clean towel for seconds and wrap it around your hair for minutes as it will help in softening your hair before brushing. So go for 360 waves and give yourself a handsome and splendid look.