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Shaver vs. Trimmer vs. Clipper: Which One is Better for You?

There was a time when men had to go to the salon regularly for shaving or trimming their hair. Barbers used to use razors and scissors for cutting hair. But gone are those days. These scissors and razors have now been replaced by various modern tools, like shavers, trimmers, and clippers.

Though the names are different, all these tools have more or less the same functions. All of these are now in use for shaving or cutting hairs, not only the head but also nose hairs, mustache, or hairs on your ears.

Despite having some differences, one thing that is common for all these three is that they have made people self-reliant. Now men do not need to go to the salon frequently; most people use these trimmers or shavers at home only.

Shaver vs. Trimmer vs. Clipper: Which One is Better for You?

What is Shaver?

Shaver vs. Trimmer vs. Clipper

This new addition to the list of modern gadgets has benefitted a lot of men, especially those who are so entangled in their busy work schedule that they have very little time for themselves.

These shavers will give you a clean shave, and you do not even have to use any other shaving accessories like foam, gel, or cream.


  • Clean & Close Shave
  • High Runtime
  • Aggressive
  • Eliminates Manual Razors

What is Trimmer?

Shaver vs. Trimmer vs. Clipper

We often say that we need to trim our hair. So, here is the tool which you can use for that trimming purpose. If you have an important meeting and you need a light haircut, then you can get the job done by yourself using one of these trimmers.


  • Short Style
  • Medium Runtime
  • Less Aggressive
  • Eliminates Scissors

What is a Clipper?

Shaver vs. Trimmer vs. Clipper

These are the tools for professionals. Now you will see that barbers are using these instead of comb and scissors. You can get any hairstyles using the clippers and that too within a much less time period than the traditional methods.

Apparently, it seems all these three tools are similar to each other. Although, to some extent, that is the truth, they have some differences. Let’s have a look at those points of differences.


  • Varying Lengths
  • Low Runtime
  • Aggressive
  • Eliminates Scissors & Combs


A shaver is best at giving clean shaves along with smooth skin. It can remove hair completely, but it can never cut your hair as per your preferred length and style.

A trimmer, on the other hand, cannot give you a smooth finishing, but it cuts the hairs to such length that they are barely visible, but you can still feel it., but it is perfect for short hairs. Like mustache, nose hair, hairs on the side of your ears, or even short hairs on your head.

Shaver can get very close to the hairs’ root, but that is not the case with the trimmers.

However, the function of a clipper is quite different from these two. It’s like a professional tool that you can use to get any haircut with customizable lengths, which can be achieved using the guide combs.

Length of Hair

Both shaver and trimmers are for working on small hairs.

Trimmers can help you as long as the hairs are visible, whereas shaver can reach a further deep level for giving that clean shaved look.

Clippers can work on slightly longer hairs so that it can customize the hair length and perform a particular haircut.

Level of Perfection

Shaver can give you a smooth cheek, but it cannot give you a properly shaped haircut. However, a shaver can exfoliate your skin, but that is not the case with a trimmer or a clipper.

That is the job of a trimmer and a clipper.

Trimmers and clippers can provide you a precise haircut.

Other Differences

There will always be some structural differences based on their specifications, how they are powered, how they work, etc.


Overall, it can be concluded that there is as such no major differences between a shaver, a clipper, and a trimmer, except for some minor differences in their functionality.

And from studying all three of these, it is understandable that a shaver should be your go-to instrument to look for a clean shave. But if you want a stubble on your face, then you should use trimmers. Also, trimmers can be used on any short hair on your body. So, you can keep a trimmer for removing any body hair.

However, we mostly see clippers in the salons instead of for self-use at home.

So, now you can make a choice based on the kind of haircuts and beards you want to have.