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21 Most Dynamic and Dashing Crew Cut for Men

Hair is an important part of individuals’ personality, appearance, and looks. A good hair cut enhances your looks, confidence. Many haircuts, styles are in fashion nowadays. While choosing your haircut you must know about your hair growth, color, length, face shape, etc. A crew cut is one of the famous haircuts for men.

This crew cut is also known as the classy Ivy League haircut. In this crew cut, top of the head trimmed or top length varies. The back and sides are shorter or trimmed than the top part. This short haircut is easy to maintain and make your face more mature.

Crew cut hairstyle looks cool, stylish and classic. Crew cut has many types like a classic crew cut, crew cut fade, long crew cut, short crew cut, etc.


21 Most Dynamic and Dashing Crew Cut for Men

Clean Blended Short Fade

Crew Cut

This clean blended short fade is for college and younger guys. This cut is for short but fine hair. In this cut mid or top part is cropped short but sides are not trimmed, which gives an excellent texture to hair.

This is a very low maintenance haircut, and the minimal product is needed at this length. This haircut is best for college boys or players etc. This can be styled with over-sized t-shirts, hoodies, etc.


Mid Fade Cut

Crew Cut

The mid fade cut is for curly or high volume hair. In this haircut, sides are trimmed, but middle part is properly textured. This mid fade cut is the type of crew cut. Curly hair is not easy to style, but the mid fade is suited very well.

Mid fade does not require hair products, simply wash and dry it with a towel, and you are ready to go. This haircut is preferred by working or college gong men, and it looks great.


Surgical Line

Crew Cut

The surgical line is a very stylish and unique haircut. This hairstyle is for those who love very short haircuts. In this haircut, the top part is longer than the sides. One line is perfectly drawn between mid and side parts.

This surgical cut gave you a dramatic look. Mostly actors’, models, basketball players, etc. prefer this haircut. Guys who have beard or piercings can prefer this haircut for a unique look.


Texture Scissor Haircut

Crew Cut

Texture scissor haircut is usually for short hair. This haircut is perfect for summers. This textured scissor haircut is the same as the crew cut. The sides and back are trimmed for a nice texture.

This textured haircut enhances your face shape. This haircut comes with little maintenance and hair styling products. You can add some colors to your hair which changes your overall appearance. This haircut is just magic of scissor of a stylist.


Long Crew Cut

Crew Cut

A long crew cut is for long hair. This haircut provides a funky look, so this is different from a classic crew cut. In this haircut, the top area is longer than the sides and back. If your forehead is broader than this haircut will help you.

The fringes of the top area fall on the forehead, which is very cool and stylish. Mostly rappers, models, singers, teen boys, etc. preferred this cut for showing their personalities and careers. For blonde or burgundy colored hair, this is a good option for a cool look.


American Crew Cut

Crew Cut

Men’s hairstyles look better with a beard. The American crew cut is for medium hair. Professionals only style this haircut. In this haircut, the top part is longer and back, and the sides are trimmed.

The top part is styled in an upward direction. This cut will make your face look longer. For beard guys, the American crew cut is a better option. This hairstyle is not for office going men’s.

It reflects a cool and dapper personality. For styling, hair gels and sprays are used. They consume little time, so if you are living a busy life, then this haircut is not for you.


Taper Crew Cut

Crew Cut

A taper crew cut is for men of all ages. This crew cut is for medium and thick hair. The sides are tapered in this cut and front part is longer, and then the length is decreased like a hill. The taper crew cut is simple, but stylists can add variations.

This cut needs hair sprays or products. This taper cut provides volume to your hair. It is very sleek and neat haircut which is suitable for office workers, singers, etc. If you don’t like beard, but like piercings then this cut is for you.


Spike Haircut

Crew Cut

Spike haircut is for both men and women. These spikes can be styled in many ways. In this top hair are like spikes and sides and back cut very short. Spikes are very popular in haircuts.

The length of spikes may vary according to your hair length or growth. Spike haircut is for all types of hair. This look is unique but casual.

College students, hairstylists, actors, etc. preferred this style to add some flavor in their looks. If you like tattoos, then these spikes are perfect.


Cut to the Square

Crew Cut

Crew cuts are the best for this hot season. This clean-cut shown in the picture is achieved with the help of the trimmer. The sides and most of the front hair is trimmed to have that clean look.

Trimming is suggested in this type of hairstyle as it makes the process easy and less time consuming and the result are quite fascinating and clean, which the customers are looking for. Short length hair is left on the crown area to give a mature and youthful look.

To add more style of badass and formal at the same time the front hair is trimmed into a square shape just to enhance the facial structure. This crew cut works well on everybody and gives them a new personality trait, which why this hairstyle is seen in your day to day life.


Celeb Trim

Crew Cut

The trimmings of hair are an important part of getting the most stylish and unique crew cuts of all time. The crew cut hairstyle has proved that men’s short hair can also be styled in various ways.

The hairstyles shown in the above images contain short hair but are styled uniquely. The sides are as usual trimmed of leaving the crown area with hair.

This cut has much more volume to the crown hair as the short top hair has natural curls that are left uncombed or messy to give that flawless and the gentlemen look at the same time which ladies will fall for.

Adding more fun and charming look, you can be left some messy locks front on your forehand as shown in the image


Messy Crew Cut

Crew Cut

For men with curls, you are blessed. You can capitalize on the natural volume of your hair with this crew cut. This will allow you to tame your head of hair while still showcasing your natural waves.

In a crew cut, hair is shorter across the whole head except for the front portion of the hairline. So, most of your hair will be very short. The trick that perfects this curly crew cut is the strategy that allows you to maximize your curls, while still keeping the proportions across your head shorter.

To enhance shine and your natural hair texture uses a product that is made for curlier locks.


Sleek Crew Cut

Crew Cut

This is one of the most iconic crew cut hairstyles famous for its identifiable shape and simple proportions. It is a military-inspired hairstyle. It adds more definition to your face. All the hair is tapered along with the shape of one’s head.

The hair at the front of the hairline is kept the longest. The hair is kept straight and sleek to give it a classy look. It is best for someone who has short hair but doesn’t want an ordinary hairstyle. The shorter proportions of this cut are responsible for capitalizing on the true adaptation of this haircut.


Ash Blonde Regulation Crew Cut

Crew Cut

This is a regulation cut inspired crew cut. It boosts the longish proportions of your hair. A regulation cut is traditionally known for its side-partitioning. Along with this, we keep the sides and back short, keeping long hair only at the top.

This cut is an excellent option for businessmen. They always need their hair well tamed but still don’t want short hair or want to shave all the hair in this process.

A comb is used to part the hair precisely. A stronger hair spray or hair product is required for this hairstyle to keep everything in place.


Spike Fade Crew Cut

Crew Cut

The most common way to get this hairstyle is crew cut fade. There are so many kinds of fade haircuts. And every man can style this cut the way he wants. In this hair on the top that is kept longer are styled in a spike cut manner.

Then there are high, mid, and low fades. Each of them determines where the tapering will end. You can also go for skin or bald fade. It also blends the hair gradually into the hair. This hairstyle looks very stylish yet very clean.


Crew Cut of the Past

Crew Cut

These are the crew cuts that are inspired by our ancestors or our history. This hairstyle is best for men that appreciate the military hairstyles of the past. The main difference between this hairstyle and the rest of the crew cuts is in the finish of your hair.

A high-gloss or a gel-like product is used to make an accurate nod at the top. You can experiment with longer hair up top, and style differently with the gel-based products. This captures the retro essence of the military of times gone by. A side-part is usually a feature of this hairstyle.


Ivy League Haircut

Crew Cut

You can see a little bit of everything in this hairstyle. A little bit of ivy cut, military cut, and crew cut. What makes it a crew cut is that the hair at the side and back are shorter than the top. I

t seems to be associated with a vintage collegiate style yet being a trendy hairstyle of today. It is a very easily adaptable hairstyle you can have at any time when your hair needs a haircut.

You don’t even need to cut your hair ultra short for this as it boosts a bit more volume up top. This is a great option for a hairstyle that compliments preppy aesthetic.


Curl Fades away Cut

Crew Cut

The classic undercuts are in trend, and so are crew cuts. This hairstyle is a mixture of both. The top is thicker in form of lock-ups or short curled hair and as we graduate down the back and sides are kept short at the neck in a fading pattern.

Even by keeping your hair short and not stepping out of your comfort zone you can style your lockups with different products. This hairstyle even helps you to experiment with your finishes and change your look.


Short Crew Cut with an Art Line

Crew Cut

Very short hairstyles for men can be seen as very basic and uninteresting. Spice up the things a bit with this style. All you need to do is step out of your box and search a little.

This hairstyle is the perfect option for you. This will add up that pop to your basic short crew cut. You can upgrade your short crew cut with this flattering art. A line is made at the front in your crew cut.

This minimalistic detail makes your ordinary crew cut stand out from the rest. It’s amazing how subtle detail can do so much to your look. Perfect for guys who want short hair and love experimenting with art.


Highlighted Top Crew Cut

Crew Cut

The crew cut is the most practical and easy to maintain hairstyle for men. It’s obviously due to the short length of the hair.

To make crew cuts more trendy and different from the ordinary military hairstyle, many alterations have been done in the lengths of the hair yet keeping it short and clean. In this, the hair on the back and sides are kept shorter or tapered than the hair on the top.

The hair at the top can be completely distinguished from the side hair due to differences in length and color. This is what makes this hairstyle more special than the ordinary military cuts for short hair.


The Fuller Crew Cut

Crew Cut

This is a complete modern crew cut. The latest undercut hairstyle inspires it. While modern undercuts are not entirely acceptable in the army due to the typically longer, voluminous hair. That is solved with this cut. Now they can have modern undercut along with their military cut.

If you want to go for a short haircut but love your long hair; this is for you. This hairstyle keeps your hair short and long at the same time. The wonderful thing about this fuller undercut, or crew cut is that this is very versatile. It can be adapted for different occasions.


Flat Top Haircut

Crew Cut

In this crew cut, the height up top is kept flat. This is done by cutting the hair strands upright and horizontally right across. This type of cutting lends to the ‘flat’ portion of its name.

How this hairstyle will come up depends entirely on the type of hair. For men with fuller and heavy locks, need a bit of texture. This will not make the flat top look too severe.

This cut should be adopted in a more modern way. To make this look more stylish and contemporary, you can use different textured products.


Choosing the perfect hairstyle for the season and according to your look is heard but the crew cut hairstyle is one of the best cuts which fall perfect in both the categories. All the crew cut hairstyle ideas for men given are celebrity inspire styles.

The best of crew cut hairstyle is they work best with all types of personality and face look. Besides they also enhance or facial bones like jaws and a check which gives you a more sexy and practical look.

All the hairstyles are at the pitch of trend for men nowadays. Hope we have helped you with these out of the box and generous looks. Thank you for your time.