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51 Undercut Hairstyles for an Ultimate Manly Look

Are you looking for a hairstyle to help you give off a modern and edgy vibe? If so, then you should really consider looking at some undercut hairstyles. They give off just the right look to leave you with an appearance that makes you approachable yet just a little hardcore.

Some of these cuts are super subtle and can be shown off at just the right moment. However, others are totally unmissable and will have people staring at your hairdo every time you walk by. With so many options available you can definitely find a style that suits what you’re looking for.


Attractive Undercut Hairstyles For Men

Ready to take a look at your options? You’ll find several great ones below.

Messy Blonde Hairdo

blonde undercut hairstyle for young men

A little messiness goes a long way when you want to create an edgy vibe for your undercut hairstyle.

Dyeing your hair a bright and unexpected color like blonde is also a good idea if you really want to stand out. Leaving your natural color visible underneath the dyed hair will create a contrast that makes you look highly appealing.


Dreadlocks and Beard

dreadlocks with undercut for men

You really can’t go wrong with a timeless hairstyle like dreadlocks. Here they start at the hairline and stop growing around the crown of the head.

They hang loosely over the back of the head to hide some of the shaved sections. On the sides, there’s a nice fade that then transitions into a thick, full-bodied beard.


Chopstick Man Bun

man bun with undercut

Man buns are so common that they’ve come to be a little boring. Spice things up by adding chopsticks to yours.

They hold the hair in place while also forming a unique accessory that people’s eyes will be drawn to. The long hair on top truly captures people’s attention while the rest of the head is covered in very short growth of tresses.


Long Blue Braids

mens braided hairstyle with undercut

Do you have a really unique personality? You can show this off by dyeing your hair a bright color like this blue. There’s a darker shade towards the roots but it gradually fades into a much lighter one towards the end of the braids.


Side Swept Messy Curls

guy with side swept curly hair and undercut

Side swept hairstyle gives you such an effortless appearance and makes you look like you look fabulous naturally. Having naturally curly hair with an undercut helps to achieve this look,

Push your thick curls over to one side of your head and show off the stubbly sides and back. Make sure there’s a lot of you messiness in your curls.


Neat Ginger Ringlets

mens undercut with curly red hair

If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair should develop a routine that helps define your ringlets. Then you can brush them towards your forehead while creating contrast against the extremely short sides.


Long Blonde Voluminous Look

mens undercut with long blonde hair

It’s very common to have your hair pretty long on top when you have the sides and back shaved very short like this. That makes it easy to create a lot of volume at the hairline as you sweep your blonde locks back and towards one side of your head.


Curls with Fade

undercut fade for black men

Black men with curls always look amazing when they keep their natural hair and pull it out a little so it stands tall with lots of flyaways. A super modern fade decorates the sides of the head to make the undercut hairstyle look chicer and put together.


Stylish Fluffy Look

undercut for Asian men

Men with a naturally soft and fluffy hair texture are very lucky as this creates an effortless body at the hairline. This keeps people’s eyes drawn to your hair effortlessly. The subtle thickness of the second and top is enhanced by the absence of any hair on the sides.


Textured Highlighted Undercut

undercut for men with highlights

A lot of texture and a haircut is really good to make it look incredibly dynamic. You can add further depth by getting highlights that pop as your hair sweeps over to one side of your head. The back has a really nice spiked and ruffled textured undercut that’ll make you look ruggedly handsome.


Faded Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

This is one of the most versatile styles of all the undercut hairstyles that can be needed to look different. This particular hairstyle notices that the sides are razor trimmed; the focus is made on the center, keeping a certain length of hair. With the sides, the center comes in a sharp contrasting look.

This undercut faded look has a very hot appeal and makes men look indeed sharp and sensuous. The hairstyle can go well with both formal and informal wear. This Faded undercut hairstyle can be paired with suits and jackets and blazers and be rest assured that the look that will be created will be very smart.


Snapped up Undercut Look

Undercut Hairstyles

As mentioned earlier, undercuts have a lot of variety to portray. Similarly, in this hairstyle, it is noticed that the hair length is kept in the middle part which is long, and the two sides are trimmed completely. The look created has a very clean shaved appeal and formal attire.

Also, to add that Oomph factor one can color the center part with a light brown shade that will illuminate the complexion even more. Also, another noticeable trait about this particular style is that the portion is somewhat heightened adding volume and height to the front portion.


Angled Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut Hairstyle

Men really look cool with this particular hairstyle. The angled cut gives a lot of gravity to the entire look. The front portion is in focus, and the loose locks can take a side indentation depending on individual choice.

The hairstyle has a slight boho charm and is thus inclined towards providing an informal look. Such a hairstyle will go great with vacation wear or if you are in party mode on the beach. The cool vibes of this look are indeed unparalleled. Pair the lookup with baggy t-shirts and denim shorts.


Short Spiked Faded Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

As the name suggests, this undercut style has a basic balance of its own. It is not entirely brazen at the side. The look has a very young and college boy charm.

So if you want to experience a look that will make you look really young, then this hairstyle is your best bid. For making the short spike at the center you can use stiffening hair gel. First, put the gel and thereafter use the gel and with comb create the spike and let it dry out.


Long Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

Slightly on the bolder fashion statements, these hairstyles are very trendy. The lengthy hair can be styled in a mixture of ways, but for the long-drawn undercut, on the sides, you will require to produce a drone cut.

The hair on the top is retained in a fad cut with almost 6 inches long locks that will be swept and brushed, and the sides are trimmed in undercuts.

You can search with different perspectives when it appears to keep the hair longer on top. The Long undercut hairstyle suits men who have a slightly longer facial shape. Also, to add that extra bit of style statement, the lower razor trimmed part can be given a complete shave in parallel or designer lines.


Mellow Down Undercut Hairstyle with a Beard

Undercut Hairstyle

Probably the easiest and most styled of all, this undercut hairstyle is very easy to adapt and almost suits any facial structure. So this hairstyle can be stated as one of the most versatile cuts. Also, the hairstyle is a very smart one.

The hair in the center is back brushed and has a tapered feel. The side fades are shaved keeping very less hair and the continuation is pulled down towards the beard region as well. The hairstyle has a comfortable and decent look that men will definitely fall in love with.


Fox Hawk Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

With a slight punk appeal in this hairstyle, this fashion statement is pretty bold for men. The hair is only concentrated at the center, and the sides are trimmed to bald. The hair length at the front end kept slightly on the lengthier side in comparison to the hair in the middle section.

This kind of hair is best suited to boys who are sporty and want to explore various fashion choices. The front portion resembles the Mohawk and a mixture of faux hawk hairstyles and thus, the amalgamation of both gave the name of this hairstyle.


Blonde Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

The color is the USP of this particular style. The Mohawk front portion adds both volume and height to the look, so if you are short, a hairstyle like this can really be a great pick for you.

Also, the texture that the colored, parts is that of a very clean and smooth one. This hairstyle is tidy and replete with a sophisticated charm. Men who will sport such a hairstyle will surely be assured of having a great style sense. From the side angled in one direction, there can be a great design cut that enhances the oomph factor even more.


Disconnected Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

An undercut can go with every kind of hair, be it curly or sleek or frizzy to dense. The disconnected undercut resides on a stiff difference between your hair-up head and the stripped surfaces.

As before-mentioned, it produces a strong and beautiful look that is perfect for men who are indeed fashionable. So, if you are looking for a bold look that has a new gravity of its own. The hairstyle was seen in the postmodern fictional drama and majorly on characters portraying the grim side of a fictional story.


Side Aligned Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut Hairstyle

The hairstyle has a very unique tone. It is a quick hairstyle and doesn’t require much time to do. The cut itself is a style on its own. This style can be done in a medium-length style that distinguishes the sides from the top. The hair is left long on the center part, and therefore, the side alignment is done.

On the sides, the hair is trimmed almost to a bald shave. There are numerous modifications to the undercut haircut, but that’s the fundamental concept with a long center or top part and almost no sides. More particularly, the fundamental kind is a long-drawn top and trimmed sides.


Center Focused High-Fade Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

The undercut is pretty manageable in words of hair height. There are no conditions for how lengthy or small your hair will be to make this style work; however, there are some common guidelines to get you excited.

As the title shows, high fade haircuts light up high on the center of the head. This fade is an expansion of the continued lineup that comes below with the beard line at the sides through the temples. This sort of fade haircut works well for styles that are back brushed like these pompadours.

Not only will the technique seem intelligent and smart, but the undercut will also compute an interesting and disciplined look to your appearance without the necessity for any texture. As a gift, it’ll also make your morning routine severely plain.


Sleek Hairstyle with Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

For men, a hairstyle is one of the most important changing factors. The right kind of hairstyle can make or even break the look this particular hairstyle is replete with manly charms and gives a very rugged look.

This hairstyle will suit the best men who are a bit aged. Such a hairstyle can be brushed back and gives a sassy, smart, no-nonsense kind of look that is very sensuous. Also, the hairstyle is very easy to style, so if you are looking for a good-to-go easy style that can be done in just seconds, then this can be the best bid to score on.


The Classic Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

One of the most classic haircuts for guys, this hairstyle is very smart. While the center part has a basic height at the top, the side part has long been recognized as the Gentleman’s Fashion. The style is more edgy, creative, and talented.

Now, a smart fade or undercut on the sides and back with a comb-over or side-swept look can confirm to be a great contemporary hairstyle. Experiments can be done with short faded on the sides and the appearance allows the ideal stability of a modern and classic look.


Undercut Hairstyle with Sideburns

Undercut Hairstyle

The hairstyle is replete with sensuous charm. The undercut is kept subtle, and the look has more of its attraction drawn towards the beard. The tight section makes the look brief and immensely stylish.

You can use a razor to create the parallel trimmed line along the undercut sectioned line to make the look complete. You can choose to give the desired designs you want. Also, this look has a different glamour quotient of its own and imparts a very manly look.


Trimmed Hairstyle

Undercut Hairstyle

Short or rather trimmed sides with comparatively long top hairstyles for men are the newest trend in salons and stylist centers all across the globe. One of the ideas of this fashionable short-trimmed undercut is that it has become a portion of this new hair trend.

Also, with so many various kinds of fades, be it the taper, bald, low, high, or mid, to get on the sides and rear, people can tailor their parts in any way they desire. The hairstyle suits faces that are found might look great on younger men. Even college boys can try the cool style.


Pompadour with Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

One of the several readily appreciated haircuts, the Pompadour is out there. The pompadour undercut has a pair of unique features that fix it aside from different kinds of undercuts. The haircut requires to be about skin fade round rear and tops and much more extended on the crown of the head to create that pomp.

To keep the pompadour fixated in the place, do use wax. This will enable you to manage your hair and fashion it according to your will, but still, allow us to make it look dense and have a natural texture. Men who have long like till the shoulders are highly recommended to use a light cream wax for the pompadour.


Short Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

Some men like hairstyles to be really fashionable, yet they do not want to undergo the effort that is required. For them, this easy-to-do hairstyle is just perfect. The Short undercut hairstyle is fashionable and gives a very clean look that is simple and sober.

The good looks of a man are indeed a bonus with this kind of hairstyle. So to all the men out there who wish to look very manly, this hairstyle is for them. Also, the hairstyle needs no application of hair gel or stiffening wax.


High-Faded Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

By now, it is quite evident that undercut hairstyles can easily impart a completely manly look. With this variation now, the style gets even more modified. The style has a certain kind of oomph factor that adds a considerable amount of height to the look.

Also, the best part about this particular hairstyle is that the height has a cropped up from the disconnect hairstyle so if you want a ‘disconnect undercut style’, that too is possible here. With this variation, you will always look very smart.


Sensuous Long Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

One of the most advanced ways to men’s hairstyle is the long undercut, which can be clearly differentiated from the more concise variant. This hairstyle gives an extremely sensuous look and makes men look not only very classy but taller and smarter as well.

Worn considerably by rock stars, the long undercut incorporates length on the crown area and is slightly comparable to a Mohawk, the sides of which come almost trimmed. With a rumpled style, this undercut extended hair looks excellent, primarily with the length of the crown area. This hairstyle is extremely attractive.


Side Faux Hawk Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

One of the men’s hairstyles that exuberates coolness like no other. This is one indeed versatile hairstyle that can be given a myriad of style modifications. In a special situation, if you wish, you can make slight changes to make loo different at every stage.

The look imparts height and glamour to the look and is indeed a must-try one. The hairstyle is also replete with a romantic aura that suits creative-minded men as well.


Slick Back Brushed

Undercut Hairstyle

Arguably one of the hottest and trendiest of majority undercuts, this men’s hairstyle oozes an enigmatic appeal that is sure to lure attraction from many. This kind of hairstyle has a much-disciplined vibe about it. Undergo a cut that keeps the length of the center section of the hair.

This will later be back brushed. For a refined and smooth finish, do not forget to apply hair gel. This will impart a look of great texture and a lustrous finish. This Slick back brushed undercut hairstyle suits men who have a slightly oval to elongated facial shape.


Man Braids with Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

Man braids are the ultimate style quotient that men can embrace to be trendy. Man braids are extremely fashionable and impart a very manly look. This hairstyle can stay for many days, so you do not have to put much effort to style this hairstyle up.

The man braids here also have highlights that add the extra amount of glamour quotient in style. Also, the hairstyle has razor-trimmed sides and on it, you can design patterns as well. It is indeed a very cool and trendy style. The haircut has a slightly Afro-American touch.


Long Side Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

It has a great sense of style and that too the sidelong hair falls in one place and it can take a look very charming. The face looks a lot more chiseled and also the fact that this hairstyle will make one man replete with a fashion sense.

Your personality comes out as a man who acknowledges and embraces style like anything. This hairstyle will look best with formals and make the look an enviously attractive one. If you are one man who loves to look good and be in the trends, then this is surely your best bid. The beard adds to the manliness.


Curled-up Undercut

Undercut Hairstyle

Curly hair is for men or women stands to be very romantic and replete with bohemian charm. Curly hairstyles look good on men as well. With the Undercut, the curly hairstyle variation will be portraying the charismatic appeal of the persona.

The hairstyle also comes with light highlights on the curls so that the style factor increases and also the overall look is great. The entire hairstyle along with the pointed beard makes a very smart look.


Blue Colored Hairstyle

Undercut Hairstyle

Style is indeed all about exploration. Trying something new will always give you surprising results, and this particular style is one such new thing. The blue undercut hairstyle oozes attitude and manliness and also gives a slight factor of a fun element or a coolness in the look as well.

For the hairstyle, you can choose a light note of blue color or this indigo blue. So this look will really be a vibrant one and not so formal as well. The blue undercut hairstyle is definitely a very new fashionable choice from men who love to sport newness.


Undercut hairstyles are always an interesting look to wear. You’ll have a lot of fun discovering which one of these varied looks suits you best. Don’t be afraid to change things up once in a while for the ultimate style experience.