11 Beautiful Long Hair Perm Ideas – Get The Volume You Always Wanted

We all know it, women with straight hair want curls, and those with beautiful ringlets need flat locks. It’s funny, but we are happy that now we have the proper techniques to achieve our dreams. Nowadays, you can quickly get a long hair perm without damaging your hair. The procedures evolved so much and now you don’t have to be scared that you’ll get home with burned hair ends and dull hair.

Thanks to these new procedures, women are now making their dream come true, and so can you! Here are a few ideas on how to create a long hair perm.

1. Long Loose Perm

long loose perm
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If all that you want is a slightly waved hair and more volume, a perm is a good option for you. You can flip your fringe on one side, or you can even adopt curtain bangs for a more retro look.


2. Long Tight Perms

long tight perms
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Rember Cher’s iconic hair? You can now have it without damaging your mane. You can even play with colors and keep it all black or, on the opposite, style a fabulous blonde ombre that will define any ringlet.


3. Curly Perms for Long Hair

curly perms for long hair
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Your curly style can vary so much. You can make them tight, loose and messy or even make them more modern with some waves. Also, make your hair tips straight for an outstanding effect.


4. Wavy Perm on Long Hair

wavy perm on long hair
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Style some see-throw bangs and create layers for your hair. Let it fall in cascades on your back and even make a V-shape for the mane. Make some loose curls that will give your locks more volume.


5. Body Wave Perm for Long Hair

body wave perm for long hair
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A blonde ombre will give your thick permed waves more texture and will stunningly frame your face. You can also make some smooth curls that will fabulously fall on your shoulders and chest.


6. Perm on Long Thick Hair

perm on long thick hair
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When you have long thick hair, a long perm will make each strand of hair stick out with your every movement. Make your curls tight to give them movement or adopt a relaxed look with some loose waves.


7. Perms for Long Thin Hair

perms for long thin hair
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When you have thin hair, a long perm in quite an option for you because it will help your hair get volume and texture. This way, you will have that fabulous hair you always craved for.


8. Permed Long Blonde Hair

permed long blonde hair
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We strongly advise you to make this transformation a long process. It’s not an easy thing to go from straight brown hair to a curly blonde, but it’s doable. Also, make sure you use a lot of hair treatments while doing this.


9. Long Brown Permed Hair

long brown permed hair
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When you choose to make a tight curl long perm, make sure you also adopt the proper haircut. You can choose a layered hairdo that will give the texture of your locks and will make your romantic personality stand out.


10. Spiral Perm for Long Hair

spiral perm for long hair
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Spiral perm for long hair will make you look like a princess, and everybody will admire your hair, wherever you go.  Layer your hair and accessorize this hairstyle with a big pair of earrings.


11. Beach Wave Perm for Long Hair

beach wave perm for long hair
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If you love going by the seaside and want to adopt that fabulous beach waves look, a perm for long hair can help you get that remarkable appearance. Messy, beachy but romantic at the same time, you will get the look every girl loves most.

Long permed hair not only looks romantic and elegant, but it can become your everyday style. From waves to messy looks, tight curls and ringlets, you can have it all thanks to the new permed techniques. You can also play with your favorite colors to give your locks texture and depth. Which is the look you would adopt right now?