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30 Hottest Flip Hairstyles for Women in 2024

Now, those days are gone when the girls used to style their hair only with some traditional buns or by curling. The ever-stylish look is achieved through these flip hairstyles when you give a spark to your look.

With a wide range of layers and adding those beautiful layers in a structured way to achieve a unique and engaging appeal. Flip Hairstyles are very attractive and can be worn by girls having any length of hair.

It suits short hair, looks amazing on medium hair, and is perfect for long hair. As the flips you do gives a natural beauty to the overall look, you carry.

Again, you might get confused from the range of hairstyles for choosing which hairstyle would be best for you considering the face type, your hair length, and the style and outfit you are going to wear.

It can be a burdensome task but not anymore with our delightful and eye-catching list of flip hairstyles for a stunning personality.


Stylish Flip Hairstyles

Long With Bangs

flip hairstyle with long blonde hair

This long hairstyle with bangs is a perfectly stylish example of great flip hairstyles for women. In this one, the hair is very long and straight, and there are some nice bangs on the forehead.

Some slightly longer bangs frame the face. The rest of the hair has the ends flipped up nicely.


Slightly Retro Look

flip hairstyle with layered blonde bob

This style is one of many flip hairstyles for women you’d see in the 90s and early 200s. It’s a bob with a side parting and thick side bangs, and all the ends of the hair are flipped upwards so it looks very choppy, edgy, and spikey.


Layered Flipped Up Look

older woman with flip hairstyle

There’s a lot of texture to this hair thanks to the layers. The bangs are slightly choppy as they dust the forehead, and the lengths of the hair go to the shoulders. Each layer has the ends flipped upwards to create the style.


Very Short Flipped Look

Even very short hair can have a flipped style. The thick hair at the bape of the neck is prominently flipped here, and even the rest of the layers in the short cut have a flipped look to them. Overall, it creates a very elegant and textures style.


Retro 60s Inspired Look

black woman with flip hairstyle


This flipped style emulates a 1960s vibe. There’s a large bump at the front of the hair, adding a lot of the volume, and the rest of the hair is long and straight. The ends are flipped up very high, almost like a large curl.


Simple Red Hairstyle

flip hairstyles with copper red hair


This vivid red hairstyle brings this look to life, and it’s a very simple style overall. The hair falls gently to the shoulders, then the ends are flipped upwards in a curly little style that’s perfectly uniform all the way around the head.


Perfect Grey Flipped Bob

If you’re older and have naturally grey hair, it looks fantastic with a flip haircut. The hair is all cut to a uniform length, and there are no layers in it. The ends are then flipped to create a very interesting look that people won’t be able to stop staring at.


Layered Pink and Blue

Do you like to stand out? You’ll stand out if your hair is pink and blue like the style above! It’s truly fantastic, and the top layers have flipped ends so there are three flipped sections in the hair. However, the underneath layer isn’t flipped, making the look more interesting.


Flipped High Pony

black girl with flip hairstyle


This hairstyle has a little high pony towards the front of the hair, and the rest of the hair is left straight and sleek. The majority of the hair has the flipped ends that work well with the ponytail.


Side Flip Textured Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

Side Flip Textured hairstyle helps to show the beautiful features you got with a bit of texture on your hair. Side Flip hairstyle is very easy to carry for your short to medium length hair.

You just need to flip your hair from one side with the help of your finger and let the wavy hair free to add glamour to your beauty. You can carry side flip textured hairstyle with some classy outfits and pair it with a small set of earrings.


Middle Part Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

A cute and amazing hairstyle that looks perfect for short hair. The middle part in this flip hairstyle can be styled by girls and women of any age. To get the middle part flip hairstyle, you need to have a layered cut for your short hair.

Then style them by middle parting and add short fringes on the front. Middle part hair flipped gracefully gives you a glamorous and cute look for all occasions. You can carry the hairstyle for a carefree and classy look.


Camilla Belle Flip Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

Inspired by the great American actress, producer, director and writer Camilla Belle, the flip hairstyle is just perfect for a date.

Camilla Belle Flip’s hairstyle gives you the alluring and astonishing looks that make you perfectly ready for dating. Best suited for short hair and part your hair sideways flipped.

You can carry Camilla Belle’s Flip hairstyle with your favorite neck-piece or a small piece of jewelry and wear a backless gown for an elegant look.


Slicked Back Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

The amazing hairstyle looks super cute and trendy and is inspired by Dianna Agron. Slicked back flip hairstyle is best suited for medium length hair and preferred by young girls.

If you are looking for some new hairstyle for the next event or a party with your friends, a slicked back hairstyle is the choice for you.

Add texture to your hairstyle by side parting and combing your hair in upward direction and styling in a slicked-back way to the side for this beautiful look.


Flipped Ends Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

For a gorgeous appeal, Flipped ends hairstyle is a must-try. Looks best on short hair and can be carried as a casual hairstyle.

Flipped ends hairstyle includes an angled fringe for the front hair that covers one eye, and the rest of the hair is left freely with ends flipped. Highlights make the appearance more graceful.

You can pair up flipped ends hairstyle with a cute pair of earrings and a top neck outfit as the hair would be flipped at the back.


Short Tousle Floral Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

The eye-catching hairstyle with a classy and supreme look is perfect for a bridal hairstyle or any special occasion to wear. The short tousle looks great on medium length hair.

To achieve a particular look, one side hair is flipped combing the hair in an upward direction and setting it to one direction after side part.

The hair is tousled from the ends giving amazing curls. The short side is paired with a flower accessory pinned up to enhance the look and give alluring appeal.


Layered Flipped Out Haircut

Flip Hairstyles

Layered Flipped out a haircut is a trendy hairstyle for girls with smooth and silky hair. The flipped out layers can be easily seen with straight hair having no curls or waves.

The Layer cut is done for shoulder length hair, adding a layered fringe to stay in front of the face. The ends are flipped after the layer cut that gives a charming look. You can carry layered flipped out hairstyle for any occasion or even for a daily casual look.


Medium Haircut with Bangs

Flip Hairstyles

A cute and adorable hairstyle preferred by college girls and teenage girls. After the highlighted hair with some bright color, the hair is cut in a medium length.

Medium haircut includes flip cuts for the ends and for the front fringes short bangs are cut. The bangs are flipped to one side, whereas the other side has longer hair.

The bright color gives an amazing appeal for the overall look. Bangs and flipped haircuts can be paired with a bold and classy outfit and a cute pair of earrings.


Middle Part Layered Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

Middle part flipper layers hairstyle is a unique and trendy hairstyle for medium to long length hair. The hairstyle adds volumes to your hair after middle parting and looks beautiful for silky smooth hair.

To achieve a particular look, hair is cut into long layers at the end with flipped layers. Two parts on both of the sides are cut with flipped layers till chin.

When styled by center parting, the two short layers, along with longer flipped layers, give a charming and amazing appeal.


Teeny Flip Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

If you are looking for a professional look hairstyle that also offers you an elegant and high-class look; teeny flip hairstyle is a perfect choice for you.

The stylish hairstyle includes a beautiful chic haircut for medium length hair and an angled fringe for the front hair. After the cut hair is styled with multiple flips on both sides and no parting for the back hair.

The teeny flip hairstyle is perfect for a college reunion or an office party that gives you a classy and modern appeal with a decent look.


Sharp Layered Haircut

Flip Hairstyles

Sharped Layered haircut is not only bold and sexy but also seems adorable and cute at times. Sharp layers reveal a confident personality inside you and dominate the hairstyle for your overall look.

The eye-catching hairstyle suits perfectly for women who want to keep their bold personalities alive. The fringes are also cut in the angled layers and styled on the front of the face. The medium length hair is cut in different size layers with flipped ends for a stunning look.


Bob Cut with Layers

Flip Hairstyles

Extremely stylish and pretty hairstyle for girls who love short length hair. Short length hair is trendy among girls to get a carefree hairstyle, and with the particular cut, you need not worry for your classy and glamorous look.

The unique hairstyle includes bob haircut with layers to give extra shine and beauty. The hair is side flipped from the top and combed backward for the rest of the hair.

Side Flipped hairstyle with bob, and layer cut combination looks really pretty and can be combined with a bold outfit such as a backless gown for chic style look.


Messy Short Flip Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

The key to a carefree and sweet look is to keep your hair free and when styled in a little messy way, it even enhances your looks.

To achieve a particular look, get a short layered haircut for your short to medium length hair. Flip the hair with side parting and use your fingers to flip the layers and messily style your hair.

For a classy and stylish look, you can wear a messy short flip hairstyle with a bold outfit and a small neck-piece for a perfect and charming appeal.


Twisted Waves with Bangs

Flip Hairstyles

Waves are the cute and high-class hairstyle for girls having short to medium length hair. The twists on the highlighted hair add shines to the facial features.

Keep your hair free with short flips and turns and avoid using the comb for twisted wave hairstyle.

To add a more alluring and pleasing look to the overall personality asymmetrically add fringes and the lovely bangs with the messy waves feature an adorable look that you can carry for special occasions like marriage ceremonies or beauty events.


Choppy Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

A highly preferred hairstyle for girls who love short hair, mostly teenage girls and high school girls. Hair cut short in an irregular way with different sizes of layers and the short chopped ends give a unique and stylish look.

The hair is flipped onto one side where the chopped hair covers the front face also from one side.

The short bangs on the top give a very charming and adorable appeal for the overall personality. You can carry a choppy hairstyle for short hair with some cool outfits like T-shirts or shirts.


Flipped Bun Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

For all the girls looking for something unique with flip hairstyles and do not want to keep their hair free, flipped bun hairstyle is the best choice. It is an easy style to make and even easier to maintain.

To get flipped bun hairstyle, gather all your hair flip it from half-length and tie them in a bun. It gives an amazing look for the front hair as well as an alluring look for the back bun.

You can carry flipped bun hairstyle for professional parties as well as a daily office look if you want to try something decent and elegant.


Feathered Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

Often we all want to copy the celebrity’s hairstyle, and Kim Kardashian inspires the special feathered flip hairstyle. She is rocking the floor with her long wavy and feathered cut flip hair.

The feathered flip hairstyle is a very trendy, stylish, and elegant hairstyle. The long hair cut in a feather style and then side-parted to keep the short front layers in a flipped way to the side.

You can carry the hairstyle for prom parties or special occasions like wedding ceremonies for a glamorous and astonishing appeal.


Easy Side Flip Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

Looking for an easy yet chic hairstyle for your medium to long length hair, the easy side flip hairstyle is a perfect choice for you. As you can style your hair anytime without the need for any heat or hair accessories and even comb.

You can style side flip hairstyle with just the help of your hand. To achieve the look, take a few strands from the front and move it to the side with the help of your fingers.

Again, take a few strands and move it to the side and repeat the process for the rest of the hair for a unique and classy hairstyle.


Sleek Flipped Ends Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

Another cute and adorable hairstyle for girls having shoulder-length hair. Sleek flipped ends hairstyle is a perfect hairstyle for girls and teenagers who have sleek and glossy hair.

As always, they have straight hair look, but when they want to try something new, it is hard to find. But, with the flipped ends and a side part, you can achieve the desired look.

You can pair up the sleek flipped ends hairstyle with some smart and bold outfit to outshine your inner confident personality and also get an attractive and engaging appeal.


Shaggy Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

Shaggy flipped hairstyle is a perfect choice for girls who have a high volume of hair with medium or long length. Shaggy flipped hairstyle is inspired by Farrah Fawcett, who was an amazing actress.

Shaggy flipped hairstyle is not only classy and charming, but it also shows the innocence in your personality. To achieve the particular hairstyle, asymmetrically part your hair from the top and let the voluminous hair freely bounce at the top with the flips on the sides and front.

You can carry a shaggy flipped hairstyle for college or high school events and even for office parties as it looks very decent and natural hairstyle.


Retro Hairstyle

Flip Hairstyles

1960’s hairstyles were iconic and are still memorable. With the popular culture that the past actresses followed, the retro flipped hairstyle is inspired by the past hairstyles.

Retro flipped hairstyle was usually a wedding theme hairstyle in the 1960’s, and today people follow it to remember the old era having superior styles.

Retro flipped hairstyle is a classic hairstyle where the hair is kept loose, and the ends are flipped. The hairband on the top gives a perfect retro style look with a stunning and ravishing appeal.


If you want a carefree look that is natural and elegant as well, flip hairstyles are best with texture and flips that give you the beauty you always desire.

You can easily redesign your face look with the layered flip hairstyles that would give you a pretty and alluring personality for any occasion. A flip hairstyle is easy to maintain, and you can carry them for a whole long day.

When you want a perfect chic hairstyle for a party or a classy casual style for your daily college or office look, flip hairstyles outshines a naturally beautiful look on your straight, curly or wavy hair.

So, next time you are looking for a change to your hair try out these flip hairstyles for an extra-ordinary and astonishing look.