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30 Superlative TWA Hairstyles – Teeny Weeny Afro

TWA stands for Teeny Weeny Afro. It’s the style you choose when you really have damaged hair or thin hair due to using excessive hot appliances or other effects.

This short hairstyle is for those who have really being tired long mane as they are difficult to style and maintain. These TWA hairstyles looks super cute.

With these hairstyles, you get more attention towards your face and neck which showcases your facial features quite beautifully.

It’s actually a pixie haircut with short on the side and bit of the volume on the top, the length should not exceed more than 3 inches and they can be dyed and can be styled in many other options.


30 Superlative TWA Hairstyles – Teeny Weeny Afro

Tapered Buzzed Curls

short TWA hairstyles with design

Tapered curls with hard part are one of the cute and creative TWA hairstyles. In order to style it, you just need to wash your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner and set it with coconut oil. You can even make use of a cream or gel that suits your hair.

This hairstyle with shaven sides and a long grown-out top will give you a cool look. Pair this style with cool round specs to get an edgy look.


Blonde TWA Hairstyle

blonde TWA hairstyles for women

TWA Hairstyles need not only be short. But, you can even grow out your curls a bit and add color to them. Color your hair blonde to get an amazing look. These blonde curls will perfectly frame your face and highlight your natural features.


Pretty Cinnamon Curls

black woman with TWA hair

Lighten up your curls by adding a pretty cinnamon hue as the base color. This will give you a mega attractive yet natural look. Cinnamon hair adds warmth to medium skin tones. So just go ahead with this hairstyle if you want to have that glowy sun-kissed look.


Short Natural Buzz Cut

natural TWA hairstyle with blonde hair

This hairstyle enable you to embrace your natural hair. If you’re looking for a sassy and stylish look, then this short blonde hairstyle is the perfect option. You can take this look to the next level by enhancing facial features with some makeup. Moreover, this style requires minimal effort and will make you look gorgeous.


Afro Faux Hawk

TWA hairstyle with blonde highlights

If you’re willing to go for a daring hairstyle, just go for this ombre faux hawk look. The faux hawk allows you to flaunt a greater section of your curls. Moreover, you can make the style edgy by adding blondes to the tips.

This will give you a bit bolder and sexy look. You can use hair mousse or spray to set the curls by pushing them back on the sides and up on the top.


Tapered Hairstyle With Defined Curls

natural TWA hairstyles for women

The natural tapered cut is another of TWA Hairstyles that goes well with a round-shaped face and fair to medium skin tones. This style will add volume and make your hair look fluffy. But, you will have to get regular trims to get that perfect look and keep the style fresh.


Natural Short Cut

short TWA hairstyle with grey hair

A natural short cut is quite a simple style that requires minimal styling and products. Just keep the cut short and clean, and you can literally get up and go anytime. Additionally, you can use a soft blonde hue to your curls, which will make a mark wherever you go. This style will go well with a long heart-shaped face cut with a medium skin tone.


Shaved Hairstyle

black woman with crop short TWA hair

Nothing is sexier than a woman rocking a nearly bald look. This shaved TWA Hairstyle will give you a bold and out-of-the-world look. Thus, if you’re looking for a model look that is easy to style and requires minimal effort, then this is the perfect option.


Shaved Sides With Tight Ringlets

TWA hairstyle with brown highlights

You can style these kinky curls by applying some gel and twisting the locks at night. By unlocking the hair in the morning, you can get this amazing look. It will make your hair look attractive and ooze the style. Just grow out your curls a bit before getting the undercut.


Pink Buzz Cut

pink TWA hairstyles for women

A great way to style your locks is by coloring them. You can opt for shades like blonde or pink to create a fantastic contrast. Just be careful to choose a color that goes well with your skin tone. You only need a bit of makeup with this style to accentuate your features.


Curly Fun

TWA Hairstyles

This is a very simple and basic TWA hairstyle. You just need to cut your hair short evenly and keep it just 1 inch long. Keep the curls styled to get a neat look.

This style one really solves all your issues of hair fall and bad hair days, just a bit of serum that keeps your curls styled, and you are done for the rest of the day. Making you look super stylish and ready for all the occasions.


Braid out TWA

TWA Hairstyles

This TWA is very simple DIY at home. Just wash your hair and condition them. Let them air dry, then use curl defining cream for better textured curls.

Be sure you use your fingertips to apply it, so it easily reaches your scalp. Divide them into sections and weave them in braids.

Tie it with a cotton T-shirt and leave them overnight. Open it in the morning and puff it a bit with the help of a comb. Now you can flaunt them. Use an accessory to tie and make a knot look on the side of your ear.


Soft Blonde Afro

TWA Hairstyles

This is too much of a teeny weeny, this hairstyle hardly has hair length up to 1 inch, it’s up to you if you can want you can grow your curls a little bit more and why not some buttery blonde color?

So just go for some color and prepare to be amazed by the attention these golden color curls will give you and will enhance your facial features very well.


Burgundy Mini Coils

TWA Hairstyles

A popular TWA hairstyle for black women, just tie up all your curls over your head, tying let you feel free from washing it frequently and also from hair fall.

This hairstyle gives you the easiness to carry yourself anywhere you go without even having the tension of styling your hair and even giving your hair full protection.


Neat Natural Coils

TWA Hairstyles

Though very simple, yet leaves an outstanding impact, this is the most simple and sorted TWA.

Flaunt your tight, uncolored and natural curl ringlets that take the shape of your head and thus enhancing your facial bones and other natural features.


Pixie Teeny Weeny Afro

TWA Hairstyles

This is the most popular among black women, ladies with small forehead can have some height on their crown area to make an illusion of tall face and more of styling by adding some color to highlights your curls perfectly, you can choose the color according to your skin tone.


Very Short TWA

TWA Hairstyles

This TWA is very short style with side-parting. A lot of product is required for this type of styling such as a lot of serum and curl defining cream.

To help the serum absorb into your scalp easily you can use curl sponge. It also helps in easy styling of your hair as this helps in creating twist, curls, and coils much faster as compared to your hands.


Short Crew TWA

TWA Hairstyles

These really short teeny weeny Afro looks very edgy and sporty it is definite to draw all your attention with this TWA all you need some makeup to flaunt your facial features, this style really leaves an impression.


Stretched out TWA

TWA Hairstyles

The main problem with this kinky curls is that it gets stretched out and thus the curls lose their definition and these curls can only be styled or can be maintained only when you style it in TWA.

Twist some section of hair from both the sides bringing all the hair together in the middle forming a line creating a Mohawk.


Big Curls out TWA

TWA Hairstyles

It is a nightmare to style these big curls every day, so it is advisable to use gel and then twist your hair at night and keep it like in the night.

Open it in the morning which will create a laid-back look or any other style to create a pretty look.


Clipped at Sides

TWA Hairstyles

These finger coil TWA is very easy to achieve just finger coil them at night and wrap them and unveil them in the morning and fluff them giving a fuller look.

Tthese curls can also be accessorized by the use of hair clips on the sides giving your facial features a definition and making them look attractive.


The Side Parting

TWA Hairstyles

Apply some gel on your hair and comb them down, part your hair in a side parting and use a strong hold gel to keep them in place all day long.

It is the simplest style one can carry anywhere anytime without spending much time or efforts on it.


Afro Kinky Curly

TWA Hairstyles

We completely adore this style, it’s the best when you want to keep your hair medium length, and these curls are laid-back styled and are giving summer vibes.

Require some serum to style up your curls and keep them styled throughout the day. The hair is styled in such a way that they define the shape of your head and looks like a crown.


Stretched out TWA with Side Cut

TWA Hairstyles

If edgy is your middle name then this cut is perfect for you. Just pick a razor and shave your sides. Let your curls be free and stretched thus forming a crown over your head.

It looks very sporty and very well defines your facial features. This popping lipstick adds to your look and gives you all the attraction you need.


Natural Tight Curls

TWA Hairstyles

TWA lets you flaunt your natural curls, use your natural oil or gel to set tight your curls and style them, this type of curls looks great on mid-aged ladies, and you can even add your color, very simple and very basic and yet beautiful.


Natural Mohawk

TWA Hairstyles

Black is beautiful and so does this black hairstyle. Lifting all your hair on the top and keeping short from the sides.

It seems like a pulled up ponytail and creating a Mohawk, use some good tight gel to keep all your curls on the top. You can also let some of your curls loose on your forehead for that dramatic look; it looks very neat and clean.


Puff Balls

TWA Hairstyles

These puffballs look super cute on broad hairline people. You just have to create two puff balls on the front with half of your hair and let lose the other half.

These puffballs look very cute on every woman. All you need is good holding products so that the curls remain in place either in a puff or when let down; this Mickey mouse looks great on teenagers.


Cropped Cut for Natural Hair

TWA Hairstyles

There are many options for women who want to wear their hair short, tapered Afro look sweet and chic and very stylish, this modern cut with a look of feminine and is best suited for mid-aged ladies as this style is very much hassle free.


Cornrows with Low Bun

TWA Hairstyles

These cornrows with a low bun are very easy to make and can be styled in just two minutes but give a professional look, very easy breezy look these cornrows and low bun combo gives a very stylish look.


Colored TWA

TWA Hairstyles

These finger coils natural curls are approx 2 inches long, and they are laid back and let loose and to add more spark to it you can add more color to it but be careful by choosing the color as it should suit your complexion.

These finger coils look super sexy and are quite manageable; all you need is just some gel to style them.


Try not to be obsessed with hair growth, soft and touchable short hair is better than long damaged hair, just deep condition and moisturize and flaunt your sexy hair just use some creative ideas to make them more appealing.

Be brave and bold enough to flaunt your TWA.