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35 Trendiest Shaved Hairstyles for Women in 2024

Let’s break the trend of shaved hairstyles for men, as now women can also have the shaved hairstyle. Do not be surprised that how a shaved hairstyle will look on a woman, as it is going to look absolutely stunning on every woman.

We understand that most of the women are a bit shy or afraid of trying the shaved hairstyle especially the ones where they have to get half of their head shaved or a major portion of their head shaved. But do not worry, as we have a mixed collection of shaved hairstyles.

Some of the shaved hairstyles which we have mentioned below are having just the slight shaved head, to highlight the look.

If you want to look bold and gorgeous, then do not hesitate to try one. Let’s check out the different trending shaved hairstyles for women which we have listed below.


Things You Need to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Shaved Hairstyle

woman with long shaved hairstyle

Shaved hairstyles are gorgeous, but they are high maintenance. Moreover, it’s so easy to get them wrong. That’s why it’s important that you ask yourself these questions before going for this hairstyle:

Where do I want it?

Where is the target location for your shaved part? The answer would depend on how visible you want your hairstyle t to be.

If you want to show off your shaved hairstyle, having it at the sides of your head is the best option for you. But if you want to have the option to show it off or hide it from time to time, an undercut at the back of the head would be a great idea. 

By thinking about its location, you can also determine which hairstyles you can still wear and which hairstyles you can no longer try out.

It can also determine the amount of maintenance your hair will require. The more visible it is, the more maintenance it will require. 


Do I want to keep my hair short or long?

Similarly, the length of your hair will determine how much upkeep your hair will need. The shorter the hair, the more maintenance it needs.

If you want shorter hair, you’ll have to visit the salons more frequently so you can keep it short. This would require not just more time but lots of money as well. 


Trendiest Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Now, without further ado, here are some of the best-shaved hairstyles for women:

Long Hair Shaved Hairstyle

Considered to be the best shaved hairstyle for women, this long shaved hairstyle is the perfect option for those who want to look edgy and feminine at the same time. It’s also the most versatile as there are plenty of ways on how you can style your long hair. 


Long Shaved Hairstyle with Geometric Design 

Do you want the option to hide your shaved hairstyle from time to time? This funky red ponytail shaved hairstyle is just what you’re looking for.

It’s paired with a high shave with a badass touch– the geometric tattoo. This is perfect for days when you want to show off your edgy look!


Sideswept Shaved Hairstyle

shaved hairstyle with blonde hair


A side-swept look is the best way to show off your shaved hairstyle. This hairstyle is both fun and carefree (thanks to the messy look of the side-swept hair) but polished and edgy at the same time– truly the best of both worlds!


Short Shaved Hairstyle Ponytail 

short hair ponytail with shaved side for women


Of course, the classic shaved hairstyle ponytail has made it to our list. If you love your shaved hair so much, all that you need to do is to put all of your hair at the top of your head and turn it into a high ponytail so you can show off your shaved hair in all of its glory. 


Very Short Shaved Hairstyle

If you’re one of the brave ones and you want people to see your shaved hair all the time, anytime, keep your hair short. This will require less styling but more frequent trips to the salon, but it will be all worth it!


Funky Bun with Dreadlocks 

black woman dreadlocks with shaved side


This hairstyle has become one of the most popular undercut designs that we see nowadays. Others would refer to it as a zigzag design and not the dreadlocks. But whichever way you want to call it, you can’t deny the fact that it’s one flashy design!


Bowl Cut 

Bowl cut and undercut in one look? Yes please! Since it features two popular hairstyles, a lot of things are going on with this hairstyle, but we are loving how neat and cohesive the look is. The bright pink hair color is a nice touch too!


Nape Undercut with V Shape Design

shaved hairstyle with colors for women


If you want an undercut that you can cover on certain occasions, the nape undercut is just what you need. And while you’re at it, why don’t you try out a gorgeous design like this one? The V shape design is quite sexy and the multicolor design adds a fun touch to the whole look. 


Curly Mohawk 

shaved hairstyle with curly blonde hair


Do you find mohawk to be a bit boring? Why not combine mohawk and undercut? This is what you’ll get– a gorgeous and eye-catching hairstyle. 

The best thing about this undercut is you don’t need fine and straight hair to enjoy it. In fact, the more texture your hair has, the better it will turn out!


Half Ponytail with Star Design

sleek ponytail with shaved side and design


If you wish to stand out, this is the best shaved hairstyle for women that you should try out. The half ponytail allows the beautiful undercut with a star design to shine through which will surely make your hairstyle stand out. 


Bang It with the Undercut Hairstyle

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

No matter what, bangs look extremely beautiful on anyone. Whether they are one-sided bang or bangs at the center of the head, they give a perfect feminine look. But what if you don’t want to take away your bangs and want a shaved hairstyle as well?

Here, is the look for you, which you can try and can look pretty like always. This is a combo hairstyle of bangs and the shaved hairstyle. With a twist, the undercut shaved is done into two parts leaving the above one trimmed and not fully shaved, which is adding a different look altogether.

As it is not any usual undercut, but it is done in 2 layers. Leave the roots and the undercut of brownish color tone only and get the bangs colored in butter blonde shade.


Get the Shaved Undercut Style with the French Crop Hairstyle

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

You will see a lot of celebrities getting this French crop look especially the one who is in between the age group of 35 to 50. This French crop hairstyle is looking very pretty along with the undercut that is done neatly.

Along with the undercut, a bit of trimming is also done. But that’s not all about this hairstyle, there is something that is attracting towards this hairstyle and it is the hair color.

Can you see the greyish hair color tone along with the light electric blue hair color shade? The hair color game is on the point in this hairstyle. If you are also fond of this hairstyle, try this hair color along.


Long Pixie Hairstyle with a Designed Shaved Side

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Keep your blonde game up with the mix tones of blonde and black ready for this hairstyle. This pixie look is not an everyday pixie look, but it is different because of the side shaved head.

The pixie hairstyle on a bit rough and voluminous hair is itself great. Ensure that you part your hair from the side and get the side with less hair shaved.

To make it a style statement or your own style you can get a design shaved near the ear like in this hairstyle. You can choose this shaved hair design or design of your own choice also.


Short Pixie Undercut with Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

We have got this look especially for those, who love to look carefree and funky. This is definitely not an office going look, but for a college-going girl, this is absolutely fun.

Or if you are associated with any musical band or you are in sports, then also, you can get this look. You will not have to get a lot of your hair shaved, just the undercut shaved will go well with this hairstyle.

If you have thin hair and want to keep short hairstyle try this look. Get your hair colored in the light metallic golden shade or the metallic diamond shade by keeping your roots of dark color shade.


Pixie Hairstyle with Slight Side Shaved

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Want to look professional but stylish? Then, do add this in the list of your hairstyles, as this will make you look stunning at both your work as well as in any party.

This is a slightly shaved hairstyle where you have to get your hair shaved till your ear only and that too a slight portion.

Many people may not even consider it in a shaved hairstyle because of a very small shaved portion. But your pixie look will get highlighted more if you get this done. Go for jet-black hair color, if you want this look.


Keep Your Shaved Hair Game up with Flower Shaved Head

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Why to get a simple shave when you can get the designer shaved head? We not that carrying such hairstyles needs a lot of boldness. But just trust us and go for it, we are sure that you will get a lot of compliments for it.

Like in this hairstyle, this girl has got one side shaved but in a flowery design from the front till the back. And pairing it with a high bun is stunning. So, get this new party looks if you want your hairstyle to be the next style statement.


Experiment Your Hairstyle with This Long Top Side Shaved Look

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Experimenting this hairstyle is not that easy and not everyone can get it done. If you are a model or you are going for any fun event, you can try this look. The hairdresser will help you with this style.

You will see a lot of celebrities carrying such different hairstyles for different events. We have chosen this particular hairstyle, especially for the models. Keeping all your center hair straight up with the help of hair spray and getting a crown like a look at the front.

For the hair color, choose light butter blonde like the one in the picture, and get your shaved head also of the same color, so that the style looks smooth. To make it look more attractive, get the bold eye makeup.


Style Your One Side Mohawk with a Braid

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Making this style by your own is not easy. You will need to get it done from a hairstylist. But getting this half Mohawk and half shaved look with a braid is also very bold. Just start with getting your head shaved from one side.

And do not shave them completely as it should give a trimmed look as you can see in the style. Leave the hair near the center and a bit from the side for making the braid. It is not any regular braid, but it is a French braid.

Style your other side hair tresses by turning them into a Mohawk. Now to highlight this hairstyle, get the hair colored with blonde shade, but leave the root tip black only.


Mohawk with the Shaved Designs on the Side

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Someone who is bit sporty and is not afraid of getting any kind of look would love to try this hairstyle. We know that not every girl would go crazy for this hairstyle.

But someone associated with sports or is a DJ or likes to keep a funky hairstyle will definitely try this. It is a different Mohawk as it has spikes also throughout.

But the attractive part of this hairstyle is the beautiful shaved design on the side. Try this hairstyle, if you are up for some fun.


Be Bold to Get Full Shaved

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Are you planning to get the full shaved look? We do understand that getting a full shaved look is not easy. And one needs a lot of courage to do that. But just go for it, if you want to get it done.

Stop thinking too much, and just get your head fully shaved. Sometimes, women get something written on their fully shaved head. But that has become too old school. The new fully shaved bold look is in these days, and many women are opting for it.

A bit of bold eyes makeup will highlight your feminine features and will make you look classy along with adding the boldness to your hairstyle.


Long Wavy Tresses with the Shaved Sides

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

When you have long and wavy hair locks, you already have a good hairstyle, as you can flaunt them anytime anywhere. But anyone with long wavy hair can do that, so let’s add a twist to it and keep these locks limited to center.

Get your side head shaved till the neckline but ensure that only sides should get shaved and the hair at the center from the front to the back till neckline should remain as it is, to get this style.

Another twist you can add to this style is to get you wavy long locks colored. Leaving the hair from the root till the ear of original color only or can get it colored with brownish blonde, and the rest of the tresses colored in the honey blonde shade.


Golden Blonde Buzz Hairstyle

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Love for the buzz hairstyle never goes away if you have got it once. They are easy to carry, easy to manage, and looks great on anyone. Especially, if you have a broad and long face, pixie hairstyle will suit you a lot.

You all must be thinking how come we have added the buzz hairstyle in the shaved hairstyle. So, if you will see the sides and the back of the buzz hairstyle, they are partially shaved and trimmed to get the complete buzz look.

But something that is appealing in this buzz hairstyle is the hair color. The golden blonde buzz hairstyle is looking beautiful on this celebrity Katy Perry. So, why not your girls go and try this trending hairstyle of Katy Perry.


Get Your Undercut Hide and Seek Design

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

For girls who want to get a shaved hairstyle for parties but do not want to expose it at their work or home, this is a perfect idea. Getting your hair shaved from behind will make help you keep both your hairstyles.

You can tie your above hair and can flaunt your slightly shaved undercut head. And when you have to hide it, just untie your long tresses, and there you are with your old hairstyle.

You can keep the undercut design simple like this one or can even get anything written over there. A messy high bun with this style will look great, but make sure it let you show off your undercut shaved hairstyle.


Styling Pixie Cut with Faded Shaved Hair

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

This is the best thing about the pixie cut that you need not style them in a specific manner. You can style them in any way like in this hairstyle, the center style pixie cut is making her look gorgeous.

But to highlight this pixie cut, there are two things you need to do. One is to get both the side shaved with the faded shaved hairstyle. And the other thing that will make this pixie cut hairstyle look beautiful is the golden and honey blonde shades.

Keeping the golden blonde shade at the center and coloring the side and back hair with the honey blonde color shade will differentiate the style and will give a pretty look.


Wavy Messed Up Hair with Half Side Shaved

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

To get a broader shaved hairstyle, it needs a lot of guts. But it is completely fine if you do not want to get a broader shaved hairstyle, you can try the slightly or half side shaved also like in this hairstyle.

It is looking a bit complicated but is a very easy hairstyle. As all you will need to get done is, get your hair shaved a bit from the side. We are not asking you to get your complete hair shaved from one side.

But just a bit above from the ear and leave your tangles wavy locks cover both your side. If you have voluminous hair, then this hairstyle will look great.


High Pony Style with the Bangs

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

It’s not just a combo of two hairstyles but it has three hairstyles combo. Have you ever tried any bold and funky look together? If not, then try this one, as it is a combo of both bold and funky look.

This razor cut shaved hairstyle with the leaf-like design is looking great at the sides. To achieve the bold look, keep your bangs game right with the layered bangs covering the sides of the eyes and the bangs at the center covering the forehead.

By making a high small ponytail, achieve the funky look. You will look stunning in this look, just get your eye makeup right.


Clean Shaved Side with the Tied Bun Look at the Center

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

One of the common hairstyles for every girl these days is to give the front hair a fluffy look by pinning it up a bit high at the front using a hair spray and a hair puff. But in addition, with it, the rest of the center hair are also puffed and are tied like a braid till the neckline, which is a perfect party look.

With your evening gown, you will look gorgeous in this look. But wait, the hairstyle is not just over with this look. To highlight the center hair puff, the head side is clean shaved till the neckline starting from the front. The hair color game should be done right with the jet-black hair color.


Electric Red Slight Shaved Head

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Long tresses always look beautiful, no matter how you carry them. But a bit of twist is no harm like in this hairstyle. The twist in this hairstyle is quite visible and that is the faded shaved hairstyle at one side.

Doing the side parting from the front will help. And swipe your hair to the other side. It is not a very complicated hairstyle but the hair color is making it look gorgeous. The electric red color shade tresses with a pinch of black and red color faded shaved hair, any girl can get a sexy bold look.


Blue Streaks Highlight with Undercut Hairstyle

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Undercut shaved hairstyle are not just in for the men, but they are so much in trend for the women as well. Even women can flaunt this neckline undercut hairstyle when they get the right design.

Getting shaved with the slanting crossing lines design is giving more of a rebel look. And to complete this hairstyle, we do have the electric blue color highlights as well. Get the highlights from half the length of the untied hair.

You can style them in different ways like you can make a high pony and can divide it into parts to keep it on both sides, so that your undercut design is also visible. Or you can simply make a bun, with your highlighted tresses at top.


High Bun with Low Cut Side Shaved

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Some hairstyles are very simple but when you get them, you can look very beautiful. Shaved hairstyles are meant to be bold, and this particular low side-shaved hairstyle is doing justice with the shaved hairstyles.

Slightly shaved from the side and the undercut from the neckline is perfect for any party as well as for any trip. It can go for your workplace also, as there is nothing much vibrant or funky about this hairstyle.

With a high knot bun at the head center, just rock this look. Someone with straight and thin hair can try this look.


Side Swept With a Clean Shaved Side Head

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

If you have watched the game of thrones series, then you must be knowing the one in the picture. If you are a big fan of her, then you should try this hairstyle which she keeps most of the time.

In this hairstyle, one side of the hair is shaved perfectly leaving no trimmed hair. And the other side hair tresses are swept at the side and are kept on the shoulders.

The hair color is done from the dark brown blonde to the golden blonde from root to bottom leaving the tresses at the bottom a bit wavy.


Cornrows with the Side Shaved Hair

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Among all the different hairstyles we talked about, how we can leave one of the beautiful hairstyles that are the cornrows hairstyle. With a usual long cornrow’s hairstyle made from the center hair, long cornrows look is achieved.

The cornrows are tied high giving them a pony look and are then kept at one of the shoulders. To highlight the cornrows just get the side shaved properly so that the cornrows look beautiful. You can add extensions of different colors in your cornrows to make them look prettier.


Purple Braided Hair with Emo Shave Look

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Emo shave look is a trending look but not everyone is bold enough to get it done. But after seeing this hairstyle, we are sure most of you must be thinking what a bold look it is. This shave can work in two ways, either you can make the braid with the tresses that are left.

Or you can also opt for the half-untied hair using a banana clip so that your shaved hair side gets visible.

More than the shaved hairstyle the braid is attracting people, because of the braided style and the electric purple highlights. Just go to your hairdresser today itself and get ready with this new surprising hairstyle.


Simple Faded Shaved Hairstyle with the Side-Swept Look

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Another side swept look is here for the short length hair. But this style does not have a clean side shaved head. The hairstylist has side-parted the hair by swiping the hair of one side and leaving the other side hair at the back.

The portion of the head with the less parted side needs to get shaved. But when we say shaved here, we do not mean completely shaved, but we mean faded shaved where the hair will still be visible. You can easily carry this look at any event, at your workplace and at your college too.


Undercut Hair Along with the Mushroom Cut Hairstyle

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

From a long time, no one is talking about the Mushroom Cut Hairstyle. But a lot of women in the west are getting it done and are flaunting it with different types of dresses also. But a usual mushroom cut may sound a bit boring.

That is why we have brought a mushroom cut hairstyle with a twist of the undercut. The mushroom cut moreover resembles as bowl cut hairstyle, and most men prefer to get it done. But who says that women cannot slay the mushroom cut look?

Just ask your hairdresser to give you a complete round undercut from one side to the other side including the back. You can match it up with any hair color but if you are above 40 or 50 then style it with platinum grey at the top and black undercuts or roots.


We hope you have liked our shaved hairstyles collection for the women. With the increasing trend of shaved hairstyles, we have mentioned some of the selected hairstyles here, which you can carry with your short length hair also and long length hair also.

It looks beautiful with both kinds of hairstyles. If you know any other shaved hairstyle which is trending and which you feel should be in our list of the shaved hairstyles, do let us know through the comments section.

You can also send us your pictures of the shaved hairstyles, whichever you would try from the above-mentioned shaved hairstyles.