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30 Sassy and Sultry Medium Shaggy Hairstyles

Gals looking for trendy and modern hairstyles then just have a glance at shaggy haircuts that looks so amazing and hot, in all type of styling and any length, be it medium, short or long. Shaggy Haircut gives you a bold, fearless, adventurous kind of look to stand out in the crowd and amaze everyone with your creative and unique sense of styling.

This kind of cut includes chopped up hair with so many layers to look wild and at the same time classy. It adds volume to your hair and can make your thin or just fine hair look dense. It can be done on both curly and straight hair.

To look bold and stylish, shaggy hair style is perfect. So just look at these shaggy hairstyles with medium length hair and check out which one is meant for you and just for you.


30 Sassy and Sultry Medium Shaggy Hairstyles

Camaro Chic Style

As you can see it’s for short hair, making it a trendy medium shaggy hairstyle amongst the teens. Moreover, the style is an enhanced version of the pixie cut, wherein the hair is cut short at the front and sides while keeping them a bit long at the back. The hairstyle will go well with all face cuts, especially with oval, round and square face cuts.

In short, the hairstyle is a perfect choice for those who love to party or are adventurous. Finally, you can use hair cream to add some extra shine to your hair.


Golden Brown Blunt Cut 

The style is a mix of the shag and wolf haircut. It can also be called modern mullet in Wolf style, generally suitable for long hair. Further, the golden-brown color will give a stylish look to your appearance. The style is perfect for thin, curly, as well as straight hair. The wavy look is its real charm.

Let the front bangs fall freely on your forehead, and the rest of the hair will cover your ears, giving more attention to your face. Anyone can wear it, but those with heart-shaped faces should add more layers around the chin level to visually fill it out. 

medium shaggy hairstyle with copper brown hair



Wavy Bob With Brown Hair And Pink Highlights

Pastel tones and edgy pink highlights with brown hair in a Sultry haircut give a marvelous look for any occasion and goes well with all attires. The style can go for long or short hair. Further, the brown color with pink highlights gives a fascinating look.

The style is perfect for thick hair. But if you have thin hair, you can also achieve it by having a wavy bob cut. The best part is that it doesn’t require much time to set or maintain.

medium shaggy hairstyle (3)



Holographic Neon-Peach Two-Toned Shag

The style consists of two hues, i.e., Neon and Peach. Peach does tend to look great on all skin tones. The style gives you a bold look and makes you the center of attention anywhere you go.

If you love to wear dark shades, or black is your favorite, then this hairstyle will surely add more color to your overall look. Furthermore, the holographic style gives a glossy look to your appearance, which can be made on thin as well as thick hair.

medium shaggy hairstyle with pastel pink hair



Caramel Brown Shag With Front Bangs

It’s the best way to give your thin hair some extra volume and bounce. Of course, others can also try, but it will surely make your curly hair more bouncy. The Caramel Brown hair color gives a natural look to your hair. Further, the style can be made with the wave runner.

medium shaggy hairstyle (5)



Black To Wheat Blonde Layered With Orange Ends

The Wheat Blonde with black fusion layered will give your appearance a lovely look, and the orange will enhance the style. The people with round and slim faces will be amazed by the style. It’s a game-changer style that everyone will love.

Keep your layers intact to showcase the different colors and they fall freely. Then, just use your fingertips to move hair backward, and you are done.

layered medium shaggy haircut with highlights



Middle Parted Golden Browm Ombre Shag

The shaggy hair with golden brown color will give a magnificent look to any casual appearance.  Next, middle part your hair and let the curly tresses cover your face giving it a more definite appearance.

Finally, use a hair spray to keep your hair intact. Its an easy-to-maintain style that goes well with all sorts of attire, hair type, and face cuts. Moreover, the long faces and heart-shaped people will look amazing in this haircut. 

woman with medium curly shag haircut



Parrot Colored Mullet Bob

Not everyone would want to experiment with the parrot color, but if you are up for it and have thin, short hair, then it’s the one for you. With the Mullet bob haircut, the color will shine even more. Easy to set with a wide-tooth comb or with your fingers.

funky medium shaggy hairstyle with green hair



Red Highlights With Sassy Haircut

The black color with red highlights in a sassy haircut goes with any appearance. You can easily carry it to an official or casual meeting. For those with natural black hair, it’s one of the best ways to have a chance and enjoy the color.


Classic Brown Shag

When you are transitioning from a short bob, the medium shaggy hairstyle can be the best fit, especially with fine hair. Teens, as well as adults, can wear it to anyplace they want. Keep the bouncy curls at the back, keeping the roots straights and slightly pushing the fringes backward. Further, the longer pieces elongate the face and neck, making you look statelier and more elegant. 

medium shaggy hairstyle (10)



Blonde Straight Shaggy Hair with a Matt Finish

The cool hairstyle to look every bit of professional with an excellent sense of fashion and latest trend. This hairstyle is entirely a big yes for the ones with dizzy and dull hair without the natural hair gloss.

Even the Matt finish hair can look this good with such elegance, style and beautiful shaggy hair cut. The overall cut of the hair is kept straight along with shaggy streaks and front fringes. This look is apt for college goers, students and professionals.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


The Radiance of Burgundy with Curly Shags All Over

The style is apt for wavy or curly hair. In this style, you can see the splendid balayage of burgundy and chest nut brown color with glossy texture. The hair is parted in two sections from middle to spread the curly shags perfectly and symmetrically on both shoulders.

The style is befitting for all the occasions like party, professional meetings, hangout and even night out. It can be best paired with light brown eye make-up to look flawless.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Easy Wavy Shaggy Hair Cut with Short Hair

For the ultra-modern women, the style is actually designed. The carefree hair cut with bold blonde hue and short wavy shaggy hair is presenting the hair style with a bold statement.

Those who really don’t want to bother to take care of their long hair and still want to look stylish every moment should go for this style.

The style will look best with casual clothing like a pair of denim and a cool top. The wavy shags give the hair a dense look.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Pure Off-White Twirled Shags

Less than 10 per cent population in the world are blessed with such beautiful hair hue. If you are the one, feel lucky and if not, just go for hair coloring.

To attain the actual hair look, go for the same color and feel like a princess with the beautiful medium length shaggy hairstyle.

In this hairstyle, each and every shagged hairstreak is twirled in to give the style a superb texture and fine detailing. The cut is kept uneven by keeping front hair long.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Balayage of Brown with a Cropped End Cut

The hairstyle is apt for silky, glossy and dense hair to create the exact magical effect. The perfect balayage of brown shades makes the hairstyle look outstanding and so progressive.

The hair is cut with the impact of cropped up end to compliment the shaggy streaks and light brown highlights. The shags are kept swirled and curled that makes the hair look even more voluminous.

This style is apt for parties, significant events and also for routine work and can be paired nicely with any outfit.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Sunrise Shaggy Hair with Yellow Touch

The hair is splendidly layered to bring out the best style and dauntless look. This style is apt for fine hair; the curly shaggy streaks make your fine hair look even voluminous and well textured.

The touch of yellow in the ends seems phenomenal and brings a very fresh vibration in the appearance of the style. The style is very funky, casual, cool and hence perfect for teenagers and contemporary women who dare to win the whole world.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Shags with Long Waves and Long Fringes

The hairstyle is appropriate for fine hair with silky smooth texture and glossy radiance. The blend of blonde highlights with brown colored base is very complimenting and looks absolutely gorgeous.

The haircut is layered from the front and kept straight at the back. The front fringes make the style look so girly, delicate and feminine. The bold highlighted streaks with perfect shags look so classy and trendy. To make the guys go crazy, just go for it.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Mid-Length Blonde Shag with Long Bangs and Layers

The style is absolutely a treat for all the avant-garde and futuristic personas. Gorgeous shaggy haircut with well-defined highlights and the beautifully blended color looks so classy and fearless.

The hairstyle demands for a great deal to carry it off gracefully and with utmost confidence. So all the girls who are there to bring a difference go for this style and create your own style statement. The front long bangs complete the look with a fierce glance.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Permed Shaggy Hair with Uneven Cut

The hairstyle is designed uniquely and creatively keeping the hair comparatively long at the back and short at the front. The hair is permed first and then, styled with shags to bring the unique texture and adventurous look.

The layered cut is performed on hair to enhance the look, appear denser and spread beautifully all over the head. The style is apt for youngsters and can be best paired with classy one-pieces and funky black metal jewelry.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Thin Golden Shags with the Wispy Asymmetric Layered Haircut

The ultimate diva kind of look, absolutely gorgeous and nothing less than gold are the words coming to my mind to describe the classy hairstyle.

The beautiful balayage of golden and light brown shade is stealing everyone’s heart with its fantastic appearance and the detailed thin, shaggy streaks compliments and completes the hair look to the core.

The style is apt for big occasions, marriages, award functions, etc. and can be best paired with black or any dark colored long gowns to look like a diva.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Subtle Off-White Shaggy Hair with Twirls

The medium length hairdo with perfect twirls gives a princess vibe to the model. The hairstyle is very cute looking with its gorgeous wavy twirls falling beautifully over the shoulders. The front fringes styled to make a cap look and flow beautifully on the other side.

The hairstyle is apt for silky, glossy and lustrous hair to attain the exact look. The style is perfect for a marriage ceremony, birthday parties and any social get together.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Brunette with Cropped Layer All Over

The dark chocolaty brunette color looks really sexy and makes the girl look simply seductive with her sharp cut glossy hair. The hair is cut so creatively to enhance the volume as well as give the shaggy cut different ways to bounce all over.

The hairdo is perfect for teenagers and youngsters to bring cool and casual appearance with a stylish statement. A shaggy hairstyle is always the first choice for modern youth to charm their style and look beautiful.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Pure White Followed By Dark Root Hair with Flawless Shaggy Cut

The simply amazing look with utmost sober and easy to carry hairstyle. The style is so nicely designed where hair is kept dark colored at roots and then completely go off white. The shaggy haircut is performed on layers.

Shags always bring volume when coming along with layers. The style is for one and for all. It is suitable for all age groups and can be gracefully carried off on many occasions. The style will surely leave you with the impression of a glamorous diva.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Crop Top Shaggy Hairstyle with a Blend of Caramel Chocolate Hue

This is undoubtedly a progressive look that brings a lot of confidence and modernism in itself. The gorgeous balayage of chocolate and caramel shades is simply outstanding, and the lustre of the hair makes it look even chocolaty.

The hair is cut so artistically that each shag is defined with detail and scattered all over the head beautifully. The haircut is a cropped top one where you can see more bounce on top of the head. This style is for all modern women who like to make their presence noticeable.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Platinum out Turned Layer Shaggy Hairstyle

The glossy rich hair with perfect radiance in platinum color is the ideal hair type for this kind of hairstyle. The out-turned layers appear so smooth and delicate with such soft textured and rich colored hair.

The shaggy streaks make the style look more appealing. The texture that shags bring is the reason of shags going super hit and so much in demand. The hairstyle is really bold and most suitable for younger generations; they can carry it off gracefully with ease.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Two-Toned Shags Defining the Depth

The combination of two colors darker shade at the top followed by light shade at the ends always look appealing and eye catchy. The smooth and soft hair texture adds on to the beautiful radiance and shine of the hair.

These are the crucial elements to attain such superb hairdo. The hair is cut straight with keeping wavy shaggy streaks one on one. The twirled streaks are placed in such a way that it makes the hair look so dense and creates depth in the hairstyle. The style is so elegant and sophisticated.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Shaggy Brunette Hairstyle with So Many Curls All Over

Super sexy and seductive style to carry off by gorgeous divas to make the guys go mad and crazy for them. The marvelous brunette shade with such bright, smooth and shiny texture.

The hair looks feather soft and delicate to bring the ultimate feminism and softness of the women, and at the same time, the shaggy haircut gives a dauntless and fierce look. The front fringes cover the forehead splendidly and make it a style for younger generations.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Shaggy Style with Fierce White Long Bangs and Layers

Wholly and solely, snow-white glossy and smooth hair look dam fierce and utmost bold. The haircut is making the style more dauntless.

The hair is cut into layers and front bangs are kept so long to cover the full forehead and partially cover eyes as well. The cut frames the face perfectly, and the length of the hair falling over the shoulder gives you a graceful look.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Beige Shaggy Hairstyle for Straight Hair

The yellow touch in the hair is unusual. But here, in this style, yellow touch is creating a superb impact and making the beige color more prominent eye catchy.

The hair is kept straight and simple with shaggy streaks to create a nice hairstyle. Overall, this is an easy and comfortable hairstyle to maintain and carry. Perfect for a professional woman who gets less time for styling their hair.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


Sober Brunette Shaggy Hairstyle with Multi-Layers

Layer is the cut that always gives volume to your hair and makes it so bouncy. Here, in this style you can see the effect of layers, creating such beautiful and lovely shaggy streaks all over the head flawlessly.

The style and the color are universally accepted and hence suitable for all types of faces and personalities.

Medium Shaggy Hairstyles


These are the best sorted medium length shaggy hairstyles for you gorgeous girls. Look every bit of glamorous and spread your beauty everywhere you go.

These shaggy hairstyles are so latest and look sexy in all ways. It creates a sassy and chic style statement to flaunt. So this season, go for this styling and cherish your beauty.