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12 Low Bald Fade That Will Make You Like Your Favorite Celebrity

Low bald fades are ideal for men, especially in the summer, when the heat is overwhelming.

Another good thing about this haircut is that it is pretty low maintenance and that it allows you to put the accent on your top crown area. You can combine this low bald fade with a rich quiff but also with a stylish beard.

We gathered in this article 12 ideas to style a low bald fade that will suit any man out there. Tell us in the comments which you are going to adopt.

1. Low Bald Taper Fade

No matter the hair color, style a low bald fade on sides and make a smooth transition to the top head. Here, you can style your crown into some messy relaxed spikes.


2. Low Bald Faded Comb Over

Style a low bald fade on sides and back. To recreate the first example, make a diagonal part in the center of your head, style a silver-blonde ombre, and on one of the sides, keep your hair pretty short.

For the second example, keep your crown hair long and flip it on one side.


3. Low Bald Drop Fade

Style a low bald fade for your whole head, except the top, where you will keep the hair longer. In that crown area, you can style designs, undercuts, or razor cuts and choose an electric color as a dye.


4. Low Bald Fade with Beard

A beard will astonishingly complete your bald fade trim with rich top hair. Your options are limitless because you can wear your top hair however you like: quiff, a pompadour, buzz cut.

Give your long beard a winning design that will draw everyone’s attention.


5. Low Bald Fade Quiff

Guys love quiffs because it’s a masculine hairdo that can also be transformed into an elegant hairstyle.

To make it look super modern, you can separate the low fade cut from the crown hair with a razored line.


6. Low Bald Fade with Part

Parts have a role in delimiting the low faded parts from the rich brown hair that is usually styled upwards or oriented on one side. If you want an elegant, clean hairdo, use hair gel o recreate that wet ravishing look.


7. Low Bald Fade on Afro Hair

When it comes to this marvelous hairdo, you can look stunning by trimming a low bald fade and keeping your rebel Afro American hair rich in the crown area.


8. Mohawk with Low Bald Fade

If you want to give your mohawk an outstanding appearance, create a low bald fade on sides and choose some blonde highlight to make the crown hair look fabulous. Your mohawk will have texture and will draw everyone’s attention.


9. Low Bald Fade on Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts and low bald fades make a fabulous pair! The beautiful blend between the two will recreate an iconic hairstyle that loads of Hollywood rappers love and wear!


10. Low Bald Faded Short Hair

Even if you choose to wear your crown hair short, you can gorgeously make a stunning part between the low bald fade and the top hair. Two parallel lines with different lengths and sizes will have the desired effect.


11. Low Bald Fade for Black Men

If you have a fantastic barbershop that you can visit, create a low bald fade and keep the crown hair wavy and very short. Style a gorgeously trimmed beard and add your favorite designs.


12. Low Bald Fade with Waves

Design a round cut for your beard and a buzz cut with waves for your hair. Use a low bald fade for the back and sides to make the beard and crown hair gorgeously blend.


Low bald fades are extremely popular around young men and celebrities. They look fabulous when you choose to make a gradual transition from this continuous cut to a precious crown.

Also, a beard can totally complete this look and will definitely make you look fantastic at any party!