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85 Trendiest Ways to Style Medium Hair In 2024

As we’re nearing the end of the year and stepping into an entirely new decade, there are so many things that we’re looking forward to and to make sure that we enter into this new decade in style itself, we have got you covered.

Listed below are the different hairstyles that are going to be the trends in medium hairstyles in 2024. They are all of the different varieties to suit the needs of all the women out there who have very different hair types yet are all beautiful.


Which Medium Hairstyles Will Suit My Face Shape?

Having medium-length hair gives you the best of both worlds! It allows you to experiment with many different hairstyles with minimal maintenance.

Predicting which hairstyle will best suit you depends mostly on your face shape. We’ve broken down some fool-proof hairstyles for each face shape.

Diamond-Shaped Faces

Medium Hairstyle for Diamond-Shaped Faces

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you can’t go wrong with curtain bangs. Curtain bangs can enhance your face shape. Additionally, adjusting the length of the bangs can influence which of your features are highlighted.

Longer bangs can make the face appear narrower and more diamond-shaped. On the other hand, shorter bangs will naturally contour and define the cheekbones.

Unlike a blunt-cut fringe, curtain bangs are extremely low maintenance. Because they’re already cut in a textured manner, they grow out and maintain their style. These bangs can be grown out for longer than normal bangs because they blend into the hair.


Round-Shaped Faces

Medium Hairstyles for Round-Shaped Faces

Unfortunately, unlike those with diamond-shaped faces, people with round faces may have some difficulty pulling off curtain-shaped bangs. This is because curtain bangs tend to cause the face to appear even rounder. So, what hairstyle can you pull off if you have a round face shape?

Letting the hair grow to shoulder-length will help slightly elongate the face. Furthermore, adding side-swept bangs will help get rid of some of the roundness by adding some structures and softness to your features.


Heart-Shaped Faces

Medium Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces

A long bob (also known as a lob) is the perfect fit for people with heart-shaped faces. The lob should be cut with soft layers that can be coupled with side-swept bangs. This hairstyle will bring out your cheekbones.

If you want to draw more attention to your jawline, you could also opt to part your hair down the middle. This will give your lob an early 60s vibe.

If you’re having a hard time deciding, you could always switch between the two parting styles. This can make your hair healthier because it prevents the hair from being weighed down in one area and weakening the roots.

Lobs are very easy to style and manage. This hairstyle provides you with the perfect opportunity to try a new hairstyle without sacrificing much length.


Square-Shaped Faces

Medium Hairstyles for Square-Shaped Faces

A great way for people with square-shaped faces to style their hair is in soft-tousled waves. This will soften your features. Additionally, having a middle parting will frame your face and accentuate your cheek and jawbones.

Another hairstyle that works great for this face shape is a layers coupled with bangs. The layers will ensure that your hair doesn’t look like one large bulk of hair. This hairstyle will also add some width to the face and further accentuate the cheekbones.


Oval-Shaped Faces

Medium Hairstyles for Oval-Shaped Faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, then consider yourself lucky. Having an oval face shape means you can pretty much pull off any hairstyle imaginable. A bangs, a shag, or even waves ; the world truly is your oyster. So don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with different hairdos.


Terrific Medium Hairstyles

Medium Blonde Haircut

Medium Hairstyles 2024

These style looks fabulous on short as well as medium length hair to get a straight and sleekly look. The hair has been middle-parted and let them down hanging loosely. A slight layering has been done on the hair and the hair has also been overall highlighted in a beautiful shade of blonde.

The style is ideal for straight medium length hair. This hairstyle can also be worn for many different occasions and in different styles, such as glam them up with hair accessories. Other options like curling can also be chosen if you don’t want a straight style.


Layered Cut on Mid Length Hair

Medium Hairstyles 2024

This lovely hairstyle best goes with thin or fine hair if you want to maintain this style for a lengthier duration. It might look too voluminous with thick or textured hair so best suitable for those whose hair is quite thin.

One can also go for styling options like getting a global hair color or even something as simple as getting a few highlights or streaks would be enough. A slight layering has been done on the hair that helps to really add dimension to the hair. Slight blonde brunette highlights have also been done on the hair.


Layered Hair with Chocolate Highlights

Medium Hairstyles 2024

This is one of the most flattering hairstyles for women who are looking to keep the length of their hair medium or short. The hair has been cut in a wavy and feather cut, which looks quite stunning and helps to accentuate the facial features too.

The jawline especially stands apart and this hairstyle is doing a great job of making it look good. The hair has been subtly middle-parted and it doesn’t look too obvious.

The different layers of the hair fall all around quite beautiful. The hair has also been highlighted in a lovely shade of chocolate brown and it really makes the eyes stand apart.


Bob in a Shag Cut

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Well, this is another trendy hairstyle that you can try out if you’re looking to get a hip or cooler hairstyle. Short hairstyles are the best ones for thin hair and the length of the bob has been cropped at the nape itself.

The hair is really wavy and textured and therefore, this helps to make the shaggy hairstyle much look cooler. The hair has been cut in an asymmetrical shape and the shag really stands out. The hair has been colored in a black and pepper shade thus making the black and white combo look great.


Wavy Silver Blonde Hair

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Another great hairstyle for those who want to get that perfect beach look or summer hairstyle. The hair has been overall highlighted in a beautiful shade of silver-blonde and the stark whiteness of this look simply makes it look all the more amazing.

This hairstyle is mostly based on those gorgeous locks of silver curls, and the various layers in which it has been cut help to add a significant dimension to the hair. It has also been styled in multiple loose layers that fall beautifully across the entire length.


Medium Long Layered Blonde Hair

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Well, this is quite an interesting hairstyle for those who have long hair and are looking to flaunt it. The hair length falls way below the shoulder length and has been styles and cropped in quite an effortless and relaxed manner.

The natural look of this style is what actually makes it stand apart. The hair has then been dyed in a beautiful shade of golden blonde and at different lengths, it has been cut in various layers that really help to frame the face. The various layers only help to add more beauty to the whole look combined.


Brunette Bob With Bangs

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Just the perfect look out there for all the brunettes out there who are looking to flaunt their dark and beautiful locks. The hair has been cropped in a very short bob and it can be seen that on different parts, the hair has been highlighted in beautiful shades of dark chocolate brown.

And on the front, the hair has been maintained in many short bangs, which helps to frame the face quite perfectly. Best suited hairstyle for those who have medium length or thin hair for the highlights to really stand out.


Medium Blonde Shag Haircut

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The shag trend is becoming increasingly popular, and the trend will further continue in 2024, too so you don’t need to worry about getting yourself a shag cut. The hair has been cropped above the nape of the neck itself and since it has been maintained in its natural texture itself, it looks quite amazing.

But what makes this look really stands apart would be the fact that the hair has been cut in a cool shag cut hairstyle. The upper section of the hair has been maintained in its natural black roots itself, whereas the rest of the portion of hair below the roots and towards tips have been highlighted in blonde color, giving it a soft glow.


Layered Haircut in Silver Blonde

Medium Hairstyles 2024

A gorgeous hairstyle to flaunt your short and thick hair. The style makes the hair look really voluminous and so it definitely helps to add some definition and structure to the face.

Short side-swept bangs have been cropped on the front and the lengths of the layers keep increasing as we go backward. The rest of the hair has also been cut in a short feathered cut and this really looks and helps to frame the face perfectly.


Curly Hair with Blonde and Caramel Highlights

Medium Hairstyles 2024

While straight hair is the most common and basic look that people opt for when it comes to styling, there is just something quite beautiful about how the curly locks of hair have been styled.

A curly hairstyle like this is a great choice to enhance your thick locks and it also falls in perfect sync just below the shoulders.

On the front part, the hair has been highlighted in beautiful shades of blonde highlights, while on the other part, the hair is then mixed with many caramel highlights. The curly texture of the hair also helps to add some much-needed definition to the hair.


Shag Haircut in a Bun Updo

Medium Hairstyles 2024

It is an easy hairstyle for women with short or medium length hair, and all it takes would be a quick 5 minutes or so to transform yourself into a glam look from a quite basic look.

Nothing speaks classy like gorgeous wispy layers that frame your face perfectly. The hair has been cropped in a shag style bob with wavy and choppy layers falling all across the length of the face.

A little of the hair on the upper top portion has then been neatly tied up into a cute little bun making this hairstyle even more classic and trendy.


Medium Length Bob with a Blonde Lick

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The classic blonde bob hairstyle that everyone is after these days. It’s a very minimal look and makes you look relaxed and effortless all at the same time. It also looks quite stylish enough too and that would also be the main reason why this hairstyle has become so popular in the industry.

The blonde highlights also do a fantastic job of enhancing the highlight. This helps to make a face look bigger and brighter.


Pure Blonde Hair with Middle Parted Bangs

Medium Hairstyles 2024

What a classy look now this one is. The pure blonde color of the hair simply radiates so much brightness and adds a beautiful glossy touch to the entire look.

The length of the hair elegantly touches the shoulders, and then it has been chopped in beautiful layers and waves, which simply elevate the look and make it look absolutely stunning.

And the middle-parted short bangs on the front only add to the goofiness of the face and make it look much cute. A great hairstyle for those who are looking to show off their blonde waves.


Pulled Back Hair with Middle Parted Bangs

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Another classy look that you can try out if you have long or medium length hair and look just as stunning as Selena Gomez here in this picture. The entire section of the hair has been pulled back messily and then tied up into a neat little bun.

And on the front, the hair has been decorated by framing long loose layers on in the shape of deep middle-parted bangs. They also help to make the face look much more defined and structured.


Warm Blonde Lob Cut

Medium Hairstyles 2024

A shoulder-length lob hairstyle likes this simply looks beautiful on women with thick hair as well as thin hair. The hair has been parted from the middle very neatly and styled in a perfectly wavy structure.

The fact that the hair has been just maintained as it is makes it easier to style without any fuss. The golden blonde highlights also look surreal on Margot Robbie who is famous for her golden hair.


Honey Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles 2024

This is the perfect hairstyle you can try out if you’re looking to get a tress chic look with such fine hair. It frames the collarbone area very perfectly but falls beautifully at the length of the shoulder.

Since it is very sleek and cropped at a single length itself, styling ana maintenance wouldn’t be too much of a task. A thin hair also looks its best when styled in a tousled manner like this as sported by Olivia Palermo.


Messy Hairstyle with Bangs

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Messy hair is always the key when you’re looking to create a fun and lively look with your hair. Add some long bangs to it, and it’s just the perfect dose of drama to your fun.

Messy hairstyles are also so in trend these days and are a great option you can try out if you simply want to grow out of your old hairstyles or treatments. Tie it up into a ponytail or bun to create some volume and your look is ready.


Perfect Round Bob

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Nothing is better than this style to make your face look bigger and brighter than a nice short bob. A hairstyle that has been hugely popularized by Kim Kardashian, it has been a trending hairstyle for a long time now.

Regardless of what dimension your hair is – straight, wavy, or curly, a good bob cut like this will still suit you really well. The hair has been maintained in its natural black color itself without any additional highlights.


Angled Bob with Fishtail Braids

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The golden blonde highlights on this hairstyle simply look amazing, and there is no better way to show off those golden highlights than with a lovely angled bob hairstyle like this one.

The beautiful curls look quite voluminous and luscious and on the side, a small section of the hair has been tied up in fishtail braids. It gives off a very natural look and doesn’t look too made-up. A perfect hairstyle for casual outings and fun events.


Slick Pulled Back Hair

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Bella Hadid is most definitely serving looks with this amazing recreation of a slick and pulled back hairstyle. One of the best hairstyles that are suitable for those who have really thin hair.

The pulled-back look helps to ensure that you have a very cool and edgy vibe going on about yourself. You can also simply ruffle up the hair with your fingers to give it a more authentic and natural look.


Two Sided Braided Ponytail Hair

Medium Hairstyles 2024

A cute and adorable look that can be tried out if you have long or medium length hair. The hair has been subtly middle-parted to both of the sides and then each of these sides has been beautifully braided and tied into ponytails on either side of the hair.

A festive and glam look that you can wear for parties and events and you can also sport it any basic or casual outings too. The ponytails help to create an extra lift up for your hair and make it look more fun.


Wavy Blonde Curls

Medium Hairstyles 2024

This look by Beyonce is simply golden. Well, you can also look as elegant as her here with this hairstyle since it’s quite a simple one.

Just middle part your hair to both the sides and then the rest of the hair that is hanging below, you can then style it in naturally falling waves or curls, and there you have your look ready with minimal effort too.

Make sure to use a setting spray or any other hair product if you want the style to last long.


Pure Black Bangs and Lob

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The lob hair trend looks like it’s still going to remain in trend for a much longer time, and this style by Dua Lipa, as seen in this picture, simply looks stunning.

The hair has been cropped in a lob cut with choppy layers falling all across and the full portion of the forehead has been covered beautifully by long bangs that begin from the center of the head itself. This really helps to add in some much-needed dimension and make your face look bigger.


Bob with Wavy Layers Parted to One Side

Medium Hairstyles 2024

A classy hairstyle that can be tried out by those who have really short or medium length hair. The hair has simply been cropped as a bob at the length of the nape itself and this makes it look all the more pleasing to the eye, especially with those beautiful choppy layers that fall right across the side since this style is primarily side parted.

The chocolate and caramel highlight did on the hair also make it look shining from within and it has a hint of glow towards this look.


Slick Wavy Hair

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The perfect summer or beach hairstyle that you’ve been looking for. Camila Mendes simply looks stunning in this gorgeous hairstyle.

It can be seen that her hair has been maintained at a medium length itself, and it has been side-parted very neatly to the side on the front and tucked in with a cute hair accessory.

Maintaining the hair at the shoulder length helps to keep your collarbone well defined. No additional coloring or highlighting has been done and the hair looks naturally beautiful just the way it is.


Curly Hair with a Double Bun Updo

Medium Hairstyles 2024

How cute and adorable is this hairstyle? Just simply so pleasing to the eye and yet another example that curly hair can also be styled beautifully just like straight hair itself.

So for those girls out there with short or medium length curly hair, this is one such trendy and amazing hairstyle that you can try out.

It can look great on any occasion and goes well with almost all outfits too. The hair has also been tied up into 2 cute little buns on the top.


Pink Wavy Hair

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Well, the pink hair color seems to be taking over the fashion industry these days since it is becoming quite a trend. And it looks this hairstyle trend is here to stay too so hopefully we can see more variations of this trend in the next year too.

The length of the hair is kept at a medium length itself and then it has been beautifully painted in shades of pink. The short and cute forehead fringes really uplift the look of the face.


Blonde Hair in an Angled Cut

Medium Hairstyles 2024

This is yet another simple braids hairstyle. The basic and normal hairstyle which has been cut in a deep angled U-cut has been made to look cooler by the simple addition of thin and loosely tied up braids on the front itself and which go all towards down on the side.

It has then been gently tucked in with the rest of the hair and the rest of the hair has simply been maintained just as it is. The deep angled cut really frames the face with longer layers on the front and short layers on the back.


Wavy Golden Blonde Hair

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Rita Ora simply looks stunning in this beautiful hairstyle. We can safely assume that the hairstyle that has been inspired by the classic and evergreen look of the beauty queen Marilyn Monroe.

The hair has been maintained at a medium length itself and it looks like much precision and care has been taken in making this hairstyle look natural and perfectly beautiful.

The stunning waves look surreal as they fall beautifully in layers framing all parts of the face, which is one notable feature of this amazing hairstyle.


One Sided High Ponytail Updo

Medium Hairstyles 2024

This ponytail style here is a little different from the usual hairstyles, and it has been worn to the side along with really curly locks of hair. Quite literally, a sky-high weave ponytail style that is ruling curly hair trends these days.

With style like this, you can also wear it up or down depending on your choice and is a perfect look for any events.


Trendy Balayage with Dark Roots

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The shoulder-length hairstyle exploits waves’ union in the hair shaft and balayage technique for smoothly transforming the hair into a gorgeous finish.

The hairstyle looks more natural, even though it is artificially colored, and the credit is attributed to the unique highlights with balayage coloring.

Throughout the hair, there is a gradual shifting of the brown shade. The transition is more visually prominent at the hair’s midshaft, where dark roots get switched into light brown shades.

The further hair length shows the changeover in various light shades swept over the hair and convert the hair into a sun-kissed or spotlighted tone.


Wavy Mid-Length Bob

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The classy bob haircuts always add a convincing lively look. Having a twist of waves in the hair length creates bouncy magic in the hair. The hair ends are not concluded with a straight look but are slightly bent or flipped outwards.

The flawless waves are made modern with the introduction of differences in shades. The inner layers have a dark shade, and the outer, few layers are made to focus on a contrasting light color.

The hair’s airy texture is more noticeable, especially at the front sides, where few hairs are cut short to flow freely. This unique hair color blending sets a different look in the crowd.


Faded Hair with Blunt Bangs

Medium Hairstyles 2024

When you can’t determine whether your skin tone is warm or grey, selecting a neutral shade to define your hair is worth iconic. Variations in the grey shade are tried on this hair, creating an ombre effect of dark base and light tips and shafts.

But what’s interesting and makes this style different from the ombre technique is that the dark base is not so much darker. And are just added to form fades.

The overall effect of the hair remains lighter, enclosing the wavy texture of the hair. One can’t go without praising the bangs that fall over the hairline till above the eyebrow and flatters the overall face.


Medium Angled Layers with Ash Blonde Highlights

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The extra sweet medium hair length style is purposefully made slightly longer at the bottom to complete the subtle layers. Only the mid-zone hair of the head is kept dark, from where all the hair is allowed to fall to all four sides without forming any separate partitions.

Bangs are longer and are arranged perfectly without allowing the forehead skin to be visible. The bent waves at the hair length and the sleek, straight hair at the roots are interesting two in one combination in a single hairstyle. The color shades are an absolute snowy effect creating details in the overall hairstyle.


Medium Shag Haircut

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The messy layers treat the hair with a feeling of shaggy appearance. A lot of freedom to the hair allows it to move seamlessly with every airflow. The chops, effortless waves, and color used keeps the hair on trend and add a volume look to the fine hair.

However, the hairstyle creates an illusion of volume but will never make your hair bulky. You’ll feel like you’re wearing feathers on your head. So, the locks are much lighter, to enjoy your whole day without any stress.


Beach Waved Hair with Smooth Ends

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Beach Waves on a medium length hair look really sassy. The waves will love to fall on your shoulders. With alternating light and dark brown shade, these soft waves create a true depth and tricky nature to your hair.

Changing shades is the life of the waves. It’s an absolute super dynamic hairstyle that suits every face shape since it mostly focuses on keeping the hair length at the backside.

You can achieve more layers if the hair is thick. Blow-dry the hair to separate each wave and allow it to be free on its own to show their individualistic turn.


Mid-Parted Medium Length Hair with Layers

Medium Hairstyles 2024

No matter your hair type or texture, layering the hair helps to achieve a fuller effect. Here the layers are made to show itself, with the middle partition of the hair. The layers at the front sides truly enclose the face.

The lowlights and highlights with shadowed light shades transform the hair with a modern look. If you don’t want to hair ends to be sharp, you can choose for a softer finish while keeping the same hairstyle.


Sleek A-Line Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The hairstyle keeps the hair length shorter at the back and gradually gets longer while moving towards the front side. By trying this style, it will boast a sharp angle view from the back, sides, and front.

The elongating effect makes anyone’s head turn around wherever you go. Balayage or ombre technique suits this style well. To create a fuller look, you may need to tease the hair.

The side parting allows the hair to be distributed uniformly, without making any side pressed with uneven hair. Use a hair spray to elevate sleekness, which will turn your hair healthier in look.


Blonde Highlighted Bottom Waved Style

Medium Hairstyles 2024

If you have dark-toned hair, the perfect blonde highlights can shape it into a darker version without losing the authenticity. The style has kept more focus on to add a lighter shade towards the tip of the hair, simultaneously; these hair are also waved with large twisted waves.

A few hair strands from the top portion have also been collected to shade light to spice up the hairstyle. By doing so, it forms a gorgeous color contrast in the hair. The tousled hair waves have an unparalleled chic in the look.


Flowy Mid-Length Cut

Medium Hairstyles 2024

There is no such hairstyle as simple as this—an easy to replicate style but still emits out perfect positive vibes. The hairstyle follows a one turn twist, which has been achieved by a single, long curl.

This wave in the hair occurs from the chin end area. Those who love to keep their hair down can gain a smooth, effortless style by trying this. The style allows the natural brown color to shine. A light makeup pair suits this style much.


Bright Hair with Flipped Out Ends

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The hairstyle holds the layers at the bottom where you would observe the ends to be curved out, creating a unique, sophisticated layer at the hair tips. You can maintain these bottom curls with a curling iron regularly to keep the style on.

The style has been made smarter by trying the deeper layers to be in a dark tone, and the outer, unfettered hair is coated with a light honey shade. The final styled hair looks deeper in volume and bright too.


Side Swept Bangs for Mid Length Hair

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The right style and color choice polish the natural black hair. The hairstyle just made the dark hair to highlight on its own. Besides that, very few hair strands are shaded with a dark brown color to enhance the sleekness.

The bangs are cut long and are swept to one side. These bangs are then slightly curved towards the other hair. Paying attention to the proper positioning of bangs and maintaining the hair without any frizz formation completes the look with an adorable touch.


Inverted Bob in Caramel Tone

Medium Hairstyles 2024

When you have thick hair and wanting to dip the hair with a caramel tone, an inverted bob is the best combination to try for. You can truly shine your hair with smooth and sleekness.

The side sections are sharply angled with the outer short hair strands overlapping with the comparatively long inner hair. Then the long inner hair is made to fall into the front side to rest on the shoulder.

The style with the help of hair adds a perfect fullness to the head. The caramel shade warms up any complexion.


Side Parted hair on Textured Curls

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The dark roots and curly highlights are the main parts that make up this style. You can curl this medium length hair easily since it doesn’t have much hair length to consume your time.

The curls seem more relaxed, but the hidden tousle in the waves covers the hair with a new texture. It’s a trendy summer style whose light and dark color combo shines with the sun’s rays. You can choose the light shade for the hair tips as per your eye color.


Medium Length Blonde Hair Style

Medium Hairstyles 2024

This middle-parted hairstyle with smoothness may become your favorite style on your list to try. The hairstyle transforms your hair into a neat, polished style. The hair looks stacked (fuller in front), sharp, and more controllable.

The coloring keeps a focus on the healthy strands. To elevate the coolness in your look, try tucking one side hair behind your ears and allow the other side hair to frame the face with a shadow. The light highlights do add much attention to the eyes as well as the whole face.


Carefree Messy Style on Natural Shade

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The hairstyle involves waves and a messy appearance. The classiness is maintained by handling and caring for the hair through hands rather than combing it.

You can easily manage these effortless messy waves once you have it—the super flattering hair rocks with the natural dark tone of the hair.

When the hair is parted from the middle, the short layers styles the hair well by arranging itself to the sides. The waves and layers are a short cut way to create the illusion of thickness in hair strands.


Turning Layers with Flip Bangs

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The hairstyle is best when the layers are accomplished perfectly with precise cutting. The ends of each layer are made softer and are flipped to form a curvature shape. The layers truly define a round face where it forms a step-like feature in each level of hair.

Another secret of this hairstyle is to keep the bangs. If parted from the side, the hair looks more arranged. The hair length allows you to keep the hair back or front as per your wish. The curly texture at the bottom of the hair draws more attention.


Loose Waves for Oval Face

Medium Hairstyles 2024

If you have got a big forehead, ask the stylist to make this style for you. The sharp, edgy, and straight bangs conceal the foreheads and flatter with the chic look. The hairstyle can be easily styled up.

Beyond that, a disorganized hair texture is key to attain the hair texture of this style. The uneven layers, blended with even bangs, give an asymmetric twist. The loose, moving hair adds playful fun to the hair.

The long waves are volume-boosting and drape over the shoulders well. The hair is also light and eliminates the weighed down feeling.


Dramatic Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles 2024

This hairstyle is more situations based rather than wearing for a casual day. You can create a great theme by combining the sleekness, platinum coloring, and straightened hair in a single platform using this medium length hairstyle.

The partition of the hair also matters in this style. It’s not a normal mid parted hair. But, it exhibits a z shaped hair partition that indeed adds a great twist to the style.

The style can be paired with dark make up and outfits for night outs. The hairstyle subtly makes your face shape to look slimmer and longer. The style works great if you have naturally thick hair.


Ultra Fine Black Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles 2024

There are several ways to form a unique look, but this one stands out separately. When you want to present yourself on a grand occasion or function, considering this hairstyle is a great deal. The hairstyle combines a dual style.

The half portion is cut short, typically above the shoulder line, whereas the other half is made to cut long that flows through the shoulder. You can enjoy the fun of having short, as well as mid-length hair.

The short hair is tucked at the ears, which is a great idea to show the style and draw focus to the face. The long hair portion freely moves with the air to add a new dimension of framing the face.


Thick Hair with a Headband

Medium Hairstyles 2024

When you want full attention to every aspect of your face, combing your hair away from hair is the best option of all time.  The headbands are a great accessory that you can match accordingly with your outfits and, at the same time, keeps your hair well positioned in the head.

For thick hair, a thick velvet headband pair well. Due to such a thick headband, the hair, though being polished backward looks beautiful, without creating the feeling of a pressed hair or a large ugly forehead. The hair shaft is also turned with a single wave, and the hair tips end with a flip.


Twisted Ponytail with a Mid-Length Hair

Medium Hairstyles 2024

If you want your medium hair to be styled without opting for keeping it open, then this style is the best choice for you. The whole mid-length hair is collected at the back to form a low ponytail.

You can also leave some hair strands at the front side and allow it to flow freely on either side of your face. The hair shaft forming the tail is curved and twisted in one direction into a smooth style. These hair are also colored with a light shade while keeping the base roots dark.


Fine Hair Ponytail with Flowing Strands

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Having thin hair is not a fault. Instead, you have many options to hide the flaws of thin hair to make it look more attractive. One such technique is keeping it cut to medium length.

Here, the celebrity had tied the hair at the back and formed a ponytail at the nape area. The ponytail has not formed by combing the hair backward, but it had done by firstly parting the hair from the middle and then joining the hair at the back.

From the front area, a few tendrils are taken out to distribute the hair into each side. Few are made to be tucked behind the ear, whereas others are playing freely with movements. It’s a style that you can try on any occasion.


Ponytail with Wavy Tendrils

Medium Hairstyles 2024

Dark hair is full of energy and spirit, which you can easily enhance by combining it with an effective style. When you have dark hair, you don’t require much hair color blends to maximize the hair beauty.

The collection of hair by leaving a number of hairs in front adds a unique touch, which contrasts with a normal ponytail. The front hair is then combed well and then made to curl and form waves that bounce in front of the face.

Not only are the tendrils curved to form ponytails, but also the ponytail. The finished look is much sleeker and smooth without any frizz.


Coily Medium Hair with Curly Bangs

Medium Hairstyles 2024

The hairstyle is a perfect display of artwork where each angle truly pops out the natural coily hair. You can call it a messier or arranged hairstyle, but it’s still a mystery hairstyle.

The curly hair strands form the bangs and individually arranges itself to embellish the hairlines and forehead. You don’t need a crown to wear if you such a bush like hair to form the lifting at the top of the head sweetly. Pair the hair color with an outfit that truly matches it for a well-themed occasion.


Medium Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Medium Blonde Curly Hairstyle

If you have a medium blonde hair, then choosing this particular hairstyle can be ideal for you. The haircut in the hairstyle is up-to the shoulder and the entire waves of the hair give a prominent look to your hair.

Eventually, the curly and wavy look creates a smart and absolutely bold look to the girl with medium hair. The mellow finishes of the hair adds a charm to the personality.


Side Parted Medium Blonde Straight Hairstyle

Side Parted Medium Blonde Straight Hairstyle

This blonde hair colors is the ultimate standout features but this specific cut is also extremely beautiful and attractive at the same time. This angled and side parted straight hairstyle is absolutely ideal for the girls with medium hair.

The side parted hair is actually styled along with the capacious bang and creates an amazing look. Basically, the straight and layered hair always adds a smartness and bold look to the personality as well.


Center Parted Blonde Hair with Curls

Center Parted Blonde Hair with Curls

The Center Parted Blonde Hair with Curls is always perfect for the girls with medium and blonde hair. If you want a gorgeous and messy look at the same time, you can easily try out this one.

The above part of the hairdo is straight and the below part is absolutely wavy. The golden waves of the hair give an excellent and bold look to your personality. The haircut is up-to the shoulder.


Pastel Blonde Medium Wavy Bob

Pastel Blonde Medium Wavy Bob

The pastel shade is always an in-thing in the glamour world. Girls, who have a medium blonde hair, can easily try this Pastel Blonde Medium Wavy Bob. The haircut is up-to the neck and the best part is its ends.

The pastel shade gives the bold and beautiful look to your personality. This unambiguous style of the hair is actually loved by the lots of girls out there.


Side Swept Dark Red Medium Straight Hair

Side Swept Dark Red Medium Straight Hair

People with the medium and blonde hair can easily try out this hairdo. When you are opting for the hairstyle that can do wonders for your face shape, this one is the ideal.

The absolute straight hair up to the shoulder assists to shape the face by lengthening it properly. The even sharp hair ends provide an amazing, bold and sharp look to the face. It is suitable for every face shape.


Medium Straight Blonde Hair with Blunt Bangs

Medium Straight Blonde Hair with Blunt Bangs

Are you opting for a gorgeous but little unique hairstyle? Well, then choosing this Medium Straight Blonde Hair with Blunt Bangs can assist you in standing loud amongst the crowd as well.

The girls with medium blonde hair can try this one to enhance their boldness amongst people. The straight hairdo along with front golden bangs provides a beautiful look to your face. And it is suitable to every face.


Medium Wavy Burgundy Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Medium Wavy Burgundy Hair with Side Swept Bangs

When it comes to do experiments with your thin, medium hair, do not get afraid to do so. And amongst a number of hairstyles, this one is very popular. It adds a great texture to your hair.

Basically, the finest way to flatter your face is to go for the perfect hairstyle. This haircut is up to the shoulder and the wavy ends of the hairdo create it absolutely amazing and give a smart look to your personality.


Highlighted Side Parted Medium Hair with Curls

Highlighted Side Parted Medium Hair with Curls

The curl ends off the hair is always the best thing. People who have the medium blonde hair can go for this specific hairstyle. The combination of black and golden shades of the hair actually creates a smart and charming look as well.

Basically, light layer and smooth curls of the hair is the prime feature of the hairdo. This is absolutely perfect for the round face. Girls always love this specific hairstyle.


Medium Straight Red Bob

Medium Straight Red Bob

A shoulder length blonde hairdo with a smooth and soft curl at the end of the hair never goes outdated. Basically, people who have the blonde hair actually love to try this Medium Straight Red Bob hairstyle to stand out loud amongst the crowd.

The key feature of this particular hairstyle is its blonde red shade, which enhances the charm of your personality. The hairstyle is absolutely easy to carry and maintain as well.


Dark Brunette Medium Straight Choppy Hair

Dark Brunette Medium Straight Choppy Hair

In recent times, a huge section of girls are there that opt for the unique and charming look and what can be better than the perfect hairstyle. Brunette hair has been always excellent and trendy amongst other hairstyles.

Girls with medium hair can actually try out this one. The straight and choppy hair provides an innovative and absolute bold look to the personality. This perfect hairdo actually upgrades the flatter cut of the hair.


Medium Wavy Blonde Shag Hair with Layered Bangs

Medium Wavy Blonde Shag Hair with Layered Bangs

If you have a thin hair and opting for an excellent and bold look, then choosing this Medium Wavy Blonde Shag Hair with Layered Bangs can actually assists you in looking absolutely great.

The entire curly and blonde hair creates a smart and charming look. The specific hair is cut up to the extent of shoulder. Its facade can actually generate your look more unique in the crowd. It is loved by lots off girls.


Brunette Medium Curly Updo Hairstyle

Brunette Medium Curly Updo Hairstyle

Do you have a curly brunette hair? Then, this particular hairstyle is absolutely perfect for girls with medium hair. The hairdo is suitable to the girls with thin hair as well. The end curl of the hairstyle is the key feature.

The sparkling color of the hair enhances the charm of the personality. The length of the hairstyle is up to the shoulder and the little curl creates a soft and smooth messy look as well.


Medium Blonde Straight Hair with Layers

Medium Blonde Straight Hair with Layers

A straight hair is something that always provides an excellent as well as charming look to your personality. If you have a medium plus blonde hair, then choosing this specific style can be ideal for your personality.

Girls with thin hair always opt for the finest hairstyle and layer is something that always provides a charming look. The edgy layer of the hair enhances the ultimate beauty. This haircut is up to the shoulder.


Medium Wavy Blonde Hair with Side Bangs

Medium Wavy Blonde Hair with Side Bangs

Are you confused to make a perfect hairdo for any occasion? Then, choosing some ideal hairstyle can give you a perfect look. If you have a thin hair, then trying the wavy side bangs provide you a classy and elegant look as well.

This unambiguous statement cut actually offers the universally flattering shape along with the wonderful wash-and-wear quality. The blonde side bangs creates an absolute charming and attractive look to your personality.


Middle Parted Medium Straight Black Bob

Middle Parted Medium Straight Black Bob

This specific hair cut is not slashed into; this is an amazing work of art, the beautiful shape that cascade flawlessly along with the couple of layers around your face at its most excellent for the broad or round face.

What is more, try to chips away at any of the face and best for fine, straight as well as shiny. This Middle Parted Medium Straight Black Bob is quite best for those who have the medium blonde hair.


Side Swept Medium Brunette Hair with Waves

Side Swept Medium Brunette Hair with Waves

Girls with blonde and thin hair always look for the perfect hairstyle like Side Swept Medium Brunette Hair with Waves.

This specific collarbone sweeping cut along with the minor piece of layering cut upright into the finished works for each and everybody, and supplements of all face shapes as you must know that which hairstyle suits for your face.

This side swept bangs or wavy ends provide a bright and beautiful look to your face.


Medium Blonde Updo with Side Swept Bangs

Medium Blonde Updo with Side Swept Bangs

Bangs are one of the amazing styles that go with ample of hairstyles. A medium length plays quite well along with each and every hair composition as a girl has some heavy hairs.

Experiencing the side swept bangs on medium blonde hair actually adds a very classy and charming look. The side layers make the hairdo absolutely perfect and elegant at the same time. This specific hairstyle is very easy to mange and suitable for every hair type.


Dark to Light Medium Wavy Hair with Waves

Dark to Light Medium Wavy Hair with Waves

These kinds of shoulder length hairstyles are absolutely perfect for the casual as well as formal routines. This hair style is quite ideal if you have the hair in back and the side layers or waves enhance the personality as well.

It is incontestably the perfect hair cut for the ladies with off necks or medium blonde hair as it is amazing and easy to follow. The end curl increases the charm of the look.


Blonde Wavy Medium Hairstyle

Blonde Wavy Medium Hairstyle

Are you opting for some unique and elegant hairstyle to experience in occasion or festival? Then, try out the Blonde Wavy Medium Hairstyle. Girls with thin blonde hair must try this one, which actually adds more beauty to your look and personality as well.

Try to style the hairdo along with the center separating and loose waves from the center of the hair and the two shaded hair dye adds some more shine and low in the hairstyle.


Side Swept Blonde Medium Bob

Side Swept Blonde Medium Bob

If you have the beautiful medium hair, then the short wave at the end should have been perfect. The length of the hair is up to the neck in this specific hairstyle. In case, if you are looking for the chic low-support style then this particular bob hair style is ideal.

This hairstyle will definitely keep you looking stylish and fashionable constantly and amazingly. The side swept of the hairdo is the prime feature and it creates elegance as well.


Middle Parted Brunette Wavy Hair

Middle Parted Brunette Wavy Hair

A huge number of people are there who love to keep some messy look and that is why they try different hairstyle ideas. And in recent times, the wavy hair actually creates some uneven and messy look at the same time.

Basically, the middle parted brunette hair provides the smart and bold look as well. The soft, silky and uneven look adds a charm and beauty to the personality. Girls with round face can easily use this.


Medium Blonde Straight Half up Hairstyle

Medium Blonde Straight Half up Hairstyle

This is a trendy and at the same time smart hairstyle for women with short and blonde hair. Basically, the hair is up to the shoulder and the mellow and thin hair creates a little messy and uneven look.

This medium hairdo provides an absolute amazing and attractive look as well. The crown area looks little puffy and also bold as well. The hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous for the people with oval shape face.


Medium Wavy Blonde Hairstyle

Medium Wavy Blonde Hairstyle

The medium length hairstyle, which is up to the neck, can give you a different personality, if you can easily stylize in a different way. Amongst all other hairstyles, this specific Medium Wavy Blonde Hairstyle creates a beautiful and charming look as well.

The uneven, messy and some jagged layers of the hairstyle is the key feature. The wavy blonde highlights the entire hairstyle. It provides you a bold and very smart look as well.


Side Swept Medium Curly Blonde Bob

Side Swept Medium Curly Blonde Bob

The different kind of texture and highlighted side bob offers the amazing and very unique look to you. If you have the medium thin and blonde hair, then choosing this Side Swept Medium Curly Blonde Bob hairstyle will be absolutely great.

The haircut is up to the neck and golden blonde and mellow curl in both of the side actually provides a very interesting and magical look as well.


Medium Wavy Blonde Hair with Layered Bangs

Medium Wavy Blonde Hair with Layered Bangs

The Medium Wavy Blonde Hair with Layered Bangs is one of the amazing and gorgeous hairstyle. This is a vibrant and very stylish hairdo for those women who always want to look pretty and young at the same time.

Since, the color choices is a part of fun, so using the blonde brown color on the hair will provide you the charming and very interesting look. The front layered bangs make your look more bold and elegant as well.


Medium Blonde Straight Layered Hair

Medium Blonde Straight Layered Hair

Are you looking for some creative and very interesting hairstyle? Then, choosing the Medium Blonde Straight Layered Hair can give you a beautiful personality. The straight layer is the prime highlight of the entire hairdo.

The straight cut touches your chin and provides you a very captivating look as well. The soft and side layers enhance the beauty of the hair. Trying this specific hairstyle can easily add glamour to your personality.


Dark Blonde Medium Wavy Hair

Dark Blonde Medium Wavy Hair

A bit off curl or even wave always make your hairdo special. If you have a thin and soft blonde hair, then trying this Dark Blonde Medium Wavy Hair can be ideal for you.

The haircut is up to the shoulder and the dark blonde waves provide a beauty to your face. The soft and smooth curls and waves add some beautiful texture and volume to your hair. It also creates a bold and smart look as well.


Side Swept Golden Wavy Hair

Side Swept Golden Wavy Hair

Are you opting for a fun and unique hairstyle? Then Side Swept Golden Wavy Hair can give you a beautiful and attractive look as well. The mellow curls always provide the utmost beauty to your personality.


Medium Wavy Formal Hairstyle

Medium Wavy Formal Hairstyle

This haircut is up to the shoulder. The medium black hairdo is absolutely sparkling and gorgeous and also enhances the beauty of yours. The soft and silky hairstyle provides a smart and bold look.


Medium Wavy Balayage Bob

Medium Wavy Balayage Bob

An attractive Balayage Bob always provides you the finest appeal to your personality. The wavy red bob is up to the shoulder and it always creates a beautiful and smart look. It creates a unique style, which is both formal and cool as well.


These are the trendiest and best hairstyles that we have curated for all the ladies out there so make sure you go through the article and stay ahead in style than anyone else. Your hair is your best accessory so it’s also the best one you can use to enhance your looks and make you beautiful.