30 Mesmerizing Wavy Bob Hairstyles That’ll Knock You Off Your Feet

A wavy bob is a modern hairstyle that is easy to reproduce and will make you look sophisticated in just a few easy steps. When you choose a wavy bob, remember that oval, round and heart-shaped faces are ideal for this hairdo.

Also, your hair density counts when getting a wavy bob, and you’ll be ready to seize the day with this fabulous hairdo if you pick the right wave style!

1. Wavy Bob with Bangs

Wavy Bob with Bangs
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Pastel and electric colors give any bob hairstyle s incredible touch. You can split your hair into two sections and dye them in yellow and pink, or you can choose an orange dye and style a yellow ombre for your bangs.


2. Layered Wavy Bob

Layered Wavy Bob
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When you have curly hair, a layered bob hairstyle with bangs will gorgeously frame your face. Choose a black shade or an almond ombre to make your lock look stunning.


3. Short Wavy Bob

Short Wavy Bob
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Make your bob look stunning with a purple shade and a blue mauve highlight for the bangs. Use a conical iron to create loose waves.


4. Wavy Medium Bob

Wavy Medium Bob
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If you adore bright and unconventional colors for your hair, try a bright electric pink shade or create a pale burgundy ombre. Keep your hair longer than your chin line and make loose waves.


5. Long Wavy Bob

Long Wavy Bob
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Keep your hair in a long bob that reaches your shoulders and dye it in a stunning champagne blonde. Create a middle part and build relaxed waves.


6. Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

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An asymmetrical that is short on one side and has long bangs on the other will give you a beautiful face frame. You can create blonde highlights or style an outstanding ombre.


7. Wavy Bob Weave

Wavy Bob Weave
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When you don’t want to damage your hair with bleach, you can always opt for a weave that you can dye in your favorite color. Try a bright red or a cappuccino ombre and build waves for your bangs and hair tips.


8. Sew In Wavy Bob

Sew In Wavy Bob
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Whenever you want your hair to look thicker, and with more texture, you can opt for sewin hair extensions that you can apply on your protective braids. Create a side part for your bangs and style waves for your hair tips.


9. Angled Bob for Wavy Hair

Angled Bob for Wavy Hair
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An angled bob for wavy hair is built by many layers that give your hair a lot of volume. Toss your fringe on one side and tousle your waves a little to obtain a messy fresh look.


10. Wavy Bob for Black Hair

Wavy Bob for Black Hair
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If you have thick black hair, a short bob haircut will show off its fabulous texture, and your hair will obtain the volume you crave. Create a middle part for your bangs or toss them on one side.


11. Blunt Wavy Bob

Blunt Wavy Bob
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A blunt bob has a straight cut for your tips and makes your wavy hair look well defined and highly textured. You can choose to get curtain bangs, or long bangs flipped on one side.


12. Bob for Thick Wavy Hair

Bob for Thick Wavy Hair
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Thick wavy hair can look even more stunning if you choose a pale pink dye or a cooper auburn shade. Create curtain bangs that will fabulously frame your face.

13. Thin Wavy Bob

Thin Wavy Bob
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When you have thin hair, you need to give your locks more volume and texture, and you can obtain that with a blonde ash color and wavy hair. Create a middle part and let your bangs frame your face.


14. Blonde Wavy Bob

Blonde Wavy Bob
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A blonde platinum color will look fabulous on you if you also style bob and waves. You can choose to make them wide, for a relaxed look or tight, to obtain more volume.


15. Side Part Wavy Bob

Side Part Wavy Bob
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Create a long bob hairstyle and choose a blonde ombre or a stunning pastel mauve color to dye your hair. Create a side part for your bangs and weave your hair for a fresh modern look.


16. Middle Part Wavy Bob

Middle Part Wavy Bob
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Choose a bob haircut and a blonde ombre to dye your hair. Create a middle part and slightly weave your hair for a smooth glamorous look.


17. Wavy Stacked Bob

Wavy Stacked Bob
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A stacked bob gives your hair loads of volume in the back. If you want texture, you can dye your hair red and style blur highlights that you can weave.


18.Wavy Inverted Bob

Wavy Inverted Bob
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AN inverted bob is shorter in the back and longer in front. Frame your face with long bangs tossed on one side or with a middle-parted fringe.


19. A-Line Bob with Wavy Hair

A Line Bob with Wavy Hair
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An A-line bob looks brilliant if you weave your hair and choose a unique color. You can make a red ombre or choose a pink pastel color that will look so glamorous.


20. Wavy Pixie Bob

Wavy Pixie Bob
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If you want to look like a celebrity, choose a pixie bob haircut and style waves for some of your locks. To make your transformation noticeable, you can opt for an electric purple shade.


21. Messy Wavy Bob

Messy Wavy Bob
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A messy wavy bob is ideal for women that want a relaxed look that is quite low maintenance. If you have naturally curly or waved hair, you’ll only need to comb your mane before you go out.


22. Choppy Wavy Bob

Choppy Wavy Bob
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Choppy wavy hair gives texture and volume for your locks. For a fabulous frame, cut your bangs short, covering only half of your forehead.


23. Wavy Bob Braid

Wavy Bob Braid
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Braids are ideal for you if you crave for a sophisticated romantic look. If you have pale skin and blue eyes, a unicorn ombre with pink, mauve, and blue, pale hues will make you look marvelous.


24. Wavy Bob for Round Face

Wavy Bob for Round Face
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When it comes to framing your round face and making it look slimmer, black is always the color you need. Also, you can choose a bright yellow color for your top hair and bangs, and you’ll get an exquisite look.


25. Wavy Ombre Bob

Wavy Ombre Bob
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Ombres are ideal for wavy bob hairstyles because they give your locks texture. Short bangs are suitable for framing, and you’ll have a stunning hairdo that will give you a rebellious vibe.

26. Wavy Bob for Wedding

Wavy Bob for Wedding
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These bob hairstyles with wavy hair reek of sophistication and class and should totally become your first choice for any wedding, whether you are a guest or the bride.


27. Retro Wavy Bob

Retro Wavy Bob
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If you love retro looks, bob hairstyles are here to help you get a fabulous look. Style big curls and weave your bags on your forehead. Fix this stunning hairdo with loads of hair spray.


28. Very Short Wavy Bob

Very Short Wavy Bob
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Even if you choose a very short bob, you’ll always be able to style some beautiful waves. You can keep your bangs very short and make some purple highlights that will stunningly blend with the blonde base color.


29. Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

Wavy Bob with Side Bangs
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You can opt for an inverted bob hairstyle or a stacked bob, and if you want to soften your facial features, you can choose to get bangs that you can flip on one side.


30. Chin Length Wavy Bob

Chin Length Wavy Bob
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Style a short bob that reaches your chin level and flips your bangs on one side. This wavy hairstyle is also ideal for women who wear glasses.


Wavy bob hairstyles are current top picks for women who want a glamorous modern look. This hairdo is ideal for all kinds of events and extremely suitable for office days. You can style braids and fabulous ombres or highlight to give your hair high definition.