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90 of The Hottest Hairstyles for Women in 2024

With different moods and styles. It’s said that the small things in life make up a bright and happy day or evening, that’s just what we are for. Making your small wishes our biggest goals. Find a wide array of hairstyles to choose from for all age categories.


Hottest Hairstyles for Women

Blonde Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle

How does one manage to look alluring and sexy in this kind of out-of-bed look? You’re sure to catch that someone’s special attention. Can be worn side swept or parted, suited best for wavy hair. The highlights enhance the textures created for a” hug me now look”.

Blonde Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle


Braided Hairstyle for 2017

Demure, shy, modest just a few attributes that define you and this look. An unassuming look perfect for your first date, first conference meeting, first interview ….a success for the many firsts. The up-swept braided look also brings out the contrasting hues of your hair lights.

Braided Hairstyle for 2017


Center Parted Medium Length Grey Hair

Sometimes straight otherwise wavy, hair which just falls down in waves. This look works for an unplanned evening. It’s the silver lining for any occasion. The two tones from dark grey to silver give a look of aura and mystery.

Center Parted Medium Length Grey Hair


Chunky Balayage Bob

Feeling low on self-esteem? This style is the one for you. This style oozes self-confidence and gives you a high on life feeling .The light plays at the right angles to maximize the coloring effect and the jagged cropped look. Perfect for the sunshine season as it gives a sun kissed look. Have straight hair and wanna look sassy – this is the one for you.

Chunky Balayage Bob


Cute Bob with Bangs

Bored with straight hair? Looking for a change with the regular layered look? Here are all the answers you’re looking for. This works wonders; wear it with a side parting to give more volume and freshness. Office meeting, parties, social do’s – wear it anywhere with flair.

Cute Bob with Bangs


Edgy Bob

A style made for every kind of face. Design is just not restricted to clothes or furniture; it’s a part of your every being. Design your mane to give you that edge over the rest. Tailor it to suit your persona and to give you that customized fit. Voila we’re ready to walk down that ramp with gusto.

edgy bob


Jennifer Lopez’s Middle Parted Blonde Hair

Celebrity hairstyles, celebrity looks – Impossible –NO achievable – YES. The shades and the subtle nuances of this style makes your hair fall in soft waves framing your face and making it look slimmer, longer.

Jennifer Lopez's Middle Parted Blonde Hair


Long A Line Bob

Sculpt your look – for hair neither too short, neither too long. A look that cannot go wrong. The layering effect gives it a bulbous feel on the top then tapers down to frame your face . It’s the chic look for perpendicular straight hair style styled in an ‘A’line bob.

Long A Line Bob


Long Blonde Lob

A versatile hairdo which can be experimented with various hair colors highlights and streaks. Gives a voluptuous voluminous look. Brush it down for a lob that just falls like waves, softly lashing at the edges. In a life so packed with a innumerable chores it’s a perfect low maintenance look.

Long Blonde Lob


Long Hairstyle with Bangs

A mid length hairstyle with a difference .Bangs to cover that broad forehead .It gives you a transition from a womanly to a girlie look Flirt with bangs and let it fall straight down . Single and ready to mingle ? Go ahead! This look gives you and your locks an easy to approach flirty look.

Long Hairstyle with Bangs


Long Hairstyle with Tiger Eye Shade

OH! The tresses….the variables in the colors and the highlights from honey brown to auburn, the silky mix of golden and brown stripes results in an exotic look. You’ll surely make heads turn while you stride like a tigress in your own jungle.

Long Hairstyle with Tiger Eye Shade


Long Undone Ponytail

How monotonous can a regular ponytail get? We have just the solution to free you from the humdrum of your typical ponytail. The long undone ponytail is one of the easiest low-ponytail hairstyles for long hair. Secure it in place either with a lock of your hair twisted to serve as a rubber band or tie it with an elastic hair tie.

Long Undone Ponytail


Medium Bronde Hair

Many of the world’s most beautiful woman have medium blond hair as a part of their personal image .The clean lines of this cut are perfect for air drying. The highlights and textures are a myriad of colors and tones all coming together to make a more beautiful you.

Medium Bronde Hair


Medium Length Hairstyles for Fine Hair

This feminine look is very appealing if properly handled, gives a truly effortless gorgeous look. The styling makes the hair look thicker with medium length hair giving you a cool look. The layering starts from the crown to give it more volume, making fine hair appear thick and malleable.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Fine Hair


Medium Straight Hair

Medium length hairstyles are the universal ones. This gives a choppy look which suits any face type and is seemingly versatile. It can be styled in various ways and can be easily pulled off with elan and oomph .A sure shot success for anyone and everyone. It’s sure to win an award in the people’s choice category.

Medium Straight Hair


Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40

“40”- is four perfect tens. We’re more confident, more mature and definitely more fabulous. So bring it on! Let’s raise a toast to this classy, stylish bob which oozes womanliness in its prime. Perfect for the corporate look, when you’ve reached that stature in life, when impressing someone becomes inconsequential. Wear it with a smile to clinch that path-breaking deal.

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40


Short Layered Hair

It’s in vogue, it’s chic, and it’s sweet. The layers enhance the texture and volume of your cropped locks. Youthful and timeless. Keep it slicked back or askew. A perfect blend of messy and sleek. Striving to make a statement? Opt for this bold hairdo with panache.

Short Layered Hair


Side Swept Curly Hairstyle

Looks great on medium length or long hair. The highlights are magnified and elevated to make the gradation more eye catching .Your Goldilocks mane is a statement for all who stress with their curly tresses. The intensity of the highlights enriches the appearance and ups the quotient level.

Side Swept Curly Hairstyle


Waterfall Braid

Braiding your hair in a cascading waterfall braid is a simple and romantic style. Accessorize your braid with a tiara or flowers to give it a magical and ethereal look. Lovely for a bride or bridesmaid with a touch of purity in the outlook.

Waterfall Braid


Wavy Bob for Thick Hair

Thick hair is simply luxurious in the styling options that it offers. The inner layering gives a voluminous look and falls softly at the ends giving a feminine yet bold look. Now you’re all set to conquer the world. Style it and put your best foot forward for victorious results.

Wavy Bob for Thick Hair


Hottest Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

Are a woman of substance who is always on the lookout for new trends and needs to know which haircuts are hot right this days?

Don’t worry you are at the perfect place. Changing haircut is very usual nowadays where women have known the importance of changing their look to meet the changing needs of the fashion styles. Check out here we have the best possible options that can make a lasting impression. So just give your hair a new life by giving all new styles.


Alyssa Campanella Long Straight Hairstyle

This brilliant brunette hairstyle is blow-waved impeccably to include the body and lift at the crown while smoothing down the front. The finishes are twisted out for additional style. This hairdo is extraordinary to supplement an oval face and is anything but difficult to oversee.


Amy Brenneman Long Curly Hairstyle

This lustrous brilliant tresses are forgotten to fall over the shoulders flaunting the hairs’ regular wavy surface. This attractive ‘do is anything but difficult to re-make at home with the correct devices and is ideal for any event.


Ashley Graham Medium Wavy Bob Hairstyle

This brunette mane is scrunch-dried to include surface and unobtrusive development through the mid-lengths and finishes. The developed out blasts are styled to the side to mellow the face and finishes the general look greatly.


Aylin Mujica Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Loose waves are dressed through the sides and back of these blonde locks to give the general style unpretentious development and skip. This easygoing style is anything but difficult to make.


Bethany Mota Long Curly Hairstyle

Ravishing huge curls are created all through the mid-lengths to closures of these tresses giving this style a lot of bob and development. This ‘do is anything but difficult to re-make with the correct instruments and needs item to tame take off hair.


Bianca Lawson Long Wavy Hairstyle

Substantial twists are made through the lengths and closures of these pure black locks to give the hairdo development and ricochet. This ‘do is anything but difficult to re-make at home with the correct devices and requirements an item to tame take off hair.


Britney Spears Long Straight Hairstyle

Long and delectable is the ideal thought for this hairdo. These highlighted locks are blow-dried straight to accomplish a hot yet straightforward look and feel. The layers on top are smoothed down to outline the face and finishes the general look brilliantly.


Brooke Burke Casual Straight Updo Hairstyle

This beautiful ‘do is pulled back and stuck set up to make a cheeky up-do that will blow some people’s minds at any event. The staggering hairdo is anything but difficult to make.


Cara Delevingne Medium Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Delicate waves are added to the sides and back of this style to give it development and shape. This easygoing ‘do is anything but difficult to re-make with the correct devices and requirements item to tame take off hair.


Constance Zimmer Short Straight Bob Hairstyle

This coffee brown bob is blow-rectified flawlessly to smooth down the top while the closures stay stick straight for an awesome wrap up. The limit blasts are exhausted to outline the eyes and finish the general look splendidly.


Dina Meyer Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Delicate twists are added to these copper locks to give this easygoing haircut ricochet and development. The top is separated in favor of the part and with the body and volume around the face, this ‘do is awesome to outline a disappointed look.


Hailey Clauson Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Layers are reduced and sides of this blonde ‘do making it simple to hold the waves dressed through the mid-lengths to closes. The front is flipped over to the side to mellow the face and finishes the general look splendidly.


Hari Nef Medium Wavy Bob Hairstyle

This brunette mane is scrunch-dried and waved to append texture and like snake the grass movement at the hand of the mid-lengths and ends. The knock the bottom out of bangs are styled to the head to saw in one mind the eyes and meticulous the over-all regard magnificently.


Jane Lynch Short Straight Shag Hairstyle

The uphold and sides of this hairdo is tapered directed toward the see and front with jagged go back on one word layers at the hand of the overtake styled from one end to the other indirectly for a farce and an arm and a leg feel. The bangs are swept to the particle to play down the contact and completes the over-all ‘do brilliantly.


Jess Weixler Casual Straight Updo Hairstyle

These copper locks are pulled subsidize, bowed and pinned to the strengthen of the front while the better has been backcombed and smoothed high for a large finish. This fancy up style is best suited to complement a square face.


Julie Benz Casual Straight Updo Hairstyle

This casual hairstyle is pony tailed and secured at the nape to create a fun and sexy look. This is a trendy hairstyle that can be re-created at home and is great for any occasion. Products are needed for hold and shine.


Kara Del Toro Long Wavy Hairstyle

Carried waves are dressed through the ends of these sun-kissed locks to give the overall style subtle movement and bounce. This casual style is easy to re-create at home with the right tools and needs a little product to tame fly-away hair.


Katherine Kelly Lang Long Straight Hairstyle

This style is blunt cut and blow-waved perfectly to smooth down the top for a sexy look and feel. The long bangs are parted in the center to complete the over-all hairstyle brilliantly. Product is needed to tame fly-away hair and add shine.


Kether Donohue Long Wavy Hairstyle

This funky locks are left out to fall over the shoulders showing off the hairs’ natural curly texture. This sexy ‘do is easy to re-create at home with the right tools and is perfect for any occasion.


latest hairstyles for women


Laura Carmichael Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

This bob is blow-dried to smooth down the top while turning the ends slightly out for a fabulous finish. The grown out bangs are worn down to frame the sides of the face and complete the overall look brilliantly.


Matilda Lutz Casual Straight Updo Hairstyle

This coffee brown locks are braided and pinned around the head to create this Greek-inspired up-do. This ‘do is best suited to frame a round or oval face for any occasion.


Melissa Ordway Long Straight Hairstyle

This blonde locks are blow-waved perfectly to add body and lift at the crown while smoothing down the lengths and ends. Round-brushing gives this ‘do a soft and sleek finish with a slight curl in the ends.


Naomi Watts Medium Wavy Bob Hairstyle

This dusty mane is blow-dried and scrunched to add bulk to the roots interval the glut of the rest has been waved for hue and bounce. The grown mistaken bangs are pinned aside to painstaking the over-all notice magnificently.


Natalie Halcro Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

This devoted jet black locks are left untrue to planet the shoulders and figure the face. Ideal for an rounded or egg shaped face has a part in, this noble hairstyle will start heads at complete occasion.


Natalie Portman Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

This conceive bob is blow-dried to smooth sweeping the top at the same time turning the ends partially inaccurate for a breathtaking finish. The grown out bangs are worn perfect to envision the sides of the see and heart and soul in to the everywhere look brilliantly.


Nicole Scherzinger Formal Straight Updo Hairstyle

This gorgeous locks are swept up directed toward a fruit tart to get ahead this low-fuss as a conclusion stylish updo. The crowning point at the didst the sly makes this crew cut best efficient to compact a everywhere or spherical face.


Nina Agdal Long Wavy Hairstyle

Tousled waves are dressed over the ends of these sun-kissed locks to devote the around style artful movement and bounce. This blithe style is trivial to re-create.


Patricia Arquette Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

Here is a masterpiece pageboy plumb lead that brings bodily of the bring to a meet to the face. This ‘do is epitome for as a crow flies, first-class hair. This is a like stealing candy from a baby style that doesn’t have also many steps so it’ll be ethereal and rapid to do at home.


Piper Perabo Long Wavy Hairstyle

Loose waves are dressed on the sides and am a source of strength of these lovely locks to address the over-all style like snake the grass movement and bounce. This easygoing style is ethereal to re-create at home by the whole of the discipline tools and needs a close to the ground product to control fly-away hair. Regular trims is inadequate to discourage split ends.



There are so many women who want Bob but with long length, way below jaw. In this situation, Shaggy Bob would be the nice choice to select for their style. but, the secret to the shaggy long bob is in the choppy ends. The women who’ve long face contours shaggy Bob is the proper choice to help this cut. As its finger-curled gives appropriate look. And its ads body to the sides of your face, making it wavy appear to be wider than it truly is.


Ashlee Simpson looks better than ever with her smooth bob. it is a beautiful short haircut for ladies with any facial shape and it is a mainly amazing style for long faces. The long, sleek side swept bangs create extent around her forehead and cheeks. All around, it is a really extremely good style. It’s fashionable but fairly easy to keep.


Women who don’t mind carrying a bold hairstyle would really like to get undercut for their blond short hair. This haircut suits a lot to woman with oval and round face shape.


This is a actually fashionable haircut which needs a few hair care. if you are prepared for each day styling, then get ready to look simply stunning. Ask your stylist for an asymmetrical bob with long and wispy bangs.


Emma Watson wearing totally cool style. Choppy layers provide this pixie cut some volume. You can try this cut and get yourself a complete new look.



This gorgeous faux hawk hairstyle for women who have short hair is simply stunning style to glam.

This is one of the coolest black hairstyle for short hair with inside parted look. Create your hairstyle more amazing with the smokey eye and red lips for extra glamour.


This brilliant layered hair features gentle textures and looks younger and feminine.The delicate chin-length short hairstyle contours the oval face shape in a flattering way. Diverse layers provides the hair an impressive shape.


Jenna Elfman wore her adorable layered razor cut do with a bit of volume and sexy side-swept bangs which appeared very gorgeous.


This is a causal but luscious short hairstyle, with the hair ends flown outwards. the warm hair tone also mild the face. it may be a fab choice for the formal and casual occasions.


This is a lovely example of short blonde wavy bob hairstyle. You can try this style and glam your look.


The splendid and modern day short hairstyle features a lot volume at the crown. the edges of the short hair are cut shorter while leaving the center part longer and blended into longer layers. The neat bangs are thinned with a razor-tool for some softness. The daisy short straight hairstyle is extremely good for girls who are searching for a cool hairstyle with attitude.


The superlative short hairstyle has face-contouring layers which create the fullness extent and height to the smashing hairstyle. The splendid chin-length hairstyle features divine layers throughout the back up to the crown which create a lot volume. wonderful eye-caching dark shade on the hair ends add dimension to the extraordinary polished short hairstyle.


This extraordinarily short shaggy cut demonstrates a high-quality tough texture during the edges and finely chopped asymmetric bangs for a young shiny sporty appearance.


This short hairstyle is featured by long side swept bangs that have a clear curved line and lots of layers. The hair ends with blunted slim slices gives a textured look. The amazing hairstyle gives informal splendor and simplicity to women. except, the hairstyle can flatter many face shapes.


Your hair is going to need to be really thick and straight to pull this heavy bang layered cut, but if you can, don’t put it off.



This wind blown pixie is very cool and easy to gain hairstyle. Try it for your next look.


You can make sure that this stacked bob will look brilliant as long as it is done right. make sure that your stacked bob isn’t the same as all the other stacked bobs that different women have by ensuring that you’ll be including side bangs too.


Karlie Kloss’ looking stunning in this fun and flirty locks with this short wavy ‘do and side swept bangs.


Even if your hair is straight, try and take it to the next level with curly styles. short curly hairstyles are cuter and more eye-catching. They maintain the favored feminine prettiness and break down any harshness on boyish cuts.


Shaggy bobs are all the rage this days! To make this modern classic bob haircut, try choppy ends with slight variety in length. This layers will help you create a lot of texture when you’re styling your hair.


Silky and lustrous is the main feature of the cool short hairstyle. The manes are blow-waved easy showing off the layers cut round the sides and front adding shape and fashion. The gorgeous angled pixie and with tons of shine seems fascinating and modern. The red highlight provides more wow elements to the black hairstyle. The razor-ed neat bangs are exquisite for formal and informal occasions.



This short brown hairstyle is very beautiful. It has very heavy bangs, so if you suit hair full around your face it should look good on you.




If you are not afraid of change, pick a mild color for your locks. The lighter your hair is, the more voluminous it’s going to look. that will make your short hairstyle even more ideal.



This fabulous short hair with fringe is the ultimate inspiration for you to make a splendid style for yourself.



This cut needs a futuristic feel! If there’s nothing normal about you, show it to others! A side-swept long fringe creates a incredible comparison to the wavy top and faded sides add a zest!


This cut is exceptionally cool and cute. It isn’t always terrific sophisticated so it is extremely good for any event. The dainty fishtail braid adds a touch of boho elegant to the look.




The back of the easy short hairstyle with bangs is tapered into the neck, and make casual layers till the top and facets. accordingly it can beautify the face shape and gives extra softness and tender to the complete hairstyle with shaved side section. The side element makes the whole hairstyle even and exposes the forehead charmingly.