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Wispy Bangs: 18 Stunning Styles & Looks to Try

Wispy bangs are thicker at the base and feathered at the tips, and they also have that mesmerizing see-throw effect. The regular wispy bangs go just near your eyebrows, but you can quickly adapt them to your face shape.

They are ideal for women with round faces, and if cut with length on the edges, they can stunningly frame any face, diminishing any prominent jawline or cheekbone.

In this article, we present you 18 best wispy bangs hairstyles that you can use to your advantage. You will be able to adapt them to any haircut and wear them with pride.

1. Long Wispy Bangs

You can design your wispy bangs from the center of your head and spread them on your forehead, slightly covering your eyebrows. Cut them in a straight line and wear your hair long, on your shoulders and chest.


2. Wispy Bangs for Short Hair

Wispy bangs are also ideal for short hair. Pair them with any dark hair color, and you will get a beautiful frame for your face. You can also style some smooth curls to give some dimension to the lower part of your hairstyle.


3. Medium Haircut with Wispy Bangs

A choppy bob or an A-line bob and create a messy, fabulous look. Let your wispy bangs cover your eyebrows an make them longer in the temple area to achieve the right frame.


4. Wispy Side Bangs

Wispy side bangs add more dimension to round faces and fabulously work with medium and long hair. You can choose a long bob that reaches your shoulders or an extended cut with smooth curls.


5. Thin Wispy Bangs

When you have thin hair, these wispy bangs will create the illusion you wanted! Your fringe will have more dimension because of the thickness of the roots, and they will spread on your forehead, creating a full effect. Style some waves to give the rest of your hair volume.


6. Wispy Bangs for Round Face

When you have a round face, wispy bangs are precisely the thing you need! They will create a stunning see throw effect and will help you diminish those prominent cheekbones. If you start them from your forehead, you will create a long face illusion.


7. Wispy Bangs for Oval Face

Those who have oval faces are the luckiest, and any type of wispy bangs will look pitch-perfect! Create layers or style a straight cut with waves; both will look incredible with wispy bangs!


8. Korean Wispy Bangs

Give your hair texture with a stunning silver-gray shade or even a perfect black color. Cut your wispy bangs long, covering half of your eyes and create a middle part. Waves and tousle your hair, and you will get an outstanding rebel look!


9. Bob With Wispy Bangs

Bobs are ideal when it comes to framing and creating miracles when it comes to framing, and so are wispy bangs. Mix them, and you’ll be able to obtain a fabulous hairdo that will enhance your eyes.


10. Wispy Bangs with Glasses

If you want a long hair with wispy bangs, don’t let your glasses get in your way. You can adapt the length of your fringe and make them shorter than usual so that they won’t get between your eyes and glasses.


11. Layered Wispy Bangs

Choose a medium layered haircut to give your thin hair dimension and combine it with some wispy bangs, spread on your forehead. Keep the fringe slightly longer on sides to make it beautifully blend.


12. Wispy Bangs for Black Hair

Looking for a stunning, elegant hairdo? A short bob that will beautifully mix with your wispy bangs and will draw all the attention on your eyes. This hairstyle is ideal for women who love wearing glamorous make-up.


13. Wispy Bangs for Curly Hair

Whether you have straight or curly hair, wispy bangs are perfect if you want to create the illusion of a less round face or if you need to draw all the attention on your eyes.


14. Wispy Bangs for Straight Hair

If you have thin long hair, wispy bangs will help you slightly cover your forehead and will create the impression of a full aspect. Also, style layers for the rest of your mane to give them volume.


15. Ponytail with Wispy Bangs

A ponytail with wispy bangs is an ideal hairdo for women who want a clean, straightforward look at the office or for a casual outfit. After you fix your pony, slightly pull the roots to obtain that bouffant effect.


16. Shag Haircut with Wispy Bangs

Are you ready to rock and roll? With this shaggy layered hairstyle with wispy bangs, you’ll look like you just came off the stage! Take this fabulous change even further and dye your hair in a pale stunning pink the will make you look breathtaking!


17. Blonde Wispy Bangs

A stunning blonde color with gray shades will totally stand out, and if you pair it with some wispy bangs and waves, you’ll get a romantic, gorgeous look.


18. Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

Who said that you couldn’t look feminine and beautiful with a short hairstyle? A pixie haircut with wispy bangs oriented on one side will make your eyes the center of attention. Tousle the crown hair to give it dimension and use some hair spray to keep the strands in one place.


Wispy bangs are ideal if you have thin hair and don’t want to style a full fringe. Because of its thinness, a full fringe won’t beautifully spread on your forehead the way you want it. But the wispy bangs will!

They create that beautiful see-throw that everybody loves. Also, wispy bangs are perfect at creating miracles for women with round and long faces by building a stunning frame that will construct the desired shape. Which of these examples did you love more.