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10 Short Box Braids That’ll Make You Reinvent Yourself

Short box braids are the real deal for women who want to style a stunning hairdo like a  bob or just want to reinvent themselves. Jumbo hair is the best aid when you need to knit these gorgeous braids. You can choose the color and the length, and you will have an outstanding hairstyle that will help you achieve the look you always wanted.

1. Short Box Braid + Bob

No matter the problem, whether you have hair too short or just not rich enough, with a few packs of jumbo hair, you can easily recreate a unique bob. Braid your hair and twist the ends of your hair inwards to give your bob that excellent shape.


2. Short Box Braids with Curly Ends

Box braids are ideal if you want to give any hairstyle a fabulous twist! Create short straight braided bob for half of your hair, and for the rest, make sure your tips are curly. You can wear your hair parted in the middle or on one side.


3. Short Jumbo Box Braids

Whenever you want to get a specific color or get more volume, you get to use some bob braids to recreate your favorite hairstyle. In this case, an asymmetrical blonde bob will look stunning. Create thick braids that you can gorgeously decorate or pin into a pony in the back.


4. Short Micro Box Braids

Micro braids can look astonishing, especially if you choose to use more than one color for braiding. Combine white jumbo hair with pink or brown, and you can also style some bangs. In the end, you’ll get a fashionable hairdo that will extend your hair as much as you want.


5. Short Crochet Box Braids

Whenever you want a fabulous look, crochet box braids are an option you can’t ignore. Get curly Humbo hair ad knit it into your hair. Decorate each braid with bolden threads and jewelry and let some of those curls loose.


6. Small Short Box Braids

You can style a stunning short bob hairstyle using box braids. Choose your favorite color for your bundles and knit small braids. For the tips, twist them inwards to make this hairdo look elegant. You can also decorate the braids with wood jewelry.


7. Short Knotless Box Braids

You can also use your real hair to create those braids. Section your hair in even parts and start braiding. You can use all sorts of jewelry to decorate your knits.


8. Short Bohemian Box Braids

Thanks to these stunning hair extensions, you can recreate any hairdo you love. Use them to style your short bob hairstyle with box braids and use golden threads to wrap around some of your knits. Also, you can use cuffed beads or golden jewelry to style most of your locks.


9. Short Medium Box Braids

Short medium box braids will make any bob look fabulous. Knit the hair extensions at the base of your scalp to create braids that have the same thickness on all lengths.  You can also create other effects by adding the hair gradually.


10. Short Afro Box Braids

Thick or thin, these box braids are certainly a way to make your fabulous hair look absolutely amazing. Also, these types of hairstyles math outstandingly with glasses.