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20 Cute Variations of Middle Part Bob (2024 Trends)

People often think of middle part bobs as limiting. Lately, however, they are trendier than ever, and are easily adaptable to all kinds of looks, personalities, and styles.

If you are thinking about trying a middle part bob, you’ve got a couple of things to consider. Aside from keeping your face shape and hair texture in mind, you will have to decide whether you will want to wear bangs or want your bob short or long.

Let’s take a look at some of the best middle part bobs that are out there today to help you in your search.

1. Middle Part Bob with Bangs

If you’re dying to try a trendy middle part but are nervous about the severity that sometimes comes with the look, then adding bangs may be the best option for you. Whether they are straight across or longer and swept to each side, a pretty fringe can soften the blow and keep your hair true to your personal style.


2. Blunt Bob with Middle Part

Thanks to babes like Hailey Baldwin, the blunt bob and middle part trend is currently on fire. You can highlight the bluntness of your cut with flicked out ends or go for a touch of softness by rounding under the ends of your bob. Either option is undoubtedly chic.


3. Blonde Bob

Blonde hair is absolutely gorgeous in a middle part bob. The health of your hair is important here, however. Blonde hair is prone to breakage, so use smoothing as well as strengthening serums when creating your precise middle part bob look.


4. Short Bob

Not every babe can pull off ultra short locks, but for those who can, you’re sure to truly stand out. When deciding how short you want to cut your middle part bob, play off of your face shape. For instance, round face shapes should cut hair at the cheekbones or just below to enhance any angularity.


5. Long Middle Part Bob

Long bobs, otherwise known as lobs, are just as trendy these days as middle parts. Combining the two is a great way to keep some length on your hair and rock a middle part with ease. If a blunt cut isn’t your thing, give your hair some soft waves or consider face-framing highlights for added dimension.


6. Middle Parted Medium Bob

Go for a fresh vibe with a medium length bob and a sleek middle part. The length of a medium bob cancels out any severity that comes with a middle part. This hairstyle also lends a miraculous softening effect to any harsh jawlines and suits circular face shapes alike.


7. Curly Bob

Yes, even curly hair can look fabulous in a bob with a middle part. To avoid the bulk that often comes with lots of curly texture, it’s important to give your bob a nice shape. Try pretty parted bangs and all over layers for style that is also functional.


8. Mid Parted Wavy Bob

Sleek is chic, but wavy middle part bobs are just as cool and modern.Whether this is your natural texture or just how you prefer to style your hair, waves look great on bobs of any length. To work the natural and effortless angle of this look, consider balayage or ombre highlights or work with a little root growth.


9. Straight Bob

Middle part bobs pair perfectly with straight locks. The look can look too severe, however, if your face shape is thin and long. It can also over emphasize a round face because a straight center part bob lacks any concealing elements. If your face shape is oval and symmetrical, however, this style is stunning on your balanced features.


10. Sew In Bob

Fortunately, a middle part bob is just as easily created with your natural hair as it is with a sew in. In fact, a sew in makes rocking your ideal middle part bob that much easier! Go for the color, shape and overall texture you’re craving and you’ll be so glad that you did!


11. Middle Part Bob with Weave

Weaves are not only a protective hairstyle, but they make center part bobs fun and easy to achieve! Wear your favorite center part weave for up to two months and enjoy all of the stylish benefits of a chic middle part bob haircut.


12. Middle Part on Braided Bob

Do you prefer to wear your hair in braids? Box braids can easily be worn in a pretty middle part bob hairstyle at any length you choose. Plus, if you’ve worn braids before, you know heavy longer braids can be. Shorter lengths means less weight and less tension on your scalp.


13. Center Parted Asymmetrical Bob

Looking for a bob hairstyle that will set you apart from the crowd? Asymmetrical bobs are very popular these days, and work perfectly with a middle part bob. Just be sure to maintain no more than a few inches difference in length on each side.


14. Centre Parting On Angled Bob

Blunt cut bobs are great, but angled bobs are more timeless. If you want to add a little something extra to your center part bob, ask your stylist to cut your hair shorter at the back of the head and longer where the hair frames your face.


15. Layered Bob

Is your hair thin, fine, or flat? By adding layers to your center part bob, you’ll add dimension and body that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Perhaps your hair is rather thick? Subtle layers on bottom half of the hair can have a thinning effect, giving your bob a sleeker appearance.


16. Feathered Bob with Middle Part

Feathered hair is very 70’s, but a feathered bob is rather modern. To create the perfect balance that feathered hair requires, give your bob a strong center part. This will help open up your facial features as well.


17. Messy Middle Part Bob

If smooth and sleek isn’t your thing, you may want to go for the bedhead approach when creating your ideal middle part bob hairstyle. A messy style is about imperfection, so the more tousling you give your hair, the better.


18. Middle Parted Ombre Bob

What better way to show off amazing ombre highlights than with a middle part bob hairstyle? A beautiful blend deserves an ultra smooth look, but if soft waves are your thing, then rock this style with confidence and flair.


19. Red Middle Part Bob

Are you looking for a style to match the boldness of your beautiful red locks? Perhaps a middle part bob is all you need! Whether you prefer a straight or wavy ‘do, a center part bob is sure to make your red hair stand out.


20. Middle Part Bob for Black Women

Middle part bobs are pretty irresistible these days, so it’s time that you make the look your own. A long or medium length bob can be relatively easy to manage, but weaves and sew ins work just as well if you’re looking to grow out short, natural hair.

As you can see, middle part bobs are anything but limiting. The style has a surprising amount of variety, as long as you work with your face shape and texture to emphasize or minimize thin or thick locks. So why not get on board and try a trendy yet stylish middle part bob for your next hairstyle?