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21 Classy and Charming Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

In everyday life there are many events and occasions and then there are the normal work days, every occasion requires a special kind of hairdo as the hair can change the entire look. The regular office day will require one to be simple and petite whereas on a Bruch date the hairstyle will not be a formal one.

Hence the hairstyle changes according to the call for the event or occasion. Similarly functions like wedding requires hairstyle that is glamorous and flatters your features.

The wedding requires the bride to be the center of attraction and hence the hair is styled accordingly. However in all these pursuits the hairstyle of the gusts who are attending the wedding is often not talked about.

In this article Hairstyles for Wedding Guest is what will be elaborately discussed so that those who have a wedding function to attend knows how to style their hair.

Following hairstyles are simply great for guests attending a wedding. Know about the distinct styles:


21 Classy and Charming Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

Steward Braid Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is indeed great. A perfect style to sport as wedding guest this hairstyle can be done on women having medium length. The hair is first taken all together. You do not require to comb because the slightly unkempt look is what is desired to give the carefree look to the entire style.

Now take a mid-section and braid it horizontally such that the braids come next to each other instead of beneath each other. Thus the hairstyle looks like a bow structure and it also is a great way to adorn some hair accessories as well.


Front Trail Back Bun Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle indeed is very intricate and thus it looks really great. This hairstyle has a definite form however if the hair is a little long then only this hairstyle can be done.

The braids are tied in a special way such that the front portion has a narrow structure of a head band and the end area has a mixed bun that is not entirely neat as it hold the carefree messy vibe which looks even more real and casually elegant.


Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is one of the prettiest styles and looks very gorgeous when paired with an off shoulder gown. This hairstyle can be the quintessential bridesmaid hairstyle that anybody will appreciate. You turn the tables on with this hairstyle.

The braid is simple to make and the best part about it is because of the grooves inside the braid the hair accessories fit pretty well in this hairstyle. This hairstyle indeed is a super pretty style.


Aligned Mid Braid Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle indeed is very pretty and also this hairstyle requires a bit of patience. Neatly comb the hair and thereafter do a nice braid from below. This braid is then taken from below to secure from the tip upwards in such a way that that the hair is all tied and the hair is kept very neat.

Here however the USP lies in the form of braid. The braid here is a French braid. This kind of hairstyle is ideal for women attending a wedding. This kind of hairstyle will look superb with some dangler earrings or a single neck piece.


Wavy Petite Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is very quick and easy and not to mention this hairstyle has its own simple charms. It is not possible that all women will have long or medium length hair.

In such scenario women who have short hair doesn’t get much styling options. This hairstyle is one such hairstyle that requires hair rollers.

These rollers will help to get the front wave that sets the hair apart from the just the common hairstyle. This hairstyle is indeed short, stylish and chic. Take a very pretty shawl or a cover-up and the entire look is complete.


Infinity Knot Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is indeed great and extremely elegant. This hairstyle can be done in hair that is long to medium length. This hairstyle looks best in hair that is little longer.

The knot is tied such that it looks like an infinity symbol. This hair too calls for some kind of hair accessories if one can accentuate in the style.

In such cases, these hairstyle are perfect for bridesmaid hairstyles. This hairstyle is indeed very simple yet there is something way to pretty about it.


Twisted Knot Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is indeed very exquisite. It is perfect for special events like wedding. In this hair style you first require to comb the hair and take a center section from the hair and twist it slightly. On the twisted knot secure pins from inside the hair so that the buffet knot doesn’t look back from outside.

This hairstyle is adorned with a glitzy bit of a hair accessory. The hair accessory on the knot adds the glamour quotient in the hair. The rest of the hair is kept straight and ironed to give a clean dimension to the entire look.


Butterfly Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is extremely charming. The hairstyle is very easy to make and yet when the final look is seen it is an amazing look. The hair is taken and twisted at the back and taken out through the knot.

After the hairstyle is done you put little golden butterfly clips on the twisted knot region and leave the rest of the hair hanging from down below. This hairstyle will surely make you stand out from the crowd in a wedding function and collect a lot many appreciation.


Bloated Braid Loop Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle has a very distinct pattern like structure that look very charming from behind. This hairstyle is not entirely difficult to do but needs some amount of patience.

First tie a small pony tail cutting out a mid-section at the back. At this point make a gap just in between the pony and insert the hair from in between to get the first inverted twist.

Repeat the same style in the second section. This second section can now be tied up and intervals of three consecutive tie ups. Spread the loops a little so they look bloated to get the end result.


Thin Curled Hair

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is very classy and women who have thin hair for them this kind of hairstyle is pretty easy and good. The sides are all curled and rolled up and the side is combed and a clip is tied in the side section.

This hairstyle has a very natural yet simple charm to it. Pair this hairstyle up with a beautiful pair of earrings and there you are set to go to the wedding function.


Volume Set Hair

Hairstyles for Wedding

For this Hairstyle you will be required a hair setting spray gel that will allow you to make this hairstyle. In this style the hair is tied inside the hair taking small head pins and clutching them.

When the entire hair is sprayed and done it is then stringed out which means each individual string of strands will be taken out a little to give this volume look. This hairstyle definitely has an aura of its own.


Side Partition Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is for those are getting ready for the marriage function at the last minute and also for those who are way to buys in the wedding work so they lack time for giving hair the extra styling.

This hairstyle is the ideal pick for them. In this hairstyle the curls look really nice so if you have them naturally then fair well. If you do not have them then you can use curlers.

Either way the style mainly concentrates on partitioning the hair sideways and clipping with beautiful hair accessory and that all. Simple and magically beautiful!


Crown Buffet Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is a real piece of art where the hairstyle is equivalent to the hairstyle of the bride in a wedding function. In this hairstyle the hair style is everything very pretty.

This hairstyle has a lot of volume on the crown portion and also the hairstyle is such that the crown area can befit a glamorous crown. This hairstyle to be a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle.


One Side Layer with Small Bun

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is simple and also quick to style up. In this hairstyle the hair is combed and tied in a sleek bun behind the back. This hairstyle can be paired with a halter neck dress and long.

Also this is one very simple style yet it is indeed extremely great. This hairstyle also is one of the easiest hairstyle that can be tied. Also this hairstyle is the most trending now in fashion industry.


Inverted Braid Top Bun Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This Hairstyle is for those women who have hair slightly longer. The style should be done by keeping the hair upside down. Start French braiding in two or three in a row. Then Gather up the braids all in a top mount and then make a bun form in the top.

This definitely adds a height to the crown area and the neatness gives a whole new angle of novelty in this look. Especially the backside braid is a definite element of surprise in this entire look.


Cropped Hair with Fringe

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is for women who have small hair. The fringe has an uneven alignment such that the fringe has a high low curve. You can pair this hairstyle with long hoops or a one necklace as a statement piece in the entire look.

This look is on the go simple and extremely chic and has a very stylish appeal. This hairstyle will definitely give the look a smart appeal to the entire look. Hence sport the cropped hair with fringe hairstyle for being the smartest Wedding Guest ever.


Greek Braid Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is indeed great. It is quite a pretty style and women with short or bob cut hairstyle can easily sport the hairstyle.

Also this hairstyle has a very cute charm so this ca be a great style for small girls who are invited in weddings as a bridesmaid or for small teenage girls.

In this hairstyle the braids are done from the temple region and then the braids from the region are gathered and tied in small ponies horizontally.


One Sided Braided Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This one side braided hairdo is hitting the charts of late. Almost every other trending hair style has the infusion of a braid. This hairstyle is simple easy and elegant.

In this hairstyle comb all your hair to one side and braid the hair it can be a French plait to make it look stylish. Pair this hairstyle with one sided ear cuffs that embrace your neck area.


Single Wavy Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is not quiet out of the box and yet it has its own unique charm. Take a hair roller do not heat it entirely. Just soft heat the iron heater and mildly curl the hair.

Take sections one by one. Put some hair setting spray on the hair to keep the hairstyle intact. You can wear a dazzling gown with this hairdo.


Buffet Bun Head Band Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle too is one which can be flaunted by women of young age. Also this is a great choice when you have bob cut hairstyle.

This hairstyle can be next be adorned with some headbands that can add some bit of glamour to the hairstyle and this hairstyle can be a great one to sport in the wedding.

A wedding is a place where there are, multiple people and all want to look better that the other in such scenario whatever be the case you surely don’t want to go under styled do you?


Front Temple Braids in Small Bob Hair

Hairstyles for Wedding

This hairstyle is ask a great style. In this hairstyle the process of tying up is very easy. The hairstyle incorporates French braiding from the two sides of the head and the rest of the hair is left as it is.

This hairstyle is everything very smart and stylish. Wear a gown or a slit dress, this versatile style will surely make you count as one real fashionable wedding guest. One who knows the world of fashion pretty well.

When a wedding takes place the entire atmosphere is all about decorous stylish and being fashionable. There is a spirit of positivity and joy everywhere.

Also the best part about weddings are that a wedding always has a spirit of glamour in it and these hairstyles are each glamorous on its own way. Each hairstyle has its unique selling point and that these hairstyle are very different from each other.


So what is the wait all about? Here is to a variety set of hairstyle that you can choose from and be the diva of the wedding and turn all the attention towards yourself. So pick up your best style and look gorgeous and do not forget to sport a smile.