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30 Black Girl Hairstyles You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2024

There are various style variations when it comes to black girl hairstyles. May it be a free fro or a cleanly weaved cornrows; they just look stunning. You just need to have a little edge control while braiding because the hair will return to its original form if you miss your grip.

Black girls don’t have to use attention-grabbing embellishments on their hair because the black tresses are so majestic to avoid staring at. With proper care and maintenance, your natural hair will look absolutely breathtaking.


Cute and Charismatic Black Girl Hairstyles

Let’s get into the most beautiful-looking hairstyles to style your dark hair.

Highlighted Afro Ringlets

black girl afro hair with highlights

You can get a truly adorable look with your afro hair just by adding highlights at the ends. This creates a unique dimensional look that is not too contrasting and can be worn as a day-to-day style.


Almost Round Brown Tresses

black girl with brown afro hairblack girl with brown afro hair

If you are not a big fan of contrasting and highlighting, just switch for an easy natural style as shown.

Comb all the volume by detangling the fro and giving it a round cut to get this sassy hairdo. This could be the best pick for seasonal occasions and amazing hairstyles for black girls.


Long Rope Twist Braids

long twist hairstyle for black girls

If loose hair makes you uncomfortable and braids are too boring to wear daily, try this style here. The long locs are twisted and inter winded to create a rope-like structure.

This goes well with street-style fashion, or you can just wear it on your basic everyday outfits. It will tame your curly hair for a longer period


Strawberry Blonde Short Curls

black girl with curly blonde hair

Let’s break all the myths that all black girls should have black hair. Why not have some posh-looking color on your hair to make an appearance? Color your short curls with strawberry blonde hair color for a fresh and alluring look.


Pineapple Natural Updo

black girl with pineapple natural hairstyle

Try this if you have a busy daily schedule and can’t get the time needed to take care of your textured afro but love to have a trendy style.

The simple and easiest way to get a trendy knotted hairdo. It does not require much of your time, so you can make this your everyday style.


Multiple Braids

braided hairstyle for teenage black girls

Teenagers love to have unique and stare-worthy hairstyles these days. Moms, you could surprise your kid with this elegant multi-braid hairstyle.

Divide the hair into multiple sections and start braiding each section individually. Then twist the ends to create a knot-like structure and secure them to create this look.


Half Updo with Mirco Braids

half up bun hairstyle for black girls

This is the best style to prevent your hair from being damaged and promote healthy growth. You need Brazilian wool, usually used to make dreadlocks in black girl hairstyles.

Weave braids using this wool and tie half of the volume into a bun to create this style.


Sassy Space Buns

space buns hairstyle for black girl

Section your hair from the middle to create two halves and a make space bun on each side to get this cute style. Use a hair serum to get a silky finish.


Short Trimmed Blonde Pixie

short hairstyle for black girls

Trim your dark afro hair, as shown above, and get a blonde hair color to elevate the trims. Leave the roots with their natural dark hues to get a dual-colored dimensional look. This is a low-maintenance style.


Curly Shoulder-Length Bob with Bangs

black girl hairstyle with bangs

We have always seen straight bangs; how about some curly bangs? You can still have beautiful and neatly framed bangs with your curly hair.

Here is a classic example of a black girl hairstyle one will fall in love with instantly. So what are you still waiting for to get this adorable style done?


Mini Afro Braids

Black Girl Hairstyles

In today’s glamorous world, curls are the best hairstyle we can see around. Even in the recent event Met gala 2019, celebrities were seen in glamorous fluffy curls. Whether you have long hair, short hair, frizzy locks, or fine tresses, curls prove to be the best for your special occasions.

If you go for Afro curls, it looks the best in natural hair and is mostly seen in African people. In this, the hair grows at a tiny angle-like helix shape. Women have now learned to embrace their natural hair. You can pair your Afro curls with side parting and cute braids. This hairdo will make your hair bouncy and make you look even younger.


Pigtail for the Day

Black Girl Hairstyles

This style-oriented world demands fashion needs for both adults as well as teenagers. To look the best in their peer group, teenagers today opt for many different hairstyles. To cater to their demands and save time as well, braids serve to be the best option.

Braids are easiest to do and suitable for all age groups. Moreover, braids are convenient for the scorching summer heat as well. As in the picture, you can opt for French braids to style your tresses.

You can go for as many French braids as you wish to. Adding more effect to the hairdo, you can set your baby hair perfectly on your forehead. As per your personal choice, you can add on as many hair accessories as you wish to.


Cute Bun Hairstyle

Black Girl Hairstyles

Buns are the most versatile hairstyles of all time. Even our ancestors used to make buns of their locks to look more attractive and up to date. The bun does not only mean tucking your hair up but there is a lot to it.

You can style your buns in endless ways. Buns have become a part of our lifestyle. There is a different type of bun when you are doing household chores, another type of bun accompanies you to your workplace, and numbers of buns are there for your night outs.

How about adding braids to your buns? That will look adorable. Also, this is the easiest hairstyle anyone can find. You can add styles to your bun according to your own choice.


The Red Carpet Ponytail

Black Girl Hairstyles

Simply tying up your locks with a hair band is the super chic red carpet hairstyle which is quite evident from the statement looks of Beyonce and Zendaya. This hairstyle takes you back to your school days.

Who said a ponytail has to be at the back? Style it to your side and see the magic that it adds to your personality. And when you have natural curls in your hair, your ponytail is bound to look even more beautiful. Who is going to the prom with this hairstyle?


Boxy Bun for Fun

Black Girl Hairstyles

We have all been known to the three-strand braids since we were kids. It is the easiest hairstyle one can opt for. Box braids have completely changed the concept of braids. For box braids, you need to take thin strands of hair and weave them. Depending upon your hair strength and the thickness of your locks, you can weave as many box braids as you wish.

Combine as many thin braids as you wish and make your style stand out in the crowd. How about combining your braids with a bun? Don’t you think it will be fun? Just pick up some of your braids and tie a bun. It is really easy and stylish.


Beach waves in the Ponytail

Black Girl Hairstyles

Braids are not limited to the traditional three-strand plats. There is a lot more to add to make you look even more stylish and classy. Talking about the Dutch braid, the hair is kept on the crown and followed by a ponytail. Having beach waves in your locks is a plus point. It makes you look even more glamorous and stand out in the crowd.


Stand out Bun

Black Girl Hairstyles

A bun is a simple hairstyle that gives you an elegant look and can be styled into various other forms to give you a stylish yet elegant look. Just pull your curly natural hair into a very high ponytail, wrap it around the base at your crown area and remember to secure it with a hair tie.


Curls on My Mind

Black Girl Hairstyles

Afro curls are found naturally but with the help of our invention, there are many hair styling appliances from which you can achieve perfect Afro curls. Heating your hair is not a good idea. Hold! There are many heat-less ways to achieve that gorgeous look. Just go around the internet and find the easiest way for heat-less Afro curls


Dreadlocks Braids

Black Girl Hairstyles

Stepping into the teenage year, the stress is more to look good and better for your bright future. Don’t worry we got you covered. The next hairstyle in the picture is braiding. Yes, braids, are not the typical three-strand braid. Dreadlocks your hair and gets the benefit of looking flawless and at the same time protecting your hair from hard styling.


For the Curly textured Hair

Black Girl Hairstyles

For people having short and curly hair, there is no better match than this hairdo. This kind of hairstyle goes only for people having really short hair that cannot be easily tied or styled. This gives a very different appearance which complements the style of today’s era.


Braid up Bun

Black Girl Hairstyles

Simply braiding your hair is too common these days. Even kids don’t want braids. But braids are the best hairstyle to protect your hair and to promote hair growth. Thinking about how to make your young girl fall for braids?

Here is it. Look at the picture above. Braid that healthy beautiful hair of your princess and to add fun and style make a bohemian bun of the crown hair of your princess. To add more jazz to the hairstyle add some cool accessories to the bun and you will be the most stylish mom among her friends.


Highlighted Bun

Black Girl Hairstyles

This classy bun hairstyle has been catching eyes for long. The huge hairdo suits thick hair which is difficult to manage otherwise. The braids mingled together to add volume to the bun and the red highlights take away the monotony of the look.

The large bun adds grace and gives a sense of boldness. The African look compliments people having darker skin tones but also works well with the lighter ones and has roots in the Indo western culture. This hairdo goes well with classy and elegant dresses!


Stylish Side Braid Bun

Black Girl Hairstyles

The elegant braid tied opposite of the usual compliments the roundness of the face and gives a clean look. The braid tied to one side of the head breaks the symmetry and allows creativity.

This hairdo suits people with not-so-heavy hair and the ones having a little bit of curly hair which seem frizzy as such. The overall look of the hairstyle complements the Indo-western look.


Getting the Braids Right!

Black Girl Hairstyles

The tied braids rolled back into a number of small buns give out an organized look. This suits people with hair that can show spaces when braided up. The braids are neatly tied and then rolled into small buns which go all over from the top of the forehead to the back neck portion. This style will not suit heavy hair as heavy hair will result in bulky buns.


Bounce in the Curls

Black Girl Hairstyles

Long hair not your cup of tea? Are you too lazy for styling your short hair? Don’t worry this hairstyle is especially for you. With this haircut, you can keep up with your laziness and your Style at the same time.

Just cut your curly black hair to the length you want and have a good head bath. Use the best products to protect and bring bounce in that spiral curls. And you are ready to bounce with your bouncy hair. With this hairstyle, you can look as flawless as our model in the above picture.


Short, Shaved, Pixie Hairstyle

Black Girl Hairstyles

There was a time when people used to think that girls look good with long and straight hair. Let’s break that stereotype and make a loud and clear statement that a girl can look beautiful in everything.

With this shaved cut twist curly hairstyle. This shaved curly locks hairstyle will add confidence, sexiness and bravery to your personality. Shave your hair and let your tiny corkscrew curls bounce around.


Curls are Crown

Black Girl Hairstyles

Having long, heavy, and curly hair can be a big dilemma. Thinking of permanent straightening? Drop that idea as we bring you a curly queen hairstyle. Just tie your long shiny black hair in a high ponytail and let your curls be your crown as in the above image. With this stylish queen-like hairstyle get all of them talking about you.


Here for a Business

Black Girl Hairstyles

Going through a bad hair day and having a hectic day planned ahead. Let us help you, just start with the skeleton braid in the middle, tie your hair in the ponytail, divided it into two strands, twist them just like a rope braid continues till the length you want and you are ready to shine throughout the day. This hairstyle is best for your meetings and lunch dates.


Boxy Tail

Black Girl Hairstyles

Thinking of box braid- too common hairstyle but want to make a signature style as well? Just box braid your locks and tie them collectively into a high front ponytail as in the above picture. Style it with matching accessories and you are ready to shine bright.


Beads in the Hair

Black Girl Hairstyles

Are you tired of simple Dutch braid and demand something new or more stylish? So thank us later for this cool and unique hairstyle.

Make tiny Dutch braids around the head of your preteen and pop them out by adding beads at the end, where you finish braiding or any other cool funky hair accessories. It is perfect for upcoming summers which will keep your child hustle free and she will be able to enjoy her childhood.


Have you taken your pick for this Summer Season?

Tired of keeping your hair open and trying those difficult hairstyles you see on the internet? Just try these ones. These hairstyles are specifically for curly hair girls. No matter what you wear or in what way you style your hair you are beautiful. Remember to wear a smile with these unique hairstyles to glam up your look.

A smile is the best thing to give you more confidence. These unique hairstyles above will go hand in hand with your personality. We hope we brought to you the thing which you were looking for. Hope we have helped you and you like them.