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47 Most Glamorous Looking Haircuts With Side Bangs

Side bangs are the perfect way to make yourself look years younger and more modern. They can also help hide any blemishes on your face that might be bothering you! With this edgy style, there’s no need for long flowing locks because it will just cover up those awkward areas around our mouth or eyes with their short cute features instead.

Side bangs are one of the most trendy and chic hairstyles you can try this season. It looks great with any cut, making your face look more defined in an overall attractive way!


Most Stylish Side Bangs Hairstyles

Side bangs can be very feminine depending on how you style them – take some inspiration from these glamorous pictures for new ways to wear yours next time around.

Thick Red Waves

thick long red hairstyle with side bangs

Red is a color that will stand out no matter what. It’s a little edgy, and pairing it with side bangs that sweep across your forehead will make it look even edgier. Create volume by adding a wavy texture to look your best.


Platinum Blonde Pixie

blonde pixie cut with side bangs

Pixie cuts benefit the most from having bangs, so make yours look its best by having thick bangs covering around half your forehead. The bangs are super sleek and go well with the very choppy texture on the sides of this bold blonde look.


Subtle Bangs for Fine Hair

side bangs for fine hair

Some side bangs hairstyles are really understated to go well with fine hair.

Bangs often add a lot of depth if your hair is very thin so they look really good as they fall very lightly across the forehead. Wearing your hair blonde is a great way to prevent drawing too much attention to the thin nature of your tresses.


High Bun with Face Framing Bangs

high bun hairstyle with side bangs

Pairing your fringe with some hair that frames your face will do a lot to add dimension to your look. Add a sweet little bun right on top of your head to create a cute and youthful appearance that goes really well with bold makeup and thin faces.


Dark Rooted Bob

side bangs for short blonde hair with dark roots

Really short hairstyles look great when you have a small fringe at the front. Having this coming from the side often gives you a more mature and trendy vibe than full bangs might. Push most of your hair behind your ears and let dark roots add a lot of depth to your light look.


Glamorous Layered Bangs

side layered bangs hairstyle

A touch of glamour is a must in many bangs hairstyles. Layering them and then adding volume so they curl away from your face will create this easily. It creates a real focal point with pretty yet plain, straight tresses.


Straight Wine Red Hair

long wine red hair with side bangs

Wine red hair color is definitely not used enough in hairstyles. The straight hair looks really beautiful and has a lot of shine. Much of that shine is in the very thick side bangs.


Side Bangs for Mature Women

side bangs hairstyle for older women

Even older women can benefit from this youthful look. It helps you show off the beautiful white color of your natural hairstyle.

They also look really nice when rounding out short looks that frame the face like this. Having these longer bits on the sides helps add balance to your appearance.


Celebrity Inspired Updo

celebrity inspired hairstyle with side bangs

Copying celebrities is a timeless way to look your best as they can always keep up with the latest trends easily. Wear your bangs long to frame your cheekbone, then pull the rest of your hair up into a casual updo at the back of your head.


Chic Golden Bob

golden blonde bob with side bangs

Gold is a really nice shade of blonde that always stands out and looks amazing with any hairstyle. Create a simple bob with side bangs that blends into the rest of your locks. The long bangs cover more than half the forehead. 

The style goes well with simple makeup looks that look very natural.



Jenna Elfman’s pixie has been tinted with numerous tones of highlights: blond, champagne, and platinum, in addition to a darker brunette beneath. it is the longest layer that can be combed down over her proper eye creating that deep, dark exterior. This casual short straight hairstyle is a nice match for round, Oval, heart, and Triangular face shapes.



This cut is particularly of one single length and works splendidly for individuals who are uninterested in their voluminous and coarse hair. The haircut tends to soften the extent and make your hair seem weightless. This haircut with bangs could be the perfect choice for you to make.



The black bob is full of Gothic vibes and it is simply stylish. similarly, the facet-parted bangs make the face appear longer and thinner.



One of the most brilliant things with side-swept bangs, which sets them aside from most different hair styling techniques, is they can work with nearly any form of hair. facet bangs provide a very appealing and defined appearance. Bangs add to your beauty and give you a wonderfully captivating look.



This is a great example of a straight layered hairstyle with bangs for medium-length hair. An ultimate style to try and glam your look.



Some girls think that dark roots aren’t allowed. but this isn’t always authentic. In reality, dark roots can look stylish if the hair is styled nicely. Create neat long side swept bangs with the use of a little hair gel and the dark roots will not look inappropriate.



A hairstyle with a high pony and bangs for a classic appearance. Try this gorgeous style and looks the same.



If you need a fabulous long hairstyle for girls with bangs, consider creating eye-protecting strands. It’s an excellent styling for eye-covering bangs that can truly make your face look appropriate.



Emma is so lovable evidently, but this eyebrow skimming side swept bangs make her appearance even cuter! these are appropriate examples of fuller side bangs that cover most people of the forehead. in case you love the appearance of full-coverage bangs but fear about having bangs that move straight into your eyes, this side-swept look is the ideal alternative for you!



If the everyday highlights don’t appeal to you, you could make this kind of side-swept bangs. they’re executed by coloring the hair in horizontal huge stripes. the larger the distinction in sunglasses, the better and the more out of the ordinary the appearance can be.



Here we’ve got a totally comfy and vital style. this is a messy but lovable regular hairstyle with bangs. This look is completed with any type of hair. we love the coral lip and how it contrasts with the chunky grey headband.



.This coolest ombre side bangs and outward curls contribute to an effortlessly stunning look. This is a gorgeous hairstyle for mature women.



If you like shoulder-length hairstyles with bangs, just give your hair a new look by trying this fantastic hairdo. This shoulder-length hairstyle with bangs is a great option for you.



Gwyneth Paltrow is a famous American actress. She is wearing this stylish sleek pony and side swept fringe looks stunning.





Here we’ve a platinum blonde with dirty blonde highlights with a bangs. This style has flipped ends and a choppy bang which offers it a tender look. The makeup softens the face and offers a youthful appearance.



Anybody will look gorgeous with this casual-chic half updo hairstyle. Here you can see that side-swept bangs look amazing with highlights, so allow your creativeness run wild and choose any blend of colors on your highlights. There aren’t any approaches to making a mistake here. mix and suit the colors and the result will amaze you.



Bangs will never go out of style, this gorgeous long hairstyle with bangs looks great on any lady. Just try it and rock this coolest style.



Mónica Cruz has worn these lovely layered hairstyles for medium-length hair with side swept bangs which is truly adorable and worth trying.



Here you can see the bangs are short and swept off to the facet. they are skinny, so the bangs don’t have quite few volumes to them. She has very long hair and they’re layered, so the length does not grow to be overwhelming.



The layered shoulder-length hairstyle contours the face and brings attention to the eyes. A layered hairstyle with straight layers is good if you desire to put on a cute appearance.



Messy hair is fashionable with less effort. And the long side bangs improve the messy look furthermore. Try this amazing hairstyle with side bangs and glam your look.



Mid-length wavy hairstyle with bangs is an outstanding and stylish look for girls. Believe us it will look adorable with side bangs and the ultimate result will be awesome for sure.



This is a pleasing shoulder-length medium hairstyle for a round face which comes with a heavy fringe that lies over the forehead which offers a nice pretty appearance to the face. This hairstyle appears wonderful on a round face.



If you want a classy and sophisticated hair look, just go for this short blonde hair and rock such wispy side bangs.



The simple side-swept ponytail swooped with the side-parted bangs. Any female will look sophisticated with this kind of beautiful hairstyle.


Mid-Length Hair with Choppy Bangs

If your hair is black, then you can try mid-length hair with choppy bangs.

The choppy bangs are left on your forehead up to your eyebrows, and the rest of the hair is cut up to 3 to 4 inches below the shoulder. The choppy bangs with sharp ends give your face a prominent and round shape.

Mid Length Hair with Choppy Bangs


Long Layered Haircut with Bangs

Women who have medium to long hair should definitely try layer cut with bangs to get a remarkable look. The hair cut is simple with the long-layered cut on both sides and bangs that help in enhancing the look from all sides of the face.

This hairstyle is easily manageable and can be carried with all kinds of clothing and on different occasions. Just let loose your hair with this haircut, or you can color the strands, and you are good to go.

Long Layered Haircut with Bangs


Pastel Pink Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

If you are tired of having long hair and want to cut it short, then there is a variety of haircuts that you can choose from. Cutting your hair short and having bangs on it will help in giving and different and stylish look.

You can also add some pastel colors such as pink if you are blonde to this striking wavy hairstyle and pump up your overall look.

Pastel Pink Wavy Hair with Side Bangs


Long Side Swept Bangs

Smooth and silky hair deserves a different and contrasting haircut based on an individual’s look. If you are among those women who love a simple yet stylish look, then the long-swept side bangs cut is the one hairstyle that you definitely should opt for.

The haircut is given keeping in mind the hair texture and the smoothness of the hair. The bangs are cut in long lengths and the side swept is added in this style to enhance the elegant side of a woman.

Long Side Swept Bangs


Long Straight Hair with Side Bangs

If you have straight hair and are confused about what kind of haircut will suit you, then this particular haircut can come to your help. The haircut is simple yet stylish at the same time.

The bangs are cut short on the side depending on which side looks best on an individual. This is a go-to hairstyle for people who don’t usually have much time to prep up their hair every day and rush off to work. Long and straight hair looks eloquent with this hairstyle.

Long Straight Hair with Side Bangs


Medium Layered Haircut with Long Side Bangs

This particular haircut is designed to give an overall stylish look to the person adorning it. The hairstyle is perfect for people who don’t want to tie up their hair and want to let loose the hair strands.

The side bangs are cut from one side that falls to the other part of the face. For women who are fascinated with the short but stylish look, this is one look that is a must if it suits your face and needs.

Medium Layered Haircut with Long Side Bangs


Side Bangs for Long Hair

Women with long hair often run out of options for styling their hair; this particular look is perfect for girls and women who have a long hair and want to give a different variation to it.

The side bangs are cut on one side that giving all in all different look. If you are somebody who is someone who is always on the radar for an elongated forehead, then side bangs will help to cover the same.

Side Bangs for Long Hair


Lob with Side Bangs

A perfect hairdo for women who have short hair but want bangs with those strands. No need of tying the hair or attaching any clips with the same. The cut is designed to keep the hair on the shoulder length and provide bangs on one side of the face.

Lob with Side Bangs


Sleek Bob with Side Bangs

A straight cut look which is bob in nature, but at the same time, it has the addition of bangs cut on one side. For ladies who like carry short hair with a classy touch, this hair is best suited for them. You can color your hair to a different shade such as grey or blonde and carry the look smartly.

Sleek Bob with Side Bangs


Side Swept Bangs

If the stylish yet sober look is your desire, then you can opt for the side swept bangs which can give a neat look. In this style, you need to cut the hair up to the middle length and part from one side.

Let the hair free and set the bangs on the forehead. It can hide your wide forehead and give a good shape to your face. Don’t forget to brush your hair well while going out.

Side Swept Bangs


Polished Comb Over with Side Bangs

Women who love to express themselves as modern ones can try this trendy hairstyle with side bangs. The combination of the side bang and the polished comb hair can create a gorgeous look on your black hair.

The hair should be parted on one side, and the side bangs should be pinned in a slight puffy manner at the back of your head. This neat and bold style is appreciated by a huge number of modern women today.

Polished Comb Over with Side Bangs


It’s clear that if you want to stay as modern and stylish as you can, then you should really try out one of these many side bangs hairstyles. They give your hair so much life and help add body to your overall look.

They also add a touch of asymmetry to your look that makes you seem even more alluring. It’s a really wonderful style to try.