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40 Absolutely Magical Wedding Hairstyles For This Year

Every woman needs the perfect hairstyle for her wedding day. It’s the most special day of your life, so you need to make sure you feel special, too. It’ll be more memorable if you feel more ethereal than you ever have before.

You really can’t go wrong when it comes to styling your lovely locks for this oh-so special occasion.

It’s all about your preferences and finding a look that matches your dress. You also need to ensure your hairdo matches the overall theme and vibe of your wedding, too. Having lots of options is a must.


Hairstyle Ideas For Your Big Day – Wedding Hairstyles

Would you like some inspiration for your astonishingly stunning look? Check out the array of styles below!

Thick Ringlets

A full head of thick and bouncy curls is a really classic look for getting married. Incorporating white floral accessories is another thing common in wedding hairstyles.

Leaving your hair down to frame your face and create an innocent vibe meshes really well with this special day.

wedding hairstyle for curly blonde hair


Curly Updo with Veil

There are two things that will be at almost every wedding: flowers and some kind of veil. You can use both in your hairstyle to look absolutely perfect.

Leave ringlets to hang loosely by your face and mirror the veil hanging from just under your updo. Stick flowers around a curly updo for elegance.

wedding hairstyle with veil


Highlighted Blonde Updo with Tiara

Blonde hair looks so vibrant when you add highlights to it. These ones help bring out your face and make the underside of your updo look more lively.

Sweep all your hair back into a low updo on the nape of your neck. A crimped texture all over the head adds lots of depth. Add a tiara as the final touch!

wedding updo with highlights


Blonde Twist Updo

Wearing your hair braided or twisted in a crown shape is common. The twist goes around your head and is at its thickest point at the nape of your neck.

Pull the rest of your hair back into it and tuck it in to create a seamless look. Make sure to create volume on top.

twisted updo hairstyle for wedding


Short Vintage Hairstyle

Short hairstyles are stunning when they add some appealing asymmetry. Form a nice, textured hairstyle on the side of your head and pull your hair loosely into it.

Make sure you keep some volume on top! It helps you look glamorous and like you have thick, gorgeous locks.

short vintage hairstyle for wedding


Half Up Hairdo

Medium-length tresses look amazing when worn down, but they can get in your face and obscure your beauty. You can solve this by wearing them half up.

Side bangs make sure there’s still some hair in the front and a beautiful tiara headband adds glamour.

wedding hairstyle for medium length brunette hair


Long Bubble Ponytail 

Ponytails can sometimes be too plain but it becomes fun when you create a bubble look. The added volume and uniqueness makes for a really great wedding hairstyle.

Leave some strands loose by your face so your look has dimension. These strands also add a touch of messiness so you look absolutely perfect.

bubble ponytail hairstyle for wedding


Curly Textured Loose Updo

Curls add so much texture and they always have a way of looking incredibly elegant. They’re perfect for updos on your big day.

They help add volume as they’re drawn loosely into an updo that requires a talented stylist to create. Add a few off-white pearl-shaped jewels to make it even more stunning.

loose updo hairstyle for wedding


Braided Bun with Jewels

Brides who want to wear something special will love this braided look. Braid your hair on each side and pull it back into a heart-shaped double bun. Adding a V-shaped section of jewels will make you look unforgettable.

wedding hairstyle with braided bun


Half Up Boho Twist

Adding leafy decor to your hair has a boho vibe that suits brides going for that look. The rest of the wedding hairstyle is also loose and free so it’s very boho, too.

The sides of the hair form twist that wrap around the head. A fishtail braid falls down and sits against perfect curls.

half up half down boho hairstyle for wedding


Side Swept Formal Updo Hairstyle

Whether you have short hair or medium-length hair, you can never go wrong with the Side Swept Formal Updo Hairstyle on your wedding day. It will give you a neat and clean look.

The last thing that you want is hair falling on your face while saying your vows. There are various styles that can be done on this form, with slight dissimilarities. But each will impart a classic look.

Wedding Hairstyles


Medium Wavy Updo Hairstyle

In case you have wavy hair of medium length, you have the option of going for any style. But the Medium Wavy Updo Hairstyle will particularly look good if you have a long face.

With the hair neatly tied in a bun at the back, you can fashion a certain section to fall along the length of your face. The natural wavy texture will give an impression as if the hair is kissing your cheeks.

Wedding Hairstyles


Side Swept Medium Straight Hairstyle

Women who have straight hair can try any hairstyle, without worrying about unruly locks falling on their faces. If you have medium to long straight hair, you can try the Side Swept Medium Straight Hairstyle.

The hair is parted in a fashion that it will fall on the brow, masking your broad forehead. If the length of the front locks is too long, then you can tuck it behind your ear. It will give an added femininity to your posture and personality.

Wedding Hairstyles


Long Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Women often opt for a perming session to get perfect curls on their wedding day. Whether you are the bride, the maid of honor, or any of the bride’s maids, these curls will give you a perfect appearance.

The Long Blonde Curly Hairstyle can be tried in various ways. The hair can be tied at the back, or you can let it fall on the sides. Either way, you will look like a princess on your wedding day.

Wedding Hairstyles


Light Brunette Long Wavy Hair

Though brides opt for this classic bun hairstyle, it is particularly popular with the bride’s maids. Your hairstylist will apply the gel on your hair and allow it to set so that the bun can take a perfect shape.

Some strands are pulled out from the two sides. Women with a gorgeous tan can try this Light Brunette Long Wavy Hair on their special day.

Wedding Hairstyles


Medium Wavy Updo Hairstyle with Tiara

Medium Wavy Updo Hairstyle with Tiara is a popular style that brides have been opting for for a long time.

It is a traditional hairstyle that will bring out the beauty of the bride’s face by not allowing any stray strands to fall on her face. You can decorate the top of your head with hair accessories. You can highlight it with a headband-shaped tiara or similar clips.

Wedding Hairstyles


Braided Updo Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Women who have long hair can opt for a style that is a combination of many individual hair arrangements. The Braided Updo Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs is one such style that will make you the center of attraction.

Even if you are not the bride, the braid that goes across the head will fetch many competent. Leave a few strands on the sides to enhance the appeal.

Wedding Hairstyles


Messy Blonde Wavy Updo Hairstyle

For those who want to keep it natural on their special day, a Messy Blonde Wavy Updo Hairstyle will be the perfect selection. You can either go for a traditional bun or a cylindrical bun at the back. To keep the look natural, you can give the hair setting gel a miss. Let the unruly strands fall on your face.

Wedding Hairstyles


Sleek Straight Blonde Ponytail Hairstyle

Brides who want to walk on the path less traveled can opt for the Sleek Straight Blonde Ponytail Hairstyle. Though not the popular choice, it will make you look different from other average brides.

While your medium-length hair will be tied in a neat ponytail, you can part the hair on a particular side to partially cover a part of your forehead.

Wedding Hairstyles


Copper Blonde Long Straight Updo

If you are bold and want to make a statement on your wedding day, then start by straightening your hair and dyeing it, copper. This will instantly ensure the attraction of all.

With this unique hair, you must opt for Copper Blonde Long Straight Updo. You will have to leave a significant segment to lose in front with the rest of the hair will be tied in a bun at the back.

Wedding Hairstyles


Long Blonde Hairstyle with Curls

If you desire to look like a fairy tale princess, then this is the right hairdo for you. You must have long and wavy locks to get the perfect Long Blonde Hairstyle with Curls.

You can decorate the hairstyle with stone-studded elongated clutches. You can twist and knot your hair and let it fall on one of your shoulders.

Wedding Hairstyles


Medium Blonde Updo Hairstyle

If you have medium hair length, then you can get the Medium Blonde Updo Hairstyle on your wedding day. It is a popular and safe choice. No matter what your face shape is, it will complement your entire look.

You can make the low bun fluffy by twisting the strands. Complete the look with stone-studded clips. The bun made of loose strands look like a fully bloomed flower. In this hairdo, you will look no less than a Greek goddess.

Wedding Hairstyles


Classic Wedding Updo Hairstyle

As the name suggests, the Classic Wedding Updo Hairstyle is perhaps the safest option. It can be done on hair of all lengths and textures. But if you have long and straight locks, your hair stylist will be most happy to work on this style.

Most brides do not like to overdo it with a tiara or additional clips. It will go best with all traditional as well as contemporary wedding gowns.

Wedding Hairstyles


Middle Parted Wedding Hairstyle with Waves

Brides are not often sporting the middle-parted wedding hairstyle with waves. If you have shoulder-length hair and you want something completely off the books, then this is the right hairstyle for you.

Adding a beautiful headband or a tiara will complete the look, and make you the center of attraction. To give a twist to this hairdo, you can let the hair fall on one shoulder, even with the middle parting. For this, you must make your hair longer.

Wedding Hairstyles


Tight Updo Hairstyle

For people who do not want to take any chances with an appearance on their wedding day, the Tight Updo Hairstyle is the ultimate option. In this, you will not leave out even a single strand of hair.

Set the hair up with gel and tie it into a neat bun just above the back of your neck. Using a chunky clip to hold the bun completes the look. You can see many celebs sporting this look at red carpet events.

Wedding Hairstyles


Side Swept Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Most brides and bride’s maids opt to keep their wavy locks open on a special day. If you are one of them, then the Side Swept Blonde Wavy Hairstyle is the right style for you.

All you need to do is brush your hair and set it firmly with styling gel. Occasionally, putting on a tiara will enhance the look. When done perfectly, it will make you look like a princess.

Wedding Hairstyles


Reverse French Braid Wedding Hairstyle

We all love to see perfect French braids. But if you want to sport it on your wedding day, then it is better to opt for the Reverse French Braid Wedding Hairstyle.

The reverse hairstyle will be the center of attraction and with it; you will also shine a tad bit brighter. Letting a few strands out will give you the natural look you desire.

Wedding Hairstyles


High Top Knot Wedding Hairstyle

This is not your average wedding hairstyle, and you need to be super bold to carry the High Top Knot Wedding Hairstyle.

It looks best on medium to short hair lengths, where you can pull the hair up in a tight knot, and leave a wide section in front. Once the hair is tied, you must twist the front section and leave the tips open over your head.

Wedding Hairstyles


Edgy Bun Hairstyle for Wedding

As the name suggests, the Edgy Bun Hairstyle for Wedding is only for those who have a bold personality. Women with medium to short hair can opt for this style. You must construct a neat bun at the back of your head. Once this is done, allow a front portion of your hair to traverse your forehead.

Wedding Hairstyles


Messy Buns Updo Hairstyle

In case you want to look like the classic and innocent Hollywood movie actresses, you must sport the Messy Buns Updo Hairstyle on your special day.

If you have thick hair, you will be able to pull off this look easily. The hair needs to be parted in several sections, and with each segment, you need to make a separate bun. Thus, you will make more than two small buns.

Wedding Hairstyles


Loose Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

In case you are blessed with thick and long hair, you will be able to sport the Loose Braided Ponytail Hairstyle.

It is a combination of two separate hairstyles, and when done perfectly, you will get a majestic look. The upper part of the hair is braided, while the lower part is left open in the form of a ponytail.

Wedding Hairstyles


Boho Braided Crown

If you desire to look like a bohemian princess on your wedding day, you need to ask for the Boho Braided Crown. It can be done on a person who has long hair.

Your hairstylist will fashion a braid out of the hair and then tie it to the other side of your head. It will create a head-ring made of your own hair. Putting in stone clips will give it a richer look.

Wedding Hairstyles


Side Parted Blonde Wavy Bob

It is not a perfect hairstyle for a wedding day. But if you have thin, wavy, and short hair, then you will have to settle with the Side Parted Blonde Wavy Bob.

Play along with the natural curls of your hair and part it on one side. It will create an optical illusion that you have comparatively thick hair. It is a simple hairdo.

Wedding Hairstyles


Wedding Updo with Loose Curls

It is a classic example of a messy look, and if you want to sport a natural look, then Wedding Updo with Loose Curls is your ideal option.

While the rest of your locks are tucked back, in any style of bun, you can allow some strands to kiss the side of your cheeks. You can keep it as messy or as neat as you like it. The loose curls will particularly give you a feminine look.

Wedding Hairstyles


Double French Braid Updo

If you like French braids, then you will like this other form of similar braids as well. The name of this hairstyle is Double French Braid Updo.

As the name suggests, you will have two similar French braids that start from one side of your head and end at the other side. You can put some flowers in your hair to complete the look. Many celebrities have sported this look on their wedding days.

Wedding Hairstyles


Finger Wavy Blonde Wedding Hairstyle

The Finger Wavy Blonde Wedding Hairstyle will suit all women who have medium to short hair. If your hair is naturally wavy, then you are in luck, otherwise, you have to make use of a hair curler.

When the hair is ready, you need to fashion it according to your desire. It is better to go for a side part. If you have long hair, you can make a low bun as well.

Wedding Hairstyles


Voluminous Ponytail Hairstyle

Women who have thick and long hair, can opt for any extravagant styles. If you have similar hair, then opting for a Voluminous Ponytail Hairstyle will be best.

It is a combination of a traditional high ponytail that comes with a twist. You take a certain section of the locks and wrap it around the knot. To make this hairdo more extravagant, you may add stone-studded hair accessories.

Wedding Hairstyles


The Top Knot Look

The Top Knot Look has always been in style. It is mainly preferred by bride’s maids, but some brides dare to make a bold choice. To sport this look, you need to pull all your hair high up in the middle of the head and form a small bun.

Make sure that you have no loose strands to spoil the look. If you feel that the style is too neat for you, then you can pull out some strands and attain a more natural look.

Wedding Hairstyles


Bouffant Updo Hairstyle

The beauty of yesteryear’s actresses is unparalleled, and they generally did their hair in a bouffant style. This style is even more popular now a day, with new-age brides who want to look their best.

After making the bouffant, you need to fashion a low-handing bun. It will complement your traditional wedding gown. If you are wearing a traditional lace bodice wedding gown, then it will complement your look perfectly.

Wedding Hairstyles


Milkmaid Braids with Bangs

Milkmaids, during the medieval years, used to do their hair in a particular fashion. Some brides opt for these Milkmaid Braids with Bangs to get a unique look.

If you are getting married on a farm or in the countryside, this hairstyle will match the setting. You will be able to hide your wide forehead with bangs. With the right accessories, you will look like a perfect bride, no matter how uncommon the style is.

Wedding Hairstyles


There are countless ways you can create immeasurably beautiful hair for your wedding day! Wedding hairstyles are among the most beautiful and elegant in existence. You’ll definitely find something to suit you and go well with your dress among this group of styles.