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21 Greek Hairstyles for an Ultimate Goddess Look

Greek women are especially famous for how they have influenced many trends in the fashion industry with their unique fashion ideas and mind-blowing hairstyles.

The most popular among this would be the trend of Greek hairstyles that have seem to take the fashion industry by storm ever since various stylists introduced them, celebrities, and influencers on social media.

Here we have listed the best Greek hairstyles that are suitable for all types and lengths of hair. Browse through the list to find out which Greek goddess look you want to try out.


21 Greek Hairstyles for an Ultimate Goddess Look

Braided Long Hair

Greek Hairstyles

A look that genuinely resembles an ancient Greek goddess. This is a very casual and easy hairstyle that you can style it at your home itself.

All you need to do is tie up different 3-strand braids of less thickness, and after creating 3 three-strand braids, tie up all of them together loosely and then let the remaining hair flow freely.

Make sure the braids are not too tight and are loose enough to gently hang above the rest of the hair to make sure that your Greek goddess hairdo doesn’t look too sophisticated.


Blonde Braided Hairstyle

Greek Hairstyles

It is another simple yet powerful look that involves many intricate braids on the top of the head. A thick section of the hair has been beautifully yet intricately braided along its entire length and then simply tied up on the top.

A few loose strands have been pulled on the front of the face giving a subtly messy look yet being classy enough. The rest of the hair has been pulled back tightly and tied up into a round low-lying bun.

You can try this look for weddings, especially for bridesmaids who are looking to shine as bright as the bride on the wedding day.


Formal Braided Look on Thin Hair

Greek Hairstyles

Braids indeed are a soothing sight to the sore eye. They may sometimes be simple and at other times, be extraordinarily complex, but yet they always are a timeless hairstyle that everyone sports, from all the renowned celebrities to even the most common people out there.

This look is also sure to make you look like a true Greek goddess. Braid up thin sections of your hair to the side and make them look better with floral accessories to add a gentle touch of glow to your hairdo. A gorgeous hairstyle that best suits those who have thin and fine hair with medium length.


Short Wedding Hairstyle

Greek Hairstyles

Whoever claimed that Greek hairstyles only suits those who have long locks of hair is undoubtedly in for a surprise. Because these styles look as stunning on even very short hairstyles as they do on beautiful long hair also.

A classic look on a short pixie cut hair with the addition of a simple accessory such as a floral headband, as shown here.

A truly ethereal look made all the more stunning with that simple flower crown. The hair has also been styled in perfect waves, which makes this hairdo very interesting.


Half Updo on Braided Long Hair

Greek Hairstyles

This look is best suited for those beautiful women and girls out there who have long luscious locks of slightly wavy or curly hair.

It’s very simple, too, without any hair accessories, and all you need to do is braid up the hair on the top portion of your head and gently pull it backward.

Then gently tuck into the hair on the back and lift some of the hair behind to give a more sophisticated look. An ideal look for weddings and parties and wear statement necklaces or earrings with this hairdo to look truly stylish.


Simple Loose Braided Hairstyle

Greek Hairstyles

A dreamy yet extremely simple look that is made more stylish by that beautiful half-updo. The waves and the loosely braided hair that falls carelessly all overdo a great job of resembling old classic Greek goddess hairstyles. The way it has been style also helps to make the hair look extra voluminous.

A little portion of the hair on the top middle has also been slightly lifted and then fixed at the top itself, thus helping to frame the front of the face, the forehead. Add on a simple decorative silver or golden hairpiece to get some bling.


Side Swept Braid Hairstyle

Greek Hairstyles

Another extremely simple look, which also looks amazingly gorgeous on those beautiful golden blonde locks of hair. The hair is also very thick, and long therefore, this style suits the model perfectly.

The hair has been braided very loosely, thus forming big sections of braids that go all the way down. You can simply braid it up like this or even try the classic French braid but make sure they fall very loosely and are braided along the sides itself.


Simple Greek Hairstyle for Brides

Greek Hairstyles

Brides all across the world together agree on the fact that on their wedding day, they need to look their absolute best, be it their outfit or hair. This Greek hairstyle look is for those brides who want to achieve a dreamy goddess look but without spending a fortune on it.

Simply twist and turn some parts of your hair onto the back and even loosely braid them and then tie it up very loosely again into a round bun to achieve this perfect wedding look all by yourself.

Add a shining or golden hair accessory to get a glittery and glam makeover.


Braided Beach Hair

Greek Hairstyles

How gorgeous do those long luscious locks of hair look? You just can’t seem to take your eyes off this beautiful hairstyle. Believe me when I say that you too can easily achieve this look at your home itself without spending much at the salon.

Style your hair into gentle loose strands till the bottom, and on the top of the head, take two sections of hair of medium thickness and braid it up and simply put it across towards the other side of the head, and you have yourself an amazing Greek hairstyle.


Bun Braided Hair

Greek Hairstyles

A very simple and beautiful hairstyle that looks straight out of the red carpet. You can easily get this look at home, too, so don’t rush to the salon just after taking a look at this.

Braid a little hair on the side front portion of your hair and and and pull it backward. Tie up the remaining hair in big and slightly loose braids and simply tie it up into a bun, and you’ve got a classic hairdo you can wear to parties, weddings, etc.


Simple Greek Hairstyle

Greek Hairstyles

A simple and easily achievable look that you can try yourself. Just tie up all your hair messily but in a subtle manner and then bring it all together to the lower end of your hair and gently tuck in using small hairpins that aren’t too visible.

This look is most suited to those who have very fine or thin hair. Spice up your look with a simple accessory like a headband.


Dutch Braided Curly Hair

Greek Hairstyles

Even though French braids are the favorite look when it comes to braided hairstyles, Dutch braided hairstyles like these are hugely popular too.

Tie up the hair on the front top of your head into simple loose Dutch braids like these and tuck them in behind the ear as you pull it back gently.

Leave the rest of the hair to hang freely and style them in loose curly waves that will help to frame your face perfectly. This style is also most suited for those ladies with hair of medium thickness.


Ancient Greek Goddess Look

Greek Hairstyles

A very easy and glam Greek goddess look you can try out at your home itself. A glimpse of vintage charm and inspired by the styles of the Renaissance. Twist and braid the hair on the top front portion and tie it up.

Style the rest of the hair in curly waves that have a slick and sophisticated look. Add in a headband or any other accessory on your braids and then lift the rest of the hair to form a crown-like shape.


Loose Curls on Long Hair

Greek Hairstyles

A totally dreamy look that is sure to steal the show and make all heads and eyes turns to you. What a brilliant way of styling simple wavy hair.

The hair from all the sides has been gently pulled back and then styled in stunning wavy curls that fall so loosely, giving an entire look a soft, beautiful glow.

The waves have been styled to fit into a V-shape that ends at the bottom of the hair. This is a perfect look that brides can totally rock on their big day.


Tied Up Braided Hair

Greek Hairstyles

This look is very simple yet looks extremely powerful and sophisticated due to the exceptional way in which it has been styled.

Just tie up the hair on the front top part of your head into thick braids of medium size and then fix them to the rest of the hair behind. The remainder of the hair has been simply lifted and tie up into a bun at the back.

Since the look does not make use of any accessories for styling, make sure that you wear some statement pieces of jewelry that will truly enhance your overall look.


Vintage Flapper Hairstyle

Greek Hairstyles

Another flattering Greek goddess look that will look amazing on short bobbed hair. A simple look with hair that has been parted to the sides on the front.

The bob is short and maintained in loosely falling waves at the end. At the back, the bob has been cropped just a little below the ear.

The curls have been styles so naturally and beautifully. A perfect look for themed parties or any other events when you just want to spice up your look and add in a gorgeous accessory like this.


Short Bob Hair with Fishtail Braids

Greek Hairstyles

An adorable hairstyle from which I just can’t take my eyes off. The hairstyle is very simple, and the hair has been maintained at shoulder length only with the addition of a few brilliant, rich chocolate color highlights.

The hair has then been middle-parted and a section of the hair from both sides has been tied up in fishtail braids till the end and then slightly tucked in behind.

This hairstyle is best suited for those who have short, thin, and straight hair. You can sport this look both for parties as well as casual events.


Greek Front Braided Hair

Greek Hairstyles

Another beautiful hairstyle that has been inspired by the trend of classic Greek goddess hairstyles. A large portion of the hair on the front has been intricately braided and fixed on the top portion itself.

The hair at the end has also been styled with a slight bouffant and tail curls. Meanwhile, the remaining hair on the middle has been lifted and placed in with the help of a glittery tiara with pearls. This style is best suited for those who have long locks of thick dark hair.


Knitted Braided Hairstyle with a Golden Hairpiece

Greek Hairstyles

How gorgeous does this long thick hair look? The hairstyle also looks brilliant as it makes a dramatic transition from a shade of black and dark brunette hair into a beautiful hue of golden blonde.

You can not fall in love with this fantastic look. It has been styled in the form of loosely knitted braids that stretch till the end of these luscious long locks of hair.

As they go down, they have braided more loosely. At the top, the hair has also been styled with a statement golden hairpiece, which simply looks amazing.


Red Halo Hairstyle

Greek Hairstyles

Looking to switch up your hairstyle and hair color with a brilliant shade of fiery red? Or are you a natural redhead wanting to get a makeover to suit your hairstyle as well as personality?

Then this halo red hairstyle inspired by ancient Greek goddesses is just the hairstyle that you need to try. This hairdo is sure to look lovely on those who have short or medium length hair with enough thickness.

Add a bit of glam and glitter to this look by trying out beautiful lace or intertwined braids and also add some hair accessory for a pop of bling.


Simple and Long Wedding Hairstyle

Greek Hairstyles

A gorgeous hairstyle for those who luscious long golden locks of hair. Simple leave your hair and let it be in its natural self as you make the gentle waves fall freely.

Simply tie up and pull back a few strands of hair or slightly braid and then tuck them in with the rest of the hair to get a gorgeous and simple look for your wedding.

Add in some floral accessories such as the ones shown here, or you can also choose to add some statement pieces of hair jewelry.


Most of the hairstyles mentioned in the above list include braiding your hair. Braids are an essential part of Greek Hairstyles and have been a timeless and classic hairdo no matter how you’re styling it.

They are quite simple yet a very integral part of it too. All of the styles mentioned here are some of the most versatile looks out of countless other Greek hairstyles.

Make sure you try them out, and you can even add your own twist to these hairstyles to add a hint of personal touch that is best suited for your choices.