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Top 10 Short Hairstyles for Black Baby Girls

If you are out of ideas for hairstyles for black baby girls, you are in the right place. Whether you have a baby boy or girl, these little angels are adorable, and they deserve a good hairdo and a photo session every single day.

Also, we all know how moms are. We would photograph our child from each and every angle, and there’s no shame to acknowledge that. The baby is gorgeous; period!

So, get the perfect styling, and you will create incredible and unforgettable memories, and your baby will look the cutest in every shot.

Also, even if the little one is a toddler, that doesn’t mean you can’t style her hair in so many marvelous ways. Buns, braids, small ponytails, there’s always room for something new once her hair starts growing more and more.


Short Hairstyles for Black Baby Girls

So, if you want your baby girl to get all the “Awww! She’s so adorable!”, scroll down and discover the best short hair styling ideas for black baby girls.

1. Short Curls

At this young age, your little princess has enough hair to recreate this hairstyle. Section the hair in three parts and use each one to style a pony. She will look so cute!


2. Short Twists

If she already has excellent African American curly hair, you can style small twisted braids. No need for extensions; you don’t want them to weigh too much and put pressure on the scalp.


3. Short Braids for Black Baby

This little missy looks like a gorgeous doll. Recreate the hairstyle by parting the hair in squared sections and build small braids that you can decorate with translucent beads at the tips.


4. Pigtails

Use the temple hair to knit two braids that you can colorfully decorate. Take the rest of the hair and part it into two sections. Style two fluffy pigtails that your little angel will adore.


5. Short Ponytail

Gather all the hair on top of the head, use jam to make the hairstyle look sleek and a ribbon to secure the ponytail. The smile on your little girl‘s face will be priceless.


6. Short Hairstyle with Beads

Section your baby’s hair and use colored hair elastics to secure each part. Braid the sections and at the ends, use pink, blue, and purple beads to decorate the tips.


7. Short Top Knot

short top knot for black baby

Who said that your little angel couldn’t look modern and stylish at such a young age. Gather all the hair on top, create a messy bun, and use moisturizers to arrange the baby hair on the forehead.


8. Headband Hairstyle

When your baby has gorgeous coils, make them stand out with a marvelous hairstyle. Use a headband with a bun to keep the bangs away from the forehead. You can even use the headband as an accessory that completes a matching outfit.


9. Short Mohawk 

If your boy is already cool and modern but also rebellious, express his personality with a mohawk. Opt for a short faded haircut on sides and lift the top hair to recreate this hairdo.


10. Bob for Black Baby Girls

Anytime you want your missy to look fabulous, a bob haircut will gather all the attention on her fresh look. Use moisturizer to define the curls and a hairpin with a bun to secure the bangs on one side.

Who said that little black girls and boys can’t look modern and fashionable at such a young age? Use ponytails, ribbons, buns, or beads to obtain the best hairstyles for black baby girls, and your lady or little man will look breathtakingly cute.


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