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Easy Hairstyling for Toddler Girls

Having a toddler girl is very fun and exciting. It means that You can work on Your creativeness and Your hairstyling skills which is exactly what a lot of parents are doing.

Making Your toddler’s hair is the best way to teach her to take care of herself so that she feels and looks nice whenever needed. This is why doing Your toddler’s hair from a young age is very important in our opinion. But not everyone knows how to make hair look nice, especially a toddler’s hair.

Children’s hair is different from ours. It is soft and light and it can get damaged pretty quickly. And not everyone is able to do just anything with hair. People study hairstyling for years since it isn’t such an easy thing to do. Especially create a hairstyle for a toddler.

So this is why we decided to write this article with some suggestions for easy hairstyling for toddler girls that You will surely be able to do no matter how good or bad Your skills are.


You can never go wrong with a ponytail

If You are not the best at hairstyling, a ponytail is always a great option. It is when You pull the hair back into a ponytail, it is pretty self-explanatory. You just have to gather the hair that You want to be gathered in a ponytail, brush the hair through so that it looks neat and slicked back and You use a hair tie to tie it all together.

Easy hairstyling for toddler girls (4)

A ponytail is the best and the easiest hairstyle to make on a toddler girl.

Although this is a pretty simple hairstyle, there are plenty of variations to it. For example, You can leave out a strand of hair and then tie it around the hair tie and tuck it into the ponytail. This creates the illusion that the hair is tied by itself when in fact there is a hair tie hiding under the strand of hair. You just need to make sure that You secure the strand with a pin or another see-through plastic hair tie.

This is very simple hairstyling for toddler girls but still very effective, creative, and nice. You can match this hairstyle to different outfits and styles for various important events as it is pretty universal. It will also keep the hair away from the face making this a perfect hairstyle for children’s birthday parties.


Spice it up

You can spice this simple hairstyle up by simply either straightening or curling your toddler’s hair. When doing such a thing, You have to make sure that You use heat-protection hair products before You apply heat to Your toddler’s hair. The heat can damage the hair since it is very light and thin most of the time. If applying heat, make sure that the temperature is set to low. You don’t need a lot of heat to create curls or straighten hair that is thin. You might end up damaging it a lot which can result in having to cut your toddler’s hair.

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Take care of Your toddler’s hair no matter which hairstyle You are making.

You don’t even need to apply heat if You want to curl Your toddler’s hair. Use a sock, shirt, or any fabric. You just need to wrap a couple of strands o hair around a sock or any piece of fabric and tie it in place. Leave it overnight. When You take out the fabric from the hair it will leave behind a beautiful curl.

Just make sure You tie them all in the same direction so that the hair looks much nicer. Randomly wrapping the strands won’t give you the desired effect. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this in order to get the most beautiful curls. You can create both small and big curls using this method.

Changing the style of your toddler’s hair is great for certain events such as weddings and birthdays. It will make them more excited about the event. Especially if You also purchase some adorable pieces for your little girl to wear.



Since we are talking about hairstyling for toddler girls, You definitely need to get her some hair accessories. Get colorful hair ties. They come in various sizes and styles which is what will make doing hair interesting to a toddler. These are children we are talking about and You need to let Your child be a child. Let her wear a bow in her hair. You can even include flowers in the hairstyle as well if going to an important event during spring and summer. This will add a very special effect to the hairstyle and it will make Your toddler look much more adorable than she already is.


Easy hairstyling for toddler girls (2)

Add hairbands, clips, bows, flowers, and anything else You can think of that looks nice.



You don’t have to tie up just one ponytail. There can be two of them even. One on each side of the head. These are very adorable, especially in straight hair. For curly hair, a bun might be a better option. The curls will create very lovely-looking big buns on your toddler’s head. This is an amazing hairstyle for African American girls but we have a completely separate article regarding that topic.

You don’t have to tie up just one or two ponytails or buns, there can be more of them. You just have to plan the hairstyle out before You begin doing it so that You don’t make your child hate hairstyling. Sitting in one place and not moving is one of the challenging tasks for toddlers, especially when getting ready to go somewhere. This is why improvising with toddlers is never an option. So, if planning on making a hairstyle on Your toddler girl, try it out yourself first.