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21 Cutest African American Kids Hairstyles

Cuteness and attractive persona is a god gift to the kids. All the kids can steal attention easily with their inherited cuteness and lively nature.

But when it comes to handling their styling, kids are kids; least bothered about the dressing and hair. They have their own stuff to think about and get indulged in.

So being the parents, it comes to our shoulder to give them a good look keeping in mind their comfort and easiness to carry that look.

The kids with longer and denser hair require an easy and manageable hairstyle to carry to not just get messed up with their hair, rather focus on their learning’s and developments.

So here, is the list of 21 ultimate and outstanding African American hairstyles just for your kids. Choose the most befitting for your kid and make them look stylish in a most comfortable way.


21 Cutest African American Kids Hairstyles

Circular Cornrows with a High Bun and Flowing Braids

African American Hairstyles

The cornrow braids are the trendy, comfortable, and long-lasting hairstyle. Here in this style, you can see the cornrow braids are created in a circular web-like structure with vertical cornrow braids from front to back.

The cornrow braids are accessorized with stylish beads. The braided hair is tied together to form a high bun on the top.

The braids made up with the hair of surroundings of the head are left open to flow on the shoulder nicely to give the kid an adorable and funky look.

The use of brown toned accessories is complimenting the hairstyle and adding on a festooned look to the overall appearance.


Cornrow Braids with Two High Buns on Both Sides and Open Hair at the Back Accessorized with Hair Ornaments

African American Hairstyles

It is the best hairstyle to opt, for the ones with voluminous, curly, long and permed hair. Cornrow Braids makes the hair management very simple and easy to carry.

In the style, the hair is tied with cornrow braids at the top of the head creating beautiful designs, and then the braids are tied together to form two high buns on both sides.

Rest of the hair at the back is left open with spiral curls. The gorgeous hair accessories used are making the hairstyle look very trendy and classy.


Thick French Braids on Both the Sides from Top to Bottom in a Rising Motion

African American Hairstyles

The jet black thick hair are generally hard to manage, especially in case of kids. This is the style solving all the problems to manage dense and long hair and also putting in a great style statement to the kid’s personality.

The hair is partitioned equally from the middle of the head, and a neat and fine French braid is created from the top with thin braids followed by a thick fluffy braid the end of the head.

The braids are continued till the ends of the hair and knotted properly. It is a tidy yet cool hairstyle for kids.


Three Fluffy Buns with Three Conical Partitions Bedecked with a Spiral Fringe at the Front

African American Hairstyles

The more, the fluffier hair, the more amazing and majestic puffs can be created in the hairstyle. The African inherited permed hair with a fluffy texture is hard to manage.

But at the same time, leaves a great option for beautiful puffs and fluffy buns. The hairstyle shows a great combination of bouncy buns and partitioned carvings on the head.

The conical partitions are adding a defined look to the hairdo, and the puffs are giving a dense and fluffy look. At the front, the thick spiraled fringes are complimenting the style.


Roped Looked Cornrow Hair Strands with Cute Colorful Beads Garlanded on the Ends of the Braids

African American Hairstyles

The simple and cool look with the roped style cornrow braids leaving all the hair strands open to flow free and scatter on the shoulders beautifully. The hairstyle is created with partition from the middle.

By taking numerous hair strands, roped cornrows are tied, and colorful beads are put in all the braids at the ends followed by a tight knot. This is a trendy and cool African American hair look for the kids to go for.


Reverse Braided Strands Scattered all over the Head Accessorized with Beads

African American Hairstyles

The cute girls with thick, long and voluminous hair love look really adorable, but at the same time it becomes hard for them to manage such long hair at that young age.

So, to give them a comfortable and hassle-free hairstyle, this is an ultimate hairstyle. It can keep the hair tied all the time properly as well as can ensure a smart and stylish look of the little sweet munchkin.

Also, the use of accessories on the braids complimenting the look and make it more urban and eye-catchy.


Roped Cornrow in Permed Hair for African Tiny Tots with Floral Beads

African American Hairstyles

This is the hairstyle most suitable for the toddlers. However, the little elder kids can also opt for the same to have a comfortable and hassle-free look.

In this hairstyle, you can see the pair of multiple small braids tied up all over the head in small portions creating small square-shaped sections.

The cute small braids are then festooned with small pink and white floral beads to add on to its beauty and the baby’s cuteness. The hair is first tied up with a rubber band, and then the braid has been made.


Numerous Thin Braids in Jet Black Long Hair with a High Bun and Flowing Braided Strands on Shoulders

African American Hairstyles

The kids with such hair quality and length are truly blessed but managing such hair along with maintaining a unique and stylish look, they need a specially sorted hairstyle.

This is the one such Africa American kid’s hairstyle that can give a kid an overall look of cornrow braids, long braided hair as well as the style of a high bun.

All the fashion segments together in one style. Also, this is a long-lasting hairstyle that can last more than a month.


Funkiest and Hippie Styled Cut with a Dense Forest-Like Structure with a Pacman Look

African American Hairstyles

This is a typical hippie cultured, funky and unconventional hairstyle to go for. This can also be referred as a boldest look to give to your child. Those kids who aspire to be a rock star in their perceived field may want to have such look.

Though African kids have such hair texture that goes well with this hairstyle. In this style, you can see a big bunch of hair with a forest-like an appearance with a triangular cut at one of the sides of the head giving it a Pacman look.


The Flow of Ash Brown Open Hair with The Fluffiness and Density of Natural Permed Hair

African American Hairstyles

The cute little girl with a sparkling smile is looking every bit of an angel with such delicate features and attractive hairstyle. The hairstyle is looking very natural and effortless showing as if there is no styling but naturally beautiful.

The hair texture is permed with softness, and the hair color is absolutely lovely to compliment this hairstyle. The style makes the hair look much dense and voluminous and makes it a suitable look for all occasions.


Side Ponytail with Multiple Partitions Tied with Spiked Headband

African American Hairstyles

It is a cool and stylish look for the African traditional permed hair. The hair is sectioned into multiple partitions and tied separately in braid outs. Then, all the hair is tied up together to form a ponytail at one of the sides.

At last, the side ponytail is accessorized with a navy blue spiked headband to add on to its beauty. At the back of the head, the fluffy opened up hair looks very gorgeous and stunning.

This is thoroughly a childish hairstyle appropriate for cute girls with permed hair. This is an apt hairstyle to carry off on all occasions.


Open Hair with Curly Waves at Middle Length and Partitioned from Middle

African American Hairstyles

Some kids love to love their hair flowing here and there on shoulders. Especially, growing girls like their hair to be open to enjoy their feminism within.

For such girls, this is the suitable hairstyle as it presents with an open hair partitioned from the middle. The open hair is scattered equally on both the shoulders keeping the curls of the hair mild and wavy.

The hair is straight at the top and is followed by curls at the mid-length. This simple hairstyle is good to go with all the dresses and on every occasion.


Two-Toned Golden Brown Finger Coils Rose Higher with Short Hair

African American Hairstyles

This is thoroughly a style American and African kids can follow with lots of guts and boldness. The first and foremost thing is the hair texture and hair color.

This hair texture is common for Africans, and the hair color is conventional for Americans. So, this style is most suitable for the kids to belong to those countries.

The hairstyle is cool and funky with the finger coil-like appearance keeping the hair shorter and raised high to give it a unique look. The two-toned hues is adding charm and luster to the style.


Lots and Lots of Cornrow Braids Tied Together to form an Indian Pug Accessorized with a Purple Ribbon

African American Hairstyles

To attain such classy and elegant style one must have such dense, black, smooth, silky and straight hair to form numerous thin braids with such texture and luster in uniformity.

The multiple braids are tangled together and surrounded by the head to create a look of traditional Indian pug. The pug made up with original black braids is looking really attractive and every bit of sophisticated. This is out if the world hairstyle to go for to create your style statement.


Ash Black Silky Straight Hair with Middle Partitions and Wavy Lengths Tied Up with Bobby Pins at the Sides

African American Hairstyles

The simple and effortless look with a tricky style to keep the hair stay the way you want them to stay for a long time.

The ashy black hair with such radiant and glossy texture and straight hair quality are tied up at the sides of ears to keep the wavy curls stay on their place and give a voluminous look to the hairstyle.

Also, the bobby pins used to tie the hair is colorful to add on to the beauty of the look and makes the bobby pins play the role of hair accessory.


Cornrow Braids in Separate Three Partitions with a High Bun and Flowing Braids at the Ends

African American Hairstyles

The hair is partitioned in three different sections. One from the top till the middle part. The second section has diagonally divided half portion of the back, and the third is the portion left.

There are many thin braids created out of the hair. All the braids are then tied up at the ends with a rubber band. The braids on the first section are tied together to form a high bun at the top of the head, whereas the braids at the other two sections are left flowing over the shoulder.


Thick and Thin Cornrow Braids Accessorized with Beads and Forming Two High Buns on Both Sides

African American Hairstyles

The hairstyle is tricky and demands a fair amount of time to invest in the styling of this hairstyle. To attain this hairstyle, the kid should have hair with reasonable good volume and good texture.

The multiple tight cornrow braids are tied from top to back and tied up together at the sides of the head to form two high buns on both sides.

The use of thin lases and metallic rings make the hairstyle look outstanding and unusual. In fact, the adults would also find this style attractive and lure to go for it.


A Tight Braid at the Diagonal Separation of the Top Head Followed by a High Pony at the Back

African American Hairstyles

The small little angel with such cute face looks so graceful and innocent in this heartwarming hairstyle. The hairstyle is best suited for the kids born in Africa or kids born with such hair texture mostly found in Africans.

The hair is parted diagonally at the front and tied up into a tight cornrow braid. Whereas the hair at the left ate tied together to form a high ponytail at the back.


Side Ponytail with Spiral Curly Hair Strands and Tightly Done Hair from the Front

African American Hairstyles

The hairstyle is elegant, simple, sophisticated and something that all the kids next door would like to follow with ease.

In this hairstyle, the hair is required with spiral curls or can say extremely thin spiral curls to give it a perfect look.

The hair is tightly done and combed from the front to form plain looking surface at the front and tied one of the sides to look attractive. The hair is left open with spiral strands to look dense.


The Rectangular Chessboard Cornrow Braids with Very Thin Hair Strands

African American Hairstyles

The ultra-unique design in the world of cornrow hairstyles. This is a comfortable style for the kids and long-lasting as well. It keeps the child look cute and stylish both at the same time.

To attain this style, long hair is the main requirement. The braids are tied up with very thin hair strands both vertically and horizontally to create a box-like structure all over. This looks absolutely stunning and amazing.


Magical Short Hair with Brown African Perms Decorated with Hair Accessories

African American Hairstyles

The spiral hair with very thin hair strands making the hairstyle look damn stylish and cool with their unique feature of scattering all the hair here and there.

The bow pins with white color are adding a majestic look to the hairstyle and make it look so simple and effortless. This style is also a comfortable one as it requires very short hair for styling such hairstyle.


So, these are the 21 magical African American hairstyles; I have sorted out for you and your kids to stay cozy and stay stylish with any type of hair texture, hair color, and hair quality.

Choose out of the bold hairstyles and out of simpler ones for your kids according to their personalities and make them stay cute forever.