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21 Most Stylish Prom Hairstyles for Black Girls

When we talk about the beauties with black skin, we think of their sharp and elegant features. But hairstyles are also a vital look to add on to one’s beauty, no matter what skin tone one has.

For the ladies with darker skin tone, here is a list of some fantastic prom hairstyles to carry off gracefully and steal all the attention with their killing and splendid looks. Prom is basically a celebration where everyone wants to look different and stylish to stand out in social gatherings.

To achieve the same, everything, including the outfit, accessories, makeup, and hairstyles, should be decided carefully. So, all the girls searching out for their prom hairstyles opt for these hairstyles now and show your bombshell side to the world with your glamour and moves.


21 Most Stylish Prom Hairstyles for Black Girls

Bluish Hued Sophisticated and Rhythmic Prom Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Black Girls

The queen-like hairdo is looking every bit of eye-catchy and attractive. To attain such sexy prom hairstyle, silky, straight, and radiant hair texture is paramount. The touch of bluish hue to the natural black hair makes the hair look magnificent and even more lustrous.

In this hairstyle, you can see the hair is tied up with a half high pony knotted with the hair strand itself. The subtle look makes the hairdo outstanding. It is a simple style but makes the girl look like a gorgeous princess. This is the ultimate prom hairstyle one can have to flaunt their style.


Side Parted Black Curly Hair with Bounce

Hairstyles for Black Girls

This dark chocolaty toned girl looks beautiful in her own skin and her graceful hairstyle making her personality even more confident and iconic. The dark black luscious hair with the bouncy curls makes the hair look denser and voluminous. In this hairstyle, all you need is a nice textured black hair with a touch of hazelnut hue.

This hairstyle is perfect for highlighting the sharp and fine facial features which make you look effortlessly stylish. This is a perfect prom hairstyle for the ones who love to keep their hair open and wave them here and there every now and then.


Long Jet Black Hair with a Curled Middle Part and Side-Parted Fringes

Hairstyles for Black Girls

To have such striking and alluring hairstyle; one must have the long, dark, smooth and nourished hair. Of course, this is the one hairstyle, that demands more care and hairdo management all through the day, but then the splendid hairstyle is worth it.

In this hairstyle, you can see the hair is kept straight from the top and bottom and are curled nicely with a spiral look at the middle portion of hairstyle. The hair is side-parted, keeping the fringes covering the half-face mysteriously to create curiosity among boys.


Classic Hairstyle for Dark Beauties with a Blend of Flattened and Voluminous Look

Hairstyles for Black Girls

The gorgeous dark-skinned diva is looking every bit of stylish and elegant in this fantastic hairdo. In this hairstyle, you can see the hair is segmented into portions where the middle part is knotted with a tight grip to make a high pony.

Leave rest of the hair open at both sides with beautiful and bold wavy curls. It makes the forehead look broader and give the face an unconventional appearance.


Both Side Braided Hairdo Accessorized with Golden Beads

Hairstyles for Black Girls

The extraordinary look with thick and fluffy braids from both sides festooned with girly and cute golden accessories makes the look stand out and giving the girl a different style statement of her own.

To attain this hairstyle, one must have thick and voluminous hair. The best part of this hairdo is you really do not require such smooth texture or straight hair to go for this hairstyle.

The braids are started from both the side partitions on the front, going backward with to make a single thick braid at one side. The golden beads are beautifully allocated on the hair.


High Bun Prom Hairstyle with Scattered Curly Strands All Over

Hairstyles for Black Girls

Those who love to carry an elegant style with a touch of a casual look, this is a perfect hairstyle to go for. To attain the same hairstyle with this perfection, you must have those deep curls in your hair.

However, you always have the option to make your curly and opt for different curly hairdo options. This hairstyle looks great with formal and party wear gowns and one piece. You can show off this hairstyle with style at any kind of night parties or social gatherings.


Feathery Short Golden Hair Pinned Up to form a Jumbled Bun

Hairstyles for Black Girls

The black updo hairstyle is everything that makes you look perfect for your prom parties and make the guys go wow with your seductive look. In this hairstyle, you can see the soft-hued golden hair with relatively shorter length look so gorgeous and pretty.

The hair strands are tied at some points with tic-tac clips to form a jumbled up bun at the back of the head. This hairstyle gives you a simple yet fantastic look to carry off in the parties. This look is perfect for round shaped faces.


Front Long Fringes with Layers in Jet Black Hair

Hairstyles for Black Girls

Look beautiful and stay stylish with such progressive haircut. This is one of the most versatile prom hairstyles that is suitable for all age groups and goes well with all type of attires.

The jet black super straight hair with a smooth texture makes the layered hair cut even more prominent and highlighting each and every hair strand so nicely. The long front fringes frame the face so gorgeously and make the eyes look more attractive and attentive.


Twisted and Wavy Curls with Short Hair

Hairstyles for Black Girls

Those who love to stay free and does not want to bother herself with the management of long hair, this cool look with the short hair is just befitting for you. An effortless, simple yet stylish hairdo to carry off to exhibit your fashion sense and rock all the parties like a diva.

In this hairstyle, you can see extremely silky and smooth hair with a tint of red color with black hair is making the hairstyle look ultra-modern and super stylish. This look is suitable for triangular shaped faces and round-shaped faces.


African Natural Perms with Very Short Hair

Hairstyles for Black Girls

Staying natural and beautiful with what you are blessed is what everybody wishes for. This African beauty with her natural African permed is looking like an African princess and stealing everyone’s attention with so much ease.

The precise hair giving her a classic and funky look, and on the other hand, the effortless and simple hairstyle does not demand any care or management to keep set for the entire day.

This style goes well with all sorts of outfits and accessories. This is the modern style statement for the modern women to look graceful and confident in short hair too.


Girly Layers and Step Hair Cut in Long Hair with a Touch of Waves

Hairstyles for Black Girls

The most common hairstyle that every girl next door is following but at the same time this is the super hit and safest hairdo that ensures you with a great and natural look. In this style, the hair is kept a reasonable length and parted both sides with beautiful waves.

The waves are a little bit messy and scattered all over so nicely. The hair is cut with a blend of layers and steps into it, which is making it look absolutely stunning. This is the perfect look for all the young girls who want to have a carefree and funky look with a seductive style.


Front Cornrow Braids with Highlighted Strands and a Braided Bun

Hairstyles for Black Girls

The ultimate look for the black girls blessed with thick and dense permed black hair. A very unconventional hairstyle that is adding beauty to her looks and makes her look like a fashionista.

The hairstyle requires fairly thick hair to make a thicker front braid, a thick braided bun at the back and prominently highlighted hair strands at the top of the head.

This is a hairstyle you can carry off for a whole day without much care and attention. The front braid is taken to back to get mixed the ultimate braid and form a thick bun at the back.


Tightly Done Prom Hairstyle to form a Ponytail

Hairstyles for Black Girls

This is another bang on hairstyle for the dark beauties. Those who are blessed with a longer, darker, and straight hair go for this hairstyle and stun everybody with your sexiest look. The hair is parted two ways and coated with a fair amount of hair gel to give the hair a wet look.

Then the hair is combed tightly backward to form a beautiful and neat low ponytail at the back. The finely straight hair makes her looks killing and complimenting with her gorgeous black outfit amazingly.


Dual Toned Dreadlocks with Longer Hair

Hairstyles for Black Girls

The dreadlocks hair strands are common among African human beings. Many of the Africans are naturally blessed with such hair type. Now a day, dreadlocks are becoming very popular among youngsters for its cool and funky look.

In the hairstyle the dreadlocks are maintained by giving the hair a touch of chestnut and brown hue with black color. The two tones colored long hair with funky dreadlocks strands makes the girl look super stylish.


Roped Strands with Scrolled ends and a Long High Bun at the Top

Hairstyles for Black Girls

The radiant, smooth and glossy black hair are twisted and turned into roped strands and left with spiral curls at the ends. This is a unique hairstyle with uniquely done hair strands and a uniquely done high bun.

To attain the same kind of look, the hairstylist might require reasonable voluminous and dense hair. Each and every roped hair strands is fetching attention, and the long top bun is giving the girl an iconic and exceptional look.


Straight Top Hair followed by Spiral Curls

Hairstyles for Black Girls

If you love your hair and likes to keep it open to move around, then this is the style for you. This is actually the one such style most suitable for those who have comparatively thin hair. These spiral curls can make your hair look voluminous, fluffy, and bouncy.

The luscious hairstyle with straight top hair and curly rest of the hair looks very girly and makes the girl look cute and sexy at the same time. This is a perfect look for all age groups and goes well with all type of hair textures.


Funky Short Hair with Tiny Perms Parted Sideways

Hairstyles for Black Girls

The feathery soft golden color of hair is itself making the hairstyle very attractive and eye-catchy. The tiny perms are adding on a flavor to the style and make the look more chic and sassy.

This is the perfect hairstyle for the girls who like to keep their hairstyle simple, short, and carefree with ensuring a great appearance and funky look. The look is mainly for the girls who have thin hair and small or triangular or round-shaped faces.


Roped Strands Tied with Metallic Red Thread and Accessorized with Metallic Beads

Hairstyles for Black Girls

Each and every hair strands are tied, twisted and turned to form a roped hair strands and then rolled up with a metallic red-colored silky and shiny thread to bring an incredible outcome. Afterward, the hair is accessorized with silver-colored metallic beads to add on to the look.

No doubt, this hairstyle is looking phenomenal, but yes, this hairstyle really requires your patience as making this hairdo is time taking. This hairstyle is mainly for the ones who seek out for a funky look.


Top Raised Mohawk Look with Curly Hair

Hairstyles for Black Girls

This is the most refreshing hairstyle, absolutely appropriate for all age groups. In this hairstyle, you can see the lady flaunting her jet black hair with curly Mohawk cut.

The top of the head is festooned with the beautifully scattered curly and longer hair strands all over and making the top area of the head looking voluminous with hair.

This hairstyle looks outstanding with an off-shoulder gown and a pair of beautiful long diamond danglers.


Blowout Burgundy Hairstyle with Zigzag Curls

Hairstyles for Black Girls

This hairstyle with short hair is looking every bit of cool and colorful. The burgundy color with the radiant and glossy texture compliments the hairstyle amazingly and gives the face an attractive and distinctive appearance.

The mild curls with zigzag are adding a traditional curly touch to the hairstyle and giving this girl a perfect party look. This is suitable for modern women who love to wear semi-formal outfits.


Bold and Simple Long Straight Open Hair

Hairstyles for Black Girls

No matter if the skin color is darker or lighter, this is the hairstyle apt for everyone. In fact, this is a universal style that women of all age groups can carry off well. The style does not need much description; the longer and thicker hair make a more creative and stylish rhythm of open hair.

This hairstyle is easy to maintain and manage and looks absolutely good at all occasions. It gives you a more casual and effortless look with assuring a beautiful you.


These are the 21 most happening and attractive prom hairstyles, sorted out just for all the dear women blessed with darker skin tone. Now as the world is changing, so is changing the so-called thought process.

Now beauty is defined with overall look and style statement and not by the mere skin tone. So girls, just love the skin you are in and try out these different futuristic hairstyles to enhance your looks and style.