21 Most Stylish Looking Two Tone Hairstyles

Two Tone Hairstyles

At present, when we have different options for coloring our hair, no one wants to keep their hair simple and of the same old color. All the females are looking for some vibrant and graceful hair colors to get their hair colored. Finding a perfect hair color match for yourself just by looking at the colors is a bit difficult. But that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to find the right hair color for yourself.

There are many females who are afraid of trying some funky hair colors or trying many hair colors. As these days the two-tone hairstyles are trending, so the females are looking more for a hair color combo that they can keep for long. We are here, to help you with some amazing two-tone hairstyles with great hair colors that you would love to try. Let’s have a look at these different two-tone hairstyles which you can try for your new look.

21 Most Stylish Looking Two Tone Hairstyles

Highlight Your Top Hair Layer with Dual Color Shade

Two Tone Hairstyles

Partially short and partially mid-length hair tresses with some different color tones are here for you. This color is one such color, which no one is afraid to get, and it looks beautiful on almost all the females. The way the stylist has done the coloring of the hair is commendable. Keeping the long locks that are hidden colored with the dark brown color or you can call it soft black shade. And the short length top hair layer is shaded properly using the dark and light shades of blonde hair color.

Get Pinkish Tone with Soft Black Shade

Two Tone Hairstyles

This is not a perfect bob look, but yes it does looks like a bob hairstyle. But what is looking more amazing in this hairstyle is the hair color, the lady is carrying. With few hair tresses colored with electric pink shade and the hair color under it is kept black to highlight this pinkish shade. With the pinkish shade, a bit of brownish blonde is also being used in some parts if you can notice in the picture. Just show the picture to your stylish and get ready with this look. For a beach look, you can try this hairstyle.

Burnt Reddish Ombre Hairstyle

Two Tone Hairstyles

If you have dry and rough-textured hair, then here is a perfect look for you. With the burnt reddish hair color or you can also call it wine hair color shade with some hues of orange till the mid-length of the hair is giving a burnt hair look. If you are a kind of sporty woman or you are traveling somewhere, do try this hair color. From the mid-length to the bottom, the ombre hair color shade with orange touch is looking great. Such hair color looks good with the tousled or a bit of wavy hairstyle. If you have long rough hair tresses and want to give them a different look, try this hairstyle and hair color combo.

Half Hair with Pink and Platinum Ice Color Shade

Two Tone Hairstyles

This is something extreme but it is a cool look which any college girl or girl who is in the fashion world would love to try. With some wavy streaks, you can part your hair from the center. Get half of the hair colored with baby pink shade with a mix of purple near the roots. And the other half side colored with the icy platinum shade. The icy platinum shade is complimenting the pink hair color perfectly.

Classic Bob Look with Two-Tone Hairstyle

Two Tone Hairstyles

We all know that bob look is one such hairstyle that looks amazing on anyone. But how about adding some color shade to the bob hairstyle. If you want to do some experiment with your bob hairstyle, then try experimenting the hair color. Here, we have an amazing hair combo which will look very graceful with you bob hairstyle. The shades of blonde at the top and the brunette shade hair color on the inner layer till the bottom. Also, the different blonde shade on the top layer is also looking great, as you can see that it is going from nude blonde to butter blonde and it is going on in the repetition.

Natural Green and Fuchsia Artistic Hair Look

Two Tone Hairstyles

We know you all must be wondering that this is a model look, so how can we carry this in our daily life. But just look how vibrant these colors are looking and this will give a really funky and pretty look to any girl. For the girls who keep trying such funky styles, can go for this hair look. The shades of fuchsia and the green are done beautifully. Their combination is looking very pretty. Coloring the top hair layer with fuchsia color and the bottom hair layer with parrot green color.

Undercut Dual Tone Hairstyle

Two Tone Hairstyles

The under shaved and undercut hair looks are very trending these days among the females also. But who wants to get the simple undercut look when there is the complete variety of undercut hair look? We are sure, no one at this time would like to go for a simple undercut look. That is why we have chosen this undercut look for you all. Here, the look is the same but the stylist has tried to bring the variation using the hair color. The undercut hair tresses are colored with a dark shade of brown. Whereas, the top hair color shade is kept light blonde.

Blonde and Copper Hair Color Combo

Two Tone Hairstyles

Long crops on short hair tresses look completely different. For a model or a fashion freak, this style is a deadly combination. Not everyone can get this bold and sassy look. But if you are into the fashion industry, you can get all the eyes on you with this look. The color combination of copper hair color shade along with the blonde hair color shade is looking great.

Classy Side-Swept Look with Blonde and Brown Tone

Two Tone Hairstyles

What came in your mind when you saw this picture? We were completely in love with this hairstyle when we saw it for the first time, and that is why we have brought it here for you. This old vintage look is modernized by using different color shades. Keeping the locks which are side swept of shiny butter blonde shade which is making them look lustrous. And the tresses at the back are colored with the dark brown hair color, to highlight the front hair look and face look. This is a partial hair look where half of the hair of the front side is colored with light shade and a half which are left at the back are colored with dark shade.

Tousled Jet-Black Hair with Coffee Color Shade

Two Tone Hairstyles

No matter if you have dry hair, as with dry hair too you can look great with some different hair colors. So, we have this tousled look for all you girls who have long or mid-length dry and thin hair. You can get this hairstyle easily by getting your hair cropped a bit from the back. Keep your base color rough jet black, as you can see in the picture. And to highlight your crops and tousled waves, just color those streaks with the coffee color shade. It will look stunning on any girl.

All-Time Hairstyle with Ombre and Blonde Hair Color

Two Tone Hairstyles

Some hairstyles and hair colors are so perfect that they can go with anything. You can try this ombre and blonde hair color style for any event also or for your office look also. It will look pretty for any casual party too. The short length hairstyle with the wavy hair look is absolutely stunning. Along with that, the mix of ombre and blonde is looking perfect and giving a great shade to the hair tresses. Keep this asymmetrical look or you can even try the tangled look with this hair color shade. It will also look bold like this one.

A Dark and Light Combo for Long Hair Tresses

Two Tone Hairstyles

Trying a two-tone hairstyle doesn’t mean that you have to try a hair color that has to look funky or different. You can even go for the light and the dark hair color shade as well. Just like in this two-tone hair color style, you can see that the upper tresses and the bangs are done with honey blonde shade till the mid-way. And from the mid-way till the bottom, the lower tresses are colored with the dark brown hair color shade. This highlights your hairstyle as well as your bangs. You can even go to your workplace also with this hairstyle.

Dual Tone Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Two Tone Hairstyles (13)

Simple and easy to do hairstyle and one of our favorite is the pixie cut hairstyle. This is easy to do and easy to carry as well. But simple pixie style is too old, so why not to try something new with it. So, here is our idea for your pixie look where you can get the undercut hair colored with the dark shade of brown. And you can get the top layer hair colored with nude blonde or butter blonde shade. This will highlight your pixie look more and will make it look more beautiful and cooler at the same time.

Mid-Length Smooth Hair with Dark and Light Color Shaded Style

Two Tone Hairstyles (14)

You all must be thinking that why there is no dual tone style for mid-length hair. So here, we have one, also you can try most of the long length hair color tone with your mid-length hair as well. This is a simple hairstyle where a simple color combination is being used. If you have naturally straight hair, then just get the dual tone shade. But when we say shaded style, we mean the shading only. Like the girl in the picture has dark brown color hair from the roots and then the hair color will start changing and will slowly turn into the honey blonde and then it will be butter blonde at the bottom. So, it is not a switch from one shade to others, but it is a shade change, which you can also say as faded hair color style.

Box Braids out of Dual Shade Hair Tresses

Two Tone Hairstyles

How can we not talk about the famous Afro-American hairstyle, when it is about the dual tone hairstyle. That is why we have come up with this dual tone box braid which is looking very shining because of the two hair color tone used. You can either get your hair colored in the brunette shade and blonde shade before tying up the braid. Or you can also make use of the extensions of the different color, to get this look. Like if you have brunette shade hair, get the blonde shade extensions and toe them up while doing your box braid. It will give your braid a lustrous look because of the hair color shade.

Long Crop Hair Look with Two Color Hairstyle

Two Tone Hairstyles

Have you ever tried the cropped hair look and that too with the long hair tresses? If not, then take the inspiration from this style and do try it if you love the chic and bold look. It is great to have some bangs with this cropped look. But this cropped look is defined more because of the two hair color shades used in this hairstyle. The dark brunette at the top is helping in enhancing the bold look of the face, and the butter blonde shade on the lower tresses is making this style look more beautiful by complementing the dark color. For some rock event or concert, this look is perfect.

Get Your Straight Smooth Streaks Colored with Brunette Shade

Two Tone Hairstyles

Brunette shade is one such shade that looks great on every girl. And when it is combined with the straight and smooth hair tresses, it comes up beautifully. For all the women with very long hair tresses, just try this dual tone brunette and coffee shade hairstyle. With the brunette color base hair, get the light coffee shade highlights. The hidden light coffee shade hair color is looking very pretty with the dark brunette shade, as both of them are complimenting each other. You can also get this lustrous hair look, with this two-tone hairstyle. Leave your hair untied and falling on both front and back to highlight your look.

Color Your Ringlets with Dual Hair Color

Two Tone Hairstyles

Ringlets look great, especially when you have long hair tresses. And when you can get a lustrous look with your ringlets, then you will definitely get the eyes of all on you. Many stars and celebrities have tried this look for different events. Keeping the base hair color shining black and then highlighting some of the ringlets is a perfect bold look. For highlighting the ringlets, shining golden ombre hair color. You can take some of the ringlets and can get them highlighted using this color shade. The dark and light hair color combo with ringlet hairstyle will look sassy.

Shaded Dual-Tone Hair Color for Straight Hair Tresses

Two Tone Hairstyles

Women with straight hair tresses, often complain that they are not being able to decide which hair color they should try to get a beautiful and the casual look together. So, we have brought this color combo for all those females, as you can try this for any casual party also, and because of the straight hair, this will look graceful also. This is a shaded hairstyle, where the top hair color is done with the dark purple color, and while coming down the shade is changing to the light wine color. The hair at the bottom is chopped like the blunt cut hairstyle. You can also try to put some bangs at the front with this hairstyle.

Get the Chic Look with This Shaded Blonde Hair Color

Two Tone Hairstyles

It is not always important to look graceful. You can even get a chic look, for some fun days. And if the chic look is like this, then you have got the boldness and the funky look both in one frame. With the side-parted short tousled hair, you can get this two-tone shaded hair look. Keeping the base dark and the front hair shaded with light blonde color, the tresses are looking great. To make it more stylish you can get it cropped like the girl in the picture. Do not let your base color get hidden under the light blonde highlight. So, mix them up, and get them shaded in a way that all the tresses should have both the color shades.

Go Crazy with This Greyish Orange Look

Two Tone Hairstyles

There are many women out there, who like to try some vibrant hair colors for the new look. As sometimes, changing the hairstyle is not what one needs, but the hair color change can also do magic, like this one. These tangled curls are looking really stunning, and after seeing them anyone would love to get their hair styled like this. Keeping the above tresses of silver greyish tone and the lower tresses of dark orangish shade is giving it a really beautiful look. If you love this hair combo, just go for it, without any fear, as it will give you a lively look.

These two-tone hairstyle ideas are for both college-going and office going females. That is why we have kept mixed two-tone hairstyle ideas for you all. Have you checked all the two-tone hairstyles? If yes, then do let us know, which one you feel is the right one for you. You can go with the funky color styles also or the graceful styles also, as both will look amazing. Just try them once and let us know, how much you liked these two-tone hairstyles for styling your hair.

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