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30 Charming and Cool Haircuts for Kids

Hairstyle plays a significant part to enhance the look and personality of a person. No matter whether the hairstyle is for adults or kids, choosing it wisely as per the suitability of face is very important. After all, the hairstyle is something that can give you an overall makeover and can define your personality.

For the little kids, who are very much busy in their own world and are least bothered about their looks and personality, there are some cool and comfortable hairstyles that they can carry off well without any hassle and stay smart in their carefree attitude.

Some of the best, stylish and cool haircuts are here just for your kids. To find the most suitable look for your kid now and make them walk like cute angels on earth.


30 Charming and Cool Haircuts for Kids

Brown Wavy Spikes

messy quiff haircut for kids

This is a fun hairstyle that’s amazing for boys. It works well for those kids who want a casual and playful look. The brown color makes it a charming haircut. Also, spikes create an eye-catching appearance.

The hairstyle is easy to maintain. Kids will not get frustrated by the hair while playing due to its short length. It is perfect for thick hair.


Caramel Choppy Haircut

red curly hairstyle for kids

The elegant caramel color can add charm to anyone’s look. The choppy cut looks marvelous on any round and long-faced kid. This can also be put in the shag category. Choppy adds great weight to the haircuts for kids. 

Moreover, it looks gorgeous when golden blonde adds to it. This is perfect for casual as well as fun looks. It gives them an interesting and unique look.


Messy Golden Brown Haircut

layered haircut for kids

Brown shade gives a pleasant appearance to any hairstyle. The wolf haircut is incredibly sexy and fancy. This gives a stylish and natural tone to the kids. The round, oval, and big faces can easily carry the hairstyle.

It is very easy to maintain. By simply combing and brushing, you can get them into perfect shape. It gives a delicate look to the school-going boy.


Textured Fade with Disconnected Shaved Sides

short haircuts for kids

A gorgeous texture fade is a bold and trendy haircut. Disconnected shaved sides will add elegance and effectiveness to the style. It is ideal for a preppy style. Fade can easily accompany a high lifestyle, suitable for boys of any age.

It further emphasizes the waviness of the hair. Hairdo will offer a smart look to the kids.


Buzz Cut 

crop short haircut for kids

Buzz Cut has quite a charming haircut for kids. It is simple and easy to maintain. Buzz Cut with the taper is ideal for active youngsters too. The slight taper on the side is a nice touch that gives an eye-catching appearance.

It is quite a straightforward haircut yet offers a stylish look. It can be a natural and classy look.


Side Swept Ceaser Cut

hairstyle for kids

Ceaser Cut is most popular among boys and kids. Side-swept adds appreciable charms to the hairstyle. The style is simple but gives a gentle tone. It is liked by adults and teenagers due to its classy and simple approach.

The hairstyle is quite magnificent with a natural side-swept. The hairdo is highly appreciated as it can go for casual as well as professional appearance.


Caramel Brown Shag with Curly Fringe

little kid with long blonde curly hair

Caramel Brown always adds creativity to any hairstyle. Curly Fringes are quite dramatic. The style has great efficacy in seeking attention. Moreover, the simplicity with style and fanciness makes the hairstyle unique and bold.

The slim and long-faced kids can easily adopt the hairstyle. It can give an interesting and signature look to any appearance.


Black Short Quiff with Tapered Sides

spiky short quiff with undercut for kids

For a really suave look, consider this classy short quiff hairstyle. It features a short black quiff with tapered sides. Taper sides are quite fascinating. Black color appeals to a natural tone.

The round and heart-shaped can easily adopt the hairstyle. To add more elegance to it, do brushing properly. It will give fringe style as well.


Golden Slick Side Swept Bob

straight blonde haircut for kids

Bob is quite a common and popular hairdo. The golden color is delightful and can add weight to any hairstyle. Slicked back style makes hairstyle attractive and versatile.

The side-swept hair can be appreciable to add a glossy tone. So, the hairstyle is incredibly fancy and simple.


Spiked Hair Cut with Different Length in Partitions

Cool Haircuts for Kids

The super cool hairstyle that goes really well for both kids and adults. In this hairstyle, you can see the hair is portioned into three parts keeping the top hair longer and raised upwards, the middle partition hair razored with an embossed look and the lower side part is shaved to petite hair giving the sides’ bald appearance.

The partitions are neatly done with thick, shaved lines to highlight the overall look. The hair color is also dominating the style with its soft radiance. This is a happening style for growing little boys.


Golden Brown Right inclined Straight Hair with Trimmed Left Side

Cool Haircuts for Kids

For your cute little macho boy, this is a suitable hairstyle with a sharp look. In this hairstyle, you can see the portion of hair is inclined towards the right, and the hair on the left is trimmed very short, giving the appearance of Mohawk look.

To get such type of look for your little one, it is imperative to have such hair quality with smooth and straight textured hair. The feathery golden color is adding softness to the hairstyle, and the straight hair quality with a sharp cut gives the style a detailed look.


Sophisticated Look with a Pompadour and Side Fine Cuts

Cool Haircuts for Kids

The lustrous and glossy hazelnut hued straight hair left the hairstylist with many options to experiment. For the triangular face, the kid is having; this is one of the most befitting and smart haircuts.

In this style, hair is kept longer and combed up to the back diagonally to create a pompadour look whereas the hair on the side parts is kept fairly shorter to make the front look more prominent.

Also, the front fore side’s hair is cut with sharp lines to make the hairstyle more highlighting and prominent.


Short Hair and Front Raised Puff with Little Longer Hair

Cool Haircuts for Kids

The super cute and adorable hairstyle for the small boys to make them look beautiful and at the same give them an innocent look. In the style, the hair is kept very short and juggled up effortlessly to create a texture with defined wavy hair strands.

On the other hand, the front hair is given a straight look with a spikes touch. To attain such hairstyle, one needs not to have typically straight and smooth hair.

The kids with thick and wavy hair can easily opt for this style and flaunt their cute face to the world and steal their hearts.


Copper Colored Messy Hair Strands with Shaved Surroundings

Cool Haircuts for Kids

This the hairstyle for the kiddos who are busy in their own world and do not want to invest their time in their hairdos and look. This is an effortless look that makes the kid look smart and stylish without requiring any hair management and combing up as such.

The sides and back are already shaved with very short hair, and the top hair is styled with a messy look so overall a great appearance with no styling. But yes, the color of hair is playing major role hair to makes the messy hair strands look so detailed and glossy.


Pompadour with Golden and Blonde Hair Color

Cool Haircuts for Kids

This hairstyle gives a prince like an appearance to the little boy posed in the picture. The two-toned hair color is perfectly done to give the overall style a perfect look. In this hairstyle, you can see the hair is colored glossy golden at the middle part and left glossy blond at the sides.

The longer hair at the front is combed and raised to create a pompadour look, whereas the blonde shaved sides are giving this hairstyle an uncompelled look. This is a royal look that you can give to your little prince.


Chocolate Brown and Golden Spikes all over with Trimmed Sides

Cool Haircuts for Kids

For a funky look to add naughtiness and urbanized look to your younger one’s personality, this hairstyle proves to be very apt. This is the most versatile look that the young boys can carry off nicely everywhere with all types of outfits and on all types of occasions.

To make this style more attractive, the blend of chocolaty brown color with golden spikes is added to the look and no doubt the color combination is complimenting the look with so much ease. For the younger boys, this is the perfect look to go sporty and handsome.


Side Mohawk and Wet Look Hair with Sharp Lines at Forehead

Cool Haircuts for Kids

This hairstyle is a perfect combination of sophisticated look with a funky one. Give your smart little boys this unconventional stylish look to make them look like a hero and walk like a celebrity.

The jet black hair with smooth and silky texture are kept longer at the top of the head and are razored very short of creating a Mohawk look. The top hair is gelled up properly to create a wet hair look to add elegance to the style.

You can see in the picture the sharp fine lines at the forehead. These are sharp moves to define the hairstyle and add an ultra-modern look.


Feathery Soft Blonde Hairstyle with Chinese Cut

Cool Haircuts for Kids

This is the cute and attractive haircut for the smaller ones to remain their innocence stay in their stylish and modern hairstyles. The gorgeous hair texture with the luster, shine, and smoothness is the important ingredients to attain such classy and cool hairstyle for kids.

The reddish blonde color is complementing the overall look. In this hairstyle, the hair length is kept longer than the rest of the hairstyles. The front hair cut is commonly known as Chinese cut where the forehead gets covered with the beautiful flowing hair and the back hair is cut asymmetrically for a more unconventional look.

Cool Braids For Boys


Mohawk with Brown Feathers

Cool Haircuts for Kids

The bold and unusual look to make your kid a fashion master from his childhood itself. This is a comfortable hairstyle in the hot summers where you can keep your child bald and at the same, give him a smart look.

The thick line of hair at the middle part of the head is combed up high and raised with a cock feather look. This is a funky look that you can give to your child to add on to his cuteness and make him look like a little rock star.


Blonde Nest with Curvy Spikes and Shaved Surroundings

Cool Haircuts for Kids

No matter, for whom is the hairstyle? The color of hairstyle always plays an important role. It is the hair hue that highlights the different cuts in hair and different curves in hair. The blonde color hair is actually making the spikes look very charming and stylish.

The hair texture is smooth and silky, but not straight. The wavy hair is most suitable to achieve this style. Also, the voluminous hair can create a finer appearance to the style by adding depth to the hairstyle. The spikes are curled and twisted differently on all areas whereas the sides of the head are left shaven.


Very Short Curly Hair with Fine Carves

Cool Haircuts for Kids

The supreme hair cut with utmost elegance and style factor in it. The jet black hair with a curly texture is kept very short at the top of the head with keeping fine sharp carvings at the surroundings on top of the head.

This is a cool look with keeping in mind the comfort of the kids. The style does not require much maintenance, and thus kids can simply enjoy without bothering much about the hair and all.


Front Cap Look and Side Mushroom Cut

Cool Haircuts for Kids

Again a cute look for little munchkin with maintaining the elegance and grace within it. The hair color with chestnut tone is undoubtedly very charming and adding magnificent luster and hue to the hair strands.

From the front the hair is cut straight to maintain the symmetry and the sides hair is cut very short followed with a bald look at the ends. This is a nice hairstyle to carry off in the season of hot summers as it requires very short hair to style and maintain the style factor within it.


African Perms with Short Hair and Defined Sharp Cuts at Forehead

Cool Haircuts for Kids

Usually, we do not try to experiment with the extreme front hair of the head. Be it any hairstyle; we like to keep the front hair the way they are naturally.

But in this picture, you can see the front hair is cut sharp to create a symmetrical balance and detailed alignment to the forehead.

The African perms are maintained fantastically in the hairstyle with keeping the front hair reasonably shorter than the hair of the lower head. This is a cute look for the younger boys.


Grey Hued Thick Spikes with Mohawk Sides

Cool Haircuts for Kids

This is not the regular hairstyle; generally, the young boys like to carry off. This is a bold and funky look for the typical sports kids or hip-hop dancers to look cool and stylish in their unique look.

In this look, you can see the spikes are maintained with a bit longer hair to give a pined thick spikes look at the top whereas the sides are shaven with very short hair to create a Mohawk look. This is more of a hippie look that you can give to the kid for a bolder change.


Carving on One Side with Multi-Colored Longer Hair on Other Side

Cool Haircuts for Kids

The hair length is kept longer on the top hair with a touch of multi hues on the top hair. In this hairstyle, the most important part is the creative carving on the side hair of the head.

The side hair is kept very short, and a clean and neat carving is done with sharp cuts to make a leaf-like structure near the ear, followed by a semi-circle. The ends of the sides are given a bald look. This is a funky hairstyle suitable for the sporty kids.


Blonde Hair with Asymmetric Hair Length to Cover the Half Forehead

Cool Haircuts for Kids

The ultimate feathery texture given to the cute face with utmost grace. In this hairstyle, the hair is cut shorter on one side whereas longer on the other side. The hair is combed from the back towards front diagonally to cover the half forehead and frame the face beautifully.

The side is kept a little shorter to make the haircut comfortable for the younger ones. This style is more suitable for the very younger kids say, toddlers. This is an easy to manage hairstyle and is apt for all seasons.


Permed Hair with defined Forehead and Carvings Side Hair

Cool Haircuts for Kids

African perms are very messy and curly. Generally, people like to go for cornrow braids in such hair texture or opt for hairstyles with very short hair.

For the cool little boys who like their hair to be short, simple, untidy, and effortlessly manageable, this is the perfect hairstyle to flaunt.

In this hairstyle, you can see the comfort of short hair plus the attractive carving on the side hair is making this style very futuristic and urban.


Short Hair with defined Forehead Maintaining Symmetry at Both Sides

Cool Haircuts for Kids

The very short brown colored hair with smooth, radiant and straight hair texture is adding on lots of cuteness to the little boy’s innocent face. This is a bubbly hairstyle that suits all types of faces, skin tones, and facial shapes.

In this hairstyle, you can see the fine detailing of the forehead with sharp horizontal cut at the front making a rectangular appearance of forehead followed by two curves over the eyebrows and ears to highlight to overall features.


Blend of Slanting Long Spikes and Downwards Hair

Cool Haircuts for Kids

The golden blonde hair is a pure, blessed hair color with its fine glossy shades and multi-hued radiance. The small little boy is looking very charming and adorable in this smart and funky hairstyle.

In this hairstyle, you can see the long hair at the top of the head combed up diagonally on the other side of the head and raised high with wavy spikes.

On the other hand, the hair at both the dies is combed in the downward direction. This is a wonderful and faultless hairstyle for the kids of all age groups.


Multi Hued Shades of Brown Hair with a Pompadour and Mohawk Look

Cool Haircuts for Kids

This is a calculative and time taking hair cut that requires maintenance and management of hair from time to time. The hair is cut with a Mohawk style creating lots of curves on the top of the head to give it a pompadour touch.

The front forehead is accessorized with the curly hair strands falling over it. The sides are shaved to give a bold look, and the forehead is highlighted with a sharp rectangular cut.


These are the most stylish and progressive hairstyles you can try out on your younger boys to give them a makeover and make them learn how to stay stylish with being cute.

Nowadays, not only adults but kids also require a different look and different hairstyle to stand out in the crowd and flaunt their impressive personality. So, give your kids a suitable look according to their personality and make them walk more confidently.