22 Stylish and Trendy Boys Haircuts 2021

There are many hairstyles for women and girls, their hair accessories, and various other styles and option. However, whenever we think of boys, there is not much choice and that is what the prevailing perception is all about. This is not true.

When hairstyle has a lot of impact on not only your style and look but also the personality and confidence level and entire appearance.

For boys too the world of fashion is all giving. There a huge variety of hairstyles only for boys and that too each one is so uniquely different from the other that no one style is even remotely close enough.

So this year 2021 give your boy a new cool haircut and click as many adorable pictures of your style stud.

Before you start, there are a few tips that are required to maintain the health of the hair. If the hair is healthy and thick only then can these styles come out well and make the entire look blooming because of the style.

So to keep healthy hair for boys it is important that the hair should always get the proper nutrition. This can be got from food. A healthy diet is thus essential. Another factor is keeping the hair free from dust and grit from environmental pollution.

Many a time small boys play in rough weather in dusty parks and the hair is thus exposed to dust and harsh sun rays making the hair untidy full of tangles and knots.

This leads to hair fall due to dirt and friction hence to avoid such issues wash hair at weekly intervals. So make sure your child puts oil in the head at least once a week overnight.


Stylish and Trendy Boys Haircuts 2021

Mohawk Haircut

Boys Haircuts

The first step in getting the Mohawk look is to trim both sides completely, or leave some hair on the sides. A Mohawk can either belong, i.e. from the top of the forehead to the back of the head, or just at the center of the head.

So, depending on the style, you will have to cut the hair. After trimming the sides, start trimming the center of the head using scissors.

You could also use a razor blade to keep the hair up at its place. So style up in style with the Mohawk Boys Haircut.


Comb Over- The Comb

Boys Haircuts

Over has become yet another one of the perfect haircuts for boys, very common with the boys recently.

This technique will give your boy an appearance like the winsome small boy that he is, and is ideal to be on the good list of his master at school. Section the hair to make the entire line to begin the comb-over haircut.

Using a comb and scissors, scrape the side of the hair that you have separated. Before you start trimming the sides, don’t overlook to moisten the hair. Cut the exterior and middle part of the hair as per your aspired expansion.


Mohawk with Fade

Boys Haircuts

The Mohawk is, however, is always on the list of top trendy hairstyles for boys, and you can reach out in fade Mohawk by tapering the sides.

For this fade, the hair on the top front part is extended linked to that on the posterior of the head causing it feasible for you to raise them in hawk style.

The length of the hair grows from the head that is the crown region to the base. This style is the least time-consuming to make.


Classic Pull Up Hair

Boys Haircuts

This hairstyle is a modern one, and it should seem great on your boy as well! Rinse the hair with a herbal hair cleanser, and wipe it a bit, however, try to keep it a little damp.

Part the hair at the sides and dry the sides. Keep in mind that the sides require to be much shorter than the central part of the hair to get this look.

Use a comb or you can also it with your hands to move the middle part of your hair upwards after wiping the sides. The spike created on the center part of your hair is the USP of the hair.


Toddler Boy Haircut

Boys Haircuts

This is by far the most adorable hair cut on this entire list. As toddlers, their hairstyles should be very minimum and also something that should not mess around with their eyesight that is why this hairstyle is just appropriate for the toddlers as the front portion have very little spikes that balance with the baby features on his cute face.

Because the spike in the front the looks absolutely stunning and the sides are kept trimmed so there is also no chance for the hair to make him feel hot.


Front Swipe Hair for Boys

Boys Haircuts

This hairstyle is very neat and yet looks cool and smart. In this hairstyle, the sides are kept almost trimmed and minimum and the hair is styled mainly focusing the front part where the length is kept slightly longer and has a swipe out effect.

This hairstyle is indeed great as it is done in minimum hair length as well as keeping the length intact. This hairstyle is great for boys who are at the age of 7 to 15 or 16.


Bald Cut with a Curly Tail for Boys

Boys Haircuts

This hairstyle is very funny and great for boys. It has a quire outlook to it and also the hairstyle has the length kept minimum.

The hair is almost bald. And the latter end has a small length for about countable strands. The look has a very bold that transcends to a cute comic appeal when done on small boys.


Dragon Spike Look

Boys Haircuts

Boys always want to dress up or rather style up like superstars. This hairstyle is one such hairstyle that can so appropriately bring out the supper man in your child.

To do this hair you need volume on the upper region and keep the minimum of the side. Then section the upper portion of the hair in a major section like 4 to 5. The hair stiffening gel is what comes of use here.

When you take one section, comb out and shape it in a conical way with your hand. Now the pattern will be such that the middle spike region will have the longest length while the front and the end will have the same shorter lengths than the middle part.

The spikes look like a curved line from the top with conical tops. This hairstyle indeed comes out with an ultra-cool vibe.


High Rise Hairdo for Boys

Boys Haircuts

This haircut is very adorable and suits boys with a round face. This haircut has a specific height added to it. The hair is kept a little trimmed at the sides.

The crown area has quite a lot of volume and this is cut such that it is neither too long yet nor too small and the hair is combed first and then with gel mouse these are roughly gathered in the center. Thus this hair adds to the height as well. This hairstyle makes the face looks really cool.


Wavy Center Focused Haircut for Boys

Boys Haircuts

This hairstyle is very unique and one of its kind and the best part is for boys it is easier to maintain. The sides are trimmed to almost being bald.

In this haircut, the center is the focus. The entire volume is concentrated on the middle and the front has a wavy texture.

This entire look has a very flamboyant appeal to it. These hairstyle suits face that is round as the volume on the top balances out the facial shape and makes it look oval.


Mid Spike with a Fade Haircut

Boys Haircuts

Well this hairstyle is truly quite a number. For a little bigger boys or teenage boys, this style is more appropriate. This hairstyle incorporates two style s together with the fade and the mid spike.

The mid spike ha angular points to the center aligning towards the front. The fade is aligned from the temples and on either side of the head.

The whole look has a very stud appeal with and edgy smart look. This look is a very stylish one in the entire list of the boy’s haircut.


Front Crew Mushroom Cut For Boys

Boys Haircuts

This haircut is great as it is done in very little space focusing only on the volume part. This hairstyle is cool as there is not much to do yet the haircut has a USP to talk about and that is the center part of the head and this style causes the entire look to be very smart.

The screw cut enhances the look. Also as the sides and the bottom are completely trimmed hence the haircut is great for making a cool style for the summers.


Rowed Highlighted Haircuts for Boys

Boys Haircuts

This haircut is super smart and has a very boss like vibe to it. In this hairstyle, the cut is kept simple yet the styling is not. The hair is combed keeping narrow 2 mm parting and when the entire hair is back brushed.

The hair suits teenage boys and has a very serious no-nonsense e kind of a look. Now if the same stern and serious hairstyle are given to boys slightly elder than the toddlers then the result is just way too adorable.


Top Knot Haircut for Boys

Boys Haircuts

You have a toddler at home and his naughtiness is driving you mad but when you look at that cute face isn’t it all worth it? With this top knot, hairstyle increases his cuteness quotient to the next level.

Come and gather up all the hair up and tie it in a knot. This way the excess hair won’t be bothering your child’s sight as well as give him a cute fashion sense. This look is great for toddler boys as there is something very adorable about this hairstyle.


Short Poke Haircut for Boys

Boys Haircuts

This hairstyle is versatile and very charismatic to look at. In this hairstyle, the cut is made such that throughout the hair it has a small poky length that seems like narrowly spike but in a very subtle way.

This hairstyle is extremely cute and has a very carefully careless look to it. This makes for a great hairstyle for boys of 8 to 10 years when the boy is neither a toddler nor a teenager.


Center Spike with a Designer Low Fade Haircut

Boys Haircuts

This haircut has very stylized appeal to it and is very much on the trends of the year 2021. In this hairstyle the sides are kept almost bald it is so trim.

The low fade is done towards the upper region of the ears in desired design like here they have geometric designs incorporating triangles and curved lines.

You can do what your child likes. This has a great fashionable approach especially with the center that has soft spikes on the center.


Faux Hawk Haircut for Boys

Boys Haircuts

Decide just how high or scattered you need the Faux Hawk to be. Immediately you have to completely clean your hair. This is because you will get a more favorable outcome with absolutely washed hair.

Wipe it, and divide it into three sections with the help of a comb. Take the stretchy straps and tie them on the central section of your hair. Shave the sides and the center to a minimum, but leave plenty to be assured that the middle section is extended.

Now remove the rubber bands that you tied the center section in place with. Apply a bit of hair setting spray to keep it in place. Your faux hawk is ready.


Highlighted Spike Haircut for Boys

Boys Haircuts

This hairstyle is just way too cute and everything adorable. When a toddler has a bluish spike in the front then nothing can beat the cuteness overload here.

This hairstyle is fashionable, way trendier than any other hairstyle. N this hairstyle the side is kept smaller than the center and the front part is colored in tones of blue and green and is kept subtly extended. This style can also be done on boys of higher age.


Rock Stiff Center Spike Haircut for Boys

Boys Haircuts

This hairstyle is dramatic and bold and has a very interesting appeal to it.

The haircut is done in such a way that the two sides are completely trimmed having almost military cut and the center of the hairstyle has a lot of lengths such that the center hairstyle can be spiked to a great height with the help of a hair gel or a stiffening spray.


Permed Angular Cut

Boys Haircuts

This hairstyle is for boys who have a super curly hairstyle and the best is even if the hair is permed.

This hairstyle has the angular front head cut with clean angles and the rest of the hair is kept short. This haircut is great for a boy who is teens and their aura has just started to be noticed by others.


Buzz Haircut for Boys

Boys Haircuts

This hairstyle is clean and tidy and the style is its simplicity. The hairstyle is done keeping the hair fully mowed and the front forehead has straight lines and indented towards the temples.

This hairstyle is fit for boys of all ages. This indeed is a versatile hairstyle.


Messy Top Curled Haircut

Boys Haircuts

To get this haircut you could either style the hair by shifting it sideways or upwards. Know, the side separation is really essential for this look.

Apply a mousse to style it for specific circumstances or just a touch to arrange it on a regular base. This hairstyle has a very bohemian essence to it and can be style by boys of any age.


Style is something that should be inculcated from an early age and for boys if they have the sense of style then at least a quarter of the battle is won.

A man with good hair can always win hearts and a boy with the good hair is always a boy full of confidence and sober appeal. So if surprise ceases you with the umpteen variety buffet of fashionable haircut then do not forget to choose your favorite.

Try out these hairstyles that are very easy to style up no matter what occasion it is and the best part is the maintenance, this hairstyle is even easier to carry by the boys and they look really smart and well groomed.

A well-groomed boy is always exuberating confidence and charm. Rock your haircut in style and make a mark in the world of fashion.

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