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67 Most Flattering Short Blonde Hairstyles In 2024

They say blondes have more fun and short blonde hair has the most fun of all! Whether your locks are sunny, sandy, strawberry or platinum, your blonde hair is sure to look amazing in a short, fresh cut.

When choosing your new short blonde hairstyle, it’s important to consider your hair’s overall texture, the shape you want to create, and how short you want to go.

Remember, blonde hair is typically thinner and weaker, so investing in quality shampoo and conditioning products is a must.

With that being said, let’s have a look at all the different short blonde hairstyles you can choose from!

1. Short Blonde + Bangs

Thinking about adding bangs to your short blonde hair? Your face shape will help you determine which style is best. For example, round or square faces should choose parted or wispy styles.


2. Short Layers

A short haircut like this one should be your go-to if your hair is thin or fine, but so should defining layers. Give your hair a cute bob cut and get the attention it deserves.


3. Short Curly Blonde Hair

When it comes to a short, curly blonde hairstyle, deciding your shape is the most important factor. Both a square and round bob are beautiful and unique, so the choice is truly yours!


4. Short Wavy Blonde Hair

Short blonde hair can be as versatile as you want it to be. Even if your hair isn’t naturally wavy, a chin-length bob looks cool and effortless with a few bends or loose curls.


5. Short Straight Blonde Hair

short straight blonde hair

Is your blonde hair rather straight? Blunt cuts are very trendy these days, so give your short blonde hair a fresh chin or shoulder-length chop.


6. Blonde Highlights for Short Hair

Add highlights to your short blonde hair to up the dimension of your overall look. From balayage to ombre and baby lights, you’re sure to find highlights that work for you.


7. Add Lowlights

If you’re looking to add contour to your short blonde hair, consider adding lowlights. They are 2 to 3 shades darker and deepen your natural hair color for a dimensional look.


8. Short Blonde Balayage

Balayage involves hand-painting lighter tones strategically throughout the hair for optimal light absorption and natural appeal. It make take more time, but the effect is worth it!


9. Short Blonde Ombre Hair

Your short blonde hair doesn’t have to be one solid color. Ombre is perfect for rocking your natural color at the root and your favorite blonde throughout the length of your hair. Watch as it grows out gracefully.


10. Short Platinum Blonde Hair

Not everyone can rock platinum locks, so if your skin has pink undertones and you’re craving the style, you should go for it. Use a purple shampoo to keep brassy tones at bay.


11. Short Ash Blonde Hair

Similar to platinum but with gray undertones, ash blonde is a popular style today. It looks ultra-fresh on short blonde locks. This color works for skin with olive or yellow undertones.


12. Short Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde color may be just what you need for your short blonde hairstyle. This color has darker, deeper, and oftentimes ashier tones than your average light blonde hair.


13. Short Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde is the rare gem of blonde hair. If you’re looking for a unique way to wear your blonde hair, try a soft strawberry color. It looks especially gorgeous with a few bendy, natural waves.


14. Short Honey Blonde

Are you searching for a warm and sunny blonde color for your freshly chopped bob? Honey hues are perfect for giving your hair the warmth it craves sans any yellow, brassy tones.


15. Short Dark Blonde

Dark blonde locks are very ‘in’ these days. Try out some ashy, darker tones on your short blonde hair for a modern approach.


16. Light Blonde

A super short chop looks so edgy in light blonde hair colors. We love a blunt cut on a texturized chin-length bob or even shorter lengths. If you’re not afraid of a chop, try an ear-length bob with baby bangs.


17. Short Bleach Blonde

No two blondes are created equal, so if you’re searching for that perfect hue, you may want a bleach blonde look. This look is gorgeously sunny without any harsh yellow undertones.


18. Short White Blonde

If platinum locks aren’t your thing but you’re looking for a light color for your blonde hair, let this white blonde hairstyle inspire you. It looks great with a little root growth, too.


19. Short Icy Blonde

When it comes to creating your perfect icy blonde hairstyle, think platinum, but cool as a cucumber. Icy blonde hair looks amazing on a short haircut, just be sure to keep your undertones white or ash-colored.

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20. Short Caramel Blonde

Sometimes, you need just a hint of brunette in your hairstyle. Short and textured lobs look amazing with soft caramel balayage highlights. Consider lighter blonde highlights to brighten and frame your face.


21. Short Golden Blonde Hair

Flaxen hues are another beautiful blonde hair color option. If you’re looking for a blonde that isn’t too bright but still has a lot of warmth, consider this golden color on a lightly layered bob.


22. Short Blonde Hair for Black Girl

If you’re looking for a bright blonde to contrast your dark skin, look no further than these pixie cuts. Whether you choose a light sunny blonde or a platinum look, you’re sure to look incredible.


23. Round Blonde Bob

Creating shape is the fun part of having a blonde bob. Strategic layers can give even straight hair a round shape, which is perfect for framing an adorable face.


24. Short Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Fortunately, root growth is currently a major trend. We love it on short blonde hair! Plus it will extend the time between touch-up appointments.


25. Very Short Blonde

Pixies are so perfect for blonde locks. Add a fade, shave detail or ultra baby bangs to show off that beautiful face!


26. Blonde Pixie

Hair doesn’t have to be long to be feminine and romantic. Try a pixie with long, side swept bangs or a gorgeous pixie bob on your stunning blonde hair.


27. Short Blonde Hair for Round Face

It may seem counterintuitive, but framing your face with a bob hairstyle softens the jaw on a round face shape. A few bends or waves adds textured contrast to soft cheeks and dimension to your short blonde style.


28. Short Pink And Blonde

A pop of pink may be just what your short blonde hairstyle needs. Rock ombre pink on a pixie with long side bangs or a classic textured bob.


29. Short Blonde Hair + Purple Underneath

Combining bright blonde hair with rich amethyst hues is very trendy these days. Go for an ombre look or rock it in a subtle, strategic highlight sprinkle.


30. Short Blonde Shag

Shags are pretty edgy and punk. A short, bright blonde shag is no different. If your face shape is oval, choose long, thick bangs. If your shape is long or square, try center part baby bangs.


31. Short Spiky Blonde

If your hair is straight, it’s pretty easy to achieve spiky texture. Using a razor will give your hair that choppy, spiky vibe that looks so cool on a blonde pixie cut.

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32. Asian Short Blonde

Spicing up blonde hair on naturally straight texture is easy. Create face-framing bangs on a bob haircut or use layers to stack hair at the nape of the neck and cut dimensional side bangs.


33. Blond With Fine Hair

As naturally blonde hair is often fine, this style is sure to look natural. Try soft highlights, a side part, or even short, choppy bangs for something a little different.


34. Short Blonde Thick Hair

Thick hair can rock a short blonde style, too. If you’re leaning towards a long bob, you’ll want to feather the ends of hair to promote movement and a feeling of lightness on your tresses.


35. Short Messy Blonde Hair

Messy short blonde hair is sexy. So why not give your look a little tousle for a special occasion like a casual party? The look works great on straight and wavy hair alike.


Asymmetric Blonde Bob

Look like an embodiment of style and elegance by choosing an asymmetric blonde bob. This hairstyle is very beautiful and charming. The blonde color stands out and makes the bob striking with elegance. Make sure that there are asymmetrically elongated front pieces with a side parting to complete the look.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Blonde Short Layered Hair

Cody Horn and his grunge haircut inspires lot of actress of Hollywood towards fashion. Update your hairstyle by opting for the blonde short layered hair which gives you a chic look and great convenience. Add highlights and combine them with many layers for a trendy finish.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Blonde Spiral Curls

Enhance the beauty of your tresses by selecting the blonde spiral curls. Tight curls are an amazing way to give you sexy volume! Infuse lots of curls that fall away from your face to add an extra bounce and movement.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Bowl Cut with Bangs

If you have a round or heart-shaped face, then the bowl cut with bangs gives a perfect look for you. Make sure that the cut falls below the jawline for a flattering outlook. This hairstyle is ideal for women with round or heart-shaped faces.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Christina Ricci’s Blonde Bob

Christina Ricci’s ultimate blonde bob is a superb example of bob haircut. Your dream of looking like a celebrity will come true when you choose the Christina Ricci’s blonde bob. The sleek and shiny hair with subtle layers will make you shine like a star.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Classic French Rolled Cut

Christina Aguilera has totally rocked this classic and bold roll style. This look gives us classy old Hollywood vibe. Get a fashionable facade with a classic French rolled cut. This unique and innovative hairstyle will turn heads wherever you go.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Combed Back Hair

Nicky Whelan looks truly sultry and sexy in this combed back hair. Manage your hair easily with combed back hair. It will make you look bold and add a powerful persona. You can use a hair gel to keep your hair steady.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Cropped Pixie

You can have the best short crop haircut in the world by getting a cropped pixie. You need to make sure that there are sharp layers which taper towards the nape of your neck. This is an ideal cut for women with longer faces or heart-shaped faces.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Edgy Straight Haircut

Scarlett Johansson’s looks flirty in this blonde straight edgy hairstyle. Look sharp and stylish with an edgy straight haircut. This haircut is very simple to maintain but you need to make sure that you provide regular deep conditioning and straightening.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Layered Haircut for Thick Hair

Get an unhackneyed style for yourself with the layered haircut for thick hair. You can add nice side bangs and lots of layers on the crown to look gorgeous in your thick hair.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Layered Pixie Cut

Transmogrify your thin hair into a thick and luscious one with the layered pixie cut. The layering is bound to improve the texture of your hair and the pixie cut will offer a modern look.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Messy Bob with Straight Bangs

Let your hair flow naturally by opting for a Messy Bob with Straight Bangs. It will give you a carefree and casual vibe if you keep the layers messy. If you wanna get noticed try this coolest haircut to enhance your look.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Messy Slicked Back Hair

Move your style to the next level by having a messy slicked back hair. Comb your entire hair towards the back and give slightly wavy texture to the layers.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Mid-Puffed Back Haircut

Margot Robbie shows her hot look in this fabulous hairdo. Appear as if you are wearing a crown with a mid-puffed back haircut. Make sure that there is a bulge in the hair on the top in order to create the look.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Ombre Layered Hair

We love this style with the brown auburn transition into a platinum blonde. Let the spotlight be on you forever with the ombre layered hair. Make sure that the layers are structured throughout the length of your hair and the ombre gives a special effect.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Pixie Cut with Layers

Pixie cut is the style which will never go out of trend, and this one is a perfect example of it. Flatter your fine hair by going for a Pixie cut with layers. Make sure that there are lots of wispy layers that can give you a trendy vibe.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Punk Hair

This short spikey hairstyle is perfect for those women who want to create a modern and punky or funky look. Do something out of the ordinary and express yourself with punk hair. You can have a buzzed hairline around your ears and a long pointed bang for a radical look.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Retro Curls

We totally adore this short and wavy bob. Embrace the styles of the past and add your own twist to it by going for retro curls. You need to make sure that the curls fall softly below your ears and there are some layers of the curls stacked at the back.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Ruby Rose Short Blonde Pixie

Feel young and feel free like Ruby rose with her short blonde pixie. This haircut is bound to offer you a bold and daring silhouette if you pair it with a light shade of blonde.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Shaggy Bob

This shaggy bob looks very fashionable and trendy. Welcome an effortless hairstyle by choosing a Shaggy Bob. You can create a choppy shaggy cut with random layers and highlight them with light blonde hues.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Short Blonde Bob

This platinum hued bob looks cute and lovely. Obtain a timeless look with short blonde bob. It is versatile and suitable for any occasion. You can mix varied shades of blonde to give a dramatic appeal.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Short Blonde Hairstyles for Older Women

Age doesn’t matter anymore because you can achieve a young and lively look with the short blonde hairstyles for older women. You may add layers to your hair to give it a nice bounce.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Short Bob with Side Bangs

Accentuate your appeal by sporting short bob with side bangs. This style will offer a harmonious framing to your face and makes you look ravishing. This hairstyle looks great on mostly everyone and works with any hair type.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Short Hair with Fishtail Braid

Look ultra-cute at any occasion by getting short hair with a fishtail braid. The dainty braid made towards one side will give you the mesmerizing mermaid appeal. This style is great for any occasion. Pair this haircut with minimal makeup and your favorite jewelry pieces.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Side Parted Blonde Pixie Bob

Get yourself a glamorous silhouette with the side-parted blonde pixie bob. Part your hair towards one side to make your pixie look effective and attractive. This pixie bob looks great on any short haired girl.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Side Parted Layered Haircut

You can achieve a combo of the buzz cut and the ear length cut through a side-parted layered haircut. See to it that, on one side the hair is cropped closely and on the other, there are long feathered layers. This look is soft and feminine and the makeup totally compliments it.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Side Swept Hair with Curls

Appear highly youthful by selecting side-swept hair with curls. You need to choose a short haircut that consists a tapered nape and is covered by layered curls. Achieve this look with a bold eye and peach-toned lip for an ultimate style.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Sleek Chopped Bob

Kate Upton looks truly amazing in this sleek chopped bob. It is time to look edgy and extraordinary with a sleek chopped bob. You may add a good quantity of styling cream or defining wax for the sleek and shiny appeal.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Straight Bob

Bobs are everywhere you can totally rock your look with this style. You can appear astonishingly awesome with a straight bob. It will give you a sculpted look and classic appeal. Just ensure that your hair remains super straight.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Tapered Spiky Hair

Gain a sensational freshness with the tapered spiky hair. It is one of the trendiest styles and the spikes will let you make a fashion statement. This spiky blonde hair looks great on any face shapes.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Tousled Wavy Hair

Adrienne Bailon look ravishing in this shoulder length wavy cut. Demonstrate your refined sense of style with tousled wavy hair. With the messy waves, you can have a casual daytime look and also an evening look.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Voluminous Bob

Boost your hair and make it look thick by choosing a Voluminous Bob. Keep the layers uneven and have a root fade for a good dimension.

Short Blonde Hairstyles

Your hair will look and feel as shiny and smooth as butter and effortlessly trendy with the exquisite short blonde hairstyles.


As we have shown, there is so much variety when it comes to creating your perfect short blonde look. Choosing your perfect hue is part of it, as well as honoring your texture and face shape. With so many great styles here, it may be a challenge to choose just one!