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60 Ravishing Long Blonde Hairstyles for 2024

Blonde hair is one of the women’s favorite colors, and many of us already have had this fantastic color at least once. For the brunettes, the procedure of transiting to a gorgeous blonde shade is complicated because it involves bleach and many visits to the hairstyling salons. For those who were born with this color, it’s simpler to transform it into your favorite shade.

If you are among the few who never had blonde hair but always craved for it, these are a few things you should know before switching sides:

  • Don’t do this at home! It can go terribly wrong unless you just want to lighten your hair with a few tones. You can end up damaging your hair completely. To obtain a gorgeous blonde color, it takes time and some magical hands that know what they’re doing.
  • If you are not a natural blonde, you need more nourishing products and hair treatments to keep your hair healthy. Avoid styling it too often with heat, and when you do, use a protective lotion or spray.
  • You’ll walk on an upkeeping path! Your hair color needs to look fresh all the time and that means visits to the hair salon.


Hottest And Stylish Long Blonde Hairstyles

Long blonde hairdos have dependably been connected with womanliness, effortlessness and style, ladies spend endless hours and dollars in salons attempting to accomplish the ideal long, blonde hair.

Sensitive looks with long extravagant twists or extraordinary meshed components are the select right of ladies with long hair. We have assembled our most loved long blonde hair thoughts to rouse your next stunner look.

1. Long Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair is a blonde color with a pinch of red rues that will give your hair a mesmerizing glow. The pink-red reflexes will glow in the sunlight, and your curls will look better than ever.


2. Long Platinum Blonde Hair

If you have a darker skin tone, it will be better to keep your roots in brown or black color. A platinum blonde shade will not match your skin if you don’t use this technique.


3. Long Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Lowlight can enhance any blonde caramel shade, and they will give texture to your stunning curls. Layers will give volume, and you’ll get the dimension you always craved for. Style curls wisted on the inside or loose waves to obtain that marvelous effect.


4. Thick Long Blonde Hair

When you have long, thick hair, any haircut fits you! Make a layered hairstyle and opt for a malibu blonde color or a stunning strawberry blonde shade. Also, use layers to make your bangs gradually fall on your temples.


5. Long Fine Blonde Hair

When you have fine, making it look glamorous, it’s quite a challenge. Play with different textures, blonde hair dyes, and layers to give your long locks that stunning texture you wanted.


6. Natural Blonde Long Hair

Natural Blonde Long Hair

When you have naturally blonde hair, you probably have many girls that envy you. You just need to opt for a few hairstyles and use nourishing products to make it always look healthy and gorgeous.


7. Black Girl with Long Blonde Hair

When you are a black woman, a blonde color will draw all the attention on your beautiful black skin. Keep your roots in their natural color and dye the rest of your hair in an ash blonde. The transition can be damaging for your hair, and if you don’t want to make your natural locks look unhealthy, you can attach some hair extensions.


8. Long Blonde Hair Updo

A blonde ash color or a platinum blonde will give you a stunning modern look that won’t go unnoticed. Create an elegant hairstyle with a low bun and bangs falling on your temples. Decorate your bun with stunning floral hair jewelry.


9. Golden Blonde Long Hair

A hair that falls in cascade on your back is always a stunning image to see. Choose a bright blonde color and layer your locks. Let them all fall on your back and style relaxed waves or straighten your hair with a brush or iron.


10. Long Honey Blonde Hair

A high blonde ombre will make your hair look sunkissed each season. You can wear your locks straight, or you can style tight curls for the tips of your hair.


11. Long Dishwater Blonde Hair

This dirty blonde with a modern twist incorporates so many shades of blonde that will give your long, rich mane a stunning texture and color. Try it, and you’ll be amazed by its effect!


12. Long Blonde Hair with Green Eyes

Blonde locks tend to enhance blue and green eyes by drawing all the attention on your face. These two stunning colors will make your eyes look breathtaking.


13. Long Caramel Blonde Hair

Camel blonde long hair looks stunning, especially if you have a white skin tone and blue or green eyes. You can mix it with other blonde hues and create fabulous braids or updos as styling.


14. Long Light Blonde Hair

Whenever you want an angelic look, choose a light blonde hair color and create some smooth curls or waves. Wear your hair on your back and shoulders.


15. Permed Long Blonde Hair

If you always craved for long curly hair, now you can have it. Choose your favorite blonde shade and try a perm if you want a change that really lasts.


16. Long Blonde Shag

A shaggy haircut will give your hair volume thanks to its layers. You can also style some curtain bangs that cover your eyebrows and style smooth waves.


17. Long Blonde Hair with Middle Part

Long Blonde Hair with Middle Part

Section your hair in the middle and let it fall on your chest. You can choose a bright blonde walnut color or a stunning honey shade if you want to get that relaxed beach look.


18. Long Sandy Blonde Hair

Whether you are a woman over 40 or a teen, a long sandy blonde hair will look pitch-perfect on you. Style long layered bands and toss them on one side.


19. Blonde Long Hair with Braids

Long Blonde Hair with Braids

Ash-blonde hair will look fabulous, especially when you style it into fishtail braids. That astonishing hue will create ravishing lowlights that will look fabulous.


20. Long Blonde Ponytail

Long Blonde Ponytail

Whether you are spending your day at the beach or going to school, a long blonde ponytail will complete your outfit and will make you look so modern.



If you have wavy hair, then trim the hair close to the pate into few layers, then the rest of the piece of the hair into profound layers, with the hair completes trim into a tapering appearance. This plan looks awesome with a wide range of bangs.



Brilliant blonde shading is blended in with warm copper and rust tones, making a beachy look that shouts California summer throughout the entire year.


The grown up variant of Barbie hair, these long twists in multidimensional blonde make anybody resemble she’s prepared to going to be delegated in front of an audience.


Like in each other part of style and excellence, Beyonce’s long blonde hair is the highest quality level.


If you need to put your long blonde hair half up in a laid-back style that can at present get consideration, attempt this fishtail style french plait to force blasts far from the face, and secure in an untidy top bunch.



Taylor Swift’s cappuccino blonde shade is a stylish new go up against darker blonde styles. Wear it with texturized blasts to make blue or green eyes pop.


Look at this gorgeous looking blunt bangs and choppy layers it will surely gives you straight hair body.


Cara Delevingne’s dirty blonde locks move from dim and ashy at the roots with marginally hotter finishes. Because of her medium skin tone, both hues work with her composition. In case you’re attempting to get this look yourself, ensure the shade that is beside your face is the one that looks best with your skin tone.




If you can’t focus on a completely blonde style, attempt this flawless slope ombre that consistently moves from nectar dark colored to brilliant blonde.


Despite the fact that she’s wearing it a tad bit shorter nowadays, Jennifer Aniston’s advantageous dull blonde shade looks wonderful when worn long with face surrounding layers.


This ashy blonde shade is ideal for ladies with reasonable, cool compositions, and the layers include a delicate gentility that can without much of a stretch be spruced up or down.




The long haircut has awesome layers trim round the sides and back. The tousled layers can make the entire look all the more beguiling and enchanting.


long blonde hair with curls



A great way to add some volume to your long blonde hairstyle is by adding some serious curls.


The simplicity of sultry ocean salt waves won’t go anyplace at any point in the near future! Attempt this look on your long blonde locks. The best some portion of this style is that you can accomplish this look without utilizing heat!


Layers help the heaviness of the mane and give it a windy look that makes the hairdo stylish and charming.


Reese Witherspoon’s blonde style is a flawless blend of sleek and agreeable. On the off chance that you have a heart-molded face like hers, these blasts are a standout among-st the most complimenting things you can wear.


A standout among-st the most notorious blondes, Gwen Stefani’s look here is blonde the distance to the roots, and is styled in exemplary twists that convey some glamour to her crazy, tense style.


Utilizing lighter red tones than a customary strawberry blonde, this rose gold shading blurs from pinkish roots to warm blonde closures.


If you need to add some edge to your hair without going darker or shorter, take a stab at including a short, rough blast. This change can stress your eyes and make your face look more youthful, yet will add some additional opportunity to your styling schedule.


Gwyneth Paltrow likes to keep it simple when it comes to her hair, picking for her signature straight blonde style most of the time. This classic hairdo is a great style to copy if you’re worried about blonde hair looking imperfect.



Rita Ora’s ultimate glam style is one to copy. Just mixes your long tresses that’s styled pin straight with a platinum blonde shade over darker ashy blondes underneath.


One of the most coolest way to go blonde is strawberry blonde style mix with warm copper and blonde tones for look that glows all over.



Even if long blonde hair requires a lot of attention, women all over the world love it because it is quite versatile when it comes to all the hairstyling possibilities. Ponytails, braids, curls, and waves; you can everyday style your hair differently and still look fabulous. Which are the hairdos you will love to reproduce, and why?