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30 Most Hottest Platinum Blonde Hair Shades Ideas

On the off chance that blondes have a ton of fun, bleach blonde hair is a definitive existence of the gathering.

The lightest of blonde shades, platinum is the hair shade of goddesses, hotshots, and restless ladies who get a kick out of the chance to push limits. In case you’re prepared to take your hair to the following level of blonde, converse with your beautician. From coronas of white to twists of platinum, attempt any of these splendid bleach blonde shades and discover for yourself!

30 Most Hottest Platinum Blonde Hair Shades Ideas


This light ash blonde hair with a pure platinum hue through the ends and lengths is a classy choice for women with cool or fair skin tones who are finding for a natural or multidimensional platinum style.


Blunt cuts are a good option for women with fine hair, but it can get a little dull if you’re having them all the time. If you truly don’t want to give up any of your volume to layers, adding some asymmetry is quite a good balance.


In a loose spiral curl style that looks like you’ve just come from a great day, these beachy platinum waves will look just perfect. If you’re a beach lover in real life, this platinum shade will glam your look for sure.


A chin length blunt cut always creates a style statement, but even more impact creates when it’s a platinum blonde. If you’ve thin hair, this stylish cut will make the most of your natural volume, and layering platinum over a darker blonde shade can help to make an added illusion of depth and thickness.


This straight platinum lash grazing fringe lends a resistant vibe to the look, and is great for any women who don’t want their platinum hair to look cute or innocent.


This style is a coolest example of how women with medium or deeper skin tones can pull off the ultimate platinum shade.


The admiration of platinum blonde is at an all time peak right now. Warm platinum may praise almost all skin tones but it will take some time to go from brunette strands to beach blonde.


For mermaid hair without the rainbow colors, this ultra platinum shaded long hair full of dreamy waves is the most coolest way to glam your look.


If you want to mix a little silver hue into your ultra light hair color, this platinum grey shade is the great mixture of bleached blonde and grey locks.


If you want people to be jealous, this platinum hair with subtle dimensional color is key. This style imitates natural hair shade by absorbing few shades that are close together, and progressively lightening from roots to ends.


This extra long platinum blonde hair provides you the most natural queen look. This platinum grey color is the perfect blend of bleached blonde and grey.


The trendy ombre look doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. This painted on highlights imitate natural sun lightening, meaning they can be as subtle or bold as you’d like, and add versatile dimension to anyone’s cut or color.


This pale blonde hair is just so gorgeous to copy now and add glamour to your look.


Amber Rose loves wearing her coolest short hair in shade of platinum, showing that this shade can creates any length or style pop.


This short layered haircut has lot of movement and its bold dark locks make a style statement that’s both classy and edgy.


If you’re planning to do something dissimilar with your blonde hair, platinum is the great shade for complying with pastel color. This style features soft purples and blues that looks very fabulous.  If you’ve already had platinum hair, you can merge it in mermaid style which looks tremendous.


If you’re the one who experiments with hair then this platinum shaded hair will be the one to try to glam your look.


Michelle Williams super cool short hairstyle proves that platinum works in even the most sophisticated of styles.


A great example of how platinum hair with dark roots can work in a stylish setting, this high, slick ponytail blends light blonde cuteness with an amazing edge.


This shaggy cut is looking very sassy with platinum hue, this subtle lilac balayage are a breeze to add on, and make a soft pop of hue when the sun shines on your locks.


A gorgeous looking hairstyle, the significant contrast of black roots and silvery platinum lengths creates this look a bold hair option for equally bold women.


For a short cut with platinum shade will look surprisingly very stunning, this style shows a silvery blonde shade on top of a natural dark undercut. The add on color contrast helps to give this undercut funky appearance as one where the back and sides are shaved right down.


This silver touched platinum hair is ultra stylish and great choice to make for yourself.


Fearne Cotton’s soft, ashy hue in a generous bob comes across as a more likable and approachable platinum look than any other blonde color on waist length hair. The bottom-heavy shape of this haircut is mostly pleasing to women with heart shaped faces, as it helps to balance out a larger forehead.


Jennifer Lawrence’s soft waves in a platinum shade exudes the classic glamour, but this bob can also be styled as ultra modern, thanks to its textured ends.


For a grown up way to have your bright white hair, this bob is the great blend of style and sophistication. The cut is fairly blunt, but lots of texture in the ends keeps the shape from looking too harsh, while long centre parted bangs make soft lines around the face that are a breeze to style.


While platinum hair hardly appear naturally, women with blue eyes and porcelain skin have the great chance of being white blonde without the help of bleach and a experienced stylist. In this simple style, cool platinum color on a straight, low maintenance cut will make everyone jealous.



Gwen Stefani has rocked the platinum blonde shade. Her light locks normally feature a golden hue that makes her style the right mashup between retro elegance and modern edge.


Rita Ora’s light skin is great for white blonde hair, this short to medium platinum hair make her look like a modern, edgy reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.