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Ocean’s 8 Inspired Hairstyles – Every Con Has Its Pros

Everybody is excited about the sequel to the famous trilogy of Ocean’s eleven.

It is Ocean’s eight which is capturing headlines these days. It is considered to be the sequel to the movie series trilogy. Only this one is about the con girls group. The star cast is very interesting. Almost all the favorites from the Hollywood industry are present in a single frame. What is more, grabbing the headlines is the awesome look and getup of the star cast. Everybody is drooling at the gorgeous looks of the striking women.

Oceans 8 Hairstyles

Hairstyles are something which should never be taken lightly. The hairstyles almost define your entire look. No matter how good the outfit is or how neat the makeup is, if the hairstyle is not done properly, the entire look is ruined. Ocean’s 8 Inspired Hairstyles are unique and perfect which any average woman can experiment. More than the release date and the exotic outfits, the hairstyles are constantly grabbing attention. And that is because the hairstyles are so unique and fresh.

Ocean’s 8 Inspired Hairstyles – Every Con Has Its Pros

Rihanna’s Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Rihanna is known as the queen of pop music. But apart from that, she is also a fashionista. That is clearly evident from the way she carries herself. Her hairstyles are something which her fans simply drool on. The dreadlocks hairstyle looks somewhat of a combination of bohemian look and classic chic look. The entire hair is pulled up and tied with a thick scarf. Keeping a few hair extensions at the front, the hairstyle is kept neat and carefully arranged. The outfit is also worn accordingly. The makeup is kept minimal and the no jewelry look is maintained too.

How To Style:

  • Neatly gather all the hair at the top of the head.
  • Take a thick scarf and tie all the hair strands with the scarf. The scarf must be wrapped securely and tightly around the head.
  • Hair extensions are kept in the hair and a few of the extensions have been made to fall in front of the face.

Rihanna's Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Sandra Bullock’s Brunette Long Hair

Sandra Bullock is always famous for her good looks and equally perfect acting skills. She is also very much in the news for her simple yet classy hairstyles. Her fan followers simply love the way she carries her hair. If Sandra Bullock can look gorgeous in the simple hairstyles she carries, everyone can look so. The hair length is medium long and the look is kept casual simple. The outfit is also kept matching with the simple hairstyle. Simple trousers are worn with the casual top. The makeup is also kept neutral. The no jewelry look is maintained.

How To Style:

  • Comb the hair neatly. It is better if layer cut has been done in the hair.
  • Neatly part the hair in the middle.
  • The free-flowing locks are kept open on both sides.
  • The hairstyle is kept neat. The ends of the hair strands are made wavy a little bit.
  • The hair is kept open and neat throughout the entire look.

Sandra Bullock's Brunette Long Hair

Cate Blanchett’ Platinum Blonde Hair with Bangs

Cate Blanchett is one of the famous star casts of the movie Ocean’s eight. She is a versatile actor is known for her roles in many important movies. Her style of carrying any dress or her hair is something which is followed by many. The simple hairstyle which she carries with grace is worth mentioning. The length of the hair is still the shoulders. The platinum blonde hair is kept short and simple. The outfit matches with the hairstyle. Layered outfit and a smart look complement the hairstyle well. Simple jewelry and light makeup would be suitable for this hairstyle.

How To Style:

  • Keep the hair simple and comb it neatly.
  • With a careful gelled look, spread the bangs carefully over the forehead.
  • Rest of the strands must be kept straight and neat. The hair can be messed up a little.
  • The locks are left open over the shoulders.
  • A slight casual look is maintained throughout the hairstyle.

Cate Blanchett' Platinum Blonde Hair with Bangs

Anne Hathaway’s Medium Wavy Hair

Anne Hathaway has always been praised for her versatile acting. Apart from being one of the main star casts of the famous movie, she has a very successful acting career. When it comes to fashion, she also rocks as a fashion icon. The medium wavy hair is just another one of her famous hairstyles with which she rocks the world. The length of the hair is medium and a little below the shoulders. The hairstyle is perfect for an elegant look. The outfit worn is also suitable for the kind of hairstyle she is wearing. The look is otherwise kept simple. The makeup is kept light and no jewelry look is maintained.

How To Style:

  • Comb the hair neatly and apply some hair serum or hair gel to the hair.
  • Part the front portion of the hair on the side. Rest of the hair must be kept simple.
  • Make the hair strands a little wavy especially at the hair ends.
  • Make the gelled look neat so that not a single strand of hair is out of place.
  • Keep the free-flowing locks open over the shoulders.

Anne Hathaway's Medium Wavy Hair

Helena Bonham Carter’s Messy Blonde Hair

Helena Bonham Carter is the favorite actress of many. No wonder she is included in the cast of Ocean’s eight, she has a portfolio of very successful films. This actress surely knows to grab attention with her hairstyle as well. There are very few people who can actually pull off the way she pulls off every single hairstyle on her own. This hairstyle is very easy and comes in very handy when one is looking for a quick hairstyle to carry while in a rush. To complement the casual messy hairstyle, dark makeup must be put on. A dark mouth will definitely complement the messy blonde hair look. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be paired with any outfit.

How To Style:

  • Carefully apply some hair product to make the hair messed up in a casual way.
  • Gather the maximum volume of the hair at the back of the head.
  • The front portion of the head is casually parted in the middle.
  • Tease the hair strands from the back and top of the head to make a casual and messy look.
  • Leave the front few strands messy and open in the front.

Helena Bonham Carter's Messy Blonde Hair

Mindy Kaling’s Side Swept Long Wavy Hair

Mindy Kaling’s hairstyle is trending nowadays. Her trendy looks and equally trendy hairstyle are what keeps her fans waiting for more than the movie release. She is the one that can carry any hairstyle with ease and grace. The side swept long wavy hair is one of her hairstyles which make her look trendy at all times and in all outfits. This hairstyle is perfect for long hair. The makeup and entire getup are kept quite smart and trendy. The dress is perfectly complemented with the hairstyle.

How To Style:

  • First neatly comb the hair and gel it carefully.
  • Part the hair casually at one side of the head.
  • Make soft waves on the hair strands.
  • Leave the hair free-flowing on all sides.

Mindy Kaling's Side Swept Long Wavy Hair

Sarah Paulson’s Medium Blonde Hair

Sarah Paulson is another one of the main star casts of the Ocean’s Eight movies. She is one such actor who can rock both the trendy and casual look is a great way. In the medium blonde hair, she rocks the simple, casual and chic look altogether. The hairstyle is very neat and simple. The outfit is also kept neat and simple to match with the hairstyle. The blonde hair is of medium length and falls just below the shoulders.

How To Style:

  • Brush the medium length hair and apply some hair setting product.
  • Part the hair on the side of the head. The parting must be neat.
  • Secure the maximum volume of the hair on one side with a hair clip.
  • Keeps the hair open and free-flowing.

Sarah Paulson's Medium Blonde Hair

Awkwafina’s Side Swept Long Hair with Curls

Awkwafina is always known for her trendy hairstyles as much as her acting skills. The side swept long hair with curls is one of her many trendy hairstyles which defines her brilliant personality. This look can be easily achieved by following a few steps. The hairstyle is perfect for a neat and elegant look. The outfit is also worn keeping in tune with the hairstyle. The makeup is kept simple yet natural to match the entire look. The hairstyle is also kept neat.

How To Style:

  • Brush the hair neatly and apply some hair smoothing gel on the hair.
  • Part the hair on one side of the head.
  • Keep the maximum volumes of hair flowing at one side of the shoulders.
  • With a careful touch, make the hair strands messy and casual.

Awkwafina's Side Swept Long Hair with Curls