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25 Most Coolest Medium Hairstyles with Color

A lady’s hair is called her crowning glory. Hair is one of the precious gifts given by God, which makes one look beautiful. Hairstyle plays an important role in enhancing the personality of women. Different style suits different face types along with the hair length.

Medium length hairstyle is the most common trend which looks good on most facial shape. Hair colors also play a vital part in staying in fashion. There are a variety of colors; one can choose from for types and styles of hair.

For medium length hair, one can go for global or highlight them with any shade to boost the hair and enhance the cut perfectly. Streaks can also be done to give a bolder appearance to the face as colored strands are much larger and more prominent than highlighting creating more of a contrast with the base color. Coloring the tresses, you can change your full look and attitude.

Ancient times, dyeing of hair was art that involves in treatment of hair with natural hair dye to chemical mix. At that time, the main reason for dyeing hair was to cover gray or white hair but nowadays, it became a fashion to change the color of hair according to one’s desire.

Choosing the right hair color can complement the skin tone. If your hair lack texture and shine, they look dull. Color adds lust and volume to your hair by giving a glossy finish. Medium hairstyles with color can give an all-new look and can expand the beauty that makes you more confident.

There are few benefits of hair color too. It helps to cover gray or white hairs and hide the sign of aging. Hair color seals the cuticle and makes them look healthy. There are some tips you need to follow to maintain the hairstyle with color. It can last longer if taken proper care.

Wash your hair with color protecting shampoo. Color can make your tresses rough so to avoid that you have to condition your hair regular. Keep your hair moisturized and trim them when needed so that you can flaunt them with your desired style.


Medium Hairstyles with Color

Shoulder Length Highlighted Hair

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This is exciting medium hairstyle that is in trend now-a-days. This style includes shades of brown that range from dark to tint. The hair from root, to an inch or two looks almost black, make them look chic.

The tint of brown in its cool tone at the end blended well with the dark brown at upper side making it look gorgeous. The length of the hair is up to shoulder, so one can carry them effortlessly. In any season one can flaunt this style.


Medium Balayage Wavy Hair

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This style looks so fashionable that anyone will love to adopt it. To add texture to short and wavy hair this color treatment is perfect. This is making hair shiny and enhancing the waves to look attractive. This style looks good on thick and wavy hair.

Dark brown with tint of chocolate color at the root and a bit of lighter shade at the end merged in such a way to make the hair gorgeous. This short hairstyle has layer cut so that the hair color can be highlighted.


Mid-Length Ash Brown Hair

Medium Hairstyles with Color

In this style the length of hair is kept medium. Multiple color shades have been used to make this style flattering. They are so well blended that the hairstyle is giving subtle glance. The procedure that has been used to design this style is very artistic.

Each and every color, from ash to brown and cool beige to caramel, all are mixed with expertise to get the luscious beautiful tresses. The hairs are cut in to layers so that color used are highlighting perfectly. And the icing on the cake is that side long bang flattering on the face making the style head turner.


Stunning Brown Blonde Highlighted Hair

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This short length hairstyle is looking gorgeous with light coffee color highlighted throughout the dark brown hair, is adding element to the beautiful style.

The roots of the hair are kept in its natural dark brown. Shade and tint of brown are blended globally with light soft curls. This style will go well with thick hair. In any season it will look fashionable.


Reverse Bob Cut in Thick Hair

Medium Hairstyles with Color

In this style the cut is asymmetrical. It kept short from back and a bit long in front side, giving a very awesome look. The long bang in one side is adding frame to the style.

The dark brown color is highlighted with a tint of pink and very light shade of brown. This style has straight hairs which look soft and subtle. This short hairstyle is appropriate to those who want to spend less time in styling.


Curly Pink Blonde Hair

Medium Hairstyles with Color

Having curly hair is no more boring. One can go for this cute curly long hairstyle. This style is looking awesome with colors that are tint of pink and beige, blended together making the hair stylish.

Tint of pink color on the upper part of the hair fades while coming down, creating bleached effect at the end. And the soft curls look very neatly styled.


Shoulder Length Ombre Hair

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This shoulder length hair cut is pretty enough to flaunt your mane in style. If you have broad jaw-line, than you can go for this style as hairs will cover the broader area giving the face a balanced shape.

By using ombre technique the colors are blended in darker to lighter shades, keeping the ends almost bleached. The roots of the hairs are kept in natural color making it look chic.


Cinnamon Gold Color Blunt Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles with Color

By seeing this hairstyle you will desire to own it. Any style in shoulder length hair looks great. The color used here is cinnamon gold which makes the hair look awesome.

Here the hairs are kept straight so it takes minimum time to style. By middle parting the hairs are falling uniformly on both sides of the face, making the look stylish.


Glamorous Long Bob Cut

Medium Hairstyles with Color

Medium length hairs are ideal for any style. This is unique hair cut, which is kept shorter from back part and the front part a little longer looking like asymmetrical bob cut. The thickness of hair makes it more stylish.

The cherry red color is highlighted throughout the hairs giving shine and glamorous look. This style makes the hairs fall on one side giving it a stunning look.


Medium Length Hair with Pink Highlights

Medium Hairstyles with Color

One cannot imagine that pink color in its multiple tones can look so glamorous on hairs. Here the hairstylist has highlighted lighter tones of pink color to create a distinctive style.

The shoulder length hairs are looking little wavy which is making them more fashionable. And the reflection of the color tones can be visible through side parting.


Multicolored Bob Cut

Medium Hairstyles with Color

If your hairs are thick and you always want to be in fashion and bold enough to play with colors than this is right choice to color your mane. In this picture you can see how different colors are highlighted to give a rainbow effect.

Bold pink and shades of blue colors are used in bigger section of hairs and rest is highlighted by shades of green and yellow. The cut is again in high and low style.


Highlighted Sleek Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This is a celebrity style haircut. The shoulder length hairs are kept straight so that they are giving sleek and glamorous look.

The hairs are highlighted with tint and shades of brown, which again giving them a red carpet look. Roots of the hairs are kept in its natural color black so the highlights are more visible.


Tri-Color Blunt Haircut

Medium Hairstyles with Color

In this style pink and blue color are blended to create a new look. Here the roots remained unchanged with its natural color black the hairs are highlighted with tint of blue. The stylist has focused more on pink color.

The ends of the hair, up to two to three inches are dyed in pink color giving them a glamorous look. The wavy look of the hair is adding element to the style.


Cool Ombre Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This style looks chic on young girls. The color idea here is designed for long hair. Ash color is beautifully blended with brown color giving a natural look. This style is very unique to remain in fashion.

The length of the hair is long and they are falling on both shoulders thus giving the style a different look. The slightly wavy hair and tint of ash color at the ends look cool.


Stunning Black and Blue Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles with Color

As the colored and highlighted hairs are in fashion so as the black hairs also look attractive and elegant. Every hairstyle can be done and accessorize on black hair which can upgrade your look.

Here the shoulder-length hairs are in shiny black color, which are not perfectly straight gives stunning look that can be admire by any one.


Blended Sleek Hair Style

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This is a classic hair style which can be achieved by using different tools and techniques. Here the length of the hairs is up to neck line and kept straight to get the sleek look. The brown color is blended seamlessly on the lower part of the hair which makes them look shiny and glossy.

Middle parting has been done to achieve the sleek look. The hairs are neatly combed and fixed behind the ears with hair pins making the look stylish.


Blunt Hairstyle in Light Pink Color

Medium Hairstyles with Color

If you admire pastel colors then you can go for this color style which will add glamour in your look. The coppery pink color has been globally done throughout the hair giving them uniform glossy texture. The length of the hair is just below the jaw-line level creating a sleek look.

To achieve a smart look the ends are kept blunt. This is an attractive style in short hair which can be done in any season and for any event. This style will enhance your personality and so your confidence level too.


Half Braided Style

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This is a super cute hairstyle in medium to short hair. One who loves to braid the hair but cannot do due to short hair, this style will bring smile on their face. This style shows half up braids can be done to style the short hair for glamorous look.

The hairs are also highlighted with colors like pink and different shades of brown. The length is kept below the neck line.

Half up twisted braids from both sides are joined at the back, leaving rest of the hair open which is giving a messy look. Brides with short hair can also go for this cute hair style.


Burgundy Red Curly Hair

Medium Hairstyles with Color

Curly hairs are no more boring. This is great style for curly hair. One can choose this style having very curly hair with dark skin tone. The red burgundy color is giving soft look to the curls and also enhancing the skin tone.

The color has been highlighted all over the hair making them lustrous and glamorous. The length of the hair is kept short. And the curled hair bangs are falling on the forehead making it more fascinating.


Asymmetrical Rose Pink Bob Cut

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This is a modern form of bob cut which is short from one side and kept slightly long from other side. This is dissimilar to the traditional bob style which has a symmetric cut. This will look good on women having thick hair.

This style is cut in choppy layers as it is asymmetric .It is adding volume to the hair. The hair in this picture is highlighted with tones of rose pink shade with some brown shade too.

The hair from one side is kept too much short that they are behind the ear. On the other hand it kept long bang giving it an edge look. This style is very contemporary giving a very stylish look.


Brown and Pink Ponytail

Medium Hairstyles with Color

Tying the hair was not so fun at earlier. But looking at this style of ponytail tying of hair has modernized. Here the hairs are tightly tied in a ponytail giving a sleek look. Hairs from root are dark brown that gradually fades at the middle length.

The hairs at the bottom are dyed in hot pink color to two to three inches above making the ponytail look stylish. This is an amazing style of tying ponytail to flaunt color at the bottom of hairs.


Fiery Orange Hair with Black Roots

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This long hair style looks blazing in dark orange color. The roots are kept black so the orange color is more brighten up. The fringes that are flattering on the forehead, looks glamorous.

The wavy hair in flaming orange seems too modernized to create a chic look. The color is blended seamlessly with black color of the roots that is giving glossy finish.

If you are looking for a new contemporary long hair style then this is for you. This wavy style will complement with long facial shape. And the orange color is enhancing the fair skin tone.


Soft Curls in Long Ombre Hair

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This is a beautiful style in long hair. The hairs are given soft curls which look like waves are adding element to the style.

The brown color that is used here is dark at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually getting lighter from mid-shaft to the ends giving the hairs a dashing look. As the length of hair is long, they are gathered at the front side of the shoulder.

The shades of brown color which is highlighted looks lustrous at the end. The bang of hairs falling on an eye-brow makes the style look stunning. This hairstyle will complement dark skin tone with long facial shape.


Mid Parted Highlighted Hair

Medium Hairstyles with Color

This is an amazing style in medium length hair. The hairs are beautifully parted from middle so that the highlighted color is giving an awesome look. The roots of the hairs are left approximately one to two inches in its natural color to maintain its originality.

The middle shafts of hairs are highlighted with tint of brown color that is making the style unique. The bottom of the hairs one to two inches above, again kept in its natural color. That is making the style look glamorous.

The brown color is so well blended that it is making the hair look glossy. This style is giving a sleek look with healthy hairs that are falling on cheekbones of both sides giving the face a balanced shape.


Ashy Roots with Bleached Bottom

Medium Hairstyles with Color

Coloring the hair in single color is outdated nowadays. Women are modern enough to play with different colors. In this style you can see a nice transition between the colors. The color here is ash at the roots and it gradually fading down from the mid-shaft to the ends so the bottom of hair is getting bleached effect.

This medium-length ombre hairstyle is giving a celebrating look that any one will desire to pull off. The side parted hairs are giving a messy wavy look. This type of hairstyle needs low maintenance and it is an easy to do style.


Change is always welcome. So as in the hair color too. Some want to color their hair for fun and creativity while others just want to cover gray hair. Women adopt the hairstyle with color that suits their mood and environment. Not every style is meant for everybody.

Different styles depend on different facial shapes. By coloring the hair one can enhance the personality that gives a modern look. It can also improve your self-image so that you can represent yourself with higher confidence.

Colors add extra shine and volume and make your hair smooth and manageable. It adds a protector sheet to your hair and saves them getting damage from pollution, wind or excessive heat or cold. So be fashionable and add color to your mane.