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50 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

Numerous individuals with round face shapes have a tendency to evade short haircuts supposing it will stress the roundness of their face.

Not each short hairdo is useful for a round face, however, some of those beneath appear to be cute to the point that you essentially can’t deny yourself the joy to attempt a cheeky short hairstyle for a change.

With the right hairstyle, a round face shape can more than simply pull off short hair — it’ll look astounding in it! The most complimenting haircuts for round face shapes are ones that work with your hair surface. Here is a portion of the thoughts to rouse you.


50 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

Wavy Twigs

short curly bangs hairstyle for round face

It’s among those cute short hairstyles for round face shapes. However, as hard curls are not ordinarily flattering on round faces, pick a good shaggy wavy look for elegant hair.

Brush your hair to the front and allow it to dry before putting a minimum amount of serum in your hands and applying it all over in a circular direction.


Highlighted Baby Shags

short messy undercut for women with round face

One of the most appealing short hairstyles for round face shapes is undoubtedly quirky pixie cuts. In addition, angled hairstyles and a slightly shaggy flat top can visibly compress and lengthen your facial expression.

These baby shags will look great on chubby faces because it lengthens the jawline and draws attention away from plump cheekbones and toward attractive waves.


Volcanic Tousles

short red pixie cut for round face shape

If you can’t decide between a long or short bob and a fade haircut, go for a haircut in the middle with longer side waves at the top but slightly narrow edges.

Pick a color that suits your waves and personality the most, and get ready to walk with ultimate pride.


Hazelnut Lob

short brown bob with highlights for round face

The task is accomplished by the bulbous contour, mid part segment, root pressing, blunt ends, and your absolute favorite highlights.

It performs effectively on voluminous hair. Alternatively, you ought to add concentration with different hairstyles to make your hair look more happening.


Wavy Baby

short curly hairstyle for round face

This is the ideal short hairstyle for round face shapes with fine tresses. Make some simple waves to add finish and thickness to your locks.

Even when you don’t have any natural curls in your hair, you needn’t worry; creating some using a blow dryer will only take a few minutes.


Drama-Mama Bob Cut

short wavy balayage hairstyle for round face

Frizzy curls are mostly perceived as cool and cutesy. Here this hairstyle’s slope is directly augmented without compromising the feminine side.

Such a bob, including an asymmetric snip and a tanned gold hue, complements the pale roots perfectly. Furthermore, those little ringlets can be used to craft twists that last all day.


Side Swept Boyish Manes

short layered pixie for round face

Silky flares layered with stylish side swept bangs give this iconic pixie a modern edge. Its goofy charm draws you in. A nude lip and cute cheekbones complete the super cute style.

Short hairstyles for round face shapes are ideal for working with different colors since they grow rapidly and are easier to achieve regarding hair damage protection.


Asymmetrical Short Bob

short layered bob with highlights for for round face

With highlighted warm blonde hair color and a mid-side partition, short hairstyles for round face shapes, namely the mussed hairstyle, actually look absolutely adorable.

Add smoothness with styling gel and frame tresses with your palms for that ‘hey, so pretty!’ woman appearance.


Minimal Buzz Look

short afro hairstyle for black women with round face

Aging women can gracefully incorporate their gray ones by trimming them shorter at the chin and creating complexity.

Based on the color of the short hair, select accents or baby lights. Short hairstyles for round face shapes are easier to preserve and modify. Simply keep your hair extremely casual, and that’s about it. There’s neither any hassle nor any stress.


Curtain Ponytail

short ponytail with bangs for round face

Yet another way to flex your round face is with thin wavy bangs that begin toward the hairline. Find a deep top section and sweep your tresses all over your brows.

The majority of your hair should be pulled into a simple headband at the base of the neck of your collar. This technique is one of our favorites for a round face when merged with face-framing curls.


Voluminous Short Bob


This is somewhat lengthier than a traditional pixie, although it has a charming feel. It conveys highly refined intensity. The vibe of this look is also exceptionally energetic and truly everlasting.

Portion your wavy curls and leave bangs a little longer to stick ahead of your faces for such a sneak peek effect.


Tapered Shags


A rough pixie cut with blunt bangs is ideal for slimming the jawline and lower face. The side bangs frame a spherical face.

Although the strands on the upper edge add depth and dimension to your new haircut, enhance your appearance with stylish contrasts to make it appear more stylish and trendy.


Razored Chops


An oval feature pixie trim with shaved sides is a stylish look. When you have thin hair, this neatly trimmed cut is straightforward to style.

Moreover, it is easy to carry because it appears fluffy and bouncy. It’s exquisitely and attractively embraced by the bangs that slip down throughout the head.


Gold Blunt Chops


A classy textured bob is an easy short hairstyles for round face shapes, with some of its rich platinum blonde and duller highlights.

This cut with shorter sides, a side portion, and dimensional chops dazzle perfectly. It will flawlessly transform your jawline, offering a much more oblique appearance.


Honey Quiff


Go for a pixie cut with bulk on upper and flat, smooth edges to complement your facial structure and define visual features.

Twist and twirl the tresses to add plenty more intensity. To just get suitable for a party, emphasize the appearance with minimal jewelry and perfectly matched makeup.


Side Swept Pixie


Opting for extremely short can be fun at times. Long straggly platinum strands add sweetness to the vintage boy trim.

While aligned with a wider face, contributing sideburns to the appearance not just retains the elegance flattering but also contributes greater to the trim. Tickle and curl the hair to add much more texture.


Curtain Bob


Having a good bob also seems packed with composition and a natural body and is quite certain to take the spotlight.

However, if you do not have enough natural curls spiraling through your back, the compact size makes it possible to endeavor and innovate.


Fringed Curls

Searching for round-faced women’s simple hairdos? Take notice of such a stylish chin-length haircut with beach curls.

The gazes will undoubtedly take the stage with this lengthy stringy fringe. Furthermore, the trim tends to hold the edges of the mouth, making it appear longer in form.


Inverted Balayage Bob


If you too adore bob cuts, it’s best to turn to more trendsetting, rounder, irregular shapes. On the other hand, short haircuts for wider portraits do not like excessive density, so just be cautious with hairstyles.

Reversed bobs are very trendy worldwide now, and here’s why. They can assist you in bringing out your facial structure and portray you as bold and stylish.


Sassy A-Line Cut


Give your face a beautiful frame with an imperfect light honey bob. Lowlights refresh your hair naturally.

Whereas side-swept hairstyles suit spherical faces and match out thickness at the chin gorgeously. This is a simple but head-turner look.


Blonde Beach Waves

It’s a versatile look with flirtatious side-swept bangs, which is appropriate for any outing. To add crispness and a prominent finish, deal in messy strands and terrific natural waves.

Platinum blond hair highlights even more of it. The retro-inspired enthusiasm behind the whole cut has remained for an excellent purpose.


Cut Chopped Pixie


Such a trend compliments any facial layout, especially for women with oval facial features. But, of course, your hair should be untidy for a flawless look.

This low-key hairstyle is best suited for women who choose not to spend money on their tresses.


Bold Short Crown


It’s narrow to medium, with a neatly stacked back. If your hair has a few little choppy layers at the front and a striking fringe, it’s ideal for an oval face.

It conveys highly refined vitality. This look usually entails inspiration and is also very vibrant and truly ageless.

Bold Androgynous Haircuts


Layered Chopped Hairdo


This represents one of the many prominent pixies for ladies of all generations. Unfortunately, this high fade generates sloped sections, breaking up the rounded layout.

It makes your face look extra oblong. Face-framing strands, in essence, conceal plump eyebrows and provide an impressive appearance to the look.


Mullet Manes


Spiky hairdo is not one of the greatest popular hairdos with round faces, but it is very attractive right now. This fashion is adorable and enchanting with baby curls and jagged strands.

Quiet Satisfactory for thin hair that requires shape and size. The manner such wispy strands fan reverse accentuates your gorgeous smile.


Side Shaved Messy Pixie


A slender structure furnishes a whimsical style for a playful girl with extended irregular strands.

This pixie cut will flatter almost any face shape because it advances the face and draws attention away from plump faces and toward gorgeous tresses.


Flared Black Crop


This modern broadhead short swept back hairstyle features a delicate sparkly black hair crop with trimmed edges. This styling is ideal for people with oblong cheeks and dark hair.

As a result, your chin will appear narrower and more prolonged. Make a few simple waves to add cheekbones to your tresses.


Chocolate Highlighted Strands


Fringes are an excellent way to add intensity to the upper section of your locks. If you really want to give the appearance of an extended face.

Choose a short haircut with side swept bangs and some protracted textured baby lights. Dress in a very naked and minimal makeup look to illustrate your brownish manes.


Light Brown Lob


Styling for a big forehead can be a lifesaver if trimmed within the appropriate size and frame.

If you possess a round face, try this wonderfully narrow wispy lob haircut with antique eyewear on your next salon visit. A textured and creamy moisturizer is used to create a messy look.


Mini Natural Curls


It’s not like every woman is brave enough to experiment with a new hairstyle since not everyone acknowledges how and when to style it elegantly.

On the other hand, undercuts for broader features do not like excessive fullness, so be careful with grooming.


Blonde Affairs


This style works well for any facial structure, specifically for girls with oblong cheeks. After you’ve moisturized your tresses with styling products, blow them dry.

You would then achieve gentle natural blonde hair waves. Then, before applying the volumizer, just comb through your hair once. Ideal for warmer days without sacrificing comfort.


Razored Chops


This bob is a cool style alternative whenever you tend to favor a relatively long but so far short decent haircut. Ask your hairstylist for tapered sides and flat bangs for a disintegrated but not unkempt look.

This hairstyle is perfect and fun-loving for females searching for something a little different, as the hair appears to be fluffy and flowy.


Peek-A-Boo Short Haircut


You would definitely desire a champagne inverted quiff hairstyle, right?

This upbeat texture will complement your looks and personality, whether you highlight it with bleached blonde or choose an unconventional color to spice it up.


Dark Brown Manes


Intensify your incredibly cute round child’s face with this completely bald hairstyle.

The wispy edge and wavy quiff add proportion, and the short, tapered curls draw attention to the gaze, graphically contouring the round cheeks.


Gold Balayage Perms


While the frontal portions are oriented outward and towards the edges, a fascinating appearance is created. To enhance your appearance, finish with face-framing contrasts.

This layered hair styling can appear magnificent and exotic and flatters nearly every woman, contrary to facial structure.


Messy Blunt Lob


This short haircut, which is sloppily pruned all along your head, has an undeniable taper fade. Slipping several hair sections behind the earlobes reveals just one side of the cheekbones.

It gives the appearance of a slimmer chin. It seems to be an excellent choice for a finer hair type.


Short Punk Hairdo


The short tapered high fade and feathery tousled sideburns lend a classic vibe encroaching punk to this hairstyle.

Since it draws people’s attention towards the crown of the head, this hairstyle assists in concealing a bulkier cheek area. The trim layout will take a few hours and appear to be quite natural and easy.


Bold Balayage Highlights


The tilted pattern is recommended when you have a cute face and are seeking a short bob. The blonde black highlights give a glossy vibe that flatters mellow and gentle skin tones.


Pixie Gloss Look


The craftily razored quirky hair gives the perfect fullness with adequate depth. It’s crucial to focus along the outer edges of your curls to relieve them without making them too narrow.

Use a gentle texturizing mist, a hairdryer, and a moderately sized heating brush for hairstyles. In the end, a flexible hold skin spray is added.


SuperWoman Highlights


This one-of-a-kind the artistic hairdo has loosened and swiped out edges to add some toughness and tilt to the face, which can emerge too adorable.

Its brilliant dual hues complement the updo that falls all over the cheekbones. This hairstyle is for you unless you’re a brave girl looking to grab people’s attention.


Shaded Blunt Cut


A stylish mullet is a fantastic choice for a fuller round shape that would need to be narrowed. In addition, an ash blonde balayage might very well boost hair growth and add density to your layered haircut.

Consistency should be overlooked in round faces, so cleaning a significant portion of your hairstyle across one side indefinitely slims out your cheeks.


Creamy Shag


It’s one of the simplest short hairstyles for blonde hair. Maintain the sides and back to add depth and dimension and contrast the oval face.

If you would like to paint your hair blonde, ensure that you select a color that compliments your skin tone. The trim is simple to preserve, and you don’t have to spend any more time touching up your hair locks regularly.


Plunge Bob


Low – moderate haircuts are often preferred for round faces, but relatively short haircuts are also an option.

The luminous blonde color is both fashionable and conservative. The face-framing, fringed hairstyle keeps the look fresh and vibrant.


Razor Blunts


This razored lob is among the most favorite hairstyles for flattering your facial expression. Contemplate this hairstyle for an elegant style that will divert focus from your round face and puffy cheekbones.

Enhance your hairstyle with shaved sides and natural waves. This hairstyle is cool, and it especially looks good on short hair.


Voluminous Quiff


Side-partitions usually make your plump face appear extra tonal. Furthermore, a sandy shade of blonde will beautify your quiff layered bob.

It is among the most natural-looking blonde hues for a much more eye-catching appearance. Brush it upwards, to the edge, or into a bouffant for the ultra classic look.


Gorgeous Diagonal Bangs


This is an excellent hair idea for slimming an oblong jawline. It is ideal for round face types due to its size, refined, smooth finish, and super cute dramatic side combing.

The smoky brown color is both fashionable and super trendy. You can accessorize your look with minimal fine jewelry.


Brunette Hairdo


Crew cut with rough brushed-over curls is an effortless way to appear sleeker and more contemporary.

Rich brown hairstyles fashioned with an undercut swoop conceal a thicker jawline area by drawing the audience’s eye to the crown of the head.


Caramel Spiked Tousles


It’s a famous short and patterned rough haircut for round appearance and fine hair. Unfortunately, hair preservation for this trim is time-consuming.

Request upper flare style from your hairdresser for a rich appearance and elegance in distinct ways to attract the eyes forward.


Textured Flairs

The basic requirement of owning side-parted hairstyles to compliment any face structure is followed by the supremely voluminous and messy classic bob.

Brunette locks work beautifully to emphasize the contours of her face while also contributing a significant portion across one side.


Side Brushed ‘Do


Curly haircuts necessitate extra preservation than their equivalents. In addition, the slightly straggly trims and bundled-up hair on the sides flatter her round facial structure.

Fix your hair with a soft hair brush to get the appearance of admiring wonderful natural curls.


Although the fullness of your face presents it as delicate across every angular position, choosing short hairstyles for round face shapes with jagged dimensions can help. Likewise, you can compensate for a provision of edges on your face by using oblique patterns in your fashion items.

There are numerous short haircuts for round faces to try, ranging from something like a lob to a spiral bob. If you’re really uncertain about your haircut, you can consult with a hairdresser.