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20 Chic Ways to Wear Lob Haircuts In 2024

The beginning of 2024 is not just the beginning of a new year but a new decade. To have a fresh and new start to your upcoming year and decade, we bring you new looks for hair to go with your new year’s mantra “New Year New me”.

In this upcoming article, we are going to obsess about the traditional yet new Long bob haircuts to style yourself. Lob bob or in simpler terms, we can say a long bob is a form of haircut that mainly cuts the hair to the length of your shoulders or neck or you can imagine that the length of hair is between a bob cut and long hair.

The cut is just above your shoulders till the neck or it can be just below your shoulders. It is a Variant bob cut. The long bob came into existence in the 1920s but that look is now refreshed came into vogue this year. Upcoming 20 hairstyle is all about lob bob and their styling. We hope you may like them. Keep scrolling.


Glamorous Lob Haircuts

Side Swept Straight Bob Cut

Lob Haircuts 2024

The major advantage of choosing a lob hairstyle is the flexibility of length of the hair. There is no defining length in regards to the length of the hairstyle during the cut. In this, the lady has chosen a bit longer length than the usual bob hairstyle.

Her brown gorgeous hair is falling below her shoulder. No curls or any waves are added to the style. She has kept the hairstyle simple and unique by going with a straight look. The straight hair is seemed to be her natural hair so there is no need to press your hair every day in the morning.

The side swap of her front flicks is enhancing the beauty of the girl plus oh the hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for your everyday wear plus your office or school wear too.


Slick Blond Lob Cut

Lob Haircuts 2024

Blond hair color is a major development in the fashion industry throughout this decade. Now the blond hair color is not only about natural hair, but they can also be achieved by globe dying your hair into blond.

This particular hairstyle is for all are blondes out there but if you are not blonde, no worries you can still go with this haircut. The hair length in this hairstyle is till you shoulder focusing your long neck and beautiful face.

The hair in the hairstyle is stick straight meaning they are achieved by pressing and straitening process. The hair cut is blunt from the bottom giving a sleek look to your face. The side partition is giving a party vibe to the style.


Sea Salt Blunt Cut

Lob Haircuts 2024

Talking about blunt cuts, here is one more blunt cut hairstyle for you ladies. The blunt cut at the bottom is much more in demand as this particular part of the hairstyle enhances all overlook of not only the hairstyle but also the overall look of you.

In this particular hairstyle, the length of the hair is similar to the length of the actual bob. The blond color of the girl’s hair in the above-provided image is giving the whole hairstyle a versatile and sweet look.

The hair color is not proper blond but kind of sea-salted color. Rather than going for side partition, she opted for center partition which, according to us, is the highlight of this hairstyle.


Shiny Black Lob Cut

Lob Haircuts 2024

We have talked a lot about blond hair colors and style. Now let’s get back to our natural and most found hair color that is black. The lady in the above picture has shown the right way to style your black bob.

Her shiny black is length till her shoulder. She has opted for a side swap of for hair making the other side sleek and tight. The soft waves and the curls at the bottom are making it a red carpet-worthy hairstyle.


Long Bob with Brushed Waves

Lob Haircuts 2024

If you are not a short hair person than this bob cut is especially for you. This hairstyle is perfect for school or college going girls who are not much fond of short hairstyles. This bob is longer than your shoulders.

The soft brushes waves are naturally present but if you don’t have natural waves, it can be added by your brushes easily by yourself. The young lady in the picture has kept it minimal by opting for a center partition and no flicks hanging in front.

The hair is toned in two different hair color that is light brown and blond but the hairstyle will also go with your natural hair color and the outcome will be as beautiful as it is with blond. This hairstyle is perfect for the ongoing winter season.


Blunt Lob with Layers

Lob Haircuts 2024

Bob with layers hairstyle suited many face types or shapes. This blunt hairstyle looks amazing because of its dramatic and textured nature. Blunt cut mostly worn in straight hairstyles which clearly shows sleekness of texture.

This hairstyle looks very pretty and classy. According to your choice and hair length, you can convert your layers into waves that look different than your regular haircut.

If you have a busy schedule or routine, then this blunt hairstyle is a perfect choice because of their low maintenance property. You can make various hairstyles with these layers like a ponytail, braids, etc.


Side Parted Wavy Messy Lob

Lob Haircuts 2024

Lob hairstyle is another variant of bob hairstyle. This wavy messy chic lob looks very cool and full of swag. Side parted lob hairstyle is perfect for face-framing and is full of character.

This hairstyle looks so dreamy only if it cuts in professional style. Many techniques are used by a stylist to create messy lobs like razor or glass etc. Lob haircuts are for those females who have medium hair length.

Because of the messy and wavy texture, this haircut gives extra volume to your hair. If you have naturally fine hair, then you must use a curler for creating a wavy look.


Textured Lob with Highlights

Lob Haircuts 2024

Nowadays, highlights are the most popular and liked by both men and women. This textured lob hairstyle is trendy and gives you a fresh look. Highlights are the main part of the attraction in this hairstyle.

Highlights are done according to your natural hair color but always choose one shade lighter for highlights. This textured lob looks amazing for every occasion.

You can make different hairstyles like side bun, half bun updo, etc. Some girls love to experiment with their hair so they use different hair sprays or colors according to their outfit and occasion.


Razored Blonde Lob with White Ends

Lob Haircuts 2024

Mostly girls like the razor cut. This hairstyle is a combination of different hairstyles. Blonde colors always look different and white color on the ends attracts more attention. This hairstyle is for best for those who have shoulder-length hair.

Razor cutting gives a messy look to your hair. In Hollywood, many of the famous actresses, pop singers adopt this hairstyle for red carpets or events.

This blonde hairstyle is not suitable for offices, conferences, etc. This hairstyle comes with some maintenance but if you have natural blonde color hair, then you need to worry about time.


Soft Angled Brown Lob

Lob Haircuts 2024

Lob hairstyles have many styles like asymmetric cuts, waves, etc. This angled brown lob is very easy to style and wear. Angled lob looks amazing on fine hair because of their unique dimensions.

This lob looks longer on the front but shorter on the back that’s y it is called angled lob. This hairstyle is excellent for working women, teachers, desk jobs, etc.

It looks simple but so stylish. You can wear any formal outfit with this for a more prominent look. On occasions, you can try different hairstyles.


Short Directional Waves

Lob Haircuts 2024

Short directional waves hairstyle adds a little touch of fun style in your personality. This hairstyle is very similar to 80’s hairstyles. To make this look, you need to curl your hair only on the ends which provides your hair a bouncy look.

This hairstyle works for thin or thick hair. You can choose tight or loose curls according to your hair length. This hairstyle is perfect for weddings, parties, etc. You can add various hair accessories or colorful pins.

If you have naturally wavy hair, then you must go with this hairstyle. It is very low maintenance. Your hairstyle is a part of your inner personality so make sure to choose wisely. Some lighter highlights look stunning.


Shaggy Black Lob with Choppy Bangs

Lob Haircuts 2024

This shaggy black lob is best for face-framing. This hairstyle works according to your hair length, thickness, etc. It doesn’t provide any extra texture or volume to your hair. The shag hairstyle comes back to life recently.

Choppy bangs cover your most face area, so this hairstyle is perfect for chubby cheeks, etc. You can wear some eye makeup with any short dress and you are ready to go. Many offices going females mostly prefer this shaggy lob hairstyle.

Little girls look so cute in this hairstyle. Hairstyles always need some styling or customization because if not maintained your hairstyle does not appear good.


Tousled Streamlined Brown Lob

Lob Haircuts 2024

Tousled streamlined lob looks so smooth and sleek. Lobs are styled in many different ways. This hairstyle complements your natural hair. It is perfect for an everyday look. The tousled hairstyle is a little longer than the other lob styles.

So this comfortable hairstyle can be changed into different styles like a high ponytail, waterfalls, etc. you can make side partition or center partition according to your outfit.

This charming hairstyle comes with very little maintenance. On any special day, you can make curls or waves because you have enough length for doing any hairstyle.


Feathered Cut Lob

Lob Haircuts 2024

A feathered cut is known to add texture, volume, and body to an otherwise plain basic cut. If you have thin hair and afraid of cutting your hair so short or into a lob. Going for a feather cut along with a lob is a very good idea for you.

This will not only help you change your look and hairstyle but will also help your hair look very voluminous. You can go for a feather cut with long layers which gives a lot of texture to your hair. You can go for Slight graduation.

That will allow you for a fluid look. Another option you have is to blow out your hair; it will showcase lots of volume and movement to your hairstyle.


Blonde Bangs Meet The Lob

Lob Haircuts 2024

There are different types of bangs that you can pair with your lob to give it a more glam or extra look. This iconic hairstyle with side-swept bangs is so perfectly rocked by Taylor swift.

She looks stunning shoulder-length blonde lob. The length of the hair is perfect because it attracts all the attention to the clavicles. The clavicles and collar bones when highlighted always that extra sexiness and feminism to your look.

This feature along with the blonde hair, makes you look very hot. The frame cut of the lob is giving a great dimension to the shape of the face.


The Black Lob

Lob Haircuts 2024

Keeping your lob simple and minimal is also a very good idea. This could be achieved by keeping your hair of natural color. In this Selena goes for her natural brunette look and cuts her hair in a shoulder-length lob.

She styles them by adding soft curls. The center-partition compliments the overall hairstyle perfectly. This hairstyle helps you achieve a very subtle and classy look. This hairstyle is perfect for a glam look. Curls make an ordinary lob look all so glam up instantly.


Ultra Blonde Casual Lob

Lob Haircuts 2024

The best thing about lobs is that they could very low-maintenance yet looking very gorgeous. Even if you style them, they are very quick to transit into a very good looking hairstyle. You can keep them classy and also casual.

For a casual look, style the lob in soft, loose curls or waves. Brush your hair back over your parting, prefer a side-partition. This complements your soft look. You can use a straightener or curling iron to create loose waves.

Make waves in a way that frames your face. This could also be achieved by just tousling your freshly washed hair. It looks very natural. So you can make your lobs could look amazing without much effort.


Straight Lob Haircut

Lob Haircuts 2024

There are numerous ways to style your lob, and each one of them looks awesome and unique in its way. Though the most common of them are curling your lob. But a straight lob has also been a very good option for many face shapes.

You can Straight your lob and team it with a center part. The combination projects a refined and modern edge to your look. This hairstyle looks very sleek and classy.

This looks even more astonishing if you keep the length of your lob a little longer than usual. Most commonly till shoulder or longer than that.


Ultra Short Sided Lob

Lob Haircuts 2024

You can keep your lob ultra-short that is the chin-length. This could be called a bob. This looks very stylish and helps you look younger. This length of hair makes you look very polished the highlighted strands at the front adds more depth, dimension, and frame to your face.

The layers add volume and texture to your hair. Regina King has pulled this hairstyle very well. Her side-part plays up the shorter highlighted strands in her choppy bob looks very fascinating.


The Work Ready Lob

Lob Haircuts 2024

Your lob could be styled in many different aspects. If you are a working woman and looking for a hairstyle that will compliment your daily work routine but also your after-work look. Go for a shoulder-length lob.

It is a perfect option. Curling it properly with a side part gives you a clean and professional look. Making it messier at the end of the day will make you party-ready as well. You can use a curler for proper curls or go for a straightener to add soft waves.

It will look gorgeous both ways. The good part is that it will not cross your professional borders and will not make you look extra. You can just wake up and be work-ready without changing much of effort or time.


Lobs are low-maintenance and highly-trendy. What also do you look for in a haircut? It is perfect for all occasions or events as it could be styled in numerous ways. You can achieve any look you want with your lob cut.

No matter what you are, a college girl, a working girl, a party girl, shopping and always spending time with friends type of girl, a fitness freak, this haircut will be perfect for all. So what are you thinking of?

If you are dreaming if getting short and searching for what haircut to go for. The lob is the one. You will end up loving it. Decide the length of your lob and just go for it.