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22 Style Personified Short Hairstyles for Young Women

A hairstyle defines and enhances the personality of a girl. It is the most important part of your persona. Yes, the hairstyle can make one look younger than their age. Short hairstyles mainly do this to ladies who are often mistaken as girls.

Short hairs with a pixie cut or bangs or highlights, even their combinations can make one look very attractive. It has been seen that your hairstyle speaks for yourself. A girl with short hair reflects a formal look that can be carried by both students and the office going. Few spunky and charismatic styles are described below here.


Personified Short Hairstyles for Young Women

Bangs Complimenting Short Hairstyle with Highlights

Short Hairstyles for Women

The most manageable style of hair is to keep them shorter in length. This particular hairstyle can be carried by girls as well as creative heads following the mantra “age is just a number”. It can complement any skin type whether a woman is white or bronze doesn’t matter. One can surely pull off with this type of hairstyle. It can easily turn those heads around. Pixie cut with bangs and highlights are perfect to speak a woman are confident enough and no matter what it is your style.

Messy but Not Shabby Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Women

This one is for the star within a woman. Easy to maintain and a woman don’t need any straightener to maintain it. Even if a woman has a double chin, it will hide it. Nobody will notice those holiday pounds a woman just gained. Just layering the hairs towards your left side with a comb and a woman is done. Easy to maintain that shine and no requirement of any hairpin or bands. This messy but not shabby short hairstyle will show them a woman is a symbol of freedom and a woman can feel it.

Short Hairstyle along with a Shine

Short Hairstyles for Women

Rihanna started umbrella short hairs, but those had uneven length. This hairstyle is for those who cannot do it like Rihanna. Simple yet very much in style. Carrying short hairs is not a new thing but trying to make it more sophisticated is difficult. One can easily do this with this hairstyle. It will require one to straighten or get permanent straightening done in case they have natural curls or waves. It is perfect for those who are like Monika from Friends, caring, welcoming and ready to meet new faces.

Pixie Combed Backwards on Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Women

Formal look that is easy to carry and maintain daily. Pixies were introduced for busy bees and this one is another way to show that your face cut is perfect and your makeup is perfect. One who is confident about their dressing sense doesn’t pay attention to bully’s can have this for sure. It is not important that you are naturally blonde or not. What matter is, irrespective of your hair color one can carry this hairstyle.

Wavy Short Hairstyle with Coffee Color

Short Hairstyles for Women

Tomboy girls can have hairstyle alike this one. It reflects that they don’t care what people think about them. They are into their world and everyone should respect that. Easily attained and compliments any body type. It highlights your eyes that speak more than words. The best benefit is that it will not look shabby even if it rains. The wave makes it look natural and requires no extra time for maintenance. Color may be black or blonde or even red. It looks cool and highlights the jawline.

Shabby Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyles for Women

It is the one that makes one look younger than their age. The best part of this hairstyle is it doesn’t consume much time. Short hairstyle is equal to lesser time than usual is a myth. But this style makes it real. Pixie hair when unevenly cut can look so cool if they are bright. Jet black hair looks perfect when combined with such a hairstyle. One can fuss about their day-to-day activities without thinking about their hairstyle. It is stylish and can be done with a formal or casual dress. It defines the face and enhances the beauty of their face cut.

Short Blonde Haircut

Short Hairstyles for Women

The hairstyle that sharpens facial features and every make-up selfie will become perfect. A nose piercing or an eyebrow piercing can look stylish with such a funky hairstyle. Blonde and beautiful along with the umbrella cut is the most fashionable. Umbrella cut by Rihanna is enhanced by being blonde. Fashionable as well as easily manageable. Can be pulled off on every day. It can be attained by professional help as the bigger part of hair needs to be equal in length. The other part needs to be a little longer than the bigger part.

Bobby Bangs on Short Hair

Short Hairstyles for Women

This one is for girls who love hair accessories. It can enhance and define the division provided by the bangs. Girls with bigger forehead can easily cover it with this hairstyle. Overall straightening the whole hair by making sections will make it look cleaner. No requirement of getting any hair color or highlight. Maintaining the shine of the hair by applying raw egg weekly and then washing it all off, is easy. Bobby bangs are best with the hairbands and tiaras. Crown would look perfect as it is such a beautiful look for girls with a cute face. It may be possible that this hairstyle can make them look cuter than ever before.

Redefining Highlights on Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Women

The look that is best for the girls having round shape face is this one. A little bit of shaving the edge makes it look really neat. Roots can be natural but the rest of the hairs need to be highlighted for defining the shaved part. Combining it with the umbrella look makes it the latest hairstyle in town. Straightening the hair would make it look cool. Imagine those free-spirited bodies carrying such a fresh look. It will look perfect on every girl whether she is a teen or in her late 30’s.

Wavy Bob Cut

Short Hairstyles for Women

The most casual look that looks very light. Volume can be achieved through the waves. It can be a perfect look for a beach outing or an in-house party. If paired with a hair accessory like a side pin, it can look really cute. It is best for the girls having lesser volume as it can enhance the volume of their hair. It requires no effort of straightening but will look perfect if artificial waves are created in symmetry. This hairstyle can be maintained if the hair grows fast as it can be maintained on medium size hair too.

Afro Textured Micro Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Women

Black people have the best hairstyle, their natural Afro-textured hair look cool. Although everyone knows different styling of long hairs, this particular style is so neat and looks seamless on darker skin tones. Experimenting with hair color like red makes it look stylish. It is like a cute and small hair decoration spread all over the hair. Naturally textured hairs look the best may what it is whether curls, straight or Afro-textured. This one can be kept at every time by a young girl. President Obama too has this textured hair and it looks cool on him. A girl can surely pull it off.

Ultimate Show Stopper Look

Short Hairstyles for Women

An elegant look that makes you look simple and stylish at the same time. Irrespective of color hair that you have, it will look perfect. It is a hairstyle that almost every super model has and has been the show stopper look for many. It looks perfect with a top and an open jacket. No-load of hair accessories. Just open hair flying in the air always look fresh.

Punk Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Women

Yes, the famous stand-up comedian and host of Ellen carry this style perfectly. It is a style statement that only girls with guts can reflect. Blonde hair with punk hairstyle looks super stylish and it is as short as a boy’s hair but the side bangs make it girlish. It is easy to maintain and you don’t need any hair stylist to create the side partition. There is no requirement of straightening the hair, by the way, the length cannot make it possible too.

Red Carpet Waves with Short Hair

Short Hairstyles for Women

Short hair combined with waves and a shabby hairdo is what one can think of after doing this hairstyle. But on the contrary, one can feel like these waves are natural, although these are created artificially. It is all because of an uneven portioning of the hairs. The whole look is red carpet look and will enhance the make-up done on that beautiful canvas. It can never be a casual look as the whole look gets glamorous when carried with a dress.

Short Hairstyle with Curls

Short Hairstyles for Women

The evergreen look of Marilyn Monroe is this one. Short hairs styled in curls irrespective of being brown or blonde. It looks sexy, typically feminine. This can be done even with a bikini on or informal wear. It defines the face and enhances the facial features of the female carrying this hairstyle. The most attractive look of a woman with short hairs is this one. Curls are highly recommended by famous hair blogger Sarah Angius and this one looks perfect on short hairs. Who doesn’t want to be complimented as a lookalike of Monroe? I believe every girl.

Side Shaved Spiked Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Women

Blonde with spikes along shaved hairs is a very bold look that a girl can carry. It defines craziness like Miley Cyrus and funkiness like Katty Perry. This particular look is perfectly styled one and one needs to know how to make those spikes correctly. It is a pure art and it allows one to be crazy with their outfits. More formal clothes will just look out of the box along with this hairstyle. This hairstyle is enhanced by the sides that are shaved.

Curls with Shaved Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Women

Natural curls along with shaved hairs on short hairstyle looks unique. This particular look is so trendy and can make those huge curls manageable. For a dancer such a hairstyle would look perfect while performing hip-hop or street style. A free-soul is what this hairstyle says about a person. If highlights are attached to this look then it will look beyond perfect. A girl with natural curls can really find this one as an ultimate solution. It flows like a rhythm. It makes a person look photogenic and compliments the basic facial features.

Pixie with a Braid

Short Hairstyles for Women

Short umbrella looks perfect on blonde as well as jet black hairs. Paired with a small braid on the crown area makes it more attractive. No hair accessory is required and braid serves the purpose of a hairband. It would look best on colored blonde and not on the natural one’s. It is easily maintained and requires no pressure at all for giving an extra touch. Girls of young age often face acne problems and this Karen inspired hairstyle is perfect to hide it. Although treatment is the best remedy yet for temporary relief one can hide it. Any body type can have it, it enhances the jaw line and looks best on catty eyes.

Over Grown Pixie with Blonde Hair

Short Hairstyles for Women

Short hairstyle when are blonde have many options but experimenting is not good for new moms. This one is perfect for new moms. Easy to handle and no fuss about combing them. They can be just combed with your own hands. The hair cut can be shabby and uneven yet it will look cool when side bangs are overgrown as compare to rest of the hair length. Short hairstyle perfect for a young mom and girls having perfect facial features. The whole focus will be on the facial features.

Bridal Bob Cut

Short Hairstyles for Women

Happy faces require no long hairs. A bride’s smile is the main thing at the wedding, it spread happiness among the groom and guests. This hairstyle, when combined with a tiara, looks perfect for a beach wedding. The floral tiara best compliments the pixie highlights. The division of hairs shows the root that is naturally black in color, differentiating the highlights. This one is for the girls that are about to enter their 30’s and want to look like being in their early 20’s. It makes the face look very fresh. No extra efforts are required to create a complex hairstyle that may even require the help of a professional.

Gone are the days when the bride had only a few options to accessorize their bridal look. This particular hairstyle can be done with purple hair as well. One can experiment with their hair color and slay in this hairstyle surely.

Feather Cut

Short Hairstyles for Women

Jennifer Lawrence haircut is the best one. This feather cut on short hairstyle looks perfect when a lean girl has it. It is manageable and doesn’t require any special treatment. Combining it and having a little hair spray, that’s it. Making the most of the width of a hair, it creates a short layering pattern which looks very cute. It is different from the various styles involving bangs or spikes. It is fashionable as well as elegant. Usually, these kinds of hairstyle are for the girls which are more concern about their body and doesn’t have enough time for maintaining long hair strands.

Side Parted Short Haircut

Short Hairstyles for Women

Short haircut is not limited to boys anymore. Athletic girls can easily have such kind of hairs and focus on their game and strength training. This is a game-changer and easily reflects the true confidence of a girl. It makes her smile brighter and the glitters in her eyes are highlighted. The freshness of newly grown hair is what this look is all about. It creates a volume for the girls with comparatively thin hair strands. Any hair color with this hairstyle will look good. It can be enhanced by back combing over the crown area. It always helps to create volume and enhance it.

Overall every hairstyle mentioned above speaks itself and is making a different style statement. It makes a girl stand out of the box and imagine if you see a girl with those long hairs in one of these styles. It will be a pleasant surprise for everyone. These styles make them look fresh, confident and focused. Long hairs are not manageable at all for young girls as these years in their life are building blocks. They need to be focused and with such hairs, they need no extra effort. A little care is enough to maintain any of the style mentioned above. Big Hollywood stars carry such hairstyle and even win Oscar with the same.

These hairstyles are funky, stylish, dramatic and gorgeous. Any compliment isn’t enough because this is the new way to reflect your confidence. Girls are no less than boys. Short hairs are just not limited to boys now. Even an elderly lady can easily keep it and make her greys look beautiful than her black hair. Even Elastic Girl from The Incredibles too has short hair, the superhero character carries short hair. In all, these styles reflect a woman power and empowerment of woman in every field. Short is the new pretty hair.