25 Cute Pixie Haircut Ideas – 2022’s Best Pixie Cuts

To improve is to change and to be perfect is to have a change often in your life. And when it comes to change, a haircut is the style that you should start with. When you are looking for a change in your hairstyle in this modern era, pixie haircut is the option that can give you a choice of contemporary and chic hairstyle look with ease of maintaining and styling it.

Classic icons and modern celebrities prove the versatility of the pixie haircut, and they choose it among all the trendy hairstyles in society. Pixie cut helps you to get a totally new personality as your complete look is changed with the fantastic haircut.

A pixie haircut is a very convenient, stylish, and pretty option for any hair type and can have a variety of styles, including bangs, textured hair, or trendy highlights. If you are also looking for a chic hairstyle to have a completely new and changed look, we have come up with some dazzling pixie haircuts that you must try in 2022.


Glamorous Pixie Haircuts

Pixie Bob

Pixie Cut 2020

A fresh and cute hairstyle to give an adorable and sweet change to your hairstyle. Pixie bob is an impressive short hairstyle that includes a pixie and a bob haircut combination. The bob length haircut is giving a pixie style with a longer top and shorter sides and back hair.

The voluminous layers for the top hair with an impressive milky grey shade create a pretty hairstyle for girls. You can carry the beautiful haircut with a simple side parting for a party look.


Messy Pixie

Pixie Cut 2020

If you are looking for an everyday carefree look with low maintenance and trendy hairstyle, messy pixie is a great choice for you. Messy pixie haircuts suit the girls having short curly hair.

Pixie haircut for the short curly hair is accomplished by giving a short haircut for the back hair and small layers for the top and side curls.

The bangs look super cute when styled with a side parting, and a messy mix of brown and golden highlights makes the messy pixie haircut more stunning.


Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut 2020

The trendy hairstyle to give you a boyish look is a combination of two modern hairstyles, i.e., pompadour and quiff. The overall pixie haircut look is very unique and beautiful giving you a pleasing appeal with a confident style.

The top hair is kept longer than side and back hair and styled in a back swept and upward direction messily. The white shade on the top hair gives an offbeat and funky look to the pompadour quiff hairstyle. The boyish look is very carefree and easy to style and you can even keep it messy.


Edgy Pixie

Pixie Cut 2020

Want a colorful and stylish appeal with a changed look that is also easy to maintain and style? Then edgy pixie can be a nice option for you. The stylish, edgy pixie involves a bob haircut with a pixie style keeping the side and back hair short with edgy layers for the top hair.

The trendy shade of highlights like light grey can give a wonderful and attractive look with the pixie cut. Edgy layers are styled with a side parting covering the short hair of one side and giving a stylish and engaging appeal.


Glam Winter Pixie

Pixie Cut 2020

A charming and decent hairstyle for the fall or winter looks, and it looks superb on your sweatshirts and jackets. Giving you a youthful and boyish look, the pixie haircut is very easy to carry and style.  It is a classic pixie haircut for the short brown hair that includes short sides and voluminous top hair.

You can style the glamorous winter pixie haircut with the help of your hand moving the top hair towards the side without any parting. It gives a naturally charming look to the winter pixie haircut.


Platinum Bangs

Pixie Cut 2020

For the smooth and silky short hair, platinum bangs with a pixie haircut looks very alluring. The sleek hair is given a platinum highlight to get the most attractive look. The pixie haircut includes two layered bangs for the top hair cut with an even distance.

Style the bangs and the top hair towards the front covering your forehead. The platinum bangs with pixie haircut suit girls with round or oval face type. It gives a classy and charismatic appeal for any special event or party.


Golden Fringes

Pixie Cut 2020

If you love fringes and a short haircut, the blonde fringes hairstyle is a great choice for you. It suits the girls with a longer face type, such as rectangular or square. The short black hair is given a twist with golden highlights.

The pixie haircut involves angled fringes for the front hair and short hair for the back. You can messily style your top back hair avoiding comb to give a natural look. The front golden fringes covering the forehead makes the look glitzier.


Flipped Up Pixie

Pixie Cut 2020

A celebrity hairstyle for some special events like award ceremonies or business events that gives you an attractive and elegant look with your short haircut. Flipped up pixie is a hairstyle achieved using pixie haircut having short sides and voluminous top hair.

The top hair is pushed up from the front and styled using wax or hair gel. The wax holds the top hair in a flipped-up way to give you a glamorous and alluring appeal on your valuable events.


Wispy Bangs

Pixie Cut 2020

A great option for the beautiful women having ultra-short hair or doesn’t carry much voluminous hair. The natural black hair is given a pixie haircut with feathery fringes for the top hair.

The hairstyle is inspired by Zoe Kravitz’s short and wispy bangs that give a youthful and pretty appeal while framing the face.

Wispy bangs hairstyle suit girls having short black hair and a longer face type such as rectangular or oval. You can carry wispy bangs hairstyle on casual occasions as well as a party look.


Polished Sangria

Pixie Cut 2020

A sleek and smooth hairstyle for the girls who have a confident and bold personality. The polished sangria hairstyle doesn’t give a punk look as it is styled in a very decent way with a side parting.

The sangria color highlights make the pixie cut look more impressive. The naturally sleek and smooth hair is styled with a hair gel to hold the polished and chic look to the short pixie haircut.

Polished Sangria hairstyle looks great on girls and women having an oval face type.


Skin Overturn

Pixie Cut 2020

A pleasing and fashionable hairstyle giving you a different and delightful party look. Skin hair shade gives a naturally attractive look with the overturn pixie. For an overturn or flipped up hairstyle, The top hair is kept a little longer and voluminous than the sides.

The top hair is styled in a backward direction with an upward style using a hair gel or wax. The wax helps to keep the textured hairstyle for a longer time so that you can enjoy an appealing look for the special occasions.


Structured Pixie

Pixie Cut 2020

You have thick hair and a round face, and is it becoming hard to find out a pixie haircut for you? Then you are the right place because we have a cute and adorable pixie haircut that will suit girls and women with round face type and thick black hair.

The cute structured pixie haircut involves short spikes for the huge volume top hair styled in an upward direction using a hair gel. Structured pixie gives a charming and pretty look to the cute face.


Golden Waves

Pixie Cut 2020

Wavy hair carries its own charisma and can be elegant and stylish at the same time. Golden waves pixie haircut includes a short pixie haircut for the wavy hair having golden highlights.

It is a very trendy and classy hairstyle and is preferred among women of all ages. The neat and wavy bangs are styled using a side parting, keeping the front bangs in an angled way to make them look more attractive.


Ultra Short Glossy Pixie

Pixie Cut 2020

As the name suggests, ultra-short glossy pixie is for the girls having shiny and sleek hair and are looking for an ultra-short haircut. The ultra-short pixie haircut is achieved by cutting the sides short gradually decreasing the length, and the top shiny hair is kept long to be styled towards the front.

The glossy haircut looks so alluring and gives a trendy and youthful appeal for the girls carrying the hairdo. Teenagers can carry it as a carefree style for their casual college look.


Tapered Pixie

Pixie Cut 2020

A cool and pretty hairstyle for the girls having round face type. Many of the girls having round face types find it difficult to search for a pixie hairstyle, but giving the short hair a textured look can make the look stunning and beautiful.

The crop pixie haircut includes a lot of short textured layers and bangs that are styled towards the front covering your forehead. The beautiful textures and short bangs make the style fascinating and classy.

The hairdo works great for formal events as well as informal occasions and gives you an attractive and stylish appeal all the time.


Flickered Layers

Pixie Cut 2020

Women having a thick volume of hair are the most suitable ones for this kind of hairdo. Flickered layers hairstyle is not so girlish kind of, but it gives a very smart and attractive look on any ideal face.

For the particular hairstyle, the hair is trimmed till the nape neck length and then fluffed at the top head part, making it look thicker. Some of the thin hair strips are passing the forehead path in a way to complete the fluffy coverage of the hairdo. It looks gorgeous with the hair shade of Golden color.


Shiny Nostalgia

Pixie Cut 2020

One of the very suitable hairdos for women having a super shorter and thinner hair type. It is the perfect hairdo for any of the ball party or gowns party.

Shiny nostalgia hairstyle is attained by having a haircut of equal proportion and using a hair gel for making it look stiff at the clench part, formed in a manner of waves crossing the side forehead part.

The rest of the hair is kept under the ear part stiffed and straight using the hair spray to maintain the rhythm of hair.


Layered Wings

Pixie Cut 2020

Women having short and bouncy texture in their hair can opt for layered wings hairdo. As it looks good with a mixture of bouncy forehead layers and layered square shape at the neck nape.

The hairstyle leaves a very energetic look on the face of any women; this can be applied by trimming the forehead hair in the shape of free bouncy layers which are lying in a sequenced manner with tiny spikes at the head part and the back is labeled using a laser cutter which completes the overall gaze of the hairdo.


Disconnected Layers

Pixie Cut 2020

The highlighted hair always comes in attention from the crowd, but having a trendy gesture of hair makes it look wiser. In disconnected layers hairdo, the hair is observed to be highlighted with ashy chocolate color and is trimmed into an unequal proportion to get a disconnected layer effect on the top head part.

The top stripes of hair are edged and thin in look and the edge flicks pass through the side-eye part. Disconnected layers look gives a proper boyish teenage look on any woman’s face. The highlights embrace the hairdo look.


Tiny Spikes with Flicks

Pixie Cut 2020

Women having very thin hair gestures and feels free to see herself in the short-confined hair should choose this hairstyle for their daily scheduler.

In tiny spikes hairdo, the hair is very thin striped in the oval-shaped at the top of the head, which are of equal length, having very short inches all over the head.

Flicks with tiny spikes hairstyle give a teenage boyish look at first glance and give a calm texture at any single individual. It looks great with cream milky highlights of hair making them look more attractive.


Crushed Pixie

Pixie Cut 2020

Girls having very fanatic short hair and very much shiner gesture of hair can go with crushed pixie hairdo for their amazing look, and it is easily maintained in your daily schedule.

In crushed pixie hairdo, the hair is trimmed to the shortest length possible moreover which cannot be caught by hands, and then it’s given a glossy look in the appearance of the hairstyle.

Any girl who wants to attain a manly gaze should try crushed pixie hairdo in which the hair is trimmed at a very edged part of the head and are of very short length.


Thin Flickered Layer

Pixie Cut 2020

The focus of thin flickered hairdo is to have the hair at the forehead so the girls having a wavy hair gesture should try the amazing look. Hair is trimmed in such a manner that the hair strips are bumped and waved from the peak of the head.

In flickered layer hairdo the small thin strips are divided into sections indulging one into the other, covering the forehead part till a little extinct of the head part. The hair shade of Brown and Black looks good in thin hair-styling.


Asymmetrical Brunette Pixie

Pixie Cut 2020

An iconic hairstyle that will give you a celebrity look with the short-layered pixie haircut. An asymmetrical Brunette hairstyle is for the girls having naturally dark brown hair and are looking for something to make their short hair more impressive.

The top hair for the asymmetrical brunette hairstyle is cut in edgy layers of different lengths and styled with a side parting with the top layers kept outwards towards the side.

So, if you are looking for a glamorous hairstyle with a short pixie haircut, look no further. The gorgeous hairstyle gives an alluring appeal with the little wavy hair styled elegantly.


Gross Layers

Pixie Cut 2020

The hair is shiny and straight and covers the one lateral side of the forehead part. The hair is not trimmed equally to get the straight layered section of the hair at the sideways which are edged and in continuously connected sprints, whereas the rest of the hair is kept hold at the back which is stick to the head part beneath the ear of another side at the left.

In Gross layers hairstyle, the hair layered and present till the nape of the neck having equal length of hair stripes. Gross layers hairdo is a perfect short hair pixie haircut for winters to get a pleasing look.


Highlighted Pink Pixie

Pixie Cut 2020

Highlighted Pompadour is the most astonishing and different kind of hair cut, which is not at all common between the pretty ladies, but although it will give a super fascinating look on your face.

The hair is trimmed in a mixed ratio of straight and wavy tiny layers involving the top and the forehead part. The short, tiny layers are present at the top and the straight stripes are covering the brows.

The entire hair is shaded with a very lucent color of cherry red texture with a pinch of purple touch in it. Highlighted Pompadour looks great if you want to be styled up uniquely.

Pixie haircuts offer you the styles giving you both adorable and funky look as you can choose a sexy side part or a boyish fringe while picking a pixie haircut. So, the pixie haircuts can give you the type of look you prefer and let your inner personality emerge with the haircut you carry.

Pixie haircuts are easily manageable hairstyle with short to medium length haircut and it saves a lot of time that you would spend otherwise styling your hair. If you are planning to update your current hairstyle or are looking for a huge change in your looks, look no further than these stunning chic pixie haircuts that would give you a glamorous and appealing gaze.

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