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21 Insanely Cool Hairstyles for Indian Men

Men have become more and more trendsetters these days even so much, to beat women at it. Men usually had very few options to select from in the past. Now everything is a trendsetter, and any style is a good style.

Hairstyles go out and come into fashion around the year. To know what is the current trend is the ideal solution for men who want to make a statement to this world.

We have collected for you stylish men just the guide you need for this season.


21 Insanely Cool Hairstyles for Indian Men

Classic Taper Cut with Trimmed Edges

Hairstyles for Men

A common hairdo these days that men seen to have fallen head over heels in love with, is the taper cut.

The hair at the center will be longer and cut to stay separately from the sides. The hair on the sides will be cropped, and the length of the crop is adjusted to a medium length.

The hairdo basically allows for the hit to be divided into three different parts. And each part can be styled differently. Add a little gel and always get this taper modified into a Mohawk anytime you wish to attend a party.


Classic Taper Sleeked Backwards Hair

Hairstyles for Men

The hair is cut in a center taper fashion. This hair is kept long to comb it backward comfortably. A gel is used to hold this hair in place.

The hair is sleeked backward with a comb to create impressions of parallel strands in the hair. This is a wedding reception hairstyle and one that will make you look dashing and handsome.


High Centered Taper Hair

Hairstyles for Men

This is a typical taper hairstyle. The center region of hair is kept high, which allows for styling the hair. The hair gelled up and made to stand straight up.

The sides are cropped with a medium length, and so the head looks like it’s at full volume, but it is actually with minimum volume and therefore can be maintained easily. It’s apt for a date night or even to red carpet events.


Side Parted Medium Length Flowing Hair

Hairstyles for Men

This look is one that is capable of attracting a lot of attention. It’s a voluminous look that can add a lot of weight to the head.

The hair is maintained at a medium length and is styled to separate into two sides unevenly and the hair is held in place without falling over.

It can be paired with suits or even with a suspender. This is a uber cool look to don this season.


Side Partitioned Combed Back Sleek Hair

Hairstyles for Men

This is a look that will keep your confidence at the highest. This is suitable for long or medium hair lengths and looks best when it is sleeked backwards.

The look is all about imparting a significance to the hairstyle to make you look fabulous. No look will be complete with a insignificant hairdo and a tuxedo.


Chopped Taper Hair with Faded Sides

Hairstyles for Men

This is a medium length hair that is chopped up towards the center of the head. The hair is randomly chopped up and is all about giving it an uneven look.

It’s a tending look especially since the sides are sort of fading towards the bottom the head at the sides.

It is suitable for a casual day at work. It’s a great look that will make you look younger and add potential looks at your style sense.


Messy Tapered Hair with Faded Sides

Hairstyles for Men

The hair is messy towards the center and is allowed to grow up to a medium length. This messy look gives the person a less mature feel.

This sides are faded towards the bottom of the head. This look brings out the cool you. It makes you look like a biker and helps you yo look cool.


Long Hair with Fringe

Hairstyles for Men

Men too can keep long hair without ending up looking like women. They seem to be preferring this kind of long hair these days.

This is q shoulder length bob. It is randomly partitioned at the center and allowed to keep its natural flow.

This is a really casual look and something that’s so unique in style. Hardly requires any styling and maintenance.

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Wavy Taper at the Center and Shaved Sides

Hairstyles for Men

This look calls for a medium length tapered hair at the center of the head. The hair is combed sideways in a wavy manner. This is where the entire volume of the hair is concentrated at.

The rest of the hair is cropped off close to the scalp on either sides of the head. This look can be donned by a CEO who wouldn’t mind being called a cool CEO.

From suits to shirts this look will go with anything. Adding highlights or color would make it look a little funkier.


Short Central Mohawk

Hairstyles for Men

This look will go well when the length of the hair varies between short and medium. The hair should be adjusted into a Mohawk and the remaining hair will be kept short and out of the way.

A cool look to don this season. It not just makes you look smart, it also makes you look efficient.

This can be paired with a suit and you will just on the top of your league. For less corporate day, a jeans and a t-shirt will work wonders with this look.


Medium Curls and a Beard

Hairstyles for Men

This looks calls out to all the curly haired men out there. Just when you thought trimming and keeping your hair short is the only option that is left for people with hair like yours, we have come up with a super amazing look to suit your needs.

The hair is kept to a medium length and allows the natural curls to be in place. This can be kept with a small trimmed beard and the complete look is just an amazing one right out the movies.


Back Combed Shaded Trim

Hairstyles for Men

This look is all about combining the ultra straight hair backwards. The hair is made to stay out of the face and medium to long is the desired length for this style to work efficiently.

The sides are not clearly defined like in other hairstyles. It is just trimmed with a shade. This message that hair is longer at the top and becomes shorter as we move downwards.

This look is one pretty amazing look to be donned with a blazer or a tuxedo.


A Messy Macho with a Stubble Style

Hairstyles for Men

This look calls for a medium to long hair group. The hair will be tousled and messy all the time. It will be accompanied by a small stubble which is the main attraction of this look.

It is all about looking macho and the beard adds a playboy touch to the entire look. The covered eyes and the mysterious smile adds a whole new dimension to this look.

It’s a look worth a million glances. It will be most suitable for college students or young adults. It can be paired well with a shirt and shorts.


Sleek Comb Back Hair

Hairstyles for Men

This is a typical corporate look and is worth all the effort being put into it. The entire length of the hair is combed backwards. The hair is usually held in place with some kind of a gel or wax.

The combing gives it a parallel line effect. On the whole this look is all about attending corporate meetings and red carpet events.

It is best suited with tuxedos and suits. It’s a full on formal look with absolutely no chance of backlash of any kind of this look is in place. Can’t stop ones confidence from oozing out by donning this look.


Messy Open Hair with a Beard

Hairstyles for Men

Another look for people with slightly curly hair. This look will do wonders if managed properly. It is all about letting the hair out in a natural manner. The hair falls at its own pace and flow.

There is hardly any use of comb in this look. This hairdo calls for a mid medium length hair. And it will be appreciated for people who have a beard.

This look will be complete only with the presence of a beard. It gives men a very macho look. It kind of enhances masculinity.

It might look better on people who are in a band or something like that. It can be paired with a black T-shirt and still give a smoldering effect on you.


Short Spikes with a Stubble Hair

Hairstyles for Men

This look is best suited for people who have somewhat short hair. Especially if the hair is naturally spiky, this hairdo will look absolutely gorgeous. It’s all about having a nice spiky feel to your hair.

The stubble kind of adds maturity to the look. Without the stubble, you tend to look younger. This is apt for a playboy who wants to give a good boy image around.

It would be better suited with semi formals and blazers. If nothing goes well, a simple tracks and T-shirt will also do the magic.


Open Hair with Highlights

Hairstyles for Men

This look calls for hair of a medium to long hair. The hair is cut evenly and left open. The naturally wavy hair is allowed to fall at its own curves and flow. This look is all about embracing your natural self.

To add a bit of glamour to this look, highlights can be used in and around the length of the hair. This will make it a little more fun to style.

This is perfect semi casual look that boys and teenagers could wear comfortably to school proms and dances. A semi formal suit will look absolutely stunning with this look.


Combed Back Mushroom Cut

Hairstyles for Men

Medium to long hair is made to fall backwards. The central region will be longer while the hair towards the sides will be shorter. The hair combed backwards is wavy and tends to fall onto the face.

The sides being trimmed gives the entire look a mushroom effect. The hair should range between wavy to straight so that it will be held in place when combed backwards.

It’s a great look for weddings and parties. It can be paired with anything from t-shirts to suits.

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Boy Next Door Look

Hairstyles for Men

The hair is trimmed in a very simple manner. This is most suitable for curly and bushy hair textures. It will look like a round ball around the head. It’s a simple one and it has been around for centuries.

This is one look that would never go out of fashion ever. It can be paired with shirts, kurtas, indo western and anything else that one could think of possibly.

It’s a great cut especially on the summer months as it has a low maintenance rate and can help in beating the heat. You can even call it the boy next door look.


Spiked Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Men

Every boy would have donned this look at least once on their lifetime. This is another one that will never go out of fashion. It is a great look especially if you have straight hair.

The hair can be spiked and held in place using a gel. It is lost suitable with sherwanis and indo western clothing.

It’s the best hairstyle for weddings and family get together. A totally cool look to grab a lot of attention while looking dashing and stylish at the same time.


Parted at the Side

Hairstyles for Men

This look is for those of you with curly or wavy hair. The hair is parted at one side and the rest of it is combed down and made to sit intact. The hair is clamped up as curls at the bottom of the head.

The rest of the hair takes up the natural wave of the hair by itself. It’s a great look to wear to parties and date nights. Pair it with suits or casuals and still look as stunning s ever. A great look for a great night.

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These are the seasons trendiest of looks for men. It is all about finding the natural flow of your hair and finding a hairstyle that would suit this flow. Going with the flow is l about being in harmony with yourself.