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21 Stylish Wedding Hairstyles for Men (2024 Guide)

Wedding is the most precious moment in every person’s life. The bride and groom are both conscious about their wedding looks. After choosing formal wear or wedding outfit, the main focus is on hair for men.

Men don’t wear hair extensions or accessories, so styling their hair is the only option. Men’s hair styling is not easy because hairstyle should be according to their attire. Short hairstyles are easy to style and work for every occasion.

Every person has a different personality, so hair is the best way to present their personality. There are many types of hairstyle for different hair, like curly, fine, wavy, short, etc. But choosing the best hairstyle is a difficult thing for men.


Stylish Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Pompadour Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Pompadour hairstyle is the most popular hairstyle for men with medium hair. This hairstyle is best for those guys who love the beard. In this hairstyle, center hair is longer with an undercut on the sides.

This pompadour hairstyle provides a shiny and sleek texture to hair. With a formal outfit, it is going so well. A pro only styles pompadour style because it takes a lot of hair styling products.

Pompadour hairstyle is styled in many ways like the classic pompadour, modern pompadour, side part pompadour, a blonde pompadour, high fade pompadour, etc. Men should try this hairstyle with black or blue formal suit and also add floral print tie or bow looks amazing.


Undercut Skin Fade Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

The skin fade hairstyle is unique because, in this, your hair cut shorter and shorter as it moves toward the neck. For skin fade hairstyle it’s important to go to a stylist. Skin fade haircut is also called bald or zero fades.

It is suitable for short hair and comes in a variety of cuts like mid skin fade, low bald fade haircut. This hairstyle is low maintenance, creates a simple look and perfect for spring months.

For weddings with a formal suit, it looks so simple and stylish. If you have a beard or not, it looks so good with formals without any doubt.


Flow Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Flow hairstyle is popular men’s style among hockey, basketball and skateboarders players. This hairstyle is for neck length hair. If you have a good face cut then with a trimmed beard it looks so stylish.

Flow hairstyle provides a nice texture to hair. This loosely combed hair with a formal suit is eye-catching. Neck length hair is styled in some ways like pony style, wavy style, etc. but flow hairstyle is best among all.


Curly Short Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Curly hair is not normal at all. For men, curly hair cut in short and styled by hair styling products. Guys with a heavy beard and curly hair don’t have many styles to choose from.

So they can highlight their hair to provide little texture. Short curly hair is easy to maintain. We can add some bright colors in formal suits which looks good with curly hair.

If your face cut is not good then beard can provide you different look because hairstyle looks more appealing with the overall look.


Side Parted Hair with Undercut

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Side parted undercut hairstyle is for those who have fine hair. In this hairstyle, only one part is longer, but the other is undercut. Men who have denser beard would look optimal in this look.

This hairstyle is high maintenance hairstyle because it requires various products to look perfect. Some men add some piercing with this hairstyle.

Formal suit with wristwatch this style perfectly suitable for a wedding. Mostly professional models use this style for photo-shoots, etc.


Short Spikes Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Short spike hairstyle is for terse hair. Spikes look fantastic if you have a big forehead and perfect face cut. Short spikes provide teen boy look which looks perfect with a formal suit.

Professionals cut spikes because very short spikes are difficult to cut. It is low maintenance hairstyle. Boys who have very less or growing beard should go with spikes.

Spikes can be styles in many ways so perfect spike hairstyle is chosen according to your hair, outfit, color, etc. On the wedding day, the grey formal suit with silver wristwatch will look perfect.


Vintage Hairstyle for Wedding

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

The vintage hairstyle is popular for weddings nowadays. Vintage hairstyles are styled in many ways like a high comb-over, low comb, side sleek and chic, etc. In this hairstyle, hairs are styled with the gels, hairspray, etc.

This hairstyle is styled by professional just for a day because it cannot last long. For weddings this hairstyle is perfect. Men with beard, mustaches or clean shaved all can grab this vintage look. Vintage look added with a modern look is always eye-catching and timeless.


Clean and Elegant Look

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Weddings are considered so important and given so much attention. The center of attraction at every wedding is the bride and the groom. They should be looking at their best.

Getting ready for a wedding is a big task for ladies, but it is much simpler for guys. Though simple, it still requires a lot of preparation to be done to make them feel and look unique. After deciding on the formal wear ensemble and location, the last detail that we often forget is the hair.

You cannot complete your look without a perfect hairstyle. This hairstyle is a perfect option for you. It is done with an undercut styled for the tux with matte slicked back hair for a classic cut with a modern edge. It is so much in trend. It gives you a clean look with an edge. This looks awesome in pictures.


Short and Classic Curly Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

A wedding is an extraordinary event in everyone’s life. Everyone wants to look their best. In addition to your stylish clothes and shoes, you need a perfect hairstyle that would complete your look.

Short hairstyles are always perfect for any special event. This hairstyle requires short and curly hair. The hair is textured and tousled by adding more volume with the help of a product.

Hair cream is used to highlight the curls. This hairstyle is formal along with the hint of messy. This hairstyle will complement your freshly groomed beard very well and make you any wedding-ready.


Voluminous at The Center Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Wedding is the day when everyone wants to look their best. Not only women but also men want to look their best on their wedding. Along with the perfect outfit, they need an ideal hairstyle to complete their looks and be the central figure.

This hairstyle looks so perfect for a wedding. It is trendy, classic, clean, and fun all at the same time. It is easy to achieve. It is good for slight long and smooth hair. In this little texture and volume is added at the center of the crown and all hair from the center and sides are combed backward.


Knotted Hair with Braids

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Step out of the box and get yourself a new wedding hairstyle. Take a real step and advantage of getting a wonderful hairstyle and changing your look from the normal.

Before you go to your hairstylist to get a new hairstyle, try spending some time in seeking the catalogs or magazines and surfing the net to find out what’s in trend and what will suit you. Braids are the hairstyle that has always taken individuality further.

It will give you a new look. It was initially adopted as a way to convey power and status by cultures in Africa, Scandinavia, and China. So these will give you a feel of royalty and wedding.

There are many ways to style the braids according to your taste and what suits you. You can highlight your braids which will give it an even trendier look. You can end these braids in a topknot or a man bun. A top knot is a good idea, especially if you have short hair.


Funky Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Some people consider the wedding hairstyles for men essential to convert the previous style into a far more sophisticated look. Our haircuts can add or withhold years to our age, therefore picking the correct hairstyle becomes very important.

Think clearly before relying on which way you want to get! Most of us simply want to experiment so that we can look the way be want. On the other hand, many are very selective and consider a lot of factors before getting a new hairstyle.

Wedding hairstyles are an easy solution to transform you into a great look. This hairstyle makes up for a good option for your wedding hairstyles. It has a hint of funky along with classic. It has spikes all over the crown. A gel is an excellent product to style hair in this manner.


The Met Gala Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

This hairstyle is inspired by Nick Jonas, who looked the most roman at the met gala this time. Therefore, this hairstyle is best for any wedding. Everyone was eager to take this picture to their hairstylist for immediate copycatting.

The style is so clean and perfectly blend with any outfit. The fringe at the forehead is wonderfully done. This look feels edgy, and no pun is intended alongside the hard edges of the crown. This hairstyle is suitable for those with thick, straight, or wavy hair.

If you have very thick hair, they had to be cut into a bit for a choppy look. You can even ask your barber to leave the side edges a bit longer and style it with a more forward look. It will give you a bit of added coverage.


Hairstyle with Spikes in The Center

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

An advantage of men’s wedding hairstyle over the bride’s hairstyle is that they are quick and can be chosen at the last minute and can even be styled yourself. All that is required is a clean-cut look and a fresh shave.

This is one of the best hairstyles for the groom. It adds that funk to the casual wedding hairstyle. It adds modern spikes to the short haircut. So it looks fun yet conservative. In this hairstyle, the hair has been cut short, and spikes are added along the center of the head almost into a faux hawk.

The kind of products needed for the maintenance of this hairstyle should be a matte option that will hold all day and don’t show. This hairstyle, combined with a perfect shave makes you wedding-ready.


The Elegant Fringe

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

The most popular hairstyles for modern men are fringe. There are endless choices for every type of man, hair texture and length to style the fringe. The fringe has Transitioned into different styles over the years.

It ranges From French crops to long bangs. There is always a fringe style that will perfectly match you and your needs. This elegant fringe is a go-to if this is your first try at bangs. It is not at all complicated.

These elegant bangs are a classic style that frames one side of your face without losing any professionalism. Ideal for any wedding, this style is an excellent alternative to the swept fringe or angular bangs. You can leave the fringe naturally, and for those with straight hair, they can shape and texture the ends with wax or matte pomade.


Highlighted Braids and Top Knot

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

If you are looking for creating a look that will suit you best to attend a royal wedding or a wedding full of cultures, braids are the best option. Initially, they were adopted as a way to convey power and status by cultures in Africa, Scandinavia, and China.

So these will give you a feel of power and royalty. Step outside your box and try highlighting your braids. This even helps you get a completely new look. There are many ways to style the braids according to your taste and what suits you.

You can highlight your braids which will give it an even more trendy look. You can end these braids in a topknot or a man bun. A top knot is a good idea, especially if you have short hair.


Sleek Bun and Ponytail

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

The community of long-haired men has continuously gained members, thanks to fashionable appeal. From shoulder-scraping styles long hair that reaches the lower back, they are all stylish and adaptable.

They could be pulled back, worn with texture or dramatically parted; long hair can be styled in so many ways for any occasion. Especially for your wedding, long hair could prove such a beneficial option for your hair.

It could be worn in a bun that could also be left as a ponytail as in this picture. A modern classic, man bun is everyone’s favorite and isn’t going anywhere. It’s always a versatile option.

The length of your hair determines how high or low you can wear your bun. Pulling hair back in a bun or pony with a drop of serum to ensure maximum shine is the best option.


Classic Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

We often keep focusing on the bride’s wedding hairstyle. But men have wedding hairstyles too, and they are as important as the brides. A groom should always choose a hairstyle that suits his personality and is in trend.

It should also complement the general tone and theme of the wedding. We often go for more formal and classic hairstyles for weddings. If you want to have a perfect classic hairstyle that will make you look handsome for your own or your best friend’s wedding.

Here is the best option for you. It is a great casual layered long hairstyle. It has sexy uniform layers all through its length. This natural wave helps you to add height. It gives a twist to your casual hairstyle. If you have slightly or very long hair, then this wavy and layered hairstyle is best for you.


Stylish Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

The groom’s hairstyle is also as important as the bride’s. Hairstyles play a major role in completing the entire look, and our personality also depends a lot on them. The groom, along with the bride is always the center of attention.

The groom has to impress his bride by looking handsome as a prince. The perfect shave and hairstyle are enough for the most important day of his life. This is one of the most trending hairstyles that make you look incredibly handsome.

It has short sides and hair in the center slicked back is a classic way of looking charming at weddings. It is a must-try. And if it’s not your wedding, you can impress all the ladies with this impressive hairstyle.


The Clean Look

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

When attending a wedding, we give all our attention to clothes and shoes. We try to wear the best pristine suit and best shoes that we can and according to the latest trend.

We often neglect the hair that we perform a key function in overall look and personality. Keep in mind that its quite important to have a clean appearance at the wedding, be it yours, your sister’s, your best friends or any other relative’s.

A perfect shave and clean hairstyle are enough to complete your wedding look. This hairstyle is all you need to complete that clean yet dashing and stylish look of yours. It keeps you up with the trend and makes you any wedding-ready.


Center Parted Long Hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Center parting is suited best when left to the symmetrical and those with straighter or wavy hair. for this hairstyle, a sharp line from the center of the hairline directly back is made before running fingers through ends using a few drops of serum.

This is usually done with a fine-toothed comb to freshly washed hair. A dry texturizing spray on the roots is applied to create extra hold, and holding wax is used to define the part near the face.

Ultimately, this is a style that is best worn with a little movement, so tread carefully. It gives you a completely new look and is perfect for your wedding if you are the one who loves change. It is very sophisticated. For this, you have to start growing hair before for 2-3 months.


The groom is as important as the bride. Both the bride and the groom are the center of attraction, therefore how they look matters a lot. The hairstyle of one plays a major role in completing the look and shaping the personality.

The hairstyle of the groom is not considered as important as the bride’s but the truth is that they are. Weddings are considered to have a clean yet royal and coral look.

A perfect hairstyle and shave will complete your look and make you look so handsome. These were some hairstyles that will help you get through your wedding season. Take a look to read all of these and choose according to your personality and taste.