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30 Best Korean Men Hairstyles to Try in 2024

The Korean beauty industry is famous all around the world for the way it has changed the face of beauty almost instantly. Korea leads the world in so many industries, and when it comes to fashion and styling, it is nowhere behind either.

Korean street fashion is critically acclaimed. In light of this and with more and more people turning to try out Korean trends, we set out to explore some Korean hairstyles for men that have become a huge hit worldwide. Here’s the final list of the best Korean hairstyles you will surely like.


Dashing Korean Men’s Hairstyles

Gentle Backsweep With Hard Part

Korean hairstyles for men

This hairstyle has the hair in a gentle backsweep. There’s a lot of volume in the front and back of the sweep, but the middle is quite flat. The hair has a hard part and the sides are very short and bristly.


Fluffy Side Quiff

short Korean hairstyle for men

This fluffy side quiff is fantastic for looking soft but very chic. The hair has a lot of texture in it and it sweeps over to one side very nicely. The sides are shaved very short but they get longer as you get towards the back of the hair.


Slick Undercut Man Bun

Korean man with top knot hairstyle

Here’s one of the many trendy Korean hairstyles for men. The hair has an undercut and the hair on the top of the head is pulled back into a very slick man bun. There isn’t a single hair out of place, and it’s a great way to have a modern style.


Fluffy Long Bangs Style

Korean guy with messy hairstyle


This hairstyle has long, fluffy bangs that are made messy to look casual and stylish. Most of the hair is very short and cropped neatly as it’s brushed slightly forward, putting the focus on the front part of the hair quite a lot.


Middle Parted Fluffy Hairstyle

Korean guy with layered haircut


This style is very, very popular in K-pop groups. The hair is parted in the middle and long curtain bangs come forward to brush the eyebrows. The side of the hair is short and cropped and very, very fluffy. It’s a soft, stylish look.


Center Parted Slick Hairdo

Korean men hairstyle with bangs


This style is also parted in the middle, but it’s a very slick look compared to the fluffy one above. The hair falls straight in curtains past the eyes and the rest is very tight to the head, but there’s a little volume to it, too.


Short Sharp Spikes

Korean guy with crop short hair


This hair has a short and quite jarring cut to it, and it’s spiked all along the top and a little at the back. The hair on the sides is too short to spike. It’s a very smart crop that makes you look stylish and a little edgy.


Fluffy Textured Volumized Hair

This hairstyle has a lot of volume. It’s one of the most unique Korean hairstyles for men. It has a lot of cropped but long hair on top and it’s all brushed forward on top of straight and even bangs that go below the eyebrows. The underside of the hair is very short.


Long Chin-Length Hairstyle

long hairstyle for Korean men


This is a very popular and chic hairstyle. The hair falls in light layers to the chin with the ends flicked out, and it’s parted so that a lot of the hair covers one side of the face. It’s an edgy haircut.


Simple Side Bangs and Fade

This look is simple. The hair has cropped bangs that are pushed to one side, and there’s a mid-forehead fade on the sides of the hair that goes quickly from thick to thin hair. It has a very modern look to it which you’ll love.


The Basic Korean Haircut

Korean Hairstyles for Men

Let us begin with the most basic and simplest Korean hairstyle. The hair is simply combed over and left falling onto the forehead. This is a style that has been hugely popularized by actors in Korean dramas.

The hair has a sort of messy vibe to it and gives anyone a boyish charm that makes it irresistible. This hairstyle is also another version of the bowl haircut, but not making your face look like a round ball.


Slick Shaggy Hairstyle

Korean Hairstyles for Men

Another classic hairstyle that will make you look like a true gentleman. This hairstyle is best suited for those who have long hair or medium-length hair, to style it properly by sweeping it to the side in a quite fashionable manner.

Shaggy hairstyles are a great style to try if you won’t get a much younger look for yourself. Slicking it to the sides only adds more charm and elegance to the look, while also looking fun and playful.


Messy Teenage Haircut

Korean Hairstyles for Men

It’s not just the youngsters who always try to stay up to date with all the fashion trends; teenagers are just as invested in the fashion industry. And for those fashionistas, this is just the hairstyle that you should try out.

The upper and top portion of the hair is quite lengthy and has been cut choppily. This gives it a cool messy look when leaving the hair falling on the forehead. A layered hairstyle will also look great with such a look.


Layered Haircut with an Undercut

Korean Hairstyles for Men

A layered style looks great not just on women, but men too. The layered hairstyle is best suited for those who have textured and medium-thickness hair. On the front, this hairstyle has been styled by cutting feathery bangs on the front and then sweeping it to the sides.

The long and feathery bangs also help to add a boyish look to this style and the layered hair with undercut gives it a gentlemanly look.


Golden Brown Swept Back Hair

Korean Hairstyles for Men

The golden hue that is shining and vibrating from this hairstyle simply looks gorgeous. The hair should be maintained at a medium length so that there is enough hair when styling it in a swept-back hairstyle. This look is perfect to go with any type of outfit and any type of event.

It has quite a classy look to it that makes you instantly attractive. Your face is also accentuated better with a hairstyle like this. Nutmeg blonde colors like this are hugely becoming a trend these days so you definitely don’t want to miss it.


Mid Length Bowl Cut with an Undercut

Korean Hairstyles for Men

The bowl-cut hairstyles are hugely popular in Korea, and this is just another version of this style. Usually, bowl cuts are sported with leaving all of your hair on the forehead. In this style, though, the hair has been cropped at a medium length and therefore only covers a part of the forehead.

The rest of the forehead is clearly visible and this style is also paired with a clean undercut that simply adds to the elegance of this style.


The Wild Hairstyle

Korean Hairstyles for Men

This hairstyle is one that is the perfect look for those who like always to have a bold look and are not afraid of trying out new hairstyles like that. It takes you from the simple look to a much more edgy and cooler look.

The hair has been cut in many short and choppy layers which give the look. The layering that has been done on the hair also helps to add some significant dimension to the hair and makes it look quite voluminous.


Medium Length Straight Hair

Korean Hairstyles for Men

A great look for those who like to grow their hair out and have kept it at a medium length. It has also been gorgeously styled with side-swept bangs on the front. The straight bangs that have been cut in layers help to add boyish charm to the look and will surely make you look a lot younger.

This is a hairstyle that is a huge trend among school and college boys, and just teenagers in general. The rest of the hair has also been maintained at some length and the style is in an interesting variation of the original bowl cut hairstyle.


Short Slicked Back Hair

Korean Hairstyles for Men

A slicked-back hairstyle always makes your face look very sharp and defined and is perfect for getting the gentlemen to look. The hair is maintained at a short length itself and has been styled very elegantly.

The slicked-back look is one that is making all the trends, and therefore, you should definitely check it out. The slicked-back hairstyle can also be styled in a shaggy manner so that you can get a trendy and cool look for yourself.


Waves with Straight Hair

Korean Hairstyles for Men

Straight hair has a huge advantage of being able to be styled in a wide variety of ways, and this hairstyle is only proof of that. It is quite a versatile hairstyle that isn’t commonly seen. So if you’re looking for a hairstyle that will definitely make you stand out no matter where you go, then this is just the hairstyle for you.

The hair on the upper section has been styled in waves that stand upright and the rest of the hair has been cut in a step undercut style.


Short French Crop Hair with an Undercut

Korean Hairstyles for Men

A much coveted and classic hairstyle for men that simply makes you look elegant and fabulous. If you are someone who has a dashing sense of fashion and styling, then this is one hairstyle that you should definitely try out.

The length of the hair is quite short, and as you can see, the upper portion of the hair has been styled by cutting it in a french crop haircut. The French crop haircut is one of the most simple and basic styles and by combining it with a neatly shaved undercut, it will only make you look more dashing.


Brushed Up Hairstyle

Korean Hairstyles for Men

To get this hairstyle, it is required that you need to have some significant texture to your hair. The thickness of the hair doesn’t really matter much, provided your hair has enough texture that will surely help to create some dimension.

The hair has been styled by making it wavy to the upward portion and the rest of the hair has simply been cropped down in short lengths. This is a cool and edgy hairstyle that will surely take you places.


Silver Blonde Bowl Cut

Korean Hairstyles for Men

The bowl cuts look gorgeous on Korean ken and this can be mainly attributed to their face shape and structure that is quite different from the rest of the world. While that may be the case, bowl cuts still look great on not just Korean men, but everyone else too.

The classic bowl cut here has been given a makeover and instead of the usual style, the hair has been colored in a beautiful shade of silver-blonde. This really makes it stand out and makes it a unique hairstyle. It has then been complemented with a neat undercut, and with that, you have a great hairstyle for yourself.


Long Layered Hairstyle

Korean Hairstyles for Men

Layered hairstyles are always in vogue, and when you combine that with hair that has enough length, it simply looks gorgeous. As you can see in this hairstyle, the hair has been maintained at quite a long length and has been parted neatly to both sides.

This hair has then been cut with a slight layering thus making it look wavy. A perfect summer looks for men with all that beautiful wavy hair. This hairstyle is best suited for those whose hair has some thickness.


Side Swept Hair with Gradually Faded Sides

Korean Hairstyles for Men

Now, this is a hairstyle that will surely make you stare at it for a long long time. It’s as simple as it can get yet it has a beauty to it that cannot be put into words. To achieve a hairstyle like this, it is required that your hair has a significant length, at least on the upper portion.

The hair has then been side-swept and lets down flowing loosely. The sides have been styled similar to a fading undercut with the hair getting progressively lighter as we go down towards the bottom.

One could definitely say that the sides have been tapered very neatly giving it a classy look.


Gently Slicked Back Hair

Korean Hairstyles for Men

While once upon a time, the slicked back hairstyles were only found on the runway and in fashion shows, in the past few years, the slicked back hairstyle has surely found its way in the everyday life of people. And trends suggest that even in this new decade, more and more people are definitely going to try out this cool and classic hairstyle.

In this style, the hair has been maintained at a medium length and after it has been parted neatly to both sides, it has been styled in a slick back manner.


Messy Wavy Hair

Korean Hairstyles for Men

This look is one of the most common hairstyles in Korea and is an everyday sight if you visit the country. And nowadays, owing to the popularity of Korean beauty trends, more and more people around the world have been found to embrace this cool and messy hairstyle. It gives a carefree look while also being quite a casual hairstyle.

The length of the hair stands at medium and it is impossible to achieve the perfection of this look when your hair is shorter. The hair has also been cut in many layers so that it looks voluminous enough when styling in a messy style.


Short Swept Back Hair with Faded Undercut

Korean Hairstyles for Men

This is a hairstyle that is hugely popular not just in Korea but in all of Asia too. It is a very low-key hairstyle yet has a powerful look. The hair on the upper section has been maintained at a medium length and has been styled by sweeping it back in a straight hairstyle.

This has then been combined with a faded undercut on both sides so that all of the highlights are on the portion of swept-back hair. You’ll need to have some thickness to the hair to get this look with perfection.


Short Cropped Hair with Fade

Korean Hairstyles for Men

This Korean hairstyle looks like it is the Eastern version of the Caesar cut, which is a very popular hairstyle in Western countries. The hairstyle is best suited for those who like to keep their haircut short and crisp without adding too much of an element of drama to it.

The hair on the sides has been styled in a faded undercut manner with the fade getting increasingly lighter as we go towards the bottom of the hair. This hairstyle also looks best when the hair has some significant texture to it.


Tousled Hair with a Spiky Texture

Korean Hairstyles for Men

If you are someone who watches Korean dramas, then you would have definitely noticed this cute and adorable hairstyle which used to be the most common hairstyle in ancient Korea. But the thing is that not just in ancient Korea, even in modern Korea, this hairstyle is a huge hit.

The hair on the front has been styled in a tousled manner and let down hanging on the forehead in short and straight bangs. The hair on the upper section has then been styled in a spiky manner.


So that’s the end of all the Korean hairstyles that you should definitely know about. By getting one of these hairstyles, you will surely be up to date with all the trends happening in the fashion world, since Korean styles are said to be the origin of most trends happening in the industry in today’s world.