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40 Latest and Exclusive Lowlights for Brown Hair

If you want a change in image, there is no easier way to do it than by changing your hairdo. Your appearance and aura could change with a mere haircut or top knot. For a whole new you, try coloring.

There are highlights and lowlights. Lowlights work best for people with naturally light hair color. Adding lowlights to one’s hair gives more depth and volume.

Low lights provide a very chic effect to the hair and are better than highlights in the sense as the hair grows in the lower region it can be cut of, and fresh hair of natural hair color can be regained very quickly which in the case of highlights is a bit tough.

For many hair colours is portraying a bold side or a loud side or a colorful pump to the entire look. On the other hand for the other half of the majority, subtle and undertones are more preferred. For the latter group, the Lowlights are an ideal choice.

Lowlights look more natural and subtle, unlike highlights. Low lighting can be tricky to apply, though, for if a non-expert does the procedure, it can result in funky-looking hair colors.

Lowlights are one option which can give your hair more dimension. Lowlights make your hair darker in the shade. It will make the top of your hair look heavier than the bottom.

For blondes, use shades of caramel, toffee, honey, and bronze. Those with brunette hair may opt to go for brown or red colors such as cinnamon, chocolate or rust. To minimize errors, it’s a great idea to know what kind of low light shade is suited for your natural hair color.

Deep condition your hair or use a clarifying treatment at least three days before highlighting because some chemicals in hair color can seriously dry your hair.

After coloring, some prefer to shampoo immediately after. But, it is better to shampoo your hair a day after – this will help maintain the color.


Which Lowlights Should I Pick for Brown Hair?

Lowlights are a great way to add depth, definition, and even volume to your hair. Below are some fun lowlights for all of you brunettes who want to experiment with your locks!

Dark Brown Lowlights

lowlights for dark brown hair


When looking for lowlights for brown hair, what better shade can you opt for than dark brown. Dark brown lowlights blend effortlessly and organically with your natural hair color. It is a safe color option appropriate for beginners. The lowlights create a beautiful ombre effect.


Dimensional Beige Lowlights

Some may think beige is plain and boring, but this beautiful hairstyle says otherwise. Little bit of dirty blonde touch at the edges will take your hair color to the next level. Beige lowlights will make your hairstyle multi-dimensional.


Chocolate Brown Lowlights

Play with the dimensions of your natural hair color to get a more attractive and eye-catchy hairstyle.

Chocolate brown lowlights will make your naturally brown hair appear more appealing and pretty. Incorporate chocolate brown lowlights in your natural brunette hair shade and see the magic unfold.


Golden Bronde Lowlights

lowlights for brown hair


Brown hair and golden bronde lowlights complement each other perfectly. Together they create a stunning color melt which allows you to get the best of both colors. Golden bronde among lowlights for brown hair gives an endless depth and glow to your hair.


Subtle Reddish Brown Lowlights

Subtle reddish-brown lowlights on warm hair color give depth and uniqueness to your look. Brighten your hair and add dimensions to your hairstyle. Reddish-brown lowlights on a chestnut base look absolutely gorgeous.


Cold Coffee Brunette Lowlights

lowlights for layered dark brown hair


Cold coffee brunette lowlights will make your hairstyle as irresistible as a cup of cold coffee. The darker your hair color, the more charming it will appear with cold coffee brunette lowlights. It creates a magical cascade-like effect created by lowlights that will make you stand out.


Dark Chocolate Mocha Lowlight

You can experiment with your heart’s content when getting lowlights for dark brown hair. Your hair gets infused with a lot of shine and fullness but still looks natural.

Opt for dark chocolate mocha lowlights to make your hair color as prepossessing and alluring as those chocolate drinks.


Chocolate Copper Lowlight

dark brown bob with bangs and lowlights


Mix your chocolate hair shade with copper lowlights to create a timeless combination. It may sound unwonted, but both the shades look radiant together. Copper will blend well with chocolate hues as it belongs to the red hair color family and add softness to your features.


Hazel Nut Brown Shade

Get hazelnut brown lowlights on your naturally dark hair. Together they blend to form an entirely new hair color. The brightness of your hairstyle will enhance your complexion and is sure to make heads turn. Spice up the ends with babylights for a more stylish look.


Espresso Lowlights On Brown Hair

short dark brown bob with lowlights


The espresso lowlights are carefully placed around the bob using the hair contouring technique. Espresso color low lights work for older women as well. It accentuates the natural brown hair color and diminishes the effect of patches and freckles, and goes well with warm skin tones.


Green Blending

Green Lowlights on Brown Hair

For a multi-dimensional appearance that you can rock any season, this lowlight combines existing dark brown or caramel balayage with subtle green lowlights.


Subtle Lowlights

Subtle Lowlights on Brown Hair

This dark brown lowlight blends so naturally that it’s almost unnoticeable! (in a good way). It offers a gentle transition that adds dimension to chocolate browns by darkening them slightly.

This is a fantastic color that looks great on almost any skin tone. It draws attention to the lower portion of the hair. For best results, we recommend using a straightener to show the lowlights off.


Darkest Mocha

Mocha Lowlights on Brown Hair

Many people think mocha is just your average brown, but it’s not. Mocha is a very deep brown color that adds tons of dimension to your hair. A few modest lowlights around the face will keep things interesting if you don’t want your hair to be your average brown.


Caramel Magic

Caramel Lowlights on Brown Hair

Caramel lowlights are an excellent choice if you’re looking for an elegant, classy look. If you have curly or wavy locks, this lowlight can really bring out their shine.

Caramel lowlights also make a great summer color because they brighten your complexion.


Bronde Colormelt

Bronde Colormelt Lowlight

Combine highlights and lowlights to create a hairstyle with infinite depth. The color melt is stunning and ideal for those who are indecisive.

With a little brown and a little blonde, you get the best of both worlds. There’s no need to pick when the colors compliment each other so well.


Honey Shade Lowlights

Honey Shade Lowlights on Brown Hair

Honey shade lowlights are a fun way to add elegance to your look. The warmth in the honey tone with the deep brown shades really compliments each other. You can wear this color any time of the year, but it fits the fall aesthetic best!


Mahogany Lowlights

Mahogany Lowlights on Brown Hair

This red-ish brown lowlight is flattering for almost any age group. It’s also convenient for any place and occasion.

The red shade incorporated within the chocolate mahogany color works well if you’re going for a more bold, fierce look.

Layered haircuts are the best choice to bring out the deep color of mahogany lowlights. For best results, use rollers for a wavy texture.


Ombre Lowlights

Ombre Lowlights on Brown Hair

Ombre lowlights are among the most popular lowlights for brown hair. If you’re all about that dramatic look, this lowlight is for you!

First, the hairstylist will dye the roots a deep brown color. Then, they gradually go lighter all the way to the ends of the hair.

From pale skin tones to darker ones, ombre lowlights work well with every shade! They also complement evening wear for events when you’re all fancy.


Greyish Shade Lowlights

Greyish Shade Lowlights

Greyish low lights complement brown tones. They’re a great choice if you’re going for a hip, fashionable look. The contrast between the grey, silver streaks and your natural brown locks really makes this a bold, unique look.


Exclusive Lowlights for Brown Hair

Caramel Low Lights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This color exuberates what is called chic and classy. This caramel color is stunning. It highlights the surface of your curls giving it a rich shine.

This hairstyle with the caramel undertone low lights is great for summers as the summer sun would fall and give it that extra shine.

This color is a great summer color and will instantly brighten up the complexion. The caramel low lights are subtle and do not have an overpowering aura that highlights do.


Classic Lowlights Hair

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This particular lowlight is indeed a beautiful color. As we all know hair color is something that works on different levels.

Not just giving you a different look but also the type of hair color or styling you chose tells a lot about the personality you have or about your fashion preferences.

These particular low lights are specially given on the lowers shafts of the haircut. This haircut does not have heavy curls and incorporates subtlety and minimalism. It has a very light shade of golden brown hues.


Messed Up Curl Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This hairs style has very minimalistic curls added to it. The hairstyle has a messy outlook. In between the actual hair color, the low lights look just amazing. It kind of subtly brings out the wavy texture of the hair.

The USP of this haircut is the carefree look that it imparts. The entire look is voluminous and looks beautiful. It can be a perfect winter hairstyle. Leaving the hair down.


Wavy Lowlight Hair

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This form of low light is very common in the sense it is very easy to get. The curls here are intertwined. The subtle waves are a great show stealer.

The lowlights are done in gold, and she shimmers of the low lights are so subtle and soft that it forms a great naturally blonde color imparting a very usual natural undertone. It does not seem like one has done low lights yet it has the shine to it to make the look very glamorous.


Golden Brown Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This hair color is just so rich and solid. It has that added shine to it. The loose curls have their strands low lighted to one or two shade higher than the natural hair color.

You can do these low lights by foiling the hair strands and do not forget to keep it colored inside the curls at least for some time. Low lights tend to create a multi-dimensional effect and give the hair a super gorgeous texture.


Honey Shade Lowlight

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This hair color especially the low lights are exquisite. It is gorgeous, and the color made from shades are of medium brown, a warm honey tone, and deep brown color.

You can also consider having mocha lowlights to temper honey highlights. This low light has a sheer elegance added to the entire appeal of the hair color.


Shag Lowlights Hairstyle

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This hairstyle is short. This is a great hairstyle for women who are working and do not have the time to take care of long hair or style them yet wants to look stylish.

This hairstyle has a very classy effect to it. The blonde shags are highlighted with white gold undertones and suits women who are fair complexions.

This lowlights has a great shine to it and also is great formal wear or event. The lowlight of this type is indeed stylish.


Sun-Kissed Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This look as the name suggests has a hot and glamorous look to it. The entire look has a very gorgeous appeal to it. The curl really shows off the beauty of the low lights.

The golden hues highlight the waves of the haircut that falls loosely on the shoulder. This hair color is great to flaunt and ideal for dusky toned women. This is indeed an amazing style. It is pretty, sleek and chic.


Mixed Bag Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

Among all the low light hair styling so far this is the most diverse and the most intense lowlight styling. This suits a bold and elegant persona and incorporates more than two colors of low lights. It is a mixed bag of blonde, gold, and burgundy.

The hair is styled in rolled up curls. Each lowlight falls over a certain curl in shades and creates this intricate look. The basic color of the hair is done in rich chocolaty brown.


Mahogany Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This haircut is important to incorporate such low lights. It is cut in layers and then with the help of the rollers give a very wavy and unique structure.

The strands of few hairs are colored and that too in the shade. That is the initial portion of the hair is colored deep brown then slowly at the tip it graduates down to a lighter blonde shade.

This hairstyle is a versatile one and suits almost all age group be it a college girl or a working woman or if you are in your mid-forties.


Perky Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

Do you want something pretty, feminine and classy? If so then you have come across the right post. This hairstyle is everything delicate. The perky curls are the USP of this style.

The curls have equal length, and the shade of the lowlights is from darker to lighter tones. This color gradually fades down from deep dark brown to a lighter shade of burgundy. This hairstyle will need rollers for the curls and hairspray for it to stay in place.


Swayed Lowlight Hair

Lowlights for Brown Hair

Picture a bright summer day with birds chirping, songs and a picturesque place from a quintessential summer backdrop. Yes, this hairstyle will be a typical fashion fit for such a beautiful frame.

This hairstyle has swayed cuts at the shoulder length and the low light kind of emphasize that. The lowlight styles the hair even more and gives it a vibrant bright color that resonates an energetic aura.


Smooth Lowlights Hairstyle

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This hairstyle is petite sleek and smooth. It is extremely subtle yet has that aura where it will definitely grasp the gaze of others. It is one of a noticeable kind of hairstyles.

This lowlight gives a very smooth effect to the hair. It is short and very easy to manage and can be a great style for women you want to style in their short hair. The hairstyle is straight at that’s the beauty in this particular style.


Ombre Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This has a subtle yet dramatic appeal to the hair. The shade gradually optimizes from a darker to the lighter tone. This hairstyle is versatile and has a very glamorous effect to it.

The hairstyle is appropriate for any complexion. This gives a very sleek appearance to the face and is great evening wear.

It is such a great hairstyle that it suits in any kind of parties. For maintenance, a smooth leave on conditioner can be used.


Caramel Brown Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This hairstyle is just way too great as it is everything very vibrant. This hairstyle is in its way a very popular lowlight hairstyle.

To get that textured look after every roller removed you can spray and crumble with hand to incorporate that texture. This hair color is such that if one pairs up with a mild color dress, this look can indeed be the show stealer.


Crisscross Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This low light is very intricate as it is styled on the crisscross hairstyle. The Low lighting is done on the individual strands of the hair to give it that dense look. This hairstyle is just perfect for good summertime or a party event.

This is one such hairstyle that women would love to flaunt. Pair it up with a pretty dress and the look is all complete!


Cinderella Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

Have you ever fancied to be a princess, in those animations all we saw were those golden royal locks, yes this hairstyle is all about flaunting in fantasy. It is so much like those Cinderella lowlights.

The lowlights add the extra shine to the hair and make it so surreal. The beauty of the hairstyle is one that puts the limelight and gets you all the attention. The lowlights are accentuated such that they give a very attractive effect to the hair.


Classic Brown Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This hairstyle is ideal for girls or women with brown hair. The lowlights are done in a bit darker shade, and thus together the two shades give a beautiful shade of warm, rich brown hair that has a glimmering shine to it.

This hair so is on its own a show stealer so one need not do any extra styling. The lower ends of the locks have a blonde golden color to impart a shaded effect.


Wave Numbered Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This hairstyle is fit for women who like to flaunt it short. Also, the streaks have a distinct ombre color of brown that focuses on the tips or the lower portion of the hair.

This hairstyle has a subtle carefree vibe to it and is very natural yet in its casual aura it makes a definite style statement.


Medium Length Hair with Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This hairstyle is great in a sense it has a very charming appeal to it. The angular cut is very much fashionable. The lowlights are done in the middle of the tips of the hair and colored in the beige shade.

This hairstyle and form of low lights will suit college going girls and those who know how to carry this cute and different look with full confidence. Pair this look up with a jumpsuit.


Stacked Up Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

Does those cool ruffian look inspires you? If so then this hairstyle is just for you. It has that rugged vibe to it, and the golden low lighting adds the ultimate glamour quotient to this hairstyle.

You can team up this style with a casual pair of denim or just flaunt it wearing a long solid colored maxi dress. This truly is a dramatic style and with the help of the low lights done it also adds up to the shine factor. Overall this is an elegant look.


The Shadows of Brown

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This lowlights are like a painting. It carries in such pretty colors of light golden brown, a mild shade of burgundy which is towards the brown shade and ombre blonde color or golden.

The mixture of these three colors is just exquisite. This hairstyle is indeed a beautiful one and great to flaunt and is a style statement on its own. This style and low lighting are done in short length hair.


Greyish Shade Lowlight

Lowlights for Brown Hair

For girls and women who have brown tone can get this greyish low lights. It enhances the appeal of the hair and gives a very stylish look.

Women with dusky complexion look gorgeous in this hairstyle. Also, the USP of this hairstyle is the steaks and the grey and ombre shades. A tank top denim and this hairstyle can get you a cool hippie look.


Subtle Brown Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This is a great color and suits almost all type of skin tone. It puts limelight to the lower portion of the hair.

If you love the look you’ve got, then you’ll want to take special care of your color-treated hair. This look can be styled with a straightener.


Blonde Brown Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

Women who already have brown hair for them the journey is already half completed. To achieve this look one needs to just color the lower end of the hair with blonde brown colors.

This hairstyle is not only fashionable but also has a great outlook. It makes one look brilliant and appealing.

You can team up a small dress with this look to make yourself look pretty and a classy look. Also, this style is very easy to maintain.


Braided Lowlight

Lowlights for Brown Hair

To incorporate this hairstyle all you need is to style up your hair in a back braid taking a middle section from the middle and leaving the rest of the hair down.

The hair is half tied and half opened, and lowlights can be spotted throughout. The lowlights are made such that it can be seen from the strands in the braid that gives a gorgeous look altogether.

This hairstyle is an ideal one and can be worn to parties and also decorated with some statement hair jewelry or floral accessories which will look just way too pretty and enhance the entire appeal of the look.

Also if you wish you can team up long flared gowns with this kind of hairstyle to give it a complete look.


Angular Shaft Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This kind of lowlights can be spotted in streaks with light tones of golden. The haircut has an angular side partitioned shaft that can be combed clean and straight.

The lowlight emphasizes the simple yet elegant look and is a gorgeous style to sport when being elegant and classy is your forte.

All you require is a straightener for this hairstyle and the low lights to weave its magic. There are also subtle hues of rich chocolate brown hues as well.


Golden Lowlights Hair

Lowlights for Brown Hair

Styling hair for women is always a look changing thing, and most importantly it is fun as well. So a little bit of experience can open up a whole new dimension of a fashion trend that would have been left un-experiment else.

The lowlights are done in tones of golden blonde color, and very light yellow or rather beige colors and the highlights are done in two to three narrow hair locks in between the volumes. This gives a very unique as well as a uniform look.

This hairstyle is done on short hair, in fact, shorter than the shoulder length. Thus this hairstyle is easy on maintain ace. This experimental hairdo is a definite try.


Roller Lowlights

Lowlights for Brown Hair

This hairstyle is very natural and makes any women look great. The waves are created through rollers, and the rolls are pretty big creating a wavy pattern.

Also, this hairstyle incorporates the lowlight in such a way that it feels the hair gradually has a change of shade that is a change in the color tones.


Shaded Lowlight Style

Lowlights for Brown Hair

One of the best possible things about low lights is that it is customizable. The color can be contrasted according to your hair color and suit your complexion and style preference as well.

The lowlights in this style are popular as it looks extremely stylish and smart. The color has golden hues to give a very royal shimmer to the hair. With this lowlight idea, you will always want to show off your new hairstyle.


The most practical and cost-effective way to extend the duration of your lowlights is the use of color tinted shampoos.

Since these are not permanent, you just stop using a particular type of shampoo or a specific color of shampoo if you don’t like it or if you want to try some other colors. You can even use these products on their own, although the effect will be less.

With the styles mentioned above, you can explore the myriads of low light options. Style up with so many above mentioned varieties for brown hair and give yourself an all-new smart and stylish look.

A look that suits you the best and brings out your personality while adding that x-factor to your appeal. Hair color can make a lot of difference in the entire look. Be fashionable, be trendy and always stay in style.