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25 Most Eye-Catching Short Hairstyles With Highlights to Try

Highlights, global, global with highlights, balayage and ombre, are the hair paints for this season. Color your hair with insane colors and rock. Hair paints are all made of natural pigments – easy to use and safe to do. What else do you want? The trend of carrying any haircut or hairstyle is changing day by day.

Girls and men both love to experiment with hair colors and hairstyles too. Nothing is now called as old-fashioned or not to be done. Gone are the days when it was a common saying – “girls shouldn’t get short hairstyles, or boys shouldn’t carry long hairstyles”. Gone are the days when only copper brown was the color of the season.

It was for the majority. New is in – experiments are in. Try different colors and styles not only with your dresses but also with your hair.

Here is a sneak peek into our new category of hairstyles with different colors and pigments.


Which Highlights Should I Use On My Short Hair? 4 Styling Tips

Adding highlights to your short hair is a great way to tweak your look. Color has this amazing ability to boost any hairstyle, especially short hair.

The reason? Well, the most obvious is that highlights add dimension. They make hair look chic. Plus, highlights are a fun way to add some flair without going all-in with a drastic complete color change.

Check out these four fabulous styling tips when adding highlights to short hair.

Tip #1: Work in Pairs

Short Hair Highlights Tips - Try Two Tone

Two-tone highlights are an exciting way to mix your favorite hair tones. They can light up dark hair with a scattering of contrasting lighter shades.

Is your hair color already a light shade of brown or blonde? Then, why not try enhancing it with a couple of shades of dark, more subdued hues?

One of the best advantages of two-tone highlights is they showcase different haircuts. Cuts that add dimension to your hair, like layered or jagged edges, work well with these highlights.


Tip #2: Focus on the Underlayers

Short Hair Highlights Tips - Try Peek-a-boo Highlights

Usually, highlights are added to the upper sections of the hair to add some dazzle. Though, with peek-a-boo highlights, the splashes of color are more gradual and subtle. They’re added to the layers of your hair that would typically be hidden underneath.

This way of adding highlights works remarkably well with short hair. For one, it allows you to switch up your hairstyle at a moment’s notice.

Another great thing about peek-a-boo highlights is you can pick where you want them added. Do you want them focused all in one area? Or would you prefer spreading them around in various sections for maximum impact?


Tip #3: Enhance Your Base Color

Short Hair Highlights Tips - Enhance Base Color

Many people with short hair prefer understated and soft tones. This is where hair color-enhancing highlights come in.

They allow you to add either lighter or darker hues to your natural base color. Though, you don’t risk making any bold or in-your-face statements.

One way to incorporate these highlights is to make them sparse so you don’t overdo things. Also, you can add them strategically for a natural, sun-kissed look.

If you have thin hair, you can blend in multiple shades to give it texture and make it appear fuller. Just make sure you pick hues close to each other on the color scale.


Tip #4: Be Bold and Go Bright

Short Hair Highlights Tips - Try Bold Color

Attention-grabbing highlights are perfect for short hair. Even better, they’re not just for wild, party nights out with your friends. You can wear them every day for a natural, casual look, as well!

There are two options you can opt for. The first is to pick a subtle semi-bold shade. Then, blend it in with your natural hair color just right to add a bit of nuance.

The second option is to go for a bright pastel accent and go all out! It’s all about self-expression and what you feel comfortable with.

Many times, using one, or even two, tone highlights with bright, bold hues can be glaring and a bit harsh for some. Instead, try to opt for three tones. They’ll blend together more naturally, even if you want to create maximum contrast.


Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Caramel Highlights with Short Layered Hair

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Caramel chunky highlights are the color of the season. Streaks and weaves are something that is way too out of fashion. Light brown melts with thick chunks of highlights will give your hair a sexy and subtle look. Take these caramel highlights with a layered cut to give a different factor.

The lightness has been perennial on multiple hair strands across the pinnacle and what makes it totally different from others is that the use of the highlight severally on the higher and therefore the base layers.


Rainbow Global Highlights for Straight Hair

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

This is an epic color. The pigments and the hues used in this are extremely rare. These are thick chinks of highlights with hot pink, purple, indigo, yellow and red hues. These quirky colors give a dash of oomph factor in your looks – not all can carry this melt.

Exotically and deliciously beautiful melts to look at. The important note goes that try out this shade only and only if you have absolutely poker-straight hair naturally.


Global Caramel with Dark Brown Highlights

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Well, if you are trying to give your look a bold and unique touch, go for a mix of caramel highlights along with some other dark hues. It will surely be a great option to add charm to your look.

As you see here in this picture, the dark brown highlights along with the caramel highlights are used to get the look. This combination will give you a stunning look and make you the center of attraction everywhere you go.


Caramel Brunette Highlights

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

For short hair, try caramel brunette highlights to get a glamorous look and look like a Diva. The highlights are used to create the entire look about to natural.

The use of gradient within the color makes this hairstyle good for girls of any age. Try out a short blunt-cut hairstyle if you are the one with sleek hair.


Dark Brown Hair with Platinum Blonde Highlights

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Dark brown is an “always in” hair color. But platinum blonde is something very new. Try out this combination of dark brown global with platinum highlights.

Turn on your excitement by getting these shades on your hair. Give your dull and lifeless hair a dash of color and a spring of life with these hues.


Dark Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

If you have a blunt or a bob-cut style with naturally dark brown hair color; your turn is to try out honey blonde highlighted chunks for your hair.

Stand out alone in your group by donning these super awesome shades. Something really new and different for all age groups to try for.


Platinum Blonde with Light Pink Hue

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

A totally different and unique color for your hair. Of those bold personalities, these hues will represent; try out a platinum blonde global with hints of a light pink undertone for your under a layer of your hair.

This is an absolute stunner for you. An absolutely gorgeous melt that will make you stand out alone in the crowd.


Light Brown with Honey Blonde Highlights

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Straight hair makes you look pretty, shorter hair will make you look experimental and highlighted hair with surely make your looks different.

Try this one – light brown global plus honey blonde highlighted chunks. A completely new yet subtle shade for you. This color will provide your hair that gloss and shine.


Copper with Red Undertone with Global Hair Melt

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

A gorgeously beautiful global hair melt that will leave your hair not only shiny but also pretty. Try out this pretty melt super soon. If you’re bored of carrying the same old natural hair shade, try out this copper global with a red undertone – you’ll surely look gorgeous.


Blonde and Red Highlights

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

These melts are super amazing to look at. Once you get your air hue changes, you will keep on staring at yourself and this change. Blonde was and is forever, but red undertones are the melts this season.

Trending every single color chart of brands, blonde with red undertones will give you a way better look than your usual look.


Honey Blonde Curls and Balayage

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

If you have ever considered blonde on blonde, these highlights with balayage work magic for you. Try to eliminate that old-school kind of image by getting these honey blonde chunky highlights over your natural curls with platinum blonde balayage.

These curls are the best for those who have extremely short and curly hair, natural. But you can also try if you have straight hair. It surely gives an edgy look.


Layered Bob with Caramel Chunky Highlights

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Do not ever mistake shades of caramels and browns to be dull and boring. Rather these shades will definitely bring back life in your dull and lifeless hair.

The shaggy/layered bob is something that is hugely in demand. Girls with straight hair or wavy hair prefer this haircut. And if you can carry a neatly cut layered bob with chunky highlights of caramels or browns, nothing can beat your style.


Caramel and Dark Brown Shaggy Bob

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

A messy or shaggy haircut is in for both girls with long and short hair. Add that subtle dash of dark brown and caramel highlights; you’re surely going to rock your day.

These soothing colors are much in demand these summers. Winters were there to try vibrant hues and now turn the heat on with these light yet classy tones and undertones of browns and caramels and coffee.


Pastel Punk Hair

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Very short hair with those hues of pastels is much in demand by the gorgeous ladies. This pastel pink or powder pink global color change is a pretty decent color change but will not suit all age groups.

So if you are one of those who have a “band of girls”, can try out this soothing color. This color and style would suit girls aged between their 20s and 30s.


Honey Blonde Stacked Bob

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Inverted bob is back in trend now. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can match your personality and can give you a smart look irrespective of your age.

The addition of caramel highlights on the asymmetrical inverted bob defines the shaped hair prominently and gives a new dimension to the hairstyle.


Dark Brown and Very Light Brown Balayage

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Balayage is in. Browns and caramels are in. All variations in bob cuts are in. So why not try out a balayage of light and dark brown with a stacked bob cut.

This looks great on women who prefer experimental cuts. So put on your iconic look of the season by getting bob cut with dark and light brown ombre or balayage.


Short Bob with Caramel Blonde Highlights

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Dramatic blondes are completely rocking the look and stealing the show for girls at least. Try out this utterly new tone of caramel blonde.

This is the lightest and shiniest blonde with a very short bob with front bangs. This gives a voluminous look to your hair and of course the shine that you were searching for.


Dark and Bright Highlights

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Dark hair below plus light and bright blonde highlights on the top layer is something to try for and this shade is something to die for. This look gives a deliberate touch of ombre and balayage mix. Those natural waves add to your looks.


Dark and Light Brown Global Balayage

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

To hand paint every strand of your hair is called the delicate technique of balayage. To completely transform your hair from one shade to another is called global.

And when the two techniques combine, this gets too hot, sassy and of course sexy. Try out this light and dark global balayage with short hair. Those natural curls definitely shoot up the hotness factor.


Caramel Blonde Highlights and Lowlights with Curls

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Blunt cut with curls always rocks. Highlights and lowlights tones of caramel also rock. Try out this tone of dark caramel with an undertone of a blonde shade carrying thick chunks.

A natural wave or a created wavy look will definitely keep you going. It will make you stand out in the crowd.


Salt and Pepper Very Short Pixie

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Salt and pepper is the color for those who can sport a sporty look. A pixie cut is also not for all to carry. Salt and pepper hair color is just like the dark blonde and the light blonde colors that give an extra edge to the look.

If you are the one to carry this cut with this hue, go ahead and make way for a pixie cut with salt and pepper balayage/ombre.


Light and Dark Brunette with Small Curls

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Curls can be achieved by using small curlers/rollers. Curls are really trending. Those with naturally curly hair get an extra reward for having curly hair. But if you don’t, you can achieve it by using curlers.

Try out light and dark brunette shade with undertones of light and dark browns to achieve that perfect shade. Highlights with balayage are the best to cover your hair.


Copper Gold with Red Chunky Highlights

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Copper gold is one such shade that can never go wrong and will always do justice to your hair. If you are a first-timer to get your hair colored, copper-gold with red chunks of highlights are your best friend. It gives an iconic look that is pretty new to create.


Light and Dark Brown Highlights

Short Hairstyles with Highlights

This creates magic. Short hair weaved with light and dark highlights of browns, and its tones always create a 90’s charm.

Here the highlights on the locks framing the face have started closer to the roots compared to the locks at the sides. The overall look adds more glamour to your personality and even makes you summer-ready for any party or outing.


You may wish your brunette hair color however generally we would like to catch hair color trends and alter a touch, a little bit of our hair color. Highlights are the best way to give some shine and a modern look to your brown short hair.

Natural and nicely blending balayage or ombre is the best thanks to offering those highlights to your hair. If you want to achieve a natural sun-kissed highlights, make sure to go with the color shade that is 2-3 tonnes lighter than your natural hair color base.