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51 Devastatingly Cool Straight Hairstyles Worth Trying in 2024

What straight hair lacks in texture it makes up for in ease and versatility. Babes with straight hair know how easy it is to get up and go with naturally silky smooth texture.

Straight hair may be effortless, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Let’s take a look at all of the beautiful straight hairstyles we have in store!

1. Long Straight Hair

Long Straight Hair

When it comes to long, straight hair, the amount of body you have is important. Fine hair gets stringier the longer it grows, but thick, straight is purely envious when long. Just be sure to give long locks the proper love and care.


2. Straight Medium Hair

Straight Medium Hair

Medium hair is one of the easiest lengths to wear if your hair is straight. It looks beautiful worn silky smooth but is also perfect for adding a little beachy, bed head texture.


3. Short Straight Hair

Super short cuts look cute and charming on straight hair textures. Added details like short layers and swooping side bangs to give your straight hair a little life.


4. Straight Bangs

Straight Hair with Bangs

Straight bangs look sleek and are relatively easy to maintain. Wear them short and funky if your hair is fine or long and lusciously full if your hair has ample body.


5. Balayage 

Balayage on Straight Hair

Add a little interest to your long straight hair with beautiful highlights. The balayage technique gives your stylist the chance to personalize your look. These highlights appear natural and grow out with ease.


6. Straight Ombre

Straight Ombre Hair

Ombre is the perfect way to transition your straight hair from one color to another with minimal damage. This grown-out look is not only sexy but very much in style today.


7. Straight Hair Highlights

Straight Hair Highlights

Straight hair may be a little boring, but not when beautiful highlights are involved! Work with your stylist to express your creativity, balance with your skin tone and flow with your lifestyle.


8. Straight Thick Hairstyle

Straight Thick Hairstyle

Babes with straight hair that is nice and thick can choose from a variety of lengths. Wear thick hair ultra long or with lots of layers to break up any bulk.


9. Thin Straight Hair

Thin or fine hair is very common on straight hair types. To avoid thin or stringy texture, keep hair anywhere from medium to short in length and take advantage of subtle, shapely layers.


10. Straight Bob

Straight Bob

Bobs are oh so beautiful on babes with straight hair. This look is perfect as a low maintenance style. Add a few layers or long, face-framing bangs to spice things up.


11. Straight Pixie

Straight Pixie Cut

Curly pixies are cute, but straight hair makes pixie cuts super easy to rock. Add long swooping bangs over shaved undercuts or create spiky texture with choppy layers.


12. Blonde Straight Hair

Blonde Straight Hair

From pop star to surfer chick or cheerleader, straight blonde hair is iconic. Be sure to care for that color and protect hair from the breakage of weaker strands with a protein mask.


13. Straight Layers

Straight Layered Hair

What straight hair typically lacks in the body can be made up for with layers. Cut them just below the chin for a face-framing effect or throughout the ends of hair for texture.


14. Half Up Half Down 

Half-up styles are perfect for pulling up hair while still showing off your locks. A fun top knot or tear drop bun looks extra cute. Use any baby hairs for added texture around the forehead.


15. Straight Braids

Straight Hair with Braids

Protect your straight hair from extra damage with a lovely braid. If your hair is fine or thin, try a side braid. For thicker hair, two sweet braids will do the trick.


16. Straight Dreads

Straight Dreads Style

Dreadlocks are the perfect way to wear your hair down and straight. This style requires some effort to care for, but for the laidback and creative babe, dreadlocks look super cool.


17. Frizzy Straight Hair

Frizzy Straight Hair

Not all straight hair is silky smooth. A little frizz is actually popular these days, so don’t feel like you have to straighten your hair to death. Adding layers is a great way to work with naturally frizzy texture.


18. Straight Hair for Black Girls

Straight Hair for Black Girls

Frizzy, wavy and kinky texture is stunning, but sometimes you crave a straight hairstyle. Keep hair long and sleek with a center part or add a headband for style or during exercise.


19. Middle Part

Middle Parted Straight Hair

Pin straight hair and center parts are super ’70s. Today, we still love a center part on straight hair, but it looks especially fresh on shorter, blunt cut hairstyles.


20. Side Part

Babes with round face shapes know the benefits of a lovely side part. It also adds interest to lank, straight locks. Just be sure to smooth down any baby hairs that may pop up.


21. Straight Brown Hair

Straight Brown Hair

Whether your hair is a deep brunette or light caramel, brunette hair is lovely when straight. If you want to brighten your face, try lighter, face-framing highlights.


22. Straight Hair Updo

Curly hair has lots of body, but most up-dos look clean with straight hair. A modern twist on a classic chignon or low bun are lovely styles for straight-haired babes.


23. Box Braids 

Box Braids On Straight Hair

Braids crimp hair, but tiny braids can give the illusion of straight hair, especially when worn long. Small box braids, the protective African hairstyle, give off a straight hair effect with lots of variety to choose from.


24. Straight Crochet

You don’t have to be born with straight hair to have the look you’ve always wanted. Extensions are easy to apply using the crochet technique. Pick your favorite silky straight look and the style is all yours.


25. Straight Ponytail

Looking for a sleek way to wear a ponytail? Straight hair looks stunning when pulled back into a ponytail. Low ponytails work well with a strong center or side part while high ponytails look great when smoothed to perfection.


26. Asian Hair

Naturally straight (and often thick) hair is a common feature of Asian hair. Medium lengths look great with blunt cuts while longer styles work well with lots of long layers.


27. Textured Hair

Add some much desired texture to your straight hair with lots of layers. They create the illusion of interesting dimension while making hair appear lusciously thick.


28. Red Straight Hair

Red is a truly unique hair color to possess. Whether you dye your locks or this color comes naturally, this color is beautiful for straight hair. Keep locks moisturized for shiny, irresistible texture.


29. Straight Undercut

Straight hair can be as interesting as you want it to be! Show off cool texture contrast between the buzz undercut and your straight locks whether you have a long locks or a pixie cut.


30. Messy Straight Hair

Straight hair may seem precise, but you needn’t worry about perfection. A little messy tousle adds style and energy to otherwise pin-straight hair. Add some salt spray or create texture with your fingertips.


31. Waves with Center Parting

Straight Hairstyles

A very classy and decent look can be achieved through this glamorous hairstyle having a center parting and waves. The brunette straight hair with a slightly wavy texture looks wonderful when styled with a center parting.

After making a middle parting, comb your straight hair downwards and use a hair gel or hair spray to make the straight hair stick back to the ears to get a carefree look. It also adds a gorgeous shine to your straight hair giving a sun-kissed look to the wavy back hair.


32. Sleek Bob

Straight Hairstyles

If you have a sleek and smooth straight hair texture and you love short-length hair, then a sleek bob hairstyle is a great choice for you. When you have an equal length haircut for your straight hair, it gives a unique and attractive appeal to your personality.

You can add lighter shade highlights such as grey or light brown to make the hair look more impressive. After getting a short bob haircut for your silky hair, comb your hair with a middle parting to rock the graceful hairstyle.


33. Side Pinned

Straight Hairstyles

The silky smooth and straight hair is so charming when they are left free, but a twist in the hairstyle adds more glamour to the personality. Side pinned hairstyle makes you perfectly ready for a prom party or a dinner date. If you have long and straight brown shade hair, just do a middle parting for your hair.

Gather a section from the front and pin it towards the backside. Repeat the process for the other side and cover the pinned-up section with your top hair. Carry the side pinned hairstyle with a bold outfit to have a perfect prom.


34. Sideways Straight

Straight Hairstyles

A natural hairstyle is the best way to outshine your personality in any party or a glamorous event, especially you have silky and straight hair. Just a side parting can give you a beautiful glace with a straight haircut. Bella Hadid inspires the sexy and sensual look.

All you need to do is a side parting and make the shorter side combed backward and keep the fringes behind the ear. For the longer side, style your hair towards the front, covering your shoulder for a naturally pleasing appeal.


35. Blunt Bob

Straight Hairstyles

A perfect hairstyle for girls with straight hair and a round face type. There are a few hairstyles that look great on a round face, and a blunt bob is one of them. It gives a charming and adorable appeal to the overall look.

To achieve an attractive look, you need to get a blunt bob haircut with a longer front for the voluminous straight hair. Style your short bob haircut with a center parting. The natural brown shade of hair shines beautifully at day time, giving you a dazzling appeal.


36. Messy Bronde

Straight Hairstyles

Having a natural straight brunette hairstyle is amazing as even if you don’t put any effort, it looks glamorous, and a similar case is with messy bronde. The style is really easy and takes only a few minutes to get ready. Avoid the use of a comb to get a natural look.

Make a side parting with the help of your hand and let the straight hair free and messy. Add a small flower pin to the short side hair to add a cute appeal to the natural hairstyle.


37. Flapper Bob

Straight Hairstyles

If you are looking to get something unique and bold, you can try out a flapper bob hairstyle. To get the particular look, you need to ask your stylist to give you a bob haircut till cheek length above your chin. For the front hair, get classic bangs that can cover your forehead.

Flapper bob gives you an offbeat look that is not carried by many girls and is very easy to maintain. Flapper bob hairstyle also shows your confident and bold personality. You can carry a flapper bob hairstyle as a daily casual hairstyle for college or office.


38. Quirky Bangs

Straight Hairstyles

Straight hair with a layered cut and some offbeat front fringes look really gorgeous for girls having oval face type and medium-length straight hair. Quirky bangs hairstyle is a casual straight hairstyle given a layered bang to chin length on both sides.

Style the hair with a middle parting and bangs towards the back. The black hair with a mix of grey highlights makes an adorable combination and makes the straight layered haircut with bangs hairstyle more charming. If you are going out for a party, carry the hairstyle with a black outfit.


39. Waterfall Crown

Straight Hairstyles

For the silky-smooth hair, the waterfall crown gives a lovely look. It is an easy hairstyle, and you can maintain it with fewer efforts very gracefully. To achieve a waterfall crown look, start braiding your hair from the side towards the back and with each twist, keep adding a strand from the top and pass it through the braid hole.

Repeat the process for another side also till the middle of the back hair. Join both the waterfall braids together and secure them using a rubber band to give it a delightful crown look.


40. Single Front Braid

Straight Hairstyles

Braid is a beautiful way to get an impressive and stylish look. if you have straight and cool mid-length hair and looking for a decent and trendy party hairstyle, a single front braid is a nice option to try out. Style your straight hair with a side parting.

Take a small strand from the front of the longer side and start creating a thin braid. After you make the braid style, the braid with silver rings of different lengths. It adds a charm to the braid and a glamorous appeal to the overall personality.


41. Sleek Ponytail

Straight Hairstyles

Long hair and a high ponytail make a deadly combination for a sensual and attractive appeal, especially when you have silky and smooth straight hair. A sleek ponytail is a gorgeous hairstyle and is very easy to make and maintain.

Gather all your hair and tie them into a high ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Now, take a few strands from the back of the ponytail, roll them over the ponytail, and secure it with the help of hairpins. Style the sleek ponytail towards the front, giving an eye-catching and alluring appeal.


42. Micro Fringe

Straight Hairstyles

Micro fringe with straight medium length hair can give you a sassy and bold appeal. It helps you your facial features to get more attention with the offbeat style of short bangs covering half of the forehead and straight hair with a wavy texture left freely.

The dark brown color suits the micro fringe hairstyle best, and an oval face type make the look hotter and more sensual. The micro fringe hairstyle looks amazing on girls with bigger eyes, and you can carry the hairstyle for any party.


43. Medium Shag

Straight Hairstyles

Shaggy hairstyle looks very cool and stylish and is trendy among young girls and teens. If you also prefer a medium-length straight hairstyle, get a multi-layered shag haircut for your blonde hair.

You can style your middle-length shag hair with any parting or simply in a back swept style. The edgy layered of different lengths make the style lovely and trendy. You can also style it without using a comb as a daily casual look for a more natural appeal.


44. V-Cut Layers

Straight Hairstyles

Long-length hair with blonde highlights or natural brown hair and smooth and silky texture makes a beautiful combination and looks gorgeous for any party or event even without effort. But some V-cut layers to the naturally shiny and silky hair add a charming twist to the hairstyle giving a totally different look.

The back hair after the mid-length is given layers in the shape of V. The layers are styled towards the center with edgy ends. V-cut layers on straight hair is a delightful hairstyle for any girl with long hair.


45. Half Bun with Scrunchie

Straight Hairstyles

Brownish hair with a little wavy texture suits girls with a short face type. Teens and young girls find half-bun a really trendy and pleasing hairstyle as their daily casual look for college or high schools.

If you are bored of your casual free hairstyle, then just carry the top section of hair and tie them into a bun towards the back using a scrunchy. You can use matching scrunchies with your outfit to get a new twist daily to the half bun hairstyle leaving half hair freely towards the back.


46. Overlap Twist

Straight Hairstyles

Another beautiful hairstyle that gives a perfect spring look and is the amazing hairstyle for a day outing where your brown hair with golden highlights shine in the sun giving a glorious look. Overlap twist is another version of half twist where hair from the side is secured in the center.

In an overlap twist, the process is repeated three to four times for each side overlapping each strand from the side and secured with hairpins. So, simply take a strand from side pin it towards the other side and repeat it to make a gorgeous hairstyle with overlapping.


47. Chin Length Bob

Straight Hairstyles

A cute and pleasing hairstyle for girls who love short hair and have a silky-smooth texture. Getting a bob haircut is always great to make your hairstyle easily maintainable. Chin-length Bob hairstyle involves a bob haircut done till the chin and styled with a side parting via which one side bob is longer than the other, giving an adorable appeal.

It looks great on girls with round face type. Carry a chin-length bob hairstyle with a girly outfit, and If you are going out in summer, don’t forget to carry a colorful shade to enhance the look of the adorable hairstyle.


48. Ultra Long 

Straight Hairstyles

If you have super long straight black hair, you don’t need anything to be more attractive as the delightful straight hair does its job very well. The ultra-long hairstyle suits the girls with long hair and a short face type.

You can, of course, carry your long hair in a ponytail or a bun at times, but keeping them free is the stylish option that would get you a lot of compliments. If you are getting ready for an important event or a party, just do a center parting of your hair and rock the stage.


49. Stubby Ponytail

Straight Hairstyles

Super sleek hair can sometimes be difficult to maintain if you keep them free all the time as the outside dust and pollution harm your hairstyle a lot. The stubby ponytail is a protective hairstyle that gives you a cute and lovely appeal too.

The stubby ponytail is a low ponytail with medium-length hair tied using a rubber band. You can simply do a side parting and gather all your sleek hair and tie them in a low ponytail to get a bubbly and cheerful hairstyle giving you an adorable appeal.


50. Wet Look Bob

Straight Hairstyles

If you are looking for a celebrity hairstyle with short and sleek hair for your perfect dinner night, wet look bob is a perfect choice for you to opt for. There are a lot of twists in the wet look bob hairstyle as the hair is not actually wet but styled in a way giving you a sensual appeal.

To achieve a wet look bob hairstyle, get a short bob haircut for your blonde hair and style them using a thick comb and hairspray, giving it a wet appeal. Carry the hairstyle with a bold outfit to get a sassy appeal for your prom or dinner date.


51. Bob with Bobby Pins

Straight Hairstyles

A cute hairstyle for a celebrity look and suits best girls and women who love short-length hair. It even works well with the black Afro hair straightened using a straightening machine. To achieve a particular look, get a short bob haircut and style it with a middle parting.

For the thick and huge volume front hair, take golden bobby pins and style them in a pair of two overlappings, one another. Bob haircut with bobby pins makes a really cute and adorable hairstyle reminding you of your old school days.


Hopefully, we’ve proven that straight hair is anything but boring. Regardless of color or length, you can play up your look with layers, rock a variety of up-dos, or embrace your silky straight shine. Which straight hairstyle will you choose?