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25 Fresh Fringe Hairstyles For Women To Uplift Your Style

Getting a fringe will allow you to correct your face shape. Fringe hairstyles will bring out the cuteness in you. The modern fringe comes in all sizes and textures, so it is not difficult to find you a fringe haircut.

These are low-maintenance styles that have many options for styling. You have many choices, from micro-bangs to thick blunt fringes. There’s always a unique style of bangs for every face shape. So, if you want a fringe haircut, try these for the best looks!


Fringe Hairstyles

Classic Blunt Look

Long hair with blunt bangs can never go out of style, especially because they’re so classic. You can wear them bluntly, or just blow dry to add the curly texture to sit on the forehead curve. A perfectly trimmed blunt curtain bangs will be a highly appreciated style.

blunt fringe with long blonde hair


Short Shag

Get a cute appearance with this curly, low, maintenance look. Consider shaggy fringe hairstyles for a classic rock and roll vibe.

With a long face, the curly bangs will look splendid and give a chic vibe too. We are in love with the texture and shagginess of the hair.

curly fringe hairstyle


Parted Bangs for Oval Face

One of the best and easy bangs styles for an oval face is the side-parted bangs. The bangs create a layer of coverage on the forehead. These make your face look slimmer and framed.

In addition, the bangs are separated at a point to see through it. Women with long faces can also try this style. 

fringe hairstyle for oval face


Fringes for Thin Hair

Are you ready to embrace your hair with a fresh and adorable look? You only need to get some side-swept curtain bangs with a short bob.

The bangs on thin hair will add texture to it, so they will not stay flat. The easiest way to level up your hair game is with thin hair. The irregularly chopped bangs add an adorable look to the bob haircut.

bob with short fringe


Jagged Bangs for Straight Hair

Here is a cool and nice bangs hairstyle for fine straight-haired Asian women. You can still have the coolest bangs with straight and thin hair. 

Get bangs over a v-shaped section in the center, so they can fall on the face freely and create a pretty look. Even though they are thin, you can use extensions if you want voluminous bangs.

fringe hairstyle for Asian women


Slanted Tresses with a Curly Bob

A little textured slanted fringe will completely change your curly bob look. The polished look will still be there with a textured fringe.

The slanted fringe creates a dewy look, which also helps in highlighting the curly bob. You can arrange the bangs in any direction you prefer.

wavy bob with side fringe


Middle Sectioned Hairdo

Looking for a cool and colorful look? Try a middle-section and wide-spread bangs. With minimal hair trim in the front, bangs can usually create a new and unique look.

Complete the style with colored eyeliners for a colorful look. You can wear it as a casual style or add accessories for a special occasion look.

middle part fringe hairstyle


Bow Top with Bangs

Looking for a retro hairstyle? Why stick with a curly updo if you can have a unique bow-top hairstyle with long fringes?

Hairstyles with fringe can blend into any fashion era. They can perfectly compliment a retro style too. You better take the help of a professional to achieve perfection.

high bow bun with fringe


Bronze Ombre with Front Bangs            

Looking for a subtle and colored look? Try classic eyebrow length fringe with end highlights. These short, choppy blended hairstyles are unique.

Fringe hairstyles are unique; they can blend into any hair type, leaving a unique and fresh vibe—the perfect fit for women looking for a unique glow-up.

fringe hairstyle with highlights


Platinum Arched Fringe

The arched fringe is an amazing style if you need an instant hair glow-up. Older women can blindly go for this look because it will look gorgeous.

The fringe is slightly curled to offer more texture and dimension to the flat fine hair. An elongated fringe till your eyebrows will add a mysterious vibe to the look. 

fringe hairstyle for older women


Blunt Fringe for Straight Hair

Let’s start this list of the best fringe hairstyles with the blunt fringe for straight hair. This hairstyle as the name suggests is suitable for straight hair. All the girls who have pin straight and thick hair can get the bangs cut in the front of their face.

This will give a cover to your face and make your hair much more manageable. Since getting bangs on straight thick hair can be a little work, this is the best way to manage stray hair. However, if you have thin and straight hair, pick this hairstyle and give volume to your hair instantaneously.

Blunt Fringe for Straight Hair


Ponytail with Fringe

The next hairstyle in the category of the best fringe hairstyles is the ponytail with the fringe. If you have long hair and want a hairstyle that is simple to make and will also look fancy, the ponytail with fringe is the best thing to pick.

This hairstyle goes with all kinds of clothes and can be worn at all events. All you need to do is take the hair at the back of your head and tie it in a pony. Keep the fringes loose on the forehead.

Ponytail with Fringe


Dakota Johnson Fringe Hairstyle

Dakota Johnson is one of the celebrities whose fringe hairstyle has become extremely famous in the whole world. Just like her, you can keep your hair straight and cut your fringes to cover your forehead.

This will make your forehead look smaller and then it will bring out the features on your face. This is one of the simplest fringe hairstyles that you can opt for.

Dakota Johnson Fringe Hairstyle


Medium Length Hair with Fringe

For all the girls who have medium-length straight hair, the medium-length hair with fringe hairstyle is the perfect pick to take. These girls can get fringes that cover the whole forehead and fall on the eyebrows.

This hairstyle takes the focus off from the forehead and shifts it to the eyes. Also, the sides of the face get covered, making it look thinner and more toned.

Medium Length Hair with Fringe


Blonde Bob with Bangs

People with blond hair usually do not have a lot of volumes. Hence getting a bob is one of the best hairstyle picks.

You can combine the bob with some bangs. In this haircut, the bangs are only till the upper part of the forehead. This will show your whole face and will also give a stylish look to the hair. This is the best kind of fringe hairstyle for people with smaller foreheads.

Blonde Bob with Bangs


Layered Hairstyle with Fringe

Another very famous hairstyle is layering. We have combined layering with fringe hairstyles. This is a unique hairstyle to give an illusion of volume at the top of the head.

In this, you can tie the hair from the side of your face to the back of your head and then curl them at the bottom. This makes them voluminous and brings out the eyes and your cheeks.

Layered Hairstyle with Fringe


Layered Straight Haircut with Blunt Bangs

Layering is the best option to give some volume to the hair. In this layering haircut, you can easily incorporate the bangs.

The layers are cut in a way that the hair at the back of the head is longer and keeps getting shorter as you move towards the face. The bangs are also cut in layers, being longer on the sides and shorter at the center.

Layered Straight Haircut with Blunt Bangs


Bob with Side Swept Bangs

The bob with a side swept bang is one of the best fringe hairstyles that people with straight hair can keep. This is the best hairstyle for people with long and rectangular faces.

The bob will give dimensions to the face, the side parting will make it look round and the side bang will take away some volume making the face look much smaller. The side bangs should be the side of the bob. The side parting can be done on either side of the face.

Bob with Side Swept Bangs


Straight Hair with Piecey Fringe

Next comes a hairstyle for people with straight shoulder-length hair. For these people, the piecey fringe is the best option. If you have a small face and are looking for s fringe hairstyle that will not hide your face entirely and will also bring out your features, this is the hairstyle to go for.

In this, the fringe is cut after the side parting and only half of the forehead has fringes. This means that the fringe is cut in a way that it is longer on one side of the head and shorter on one side of the head.

Straight Hair with Piecey Fringe


Blonde Hair with Curved Fringe

For people with curved and wavy hair, blond hair with curved fringes is the best option. If you do not have naturally blond hair, you can get them colored.

The wavy hair is usually unmanageable and can hinder the sight by coming in front of the eyes. Hence getting bangs can make you look stylish and also be convenient.

Blonde Hair with Curved Fringe


Cropped Pixie with Side Fringe

Who does not like Katy Perry and her cute pixie cut? Added with the bangs, this cut makes her look like the rock star she is. This is just the normal pixie cut in which the hair at the top of the head is left longer.

The longer hair is side parted to one side so that one side of the face is covered in hair and one does not. This helps in covering half the forehead and also bringing out the prominent features.

Cropped Pixie with Side Fringe


Updo with Fringe

Long hair with bangs? Want a good hairstyle that you can wear to the party. In this hairstyle, all you need to do is take all the hair on the back of your head and tie it in a tight bun.

The fringes are left loose on your forehead, and the side and longer fringes fall at the front of the ear. This hairstyle is best for straight and thick or thin hair. Curly hair might not look good with this hairstyle.

Updo with Fringe


Beachy Waves with Bangs

The beachy waves look perfect with bangs. Get your hair cut shoulder length and side parts your hair.

Cut an eyebrow length bangs on the head. This will make your hair look much more voluminous and will give you a fuller look. This is also the perfect look if you want to make your face look thinner.

Beachy Waves with Bangs


Fringe with Balayage Wavy Hair

As already said, the fringes hairstyles look perfect with the waves. This is a balayage wavy hair that is perfect for any party or formal occasion.

If you have long hair with fringes, this can be styled by curling the hair at the bottom to give it some volume and texture. The fringes can be combed to the either side of the face so that your features get highlighted.

Fringe with Balayage Wavy Hair


Red Hair with Graded Fringe

The last of the best fringe hairstyles is the one that most redheads can carry easily. If you have naturally colored red hair or are getting your hair colored red, this is the hairstyle to go for.

This hairdo is easy to get. All you need to do is get your hair cut in layers. Take a chunk of hair in the front and cut it into fringes that fall on your eyebrows. This will take the focus on your hair and will make you look stylish and chic.

Red Hair with Graded Fringe


It is important to note that people with rough and curly hair should select the fringe hairstyles with some precautions. Your hair might curl up and not give a good look. What you can do is get the front part of your hair straightener.

People with wavy hair can get side fringes that will fall on the sides of their faces, making them look neater. So, select the best fringe hairstyles from the given and give your face a new fresh look.